Truth Is My Sword Volume I - Collected Speeches in the Public Arena

by Bo Hi Pak

Fraser Hearings: Second Round

Protest and Plea: April 11, 1978

Mr. Chairman, on March 22, 1978, 1 honored your subpoena and gave my first public testimony. The next day in the press I learned that this subcommittee had once again betrayed my trust. This subcommittee also ignored its own rules and the rules of the House of Representatives. I have been treated very shabbily by this subcommittee and have been subjected to leaks from the executive session.

On March 22, 1978, I indeed registered my indignation and protest against the manner in which this investigation has been conducted. Nevertheless, I tried to answer all your questions honestly and to the best of my ability. I have allowed myself to be interrogated by a hostile and very ambitious congressman in the English language, which I only learned to speak in my adult life.

What was this subcommittee's reaction? The next day following my testimony, on March 23, 1978, The Washington Post reported: "Subcommittee sources said later they did not find Pak's explanation convincing."

Apparently this subcommittee decided to label my testimony "unreliable" or "untruthful." The fact is, this subcommittee simply does not like my testimony since it does not fit your preconceived goal of saying I am a KCIA agent.

I have sadly come to understand that until I tell you something that will confirm your belief that I am a KCIA agent, KCFF is a tool of the KCIA, and Reverend Moon is a front of the Korean government, you will continue this highly unprofessional campaign of whispers, innuendoes, leaks, and character assassination against me. I will not and cannot lie just to please this subcommittee. I cannot tell you what you want to hear because it is simply not true!

Further, you have violated your agreement to reserve claims of privilege for executive session. My counsel brought to this subcommittee's attention the need to resolve legal difficulties relating to the privileges of diplomatic immunity from my prior diplomatic status, self-incrimination, freedom of religion, and freedom of association. This subcommittee then breached that confidentiality and reported what went on in your own executive session.

The federal district court, with the consent of the justice Department, had no hesitation to confer immunity on me. Clearly, I am not a target of U.S. prosecutors even after their 18 months of investigations. Nevertheless, The Washington Post has reported: "He [Mr. Fraser] appeared to be establishing a record for a possible perjury referral." Is this the hidden motivation of the subcommittee? Are you trying to trick me? American courts, I am told, have soundly condemned the tactics of setting a trap to induce a mistake in testimony in order to create a chance to prosecute someone you want to discredit. They have said such tactics smack of entrapment. For prosecutors and lawyers such tactics are, I am told, highly unethical. I do not know about congressmen, but principle is principle.

Previous Testimony

I testified before this subcommittee from the best of my recollection about matters dating back 15 years over the history of KCFF Mr. Chairman, when I look back upon my last testimony before this subcommittee, I realize that in many cases I did not comprehend your questions perfectly. After all, Mr. Chairman, I am a Korean and English is not my mother tongue. After living here in America and speaking English for over 15 years, I learned one painful truth. I learned that English is an impossible language. No foreigner can master it unless he is raised from childhood in the American culture. Besides, my English is allergic to a hostile person such as yourself. I realize you have trained investigators who have spent over a year steeping themselves in the minute details of thousands of records to write out questions that you can phrase in English with the hope of leading me into error if you are so inclined.

While I can answer in English, please remember that it is one thing for me to translate a speech for Reverend Moon, but it is quite another matter to match wits with this subcommittee in some kind of game in which the foreigner is the target of your team of lawyers who have had the benefit of the highest education in the English language and legal strategy. While they were learning the master tricks of interrogation at Harvard or Yale, I was busy fighting a war against communist aggression to defend my country and the free world. I would like you, therefore, to indulge me today if I need to consult with my attorney regarding your questions.

Today, however, Mr. Chairman, the most important thing I want to reveal to you is something that has just been uncovered within the last two weeks. There is new evidence of a conspiracy within the United States government. If you are a man of justice and a champion of human rights, you must hear this since it bears directly on your investigation.

You have spent a great deal of money publishing a supplement of 708 pages of various documents on the small, private organization of KCFF and ROFA. This in itself may be unprecedented in the history of the United States Congress. I think, however, the motivation is less than pure. You have bombarded me with this extraordinary compilation of documents so that you can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that I am a KCIA agent.

Furthermore, in a way I am more than pleased because these secret documents contain a time bomb that has exploded and uncovered a conspiracy of gross misuse of government power and the trampling of human rights.

State Department Conspiracy

The conspiracy of which I speak was discovered because of the supplement on KCFF and ROFA that you published March 15, 1978. What it shows is that Donald Ranard, Winthrop Brown, and William Bundy, among other State Department officials, have illegally interfered with the work of private organizations, including KCFF, in order to further their own careers and to keep KCFF from gaining any thanks for its efforts to free the American POWs and MIAs. The ramifications of this State Department conspiracy may prove equal to the recent press revelations about the CIA, FBI, and the Watergate affair.

One incident that occurred in the early stages of ROFA development has puzzled me for the past 12 years. In August 1966, I traveled to Korea with Dr. Yang, former ambassador of Korea, and Mr. Lawrence L. Mays, the first international chairman of ROFA. Mr. Mays had urged Dr. Yang and me to travel to Korea to launch ROFA. Actually, without Mr. Mays' promises of assistance, ROFA would never have come into being.

To our surprise, in the midst of the inauguration of ROFA, Mr. Mays suddenly left Korea to return to the United States earlier than we had planned. Very strange things began to happen upon Mr. Mays' return. First, he went to the KCFF office here in Washington and took the minute books and the corporate seal of the foundation. Then he went to Baltimore where he resided, hired a prominent law firm, and directed the firm to incorporate ROFA separately from KCFF I have a copy of the articles of incorporation that were filed with the state of Maryland on August 31, 1966, and that I will provide for the subcommittee's use.

When I returned to Washington I found that there was no ROFA as I had left it. In fact, there was no KCFF because the seal and minute books were gone. To make a long story short, our able attorney corrected the situation with regard to ROFA and got back the KCFF minute books and corporate seal. Thus, we were able to continue the work of the foundation and ROFA.

The great puzzle all these years, however, has been why an honorable and honest man like Lawrence Mays would do such an outrageous thing. Why did he betray KCFF and me? I knew him as a man of good character, eager to see KCFF and ROFA succeed, and I trusted him fully. I simply could not believe he would do this on his own without some ulterior motive. But I had no proof, and it has remained a mystery to me since it occurred.

But at the hearing on March 15, 1978, the mystery began to unravel. At that hearing I saw Lawrence Mays for the first time in 12 years. After chatting for a while, I asked him why he had taken these mysterious steps back in 1966. He said something to the effect that, "I cannot talk to you now in front of everybody," but he then pointedly added, "Do you think I did all those things on my own?" That made me even more curious.

On the evening of Friday, March 17, 1978, Mr. Mays and I met for dinner at Paul Young's Restaurant in Washington, D.C. It was there that all the pieces fell into place. Mr. Mays told me at dinner that on the day he departed from Seoul in August 1966 to return to the United States, he visited the U.S. Embassy in Seoul before leaving. There he spoke with Ambassador Winthrop Brown, then U.S. ambassador to Korea. According to Mr. Mays, Ambassador Brown gave him the following instructions: When you get back to the United States, as soon as possible, go and incorporate ROFA independently on your own, separate from KCFF, and report to the State Department.

Ambassador Brown gave these instructions to Mr. Mays and he followed the instructions precisely. He knew he could not reveal this to us, so he acted behind our backs to secure control of ROFA. As you can see from the copy of the articles of incorporation, all the Korean directors have been removed, leaving only Americans. Can you explain this, Mr. Chairman? From the very beginning, it seems, ROFA has been the illfated object of a State Department conspiracy. These instructions from Ambassador Brown, coupled with the documents released by this subcommittee, reveal that the State Department targeted the KCFF and ROFA for destruction from their earliest days.

Secret Documents

Mr. Chairman, let me invite your attention to a memorandum to Robert C. Mardian, assistant attorney general, Internal Security Division, Justice Department, from James C. Hise, Chief Registration Section, July 7, 1971, on page 551 of the supplement:

Also enclosed with [Under Secretary of State] Mr. Johnson's letter was a secret memorandum of information regarding subject's [ROFA] background and its alleged connection with the South Korean Government.

It is clear from Mr. Johnson's letter that the State Department considers subject a thorn in the flesh and a potential source of embarrassment... it seems quite clear that what Mr. Johnson has in mind is a suggestion of some means by which to put an end to subject's activities.

This information also suggests that subject is a creature of the Korean Government but this allegation is not established by competent evidence .... There is no information of any relevance to this inquiry in other material.

The author of that memo appears to be saying that the State Department is asking the justice Department to do their dirty work. Is there any doubt that the State Department asked the justice Department to find some means to accomplish their predetermined goal-to put an end to ROFA's activities?

What else can we call this but harassment? It constituted a flagrant attempt by the State Department to frame KCFF and ROFA. However, this explains only part of the story. Mr. Chairman, further explanation of what happened reveals a conspiracy among U.S. government officials to abuse powerless individuals and organizations and a systematic, relentless attempt to destroy them.

The declassified State Department documents released by this subcommittee vividly record the violation of the constitutional rights of numerous individuals. I direct your attention to the following documents.

First from the supplement, page 471-472. This is a memorandum of a conversation, dated September 14, 1971, entitled "State Department Request to Release Certain CIA Reports to the justice Department." It states in paragraph 3:

[State Department official] stated that for some time State has been concerned with Radio Free Asia [sic]. The KCFF, on behalf of Radio Free Asia [sic], conducts periodic fund appeals in the United States and an estimated 60,000 Americans have contributed money to it. Recently in its broadcasts the subject of American prisoners in North Vietnam has begun coming up frequently and there are implications that the KCFF might be able to do more to obtain their release than the U.S. government itself. The KCFF also uses the names of prominent Americans in its fund appeals in a probably unauthorized manner. The State Department for a long time has desired to slow down or halt these activities. Recently, Undersecretary U. Alexis Johnson and Attorney General Mitchell have been discussing ways and means of effecting the slowing down. The Justice Department position has been that if a direct connection could be shown between the KCFF and the Republic of Korea Government (ROKG), then a prosecution could be brought for failure to register under the Foreign Agents Registration Act.

Let us examine more closely a very significant statement in this document. It reads: "...there are implications that the KCFF might be able to do more to obtain their [POWs] release than the U.S. government itself." Is the State Department officer who said this saying that his department objects to KCFF's efforts to help American POWs and their suffering families? Could the State Department be that jealous and callous?

Or is the author saying that ROFA claimed to be doing more than the American government to help POWs and their families? Neither KCFF nor ROFA ever said such a thing-not in any letter, pamphlet, or broadcast. ROFA always tried to complement and support, never compete with or subvert, the efforts of the United States government to obtain the release of the POWs.

That the State Department would want to slow down or halt any such efforts is very troublesome.

Ruthless Scheme to Destroy ROFA

However you interpret the motives, one thing is clear: The State Department made every possible effort, regardless of the legality or morality, to put ROFA out of operation. As this memorandum admits, the State Department has "for a long time ... desired to slow down or halt these activities."

The Justice Department, upon the insistence of the State Department, launched a full-scale investigation of ROFA and KCFF in 1971. As you so well know, and as the secret documents you released confirm, the Justice Department found nothing upon which to base any criminal action against, or even any further investigation of, either KCFF or ROFA.

At this point, I would like to make clear once and for all that KCFF and ROFA never used any prominent American's name without his written consent. If any evidence to the contrary exists, please produce it now. Next I would invite your attention to a State Department memorandum dated September 20, 1966. This appears on page 491 of the supplement. It is from William P Bundy to Alexis Johnson, undersecretary of state. Subject: Radio of Free Asia-ACTION MEMORANDUM [It reads in part:]

3. ?he latest development, described in the two memoranda referred to above, could be the source of additional confusion and problems. Although we do not know what current plans may be, we do have a copy of the official document by means of which he incorporated Radio Free Asia [sic] as a separate entity on August 30. This document lists both and as directors. Therefore, if a legal battle should develop between and the Foundation for control of the radio project, might find himself in the awkward and embarrassing position of being both plaintiff and defendant.
4. I believe that if could be induced to resign from the Foundation and sever his connection with the radio project, the result would be to dampen the enthusiasm of some of the other prominent people who have been supporting this venture. I understand that you know personally and that you offered to attempt the delicate talk of persuading him to take these steps. I believe that it is desirable that you do so.
That you inform of our misgivings concerning both the Foundation and the radio project and that you attempt to persuade him to sever his connections therewith. 9/23/66

This document clearly evidences two things. First, it documents the efforts of top officials at the State Department with ulterior motives to effect the resignation of an official of the KCFF I believe the person referred to was Gen. John B. Coulter, president of KCFF at the time. Indeed, this particular part of their conspiracy was a success, as John B. Coulter thereafter resigned. Secondly, this memo shows that by no later than September 20, Mr. Bundy possessed a copy of the articles of incorporation that Mr. Mays had only filed with the agency in Baltimore, Maryland, 20 days earlier. This is more than mere coincidence.

The following outlines the master plan by which the State Department attempted to subvert and destroy KCFF and ROFA over the past 12 years.

The State Department repeatedly insisted that the Justice Department launch a full-scale criminal investigation of KCFF and ROFA, seeking to put a stop to their activities. First, to attempt to justify a prosecution for failure to register under the Foreign Agents Registration Act. Second, to fabricate some criminal charge of fraud or financial wrongdoing, which would justify prosecution of me.

The State Department sought out and urged the CIA to cooperate in this investigation by supplying information to the Justice Department so that State's efforts would not fail.

The State Department insisted that the IRS launch a full-scale investigation of KCFF and ROFA to find some way of revoking the tax-exempt status of the Foundation so we could not raise necessary funds.

The State Department agitated the Korean government at the highest possible levels to discredit KCFF and ROFA to further their goal of stopping our activities.

The State Department approached prominent American supporters of KCFF and ROFA in order to persuade these Americans to disassociate themselves from the Foundation.

The State Department slandered me and my religion in the worst possible way, thus achieving character assassination and impairing my reputation and livelihood.

The State Department actually took steps to effect the illegal separation of ROFA from KCFF so that it would no longer be under the control of Koreans.

These acts, blatant violations of basic constitutional human rights, only came to light because many documents, which this subcommittee has attempted to embarrass me with, prove what actually happened.

Unanswered Questions

Yet the most important question of all is still unanswered: Why? What are the State Department's motives? Why did it set out to destroy ROFA? Jealousy? Racial discrimination? Or did the responsible officials act on instructions from above? Is it the habit of the State Department to violate the law and abuse others to accomplish their foreign policy aims? Or is this a case of some individuals or factions in the State Department acting without proper authority to accomplish their own secret designs? No one will know until this State Department conspiracy is fully investigated.

Whatever the motivations of the State Department officials involved in this harassment may be, it is clear that they abused their power. Is there any difference between abuses of power by the State Department and the abuse of power by the CIA or FBI, which have been the subject of so many recent investigations by the press and congressional hearings?

Mr. Chairman, if this subcommittee is truly interested in the truth about Korean-American relations, then you must find out what happened here-you must investigate the actions of the State Department and these officials. Unless you expose the complete picture of this State Department plot, how can you say that your investigation of KCFF and ROFA is fair and unbiased? Only then will the people have the full story, and only then can they be assured that their constitutional rights and individual interests have been served by your investigation.

I demand an answer! Why was that blatant act of racial discrimination allowed to fester within the highest levels of the U.S. government? I want to know why and how State Department officials, such as Donald Ranard, Winthrop Brown, and William P Bundy, were able to do such things. The Korean people want to know, and the American people have the right to know the answer. You have the power to get it, and you ought to want to know the answer.

I am asking for a full-scale investigation of the State Department and those who were involved. I am a victim of the State Department's plan, as are ROFA and KCFF ROFA failed in 1973 and today KCFF is virtually paralyzed. Just as importantly, we want to know how many other innocent people have been manipulated or trampled by the State Department.

Is there any guarantee that ROFA and KCFF are the only victims of the State Department? There must be a second, a third, or even hundreds of ROFAs being subverted by the State Department. I myself cannot tolerate any longer this outrageous action.

Innocents Must Be Protected

Mr. Chairman, in my last testimony I brought to your attention the innocent suffering of members of the Unification Church around the world. However, they are not the only people suffering. All Asian people in this country are suffering because of the so-called Koreagate. All have been caught in the crossfire simply because Americans cannot tell the difference between Koreans, Japanese, Chinese, Filipinos, etc. All Asians look alike in the eyes of Americans. They are now scorned and many lives have been damaged beyond repair. Mr. Chairman, I am not exaggerating. Go into the streets and talk with the Asian people and they will tell you.

I only ask this subcommittee to see that justice is done, and that it is done here. Furthermore, you are under moral obligation to report our innocence when what is now obvious is proven to your satisfaction.

Mr. Chairman, you have heard my request. You can see the evidence to support it. Now you see in front of you a powerless man whose rights as a person have been totally ignored and whose reputation has been hopelessly smeared. If you are truly a champion of human rights and a man of principle, I know you will get to the bottom of this matter.

If you do nothing about this matter, however, and try to ignore the evidence I presented, then you will establish yourself as the witch-hunter of the 1970s, and this subcommittee's work will prove to be nothing more than that. In fact, on March 2, 1977, a subcommittee member warned of the danger of this investigation becoming just that. I quote:

This unusual request for a wide-ranging, free-wheeling probe of Korean-American relations calls for our subcommittee to depart markedly from its normal business and sponsor an inquest that gives every indication of becoming a "witch-hunt" far from practical relevance to the activities of an International Relations Subcommittee.

What is a witch-hunt? The Living Webster Encyclopedic Dictionary of the English Language defines it as "A public investigation ostensibly conducted to detect subversion, used as a forum for arbitrary accusations by the investigators against unpopular or powerless individuals in order to acquire a reputation for vigilant patriotism."

Now, Mr. Chairman, the world is waiting to witness your decision. I had originally planned to conclude my protest and plea here. Then I read the Chicago Tribune, March 27, 1978. I was momentarily consumed with anger.

I Must Give You Hell

I must give you hell, Mr. Chairman. Let me quote a couple of paragraphs from the Chicago Tribune article, "Moon Church Traced From Sex Cult: Once-secret government files released by a House subcommittee traced the so-called Moonie church from its origins as a small-time Korean sex cult to a worldwide organization operated by the Korean Central Intelligence Agency."

I quote further: "Diplomatic cables said that the church patriarch, the Reverend Sun Myung Moon, headed a Korean cult that-interprets the Bible in sexual terms..."

Still more:

The author of the cable quoted Thomas Chung, president of the Korean Students' Association in Washington, as saying: "Colonel Pak was in trouble because he had attempted to initiate into his church [i.e., to have sexual relations with] the wife of a visiting ROK [Korean government] official [either the minister of national defense or the chief of staff]. According to Chung the matter had been hushed up but only with difficulty, and Pak had nearly lost his job because of it."

All of the above quotes and references appear in the supplement you published on KCFF and ROFA on pages 458, 459, 480, 482, and 497. Who is the author of all this horrendous information? Rep. Donald M. Fraser. When you published this book of unevaluated information, you put your name on it and became the author. The book will haunt you clear to your grave. Mr. Chairman, when I read this article my mind and body were consumed with anger. What would happen to your reputation if someone published such lies about you? You lose everything when you lose your honor. I never claimed to be a perfect individual without fault or error. I am subject to honest mistakes and misjudgments, just like anyone else. But there is one subject on which my conscience is absolutely clear. I have always lived in direct accordance with my moral principles.

After I read this article in the Chicago Tribune, I called Dr. Thomas Chung in Seoul, Korea. He was absolutely shocked by this report. He told me he never said such slanderous lies to anyone, let alone a U.S. intelligence agent. He said the report was absolutely unfounded and malicious and he had no reason to say such things. He gave me his telephone number. Why don't you place a call to Dr. Chung right now, in the public eye, and let them witness the truth from the horse's mouth.

This subject of sexual immorality is one subject that no one can rightfully harass me about. I have lived a chaste life and I swear this before God in Heaven. My wife knows this and she is my first witness. My children know this and they are my second witness. My fellow church members and friends in Korea and the United States know this and they are my third witness. This is the pride of the Moonies. Chastity is the absolute core truth of Reverend Moon's teachings. In fact, in the same Chicago Tribune article the writer admits this, and I quote: "Church members and investigators who have infiltrated the church in recent years say that the Moonies live by a strict moral code that forbids sexual activity outside marriage."

Yes, even negative investigators who have infiltrated our movement had to admit this. That is why Reverend Moon, with this principle of purity and chastity, ignited a moral revolution in this country and around the world. Reverend Moon is strictly enforcing God's morality through this revolution. The teachings of the Unification Church abhor sexual sin, adultery, lust, and immorality more than any sin under the sun because God abhors these sins most. In fact, because of these lustful sins Sodom and Gomorrah were judged and destroyed with brimstone and fire. Today America is not too far away from suffering a fate similar to that of Sodom and Gomorrah due to the same lustful attitudes. This is why Reverend Moon came to America, and this is why Reverend Moon has kindled a moral revolution in America.

I am Reverend Moon's disciple. Although I am an imperfect disciple, there is one thing that is absolutely certain: I do live by God's moral code and principles, taught by Reverend Moon, and I shall continue to do so for the rest of my life. This I know.

Yet my honor has been destroyed. You did it! What right do you have to destroy me? Is that your human right? Then where is my human right? Since I do not believe in an eye for an eye, all I can do is pray for you. You shall surely reap what you have sown.

This is not all. This same Chicago Tribune article states: "MUN, Son Myong [sic], leader of the church, was once arrested because of sexual practices of the organization."

This is a lie! You are the author of this information and you gave this lie the power of the U.S. Congress. This is the worst character assassination possible. You did this to the man who came to America to do the work of God and save, yes, save this country from immorality. I cannot help but believe that you are being used as an instrument of the devil. Yes, an instrument of the devil. I said it. Who else would want to destroy a man of God but the devil?

You have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars and assembled an extraordinary team of the most qualified staff of investigators and lawyers, but did you or they even bother to verify the truthfulness of these trashy, unevaluated documents before you made them public in this supplement? Your lawyers know very well that if a prosecutor would bring before a court of law such slanderous statements, without verification, the judge would throw them out of court.

I have in hand, for all to see, a certified copy of the court record relating to the arrest of Reverend Moon in 1955. This is his one and only arrest, and it was not on sexual charges but for violation of military draft law, and he was found not guilty! Even this charge was the result of harassment by the Korean government, whom you allege we were working for. Does that make any sense? This has been Reverend Moon's plight. But he was never arrested on sexual charges, and even the negative Korean court found him innocent of the charge of violation of military draft law for which he was arrested. Therefore, he was released with a not-guilty verdict on November 21, 1955.

Have you ever been interested in the truth? Have you even considered the repercussions such a publication of rumors would have on the honor of a religious leader? Or does it all come under your master plan? You knew clearly what kind of headlines this book would bring. You had to know it would smear the name of Reverend Moon. You are not a stupid man. Then it must be your intention to demean Reverend Moon and destroy his honor. Don't you fear God?

Jesus came to this earth as the Son of God and the world treated him as the Prince of Demons-180 degrees the opposite. Reverend Moon comes as a prophet of God, living and teaching God's highest moral principles. Now the world is trying to portray him as a man of immorality-180 degrees the opposite.

Satan always uses this tactic to discredit the man of God, by accusing him of being that which he condemns. History proves this does not work. Satan could not destroy Jesus with this tactic and so will it be with Reverend Moon. Mr. Chairman, you paint yourself as a champion of human rights and have held hearings in Taiwan, Iran, Cambodia, and many other places. You seek after a reputation as a flag bearer of human rights for oppressed people around the world. Then what about the human rights of the oppressed people in your own backyard? What about the Moonies? Or don't they deserve human rights? What about innocent Koreans here in America? What about the innocent Asian people? Somebody is becoming popular and gaining national news coverage on CBS television at the price of the livelihood, honor, and blood of innocent people. You love this golden opportunity to cash in on Koreagate and turn it to your own political advantage. But it will not work. The American people are wiser than you think. They will see through this machination to your selfish ambition.

Mr. Chairman, indeed this subcommittee has become a witch-hunt, a kangaroo court. You see an opportunity to make a killing for your political campaign. You needed a target; Reverend Moon and the Unification Church and struggling South Korea have become the ideal targets.

Do you think you can become a senator at the cost of the blood, honor and lives of innocent people? You will find innocent blood very costly. I say to you what Saint Thomas More, who had been brought to trial on the charge of treason by Henry VIII for sticking to his religious convictions, said to Sir Richard, who had perjured himself in testimony against St. Thomas in order to advance his own career even at the cost of a saint's blood.

Quoting Jesus, St. Thomas said: "For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and forfeits his soul?" For this he was beheaded. Mr. Chairman, I know it is easy and popular in the short run to persecute new religious groups. So it was for Nero. So it was for Julian the Apostate. But does history remember them for their social reforms or foreign policy or human rights? No! It remembers them as the great persecutors in history. And so history might remember Donald Fraser, if it remembers him at all. You may get my scalp, Mr. Chairman, but never my heart and soul. My heart and soul belong to God.

"The Lord is my shepherd... Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil. For Thou art with me." (Psalms 23)

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