Truth Is My Sword Volume I - Collected Speeches in the Public Arena

by Bo Hi Pak

Toward a Clear Coherent Strategy

September 8, 1985

Following are welcoming remarks by Dr. Pak made at the International Security Council Conference in Lisbon, Portugal, on September 8, 1985. The conference, chaired by General Michael S. Davison, USA (Ret.), former Commander-in-Chief, United States Army Europe, dealt with the issue, "NATO's Southern Flank and the Security of the Middle East. "

Distinguished chairman, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to Lisbon. On behalf of CAUSA International, I wish to express my heartfelt greetings. This is our fourth International Security Council conference this year. The first was held in Paris under the co-chairmanship of Lt. Gen. Gordon Summer, USA (Ret.), and Gen. Valencia-Tovar of Colombia, to address "The Caribbean Basin and Global Security." The second conference was held in Seoul under the co-chairmanship of Adm. George Kinnear, USN (Ret.), and Gen. Osamu Namatame of Japan, and looked into the question of "The Soviet Union and the Security of East Asia." Our third conference was held in Brussels under the co-chairmanship of Prof. William Van Cleave of the United States and Brig. Gen. Merglen of France. There we undertook an in-depth examination of the Brezhnev Doctrine.

These conferences have been highly successful. In fact, after the Paris conference, the Soviet Union, in an article in Izvestia, criticized the program in an unusually satirical fashion. When that happens, we know we must be doing something right. Consequently, we shall continue to publish our proceedings and provide them to policymakers and commentators throughout the free world. We continue to receive strong expressions of support, most notably in the wake of our "Brussels Declaration" published in The New York Times and other newspapers in the United States.

We are indeed gaining momentum. Here we are gathered at this fourth conference under the chairmanship of Gen. Michael S. Davison of the United States to discuss "NATO's Southern Flank and the Security of the Middle East." This is a most timely subject for consideration, and we could not have asked for a more distinguished and able chairman than Gen. Davison. Nor could we have hoped for a higher level of participation from both the retired military and the academic worlds.

The gravity of the threat is reflected in the vulnerability of the Middle East to Soviet penetration and manipulation, yet this is not widely understood in the West. Accordingly, we have convened to consider the changing regional balance of power, the escalating threats to regional stability, and the implications of such changes on the NATO alliance and the free world.

I have great confidence that our deliberations will have an impact on policymakers worldwide. I myself am very eager to hear your conclusions and recommendations. Please be assured that, as always, you have complete autonomy and freedom in conducting this conference. We are only interested in your considered findings.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the motivation and philosophy of the sponsoring organization of CAUSA International, let me offer a few words. CAUSA is an international educational movement founded in 1980 by the Reverend Sun Myung Moon for the purpose of combating international communism with a positive ideology. We believe we are at war. This war began a long time ago, well before World War II ended. It may have begun the day Lenin succeeded with his Bolshevik coup. It might even be traced to 1848, when Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels proclaimed the Communist Manifesto. On that day, an inevitable showdown began between freedom and tyranny.

High Stakes

We are at war-a deadly war in which the survival of humanity is at stake. Yet this war is not being fought just militarily. It is even more so an ideological war. The enemy of our freedoms and our faith in God considers it a total war, and he is bound by none of our religious convictions of upright behavior. In the Marxist purpose, the end always justifies the means. No weapon is spared in conducting this war, be it in the military sphere or that of politics, economics, education, communications, the arts, and even sports. This war is comprehensive and all-embracing; it spares no one, and its objective is nothing less than the conquest of the human spirit.

In 1930, three-time Lenin Prize winner Dmitri Manuilski explained:

War unto the death is inevitable between communism and capitalism. At the present time, however, we are not strong enough to attack them. Our time will come within 20 or 30 years. In order to win we will need the surprise factor. We must put the bourgeoisie to sleep. For that reason we will begin the most spectacular peace movement that history has ever known. Because the capitalist nations are stupid and decadent, they will assist in their own destruction. They will do everything possible to have us as their friend. And as soon as they drop their guard, we will smack them with our closed fist.

The Soviet view of defense was also revealed in an exchange between Leonid Brezhnev and Walter Ulbricht, the former leader of East Germany. In assuaging Ulbricht's fear of detente, Brezhnev assured his comrades: "Trust us, comrades, because by 1985, as a result of what we are accomplishing through detente, we will have accomplished a major part of our objective for Western Europe. By 1985 we will have consolidated our position. We will be ready to exert our will wherever we wish."

That year is at hand with the inevitable showdown approaching. It will not be delayed. For us to win, the tide of communist expansion must be reversed now. What we do now and in the immediate future could well be decisive in determining the final outcome in the struggle for humanity.

We fear but one thing, that we may be too late. In the words of Gen. Douglas MacArthur, "The history of failure in war can be summed up in two words: too late. Too late in comprehending the deadly purpose of a potential enemy; too late in preparedness; too late in uniting all possible forces for resistance; too late in standing with one's friends."

For its part, CAUSA is conducting educational programs on all continents in more than a dozen languages. At all levels, particularly at the grassroots, we are working to bring about a God-centered ideological offensive. That offensive is now gaining considerable momentum.

Among the many CAUSA projects, the ISC is among the most critical since it effectively exposes Soviet strategy and devises credible policy options for consideration by decision-makers. The ISC perspective that security problems must be approached at the global level is rooted in the realization that whether we are speaking of guerrilla conflicts in Central America, brush-fire wars in Africa, tension in the Middle East, or barbarism in Asia, the Soviets are either at its source or they systematically exploit regional issues for strategic advantage. Unfortunately, while Moscow pursues a coherent strategy for global hegemony, the American reaction is usually fragmented, ambivalent, and indecisive. This situation must change and we look to you and the ISC to conceive, develop, and promote a coherent, viable strategy for victory over communism.

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