Truth Is My Sword Volume I - Collected Speeches in the Public Arena

by Bo Hi Pak

The Aula Order of Liberty and Unity

June 22, 1993

Dr. Pak, in the following speech accepting an award from AULA, testifies to Reverend Moon's desire for unity, freedom, and prosperity among Latin American peoples. The HULA Order of Liberty and Unity Decoration was presented on June 22, 1993, at the Metropolitan Club in Washington, D.C. Other recipients include Mikhail and Raisa Gorbachev, former British Prime Minister Sir Edward Heath, and numerous leaders in the fields of conflict resolution, religion, politics, media, and education.

Ambassador Jose Maria Chaves, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen. I am overwhelmed by the honor that has been bestowed upon me and by your remarks, Ambassador Chaves. To be honest with you, when I look at my life's accomplishments at nearly age 63, I do not feel that they are my own. They are truly the work of God, and they were made possible because as a young Korean army officer 36 years ago, I met the man who changed my life, Reverend Sun Myung Moon. It is Reverend Moon who opened my heart and taught me the purpose of life-which is to live for the sake of others-and who showed me the example through his own selfless way of life.

Indeed, Ambassador Chaves, your illustrious testimony to me is but the testimony to the Reverend Moon. My life's work is based on his vision and inspiration, which in turn is motivated by the desire to fulfill God's will on this earth. Moreover, I feel I cannot accept this most distinguished Grand Cross from AULA on my behalf alone, or even on behalf of my loving family, but truly on behalf of all those from around the world who have dedicated their lives to following the teaching of the Reverend Moon. This is the only basis upon which I can receive this most auspicious honor.

Let me take a moment to say a few words about AULA, the Association for the Unity of Latin America, and Reverend Moon's commitment to Latin America. The vision of the Great Liberator, Simon Bolivar, is the vision of Reverend Moon. He yearns to see the many diverse nations of Latin America, from Mexico to Argentina, bound together in the closest political and economic cooperation and unity, as one great federation. That is why Reverend Moon founded AULA in 1982, to allow the great statesmen and scholars of this region to meet and find ways to promote greater harmony and unity among the brethren Latin states. AULA has held numerous conferences on this theme, a theme so compelling and important that we were received by His Holiness Pope John Paul II when we met in Rome in 1985. I can also confidently say that the work of AULA helped lay the groundwork for the North American Free Trade Agreement: the beginning of a united trade system in the entire Western hemisphere, which may well be followed by greater cooperation. The Enterprise for the Americas Initiative and NAFTA are indeed first steps in the AULA vision.

The breadth and depth of Reverend Moon's commitment to Latin America can be seen in projects such as the New York Hispanic daily Noticias del Mundo, the heroic efforts of CAUSA International that taught the way to victory over Communism, and the establishment of many significant investments and businesses throughout Latin America, especially in Uruguay. These are all manifestations of Reverend Moon's compassion for Latin America and earnest heart to see it united in the service of God. I have carried out much of Reverend Moon's work in Latin America since 1980, and I confess to you, I quickly fell in love with my Latin American brothers and sisters. Truly the Latin American people are people of heart.

In closing, I am most humbled and grateful to receive this rare and extraordinary honor, the Order of Liberty and Unity from AULA, which I will wear on behalf of all of those who are following the way and teaching of Reverend Sun Myung Moon.

Thank you very much.

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