Truth Is My Sword Volume I - Collected Speeches in the Public Arena

by Bo Hi Pak

First Pan American Conference of CAUSA International

February 1984

Until the 1960s, Uruguay was a model for democracy and a leader on the continent in the arts, sciences, and political development. Montevideo was called the Paris of the West. But when it was targeted by communist and leftist insurrectionists and terrorists, the nation tumbled into political and economic depression. CAUSA International was drawn to this nation by the sincerity of the people and by their strong desire to restore democracy. The Pan American Conference of CAUSA International was held in Montevideo, Uruguay, in February 1984 at the Hotel Victoria Plaza. Today, once again, Uruguay stands as a beacon of hope and prosperity for the continent.

I consider this hotel to be the CAUSA Hotel. In the future, a great deal of CAUSA activities will be conducted in Montevideo, Uruguay. One of the important purposes of my visit, besides conducting this seminar, is to have the final planning organized and formulated for the construction of the hotel complex. I'm sure you have seen the model in the lobby. We have planned to build the Victoria Plaza Complex in this area, on this particular site, very quickly in the future. Within less than three years we want to complete the whole thing.

Our tower when it is built will be the tallest tower in the Southern Cone, something like 179 meters. We couldn't say the highest tower in Latin America, I regret it very much, because there is a taller building in Caracas, Venezuela, something like 200 meters. And the reason why we could not build it 200 meters, is because we cannot use steel here. We have to use concrete structure. However, when it is completed, it will be hotel, office building, shopping center, and most important, convention center. We are going to have a 500-room hotel here. And lots of floors with offices. The convention complex will be big enough to accommodate one thousand people.

This is where you are now. The old Victoria Plaza. This will be completely renovated. We will have a 35-story tower. The top of the tower will be hotel rooms, including a good number of suites. And the low part of the building will be the office building, rentable. And this area will be devoted to one of the finest Southern Cone department stores. And this area, the convention center area, will be connected to this hotel. There is a street underneath, but the government allowed us to build through the lobby, across the street. This large conference room will hold 1,000 people. The convention center of the city can accommodate only 400 people. Then we have small conference rooms, dining rooms, sufficient to support one thousand people's functions. When it is completed, the first thing I would like to do is hold another Pan American convention.

At the top of the building we have an observatory tower. We can see the whole city. On a clear day we can see Punta del Este. So we don't have to even go to Punta del Este; we can look at it. This a working hotel, not a pleasure hotel. The only pleasure will be to go to the observatory tower and look at Punta del Este.

The CAUSA Movement

Many people, particularly the media, are asking: Why do we do this? Why is the CAUSA movement, and the Unification Movement as a whole, supporting this kind of hotel complex in Montevideo, Uruguay? We needed some kind of operation center in Latin America. In North America, New York is our center. And in South America we wanted to have one place that we consider as the central operation place of our CAUSA movement. Then, eventually we will have another center for the northern part of South America. Eventually also we will have a center for Central America, and another for the Caribbean. So that is how we are trying to look at this hemisphere, North America and South America.

People also ask where all the money comes from for this. Money comes from the Unification Movement, which is worldwide. The Unification Movement has membership throughout the world and other business interests and enterprises. Speaking of South America, here, we have our fishing industry on the Atlantic side of South America. In Brazil, we have a good connection with the government; we have fishing and shrimp companies in Belem, Brazil. There are also business operations in Surinam, in Paramaribo. We have 17 boats operating in Central and South America. In North America we are building fishing boats. In Japan, Korea, and Europe, we have some other kinds of industry related to the Unification Movement.

The purpose of doing all this is to generate income that will move our movement and provide fuel to build a better world for us to live and in which our children can succeed. We have two principles in pursuing certain industries. Number one, the industry must be good for local countries and local populations. We help the local economy, we give jobs to the local population. And the profit derived from it shall go for a global purpose, to advance truly altruistic projects. For example, with the fishing industry we are giving a lot of benefit to the Brazilian people, to the Brazilian fishing industry, and also we give a chance to Brazil to export shrimp, and by doing so export dollars are coming into Brazil. So it helps not only the local people, but also the government. In Africa we have a great deal of farming. We have a school teaching modern techniques for agriculture. Then we employ them in farming and also in sausage making and other minor businesses to create jobs for the local population.

It is Rev. Moon's vision and dream, his idea, his policy, to give help to Africa, to the underdeveloped countries. We pour our sweat and heart and labor and money and create something for the benefit of the people.

(Participant: Which countries in Africa, please?)

Zaire primarily, Zambia, and also Central Africa. We have missions all over Africa. So it's spreading. Not a single dollar has been moved from Africa. And we will never take a dollar from Africa. And we are going to pour more money in. And the profit goes into more industry. Because the prime attraction of Communism today comes from a reaction to colonialism, and from deprivation of wealth, opportunity, and property by the advanced countries throughout the world. Countries in Africa, South America, Central America, and other regions are places where Communism can prosper. Rev. Moon feels we must change the whole trend of history. Instead of taking things away from the underdeveloped countries, sucking more resources from them, we go out to give our love, altruistic love, spiritual awakening, to set the example, to pour the money in.

The CAUSA Message

We heard about the CAUSA worldview yesterday. This is not just a theory; we are practicing it to the letter. And the message is very simple. When you live your life on earth altruistically, and give lots of altruistic love for the sake of humanity, in the name of God, you the individual benefit the most. It's a law of the universe.

Basically there are two kinds of people in this world. First, there are those who do not recognize the world of spirit and God, but only material values. For them, the goal is to build material wealth, going after fun, pleasure, because that is all they have. For them the hundred years of life on earth is everything. They want to enjoy, they want to reach that. It doesn't matter if to get that they hurt others, as long as their body is happy, is strong, and has pleasure. They think they are living the most clever life. But once we really know the truth of the universe, what the universe is all about, we find that it is the most tragic and foolish life a man or woman can live. After a hundred years of life, there is nothing for him or her to go on. Real life begins after 100 years. It's very tragic. We call that spiritual blindness.

Live for the Sake of Eternity

There is another kind of people who want to live for the sake of eternity. For the sake of eternity, one wants to invest the best of his abilities throughout his hundred years. From the secular point of view, men and women living that kind of life look very foolish. But I tell you, from the viewpoint of universal truth, this is the wisest man. We at CAUSA promote the second type. And I have absolute conviction and confidence that anyone, any man or woman who lives this way will be men and women of fortune and happiness. They will live without regrets.

I want to tell you right now, because today we have no time to waste. So let's talk in a frank way, heart to heart, open minded. Many members of the media came to the seminar looking for something suspicious. "There must be something behind the scenes, under the table, some secret place." But they didn't find anything. I think we converted a lot of media people this time, who really repented. We have nothing to hide. The reason they are suspicious about us is simply because they don't understand, they don't comprehend that kind of life, that kind of philosophy. How can anyone be so altruistic?

So anybody from now on who wants to work with CAUSA, we welcome you. Whatever you want to do for the sake of CAUSA will contribute to your eternal well-being. I'm not going to touch your faith. You keep your faith.

Last night we had a special dinner with the priests who came to the seminar. I have absolutely nothing but beautiful respect for the Catholic Church and Pope John Paul II. I have no intention to change even one Catholic, not at all. Keep your Catholic faith as your faith, but use CAUSA as your action place. With CAUSA you do something about it. Not just believing in God, but do something. Why CAUSA? Because CAUSA gives us a clear goal, a clear plan of action. Our clear goal is that we have to stop the spread of Communism, because it will take away everything that we value. So we say we God-fearing people must come together, united, to oppose Communism. Not just to oppose but to liberate Communism. Let us launch an ideological offensive, not just "anti" but really victory over Communism.

What is the method? Education. Through education we can enlighten, we can create a new man and woman; that's our method. Not demonstration, not violence, not killing anybody, not even going out shouting political slogans. We are going to do it by education. But not technical education. Spiritual education. That's the message. And we must organize. Educated people who are organized create strength and power. We will have the power. Communists have power, a great power. A passive manner or attitude will not work. We have to build the strength. When enlightened people work together in a democratic society, they become a power, an influence. Yes, CAUSA is aiming for that. We need a million people in Central and South America. We need several millions of people in North America. In Japan already there are millions of people! In Korea we will have seven million this year.

The great thing about CAUSA is that it's global, so it is all adding up. So if you go anywhere in the world, you will not be lonely; you are going to have a friend, a comrade. But in your area you are responsible, and you have to be on your own. It's a voluntary organization. Nobody will pay you to do this, because if we pay, God won't pay you. But we all are going to be paid by God. This is what we are aiming at, this is what we are all about.

Never a Loser With God

I'm not paid, I'm not taking any salary from this. I have never thought about it, because I want to be paid by God. In the meantime I'm ready to give my life. Why? Because if I lose this life, God is going to give me a greater life. We will never be losers. This is the basic principle on which we are operating. It is not easy to be CAUSA leaders. Look at Communism. They are doing it for life, for a deception, for something false. Even without the hope and promise of eternity, so many people are giving their lives. Look at the guerrillas in the mountains. They are not expecting a paycheck every week, and when the time comes they are ready to die for their cause. Where are God's people? We couldn't even match with Communism? It is a real shame for God. God will say, "Look at my children! I'm ashamed by my children! Look at those Communists. They are more dedicated to their cause than my children are."

We cannot have God be ashamed. So CAUSA is a purely volunteer organization. You are going back home with your creativity and your imagination and your influence that you already accumulated. So do something about CAUSA. It is very bold of me to say, do this, do that, because you know best, you know your country better. All we give you is the message. Two things are sure. First, you will never be alone. Even though in your own country sometimes, many times people tell you all kinds of things: "Well, why are you changing, why are you so foolish?" I know you will get a lot of temptations. But in the true sense you will never be alone. Each day you have more friends, more people of your kind. We call it a groundswell, like spring time; everything is coming out in all different places. That's what's going to happen. So, it takes a commitment for you to do it. It's not easy, but it can be done.

Second, you will receive ample guidance from CAUSA New York, CAUSA International in New York, CAUSA USA, and many other advanced CAUSAs, like Uruguay. You will be given guidance and a lot of support. That we promised. Support in terms of how to make things legal, support in terms of the instruction material, support in terms of information, support in terms of education, educating leaders. This you will get. So, we at CAUSA come under one slogan, a very simple one: God helps those who help themselves. Those of you who are committed, sacrificial, and give of yourselves, give your fortune, give your money, start doing something, make something happen, you will get more support, and more success will come. And while you are doing all that, you are making the foundation. This is the most difficult time for CAUSA in Latin America because we are now going to be pioneers, going in the wilderness, to start things from scratch. Then, in a few years we will become so stable, so strong, that it's going to be so easy for everybody to participate. Very easy, almost fashionable to join CAUSA. The time will come that those who didn't join CAUSA are so so. The time will come when to be a CAUSA member will inspire respect. I assure you.

God Is on Our Side

Look at the level of participation this time. It wasn't like this before. It wasn't easy to get this many people from each country. Look, now, we have too many people that want to come to the CAUSA seminar. We could have brought 700 people, but there is no room to accommodate them. Congressmen, politicians, ambassadors, scholars, newsmen, they all want to come to learn about CAUSA. This will happen in your country. All important people will want to know about CAUSA. Do you know why? Because God is on our side. God is like a magnet. He pulls people. What do I have to attract you? Am I a great speaker, a great actor, that's why you are here? No. God spoke to you. God inspires you, not Bo Hi Pak or Antonio Betancourt, not Tom Ward, or Bill Lay. The same thing will happen. You will be the instrument of God. When you speak about CAUSA, God inspires people around you.

In a few years we will be fully established; we will not need you. People who join in the time of pioneering, this is the good time. Only wise men can do that, only men of courage can do that. Even look at the hotel project now. It will take only three years. After that, that hotel and convention center alone will produce a lot of income. Rev. Moon already made the declaration, not one penny comes out of this hotel to anywhere. This will stay here in Latin America. This only advances the CAUSA cause in this hemisphere. We will have more newspaper companies probably in many countries in Latin America. We will have perhaps 100 boats in Brazil and Surinam. In the Dominican Republic, we have a special flower industry. In one year we are going to export to the United States probably 10 million flowers. This will give profit to CAUSA of about $1 million. Right now we re-invest, so that we can bring the flowers not just to one million, but ten, fifty, or hundred million. The flower market in the United States is so vast. Colombia is exporting to the United States $1.5 billion of flowers per year. In the Dominican Republic, Dr. Martin Bauer is our leader and we help the local economy. We give the local people a lot of jobs, we give the government export dollars, and in the meantime, whatever the benefit that comes out of it goes to CAUSA, to the work of CAUSA.

Practice the Ideal

So in a few years we are going to be quite stable. You can feel it. We are not just talking. But then, what kind of people am I looking for in each country? Men who can totally unite with the CAUSA ideal and practice it. This is the most important secret I want you to know. If I have any secret, this is the secret. I have revealed this to you today, so it is not a secret anymore. I'm looking for God-centered leaders whom we can totally trust because they are totally dedicated to God and the CAUSA ideal. I give you this secret. Why do we do so much in Uruguay? Because we found a man like that. That is Julian Safi. He is a Catholic, he is not a Unification Church member, but he and I share the same idea. He is dedicated as much as I am dedicated. Sometimes I'm ashamed in front of him because he seems more dedicated than I am. I need a person in each country who can give me tough competition. I like that.

So, when we find a leader like Julian Safi, with that dedication, with that altruism and ability, that's why we picked Uruguay as the test case. Of course, Uruguay has geographical and political advantages. But that is secondary. Every country has some advantages. In the case of Uruguay, Uruguay is like the Switzerland of South America. It's in between two great giant countries, so it's in a very strategic location. Also people are great here; they are honest, and according to my experience, the most uncorrupted government I have ever seen. In this country bribery doesn't work. This is very rare. CAUSA doesn't want to do the work through bribery, but lawfully.

So, those are the advantages, but that would not make me come here and invest money. We needed to find leaders whom we can completely trust. How can I find them? By the practice, not just words. Words are cheap, deeds are expensive. So, I'm watching the deeds. Rev. Moon is watching my deeds. God is watching Rev. Moon's deeds.

So far, I'm greatly satisfied with the development of CAUSA in Uruguay. Many people think, "Oh, boy! This Julian Safi is a lucky guy, he has the check in his pocket. I know he has the Moon people's money. In three years he can become a millionaire!" Three years have passed, and look at Julian Safi. He is living in the same poor house, he has the same car. The only difference is, because he met the movement, he comes home 12 o'clock, or 1 o'clock. That's the difference. He gives at least 20 hours a day. The only gift I gave him is more gray hair. But I have absolutely no worries, because I know God will reward him. He is not working for Col. Pak.

So our Uruguayan operation has an impeccable reputation. Otherwise you would not even survive. In our Uruguayan establishment we have never paid one person even a one-penny bribe. But we do know we are going to help the economy. The building will be done in concrete instead of steel to give money to the Uruguayan people. In this country there is no steel. It would have to be imported and that would not help the country. But they do very well with concrete. Thousands of people can have jobs. That is how we can benefit the people of the country, not by one penny of bribes. Dr. Martin Bauer is another person who won our trust. That is why things are happening in the Dominican Republic. That's why we bought land and made a flower industry. Another person who won our trust is Jose Betancourt in Honduras. Jose Betancourt is having a difficult time now because he made up his mnd to give his life to the cause of CAUSA. He is a Mormon. I don't ask him to join the Unification Church. It doesn't matter; he is my brother. And he gave over his entire job to his wife. When he needs money, CAUSA doesn't pay him any salary. When he needs money he must go to his wife. Just like me. I have a small business in Washington. I don't need a big one. Selling sandwiches. Who runs it? My wife. She's my boss. I need an allowance from her, pocket money from her. It is difficult to get a few dollars from her even though I'm spending millions of dollars. I like it. I really take great pride in it.

Live Without Regret

I spent $100 million for the Washington Times. I signed all those checks, but I have to go to my wife to get a loan of $300. I take pride in it, I never feel ashamed. I'm bubbling with enthusiasm. I'm ecstatic. Each day I feel victory. Particularly now, I know, Rev. Moon and I are the target of international Communism. I do not know what tomorrow may bring. But today I live fully. There may not be a tomorrow, no matiana. I want to do today the most that I can. Today I have to live without regret. It's so real then when I say that each day is a victory.

Between you and me, yesterday, when I was giving the final lecture, the conclusion, two telephone calls came to the city hall. Bomb threats. "Unless you evacuate all the people by 11:30, a bomb will explode." I never shook. That's why Tom Ward came to me when I was speaking; he had something to report to me. If they are going to put a bomb, you are not going to be the target. I am the target. So I know the bomb would be right below my feet.

At that point I thought, "Well, I have 15 more minutes to live, let it come. I want to give my final word of God to the people." Well that's the kind of life Rev. Moon is living, I am living, and if you are about to join that way of life, I tell you, do not get scared. It is the best kind of life. You will have absolutely no regrets. You are the winners. No one can defeat you.

So, as I mentioned, Jose Maria Betancourt is becoming my trusted friend. Something good is going to happen in Honduras, because of him. I want you to understand that God is not looking for large numbers of people. During the time of Egypt, God needed one Moses, not a dozen Moseses. When people became rebellious against God, God raised only two people, Joshua and Caleb, to lead the people. After all, God sent one Messiah 2,000 years ago to save all mankind. One man, not hundreds of people. After all, God needs how many messiahs in your own country? One is good enough. Today I received a small statue of Jean D'Arc from the French delegation. That woman at the age of 20 turned the destiny of her country and defeated a great army. This is the history from which we learn. So, the number of people in this room is almost too many for the entire world. If we are truly dedicated, this is where I have confidence. Even if Communism is spread all over the world like a cancer, this kind of thing gives me confidence, no problem, we can overcome.

So, methodology, technical methods, skills, and CAUSA movement organization is of course important and will not be neglected, but all of it is secondary. Even in this meeting, the primary thing is the spirit. Noble motivation. The rest of the things will come. Even sometimes we make mistakes. Everybody makes mistakes! Honest mistakes! The mistake is the parent of invention. We will never be knocked out by mistakes. We have made many mistakes, but that never stops me. Always it turned into a blessing. Like the Fraser fight in Washington. I thought it would be my doom, the end of my world, because Fraser's goal was to ruin my reputation and assassinate my character and bury me alive. But I've never been weak internally; rather, it made me strong, and what happened? It turned out to be a blessing. It turned out to be the material that would inspire millions of people throughout the world.

This is the basic message that I have given without any preparation, which I think is better because it came right out of my heart. This is the most important message I am going to give you as insiders of CAUSA. This is the tradition. If we keep this tradition we will be prosperous. If we are trying to do in any other way, CAUSA will not succeed and it will not help you either. You might as well do something else. Those who really want to do something for CAUSA, who believe in CAUSA will come under this spiritual tradition.

This is my honest talk. If I offended you in any way, please excuse me. You know my spirit, don't you? Thank you.

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