Truth Is My Sword Volume I - Collected Speeches in the Public Arena

by Bo Hi Pak

The Glorious Vision of Simon Bolivar

December 3, 1985

The Association for the Unity of Latin America (AULA) was formed by Reverend Moon in 1984 to foster greater unity among Latin American peoples in the spirit of the great liberator Simon Bolivar. In this speech Dr. Pak evokes Bolivar's vision toward freedom and prosperity for the Hispanic peoples in the Americas. This was Dr. Pak's opening address given at the Second HULA Conference in Rome, Italy, on December 3, 1985. Part of the many activities during the week included private audiences with His Holiness Pope John Paul II and Mother Teresa.

President Turbay Ayala, distinguished presidents, ministers, your excellencies, ladies and gentlemen. "Simon Bolivar, with the centuries your glory will grow like the shadows in the sunset." When Father Choquehuanca pronounced these prophetic words, he was anticipating what the great liberator Simon Bolivar would represent and what the great struggle of his life would be-a struggle that would become more and more important for mankind. Freedom is the main gift that God has given to mankind, and today freedom is recognized as being more valuable and essential than ever before.

While mankind has reached a high level of scientific and technological progress, human beings remain massively bereft of their fundamental freedoms in the social and educational realms. The threat to the individual and his social freedom becomes more ominous than ever.

Bolivar did not confine his view of freedom to a continent free of colonialism and the oppressions of imperialism. He believed in a united and flourishing hemisphere, with opportunity for everyone to progress and to contribute to the common interest. His call for the unity of the Spanish American nations went beyond formulas or political systems. Early in his career in his Letter to a Jamaican Citizen, he outlined the main problems of the Latin American people and predicted how the nations he would liberate could move toward the ambitious aim of freedom and order, along with prosperity and peace for everyone.

Bolivar was very aware of the Latin world. In the eternal city of Rome he made his vows at Mount Aventino. In France he found philosophical and intellectual principles. Actually he had planned to return to France when death surprised him. His roots and lineage were in the Iberian peninsula, and it was there that he learned much about the traditions, laws, and institutions upon which the new nations would be built. It is fitting that this meeting takes place within a Latin setting with the distinguished participation of representatives of the Latin nations of Western Europe.

This is a fraternal meeting of the highest level. Your presence here creates a faithful tribute to the memory and the ideals of the great liberator and to all who have tried hard to implant his ideals and make them a part of the day-to-day life of nations. The spirit that guides this unique meeting in Latin American history is a good sign for the future of those ideals and purposes, which have become more and more necessary, more vital and urgent.

I am pleased, as the representative of the Reverend Sun Myung Moon, whose ideas and generosity originated this initiative and who is its sponsor, to extend a warm welcome to you all. I hope the view of the great liberator and those of all the liberators of your nations will be your inspiration and guide, and that the journey we begin will contribute fruitfully to the progress of this noble and important cause. Thank you.

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