Truth Is My Sword Volume I - Collected Speeches in the Public Arena

by Bo Hi Pak

Our Response

January 17, 1979

This statement was read by Dr. Pak at a press conference held January 17, 1979, at the National Press Club building in Washington, D.C., and later at Unification Church Headquarters in New York City.

Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for coming. On November 1, 1978, former Congressman Donald M. Fraser, then Chairman of the House Subcommittee on International Organizations, held a press conference in Washington and released the final report on the investigation of Korean-American relations. In this 447-page report, Mr. Fraser allocated more than 80 pages to the Unification Church and Rev. Sun Myung Moon.

Although Mr. Fraser is no longer in Congress, having failed in his senatorial campaign (which we consider to be more than just political fortune, but as Rev. Moon said in Seoul, Korea, an act of God), we still feel it necessary to refute his unfounded allegations about our church, Rev. Moon, and myself and set the record straight for history. To this end, the Ad Hoc Committee of Members of the Unification Church was organized. Now you have before you this 280-page book, Our Response to the Report of October 31, 1978, on the Investigation of Korean-American Relations Regarding Reverend Sun Myung Moon and Members of the Unification Church.

Mr. Fraser spent more than three years (1975-1978) and spent $685,000 of the taxpayers' money, hired a professional staff of more than 18 people, and came up with this report. We did not have the same facilities and power which Mr. Fraser enjoyed, so we gathered a few people part-time for our endeavor. Mr. Neil Salonen, Mr. Dan Fefferman, Mr. James Gavin, Mr. Gerard Willis, and I gathered to draft Our Response in one week. However, we lost several weeks in printing the book. We were able to do it this way because the truth is clear and the evidence overwhelmingly on our side. When one works with the truth it doesn't require much time. On the other hand, when one is trying to justify lies, much time and much money are required and still the truth cannot be hidden. The Fraser investigation began with flimsy allegations, lived with flimsy allegations, and died with flimsy allegations.

Begrudging Admissions

Mr. Fraser conducted the most extensive congressional inquiry into a religious organization in recent history, alleging that the Unification Church was a front for the Korean Central Intelligence Agency. To prove this, he subpoenaed church officials, interviewed scores of present and former church members, minutely scrutinized church financial records (literally tons of documents were turned over to the subcommittee), probed the business and political affiliations of church members, sent investigators to Korea, and speculated about the meaning of the church's religious doctrines and teachings. Despite all of this, in the end he had to admit that all of his major allegations were false. Rather than apologizing for the ugly rumors his investigation had spread, however, Mr. Fraser buried his admissions in begrudging, single-line statements in the middle of a 447-page report that few people will ever read.

For instance, Mr. Fraser's final report on Korean-American relations had to recognize the following:

1. That the Unification Church and associated organizations were not agents for the Korean Government or the KCIA (Fraser report p. 389).
2. That the ridiculous rumor that the Director of the KCIA had founded the Unification Church-a rumor propagated by Mr. Fraser himself-had no basis in fact (Fraser report p. 354).
3. That the ugly stories, made public by the investigation, alleging that Rev. Moon had been arrested on morals charges in Korea also turned out to be utterly groundless (Fraser report p. 353).
4. That there was no evidence of funding by the Korean government and no collusion between the members of the Unification Church and Tongsun Park with regard to stock purchases in the Diplomat National Bank (Fraser report pp. 385-6).

No, Mr. Fraser could not bring himself to make these admissions publicly. Instead he made a series of new charges, many of which have nothing at all to do with Korean-American relations and are equally outlandish and unfounded. As a fig leaf to hide his own failure, Mr. Fraser has now asked for more investigations. After spending $685,000 and nearly three years, all he could recommend is that "somebody should investigate." When one Washington reporter heard this at his press conference he commented, "Do you mean after all this time and money, you're calling for another investigation? You've got to be joking!"

As the content of the Fraser report illustrates, the Fraser investigation went far beyond the scope of Korean-American relations to probe into the religious beliefs and activities of the members of the Unification Church. This kind of investigation should never have been conducted under the auspices of the U.S. Congress. Congress cannot justifiably investigate areas in which it cannot legislate. As the First Amendment of the Constitution states: "Congress shall make no law regarding an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof..."

The Executive agencies, which are duly empowered to investigate activities of religious or other organizations under U.S. law, were already conducting thorough inquiries into the Unification Church and associated organizations. No criminal indictments of tax status changes have resulted, despite every effort made by the IRS, SEC, Justice Department, and Federal Reserve Board, among others.

The Justice Department even had the FBI examine the charge of brainwashing. It concluded, according to information released by Deputy Attorney General Benjamin Civiletti, November 24, 1978, that "no information" was produced to warrant further investigation and that "It has been our experience that members of these religious sects are apparently competent, consenting adults. Neither this investigation nor any other has found that the Unification Church or its members have done anything wrong.

Government harassment of the church and its members is only one obstacle which this new religious movement has had to face before being accepted. The "deprogramming" controversy, suspension of voting rights, housing and job discrimination, intimidation by leftist extremists, ridicule on the streets, and derogatory and inaccurate news accounts are other reactions which the church has had to overcome.

It has been the case throughout the history of religion that established societies resisted new religious movements which were later recognized as inspired and beneficial for mankind. From Jesus through St. Francis, Martin Luther and on up to a modern-day religious leader like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., this had been the rule rather than the exception.

Inquisition or Investigation

Historically the people in power who conducted "inquisitions" (today they call them "investigations") often did so to protect their own vested interests or to further their political ambitions. Mr. Fraser's investigation similarly used Rev. Moon and his followers as a scapegoat to justify Mr. Fraser's own anti-South Korean bias and build support for his unsuccessful campaign for the U.S. Senate.

To zero in on a group just because its beliefs are not yet understood or accepted is in utter contradiction to both the letter and the spirit of the First Amendment. We should heed the advice of the wise rabbi Gamaliel, who, according to Acts 5:38-39, urged the political powers of his day to "take the heat off" a new religious group-the early Christians-which had recently emerged on the scene: "So in the present case I tell you, keep away from these men and let them alone; for if this plan or this undertaking is of men, it will fail; but if it is of God, you will not be able to overthrow them. You might even be found opposing God!"

The Unification Church invites all sincere inquiries into its religious beliefs and practices. We invite you to get both sides of the story and find out for yourselves. In the meantime, we have important work to do and we would like to get on with it. We have been forced to spend much time and money already in cooperating with federal investigations and defending ourselves from Mr. Fraser's politically motivated inquisition.

Jesus said, "by their fruits shall ye know them." Discerning the true prophets from the false is not the job of the government. It is too important a task to leave to anyone but oneself.

In conclusion I would like to make some personal comments. I personally have been a victim of Mr. Fraser's investigation. The Korean Cultural and Freedom Foundation, which I built with blood and sweat for over 14 years, was another victim. It was also virtually destroyed, yet no fault was found. I testified before the Fraser committee an unprecedented total of five times, three times in public session. What I said in those public sessions is already history. I vehemently protested and fearlessly attacked the motivations and conduct of the Fraser investigation. I also exposed Mr. Fraser's political ambitions and his own fraudulent conduct. One time I said to Mr. Fraser, "The blood of innocent people is expensive.

It will haunt you to your grave." I do not think my words have been proven wrong.

At the same time I was investigated by all of the powerful agencies and departments of the U.S. government which had any possible excuse for cracking down on me. The IRS came in twice-once the audit division and once the intelligence division. The Justice Department, FBI, and even the SEC also came. After causing me an ordeal of suffering, I was cleared of all charges, one by one. I received a clean bill of health from the IRS. The District Director of the IRS wrote me saying, "Dear Mr. Pak, you will be pleased to know that..." And I was indeed pleased to know they have no more business with me. The FBI and Justice Department both cleared me and conferred immunity, and the SEC found that there had been no criminal violations.

It is awesome for me to look back on those years and months of suffering. If I had done anything wrong I would never have survived that ordeal. Now I am here as a man free to do as I want, primarily spreading the new revelation given through Rev. Sun Myung Moon. On the other hand, Mr. Fraser, who was once the powerful chairman of a House subcommittee, is now a private citizen kicked out of Congress and, I understand, begging for jobs here and there. I pity him; I ask God's mercy upon him.

Ladies and gentlemen, this event in my life dramatically demonstrates the ultimate righteousness of God which ordains that justice prevails in the end. At this moment I am standing here with a grateful heart, grateful to Almighty God, grateful to Rev. Moon for his strength and guidance when I desperately needed it. I am grateful for the prayers of Unification Church members throughout the world, and I am grateful to you who are interested in the truth and who have come to hear this story of vindication. I will go on with new vigor in the mission which God has given me and humbly seek to fulfill His will. Meanwhile, if Mr. Fraser badly needs a job, we will be happy to consider giving him employment. His international exposure, particularly in the area of Korean-American relations, might be useful in our church somewhere. Thank you.

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