Truth Is My Sword Volume I - Collected Speeches in the Public Arena

by Bo Hi Pak

American Leadership Conference: The Future of America

December 18, 1986

Following are Dr. Pak's remarks at the closing ceremony of the American Leadership Conference held in Washington, D.C., on December 18, 1986. The American Leadership Conference was created in 1986 as a forum for prominent national, state, and local leaders to address matters of fundamental concern to the United States of America. Over 10,000 prominent leaders, including thousands of state legislators and other state and city officials, have attended American Leadership Conferences since its founding.

I have a very small, honored duty to perform at this time. I would like to present to you a certificate representing that you have successfully completed our seminar at the American Leadership Conference. We have prepared a rather beautiful certificate. I am sure in your lifetime you have received many outstanding certificates. However, for me this certificate has a very deep meaning. It is not because you just came to our seminar. CAUSA is important. Because the last three days the subject we have covered in this conference is really in defense of God, our country, our freedom, and our values. For that reason I hope this certificate becomes a reminder of your participation in this seminar so you can continually honor us and join us in our movement.

Since time is of the essence, I would like to only invite two Secretary of States coming from two states. I would like to ask the Honorable Allen Beermann and the Honorable Clarice Jones to come up here. The American Leadership Conference certificate is presented to the Hon. Clarice Jones and the Hon. Allen Beermann in recognition of having successfully completed the program of the American Leadership Conference, which took place in Washington, D.C., from December 15 to 18, 1986. Signed by the President of CAUSA International, Bo Hi Pak, and Conference Chairman Ambassador Phillip Sanchez. Thank you for coming.

I would also like to borrow five minutes of your time. And when the five minutes is over, I would like to have the Senator sing. I want to say words of farewell and good-bye to all of you, by telling a small story.

This story is about four people. Their names are Mr. Everybody, Mr. Somebody, Mr. Anybody, and Mr. Nobody. There was an important job to be done. Everybody was asked to do it. Everybody was sure that Somebody would do it. But Nobody did it. And Somebody got angry about that because it was Everybody's job. Everybody thought that Anybody could do it. And Nobody realized that Everybody was not doing it. It ended up with Nobody doing it and Everybody blaming Somebody. Of course, the job went undone.

I am especially honored to have had the opportunity to make a presentation to this particular conference. I am the one during the last three days who has learned more and was inspired and deeply excited about the future of America and our free world. As you know we have over 100 state legislators in attendance. State government positions, like Secretary of State, and state legislators, mayors, councilmen, police chiefs, military generals and colonels, and Supreme Court justice, attorneys, professors, school administrators, and many, many others. Truly those assembled in this room are representative of America's leadership. I am so deeply honored that God has provided me the great opportunity to come this far. I know the Almighty will not stop here. And we shall march on until we truly win the victory for God, country, and the free world.

We feel the leadership, especially state legislators are important. I understand there are about 7,500 state legislators in this country and we have conducted four conferences such as this. The previous one was joined together with the National Center for Constitutional Studies and Dr. Cleon Skousen. And this time we combined all the military, other American leaders, state legislators together under the large banner American Leadership Conference. In the future we will continue under this banner. Our goal is to reach over 3,500 state legislators, one way or the other, to be exposed to the material that CAUSA presents.

The reason is very simple. You are truly the very basic fundamental leadership of America. Out of you, national congressmen emerge. National senators emerge. In fact, many who accepted our invitation already are elected to the Congress and that will happen more in the future. So when we share our material with the state level, the most basic leadership of this great country of America, we truly can turn the direction of this nation. That is our faith.

In the past some of the state lawmakers who came to our seminar went back home and were ridiculed by the media. Many stood up courageously and fought. When I hear these kinds of reports, it makes me feel wounded, and at the same time so grateful. There is hope. Great Americans under the tradition of the Founding Fathers of this great nation are still there fighting. Please be courageous and remember you are not defending Rev. Moon, or Bo Hi Pak, or the Unification Church. You are the defenders of God. Probably no other conference, including the religious ones, speak of God more frequently from sincerity and from the heart than this conference.

For that reason, this particular certificate to me is so precious. You are defenders of your freedom. You have become the defender of our great country and our values. And those values we simply cannot afford to lose at any cost. Even at the cost of my life. And yours. Because after we lose all that, there is nothing remaining for our children. Our job, yours and mine, is to hand down this great country, great tradition, great freedom to our children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren. To save them from living under totalitarian rule. Being treated like animals. We simply cannot fail. We have no alternative. We have no choice but to win. Win for America. Win for God. Our freedom, our values.

You know, we had a seminar in France. One notable French parliamentarian who may be running for the next presidential election came to a CAUSA seminar and was deeply inspired. Finally he asked me, what is your advice for me as a politician? What advice can CAUSA give me? I gave him one simple piece of advice. I told him, proclaim the name of God unabashedly, without hesitation, courageously with sincerity and with heart. It will move you, move your audience, and you will have a great fate. That was my advice.

Nowadays, many people think that speaking of God in public, other than Sunday School or church, has become unfashionable. Old fashioned. Almost embarrassing. No. Speaking of God as a political leader is a sign of weakness? That means that George Washington was so weak. Thomas Jefferson was such a weak person. John Adams, James Madison, Abraham Lincoln. They were such weak politicians and political leaders? No. That was a sign of strength, a sign of conviction, a sign of commitment, a sign of dedication. When a good reverend is speaking of God, it is one thing, but a political leader, his political message speaking of God is really something else. It is touching the people.

I recently went back to France. That particular political leader is practicing proclaiming the value of God and proclaiming the name of God and he said he just couldn't stop himself. He is so inspired. His audience was deeply touched. He told me this time if he ever becomes the President of France, he would be doing it in George Washington fashion.

So I am deeply honored. Already several representatives spoke of God in this distinguished audience. With firm conviction and commitment, the name of God is coming out so naturally. To me this is the greatest sign of hope for America. You shall win. With that conviction and strategy. As political leaders and statesmen, you will never lose having God on your side. This work shall go on.

In the meantime I will say to you, what is CAUSA? The CAUSA movement is not Bo Hi Pak, nor Rev. Moon, nor the staff, Tom Ward, Bill Lay. CAUSA is you. It is your baby. Take it with you. To your home, to your community. To your state houses, to your schools and do something about it.

I want to end with an unusual thing that I never did before, but yesterday, last night, I spoke to Rev. Moon over the phone. He was in New York with his lovely wife and 12 children and he is fully aware this important seminar is going on shortly before Christmas. He asked me to convey to each one of you his and his family's very, very fondest Merry Christmas and Happiest New Year. Thank you very much.

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