Truth Is My Sword Volume I - Collected Speeches in the Public Arena

by Bo Hi Pak

Worldview Presentation at the CAUSA Ministerial Alliance Conference

March 1985

The following is a presentation by Dr. Bo Hi Pak to a CAUSA Ministerial Alliance (CMA) conference held in Chicago in March 1985. CMA had great appeal to clergymen and the religious community because of its God-centered and ecumenical approach, particularly as it related to the problems of inner-city crime and the breakdown of the family. The CAUSA worldview is a systematic analysis of communism and presents a viable counterproposal based on Judeo-Christian thinking.

Thank you very much. Your applause makes me nervous. I am very deeply honored to be here. I just flew this morning from Washington, D.C., to join this seminar and I have the privilege to be with you today and tomorrow. I am very glad to see that all of you are reading the Washington Times National Edition. You picked up the National Edition that was printed in Chicago, not Washington, D.C. It was transmitted by satellite and printed here.

This amazing technology sends the message 43,000 miles up in space. And who will read it first? God. So, I call The Washington Times a God-centered newspaper. The Washington Times can do this, but the Washington Post cannot. Why? Because something God doesn't like does not come down again. So if the Washington Post sends their paper 43,000 miles up into space, the only thing that will come down again is white, blank papers.

I also want to share with you that we had a ceremony yesterday to appoint a new Editor-in-Chief of The Washington Times. You may know Mr. Arnaud de Borchgrave, the famous author and legendary foreign correspondent. He is a very wonderful gentleman who came to our CAUSA seminar and spoke in California. More important, he is the one who coined the word "disinformation." No one in America today in the journalistic field knows Soviet strategy, particularly in the field of media, better than Arnaud de Borchgrave. For that reason I believe he will be a wonderful blessing for our paper. You will have a chance to hear his story tomorrow.

I am going to share with you for one hour from this point on. As you know, English is not my mother tongue. Although Bill Lay and Tom Ward can describe the same content in fifty minutes, I need a ten-minute bonus. I hope you will forgive me and understand. I will start by reading a five-point statement so that we will have absolutely no misunderstanding about the CAUSA worldview.

Fight Ideas With Ideas

This movement is not a religious or church movement per se. It is an ideological movement. Communism is an ideology and therefore can be defeated only by an idea that is superior. We offer here a worldview based on philosophical and scientific reasoning. Since the CAUSA worldview is God-centered, you will hear some religious expression and religious principles in our lectures. So let me give you a rule. If at any time my statement or any CAUSA lecture in any way conflicts with your own religious creed or theology, please keep yours and ignore ours because our purpose is not to change anyone's religion.

What is our purpose in presenting the CAUSA worldview? Our purpose is to promote and strengthen our understanding of God and man's relationship with Him. Why? Because that is the basic and fundamental weapon we need to defeat Communism. Communism, in essence, is a godless ideology, a godless religion. Therefore, God alone can overcome the godlessness of Communism.

Furthermore, our purpose is to arrive at universal principles under which we God-fearing people can unite. We are trying to find the common ground upon which all religious people and people of conscience can unite. Let us think in this hour in terms of what unites us, instead of what divides us.

Another purpose of the CAUSA worldview is to inspire men and women to a higher spiritual consciousness. An awakening to higher spiritual values is vital to bring change into our society. We have had the experience at our seminars and many other countries, including the United States, that our presentation strikes a core that awakens the dormant spirituality of men and women to an understanding of higher values. This is how we can ignite the true revolution of man. We believe the CAUSA worldview will make us better Christians, better ministers, better clergymen, better scholars, better soldiers, better statesmen, better journalists, better men and women, better husbands and wives. The only thing we cannot guarantee in CAUSA is that we can make anyone a better Communist.

The CAUSA worldview is based on universal principles that conflict with no religion. It is respected in Buddhist countries, as well as Christian countries, Jewish countries, Muslim countries, and so forth. In countries like Japan and Korea, for example, which are primarily Buddhist, the worldview is flourishing. This presentation today is expressed in Judeo-Christian terms because we are addressing a Judeo-Christian nation. Therefore, we use some Biblical quotations. We do it to facilitate your understanding.

We speak frequently of God. Sometimes there are people in our audience who do not practice any religion and who may not believe in God. What does a God-centered worldview have to do with them? We are not excluding anyone from joining CAUSA as long as they are men and women of conscience, believing in moral and ethical principles. We in CAUSA believe that the conscience of men is the agent of God. There are men and women in our world today who live godly lives without professing any particular belief in God. We believe that when you are obeying your conscience, you are actually obeying the voice of God. Therefore, men and women of conscience can be great freedom fighters and work with us.

These are the basic five points I want to make before I begin my presentation. Now, my dear brothers and sisters, please sit back, relax, and enjoy the presentation.

You have heard many brilliant presentations from previous lecturers and guest speakers. So far, we have concentrated on understanding the Communist ideology and critiquing it. At this point today, and tomorrow morning, for four hours, we would like to present the introduction to the CAUSA worldview. A famous Chinese philosopher said, when you must fight 100 battles, if you only know yourself, you will win 50. If you know your enemy only, you will win 50 battles as well. But if you know yourself and your enemy, you will win 100 battles. So far we have been concentrating on our adversary, the enemy of God and men, international Communism. For the next four hours, we are going to work on understanding ourselves and our potential so that we will have a winning strategy to win the 100 battles.

We Must Do More

When I listen to our dear brother John Noble's most vivid, most painful testimony, even if I had been fighting Communism in war, I come to the poignant realization we are not doing enough. I, myself, and CAUSA have not been doing enough. We have got to be more committed. Really, his testimony gave me incredible insight and inspiration.

There is a great anti-Communist in America named Dr. Fred Swartz who wrote the book Why I Am Against Communism. He said in this book, "I am against Communism because I am against war, dictatorship, monopoly, slavery, cannibalism, imperialism, materialism, spiritual infanticide, and idolatry. Communism advocates and practices all these." By now you are convinced. But then let us ask one key question: What is the core evil of Communism? All these evil forces, evil deeds, such vivid evil deeds, one act after another, are not by accident, but systematic. Wherever Communism goes, atrocity follows, as John Noble made so clear. These are the results of Communism. These are the branches and leaves. What is the root? What is the core evil of Communism?

Many people say the core evil of Communism is the deprivation of freedom or human rights. Or the deprivation of private property. Or the goal of totalitarian global conquest. All true. But Communists do not come out and say, we will deprive you of your freedom. They never say, we will deprive you of your private property. Instead, they say, we will give you freedom. When the Communist guerrillas promise things to the farmers in the countryside, they say, you help our revolution, then as soon as we succeed, all the houses, all the land you see will be yours. They promise the property. No one today more meticulously advocates human rights than Communists. But they say that they need total control, including of the United States of America, because as long as the capitalist dogs are around, they cannot bring about utopia. This is how they justify totalitarian global conflict.

The people are deceived. They are promised a workers' utopia, a classless society, and total freedom and democracy. Communists use the word "democracy" more than anybody else. North Korea calls itself the People's Democratic Republic of North Korea. People's Democratic Republic of China.

But you and I know that these promises of Communism have turned into the nightmare of men. The workers' utopia is turning into the workers' living hell. Classless society? No, a new ruling class. Freedom? No, total enslavement. Economic abundance? Not at all. Economic disaster.

These are the results. Communism offers sugar-coated candy, but this sugar-coated candy has poison in it. The end result is always atrocity. Again, we ask what is the core evil of Communism? What is the root? CAUSA has an answer. The core evil of Communism comes from the militant denial of the existence of God. This is the bottom line. For them, there is no God, and since they deny God, they deny militantly the eternal life of the human spirit.

State Policy Is Anti-God

The core evil of Communism emerges, and the denial of God and the denial of the spirit of man become state policy. One individual here or there who does not believe in God doesn't hurt our society. Here in Chicago there are a lot of people who don't believe in God. That is all right, as long as it remains an individual choice. But when it becomes a dogma and the State enforces the no-God policy, no-eternal life policy, then you know atrocity rules. Without God, there is no absolute value. People are responsible to no one. They take the law into their own hands, and men take the place of God.

In human history God's existence has never been challenged as it has been by Communism. The very existence of God has been challenged. When the State denies the eternal life of men, you know that men become totally irresponsible and assess their own value. The Communist leaders assess their own value. Lenin said, "Only social labor that contributes to the revolution is valued." Any labor that does not contribute to their Communist revolution has no value. So those people are not human beings. They are vegetables. They are beasts. They can be killed by the millions without any consequence.

There is no such thing as conscience. Anything that contributes to their own revolution is moral. Killing is moral because it contributes to their revolution. State atrocity and barbarism rule when there is no God and no eternal life, when that becomes a dogma and State policy. We now know Communism is the worst thing. With a human face and a beast mind, man can do anything. Something is wrong with the mind of men. The human appearance may deceive you, but that person is a dangerous beast. The Communist system produces beasts. I say, worse than beasts. A beast does not know how to create a gas chamber or concentration camps. But the human beast does. Because they use human wisdom for an evil purpose.

They kill, they lie, they extort without their conscience bothering them. There is a very famous Machiavellian statement, perfected by Lenin, that has become the credo of Communism: "The end justifies the means." The result? The human cost of Communism-150 million human lives. In the ten minutes I have been speaking, 44 people have been killed in the name of Communism's false utopia.

Now, this is the problem. Communism is the worst enemy of God and the worst crime against humanity. It no longer is even an ideology. It is a crime. What would you do if all of a sudden crazy gangsters came into this room and started blindly shooting everybody down? In this peaceful, constructive seminar, somebody was shooting everybody down here. What would be your reaction? Your reaction would be to drop everything, to do anything, to stop the gangsters. Period. There is no more urgent job than to stop the gangsters and stop any further killing.

That is what is happening on our planet earth. The gangsters are called Communists. They are shooting everybody down with the philosophy that their goal of world conquest justifies their murderous actions. This is what Mr. John Noble is talking about. We cannot be apathetic, complacent. Because it is not somebody else's problem. It comes to us. It comes to the United States. But more important, you and I are the servants of God. Unless we are mobilized to do something now, even the very knowledge of God is in danger. All of God's children are in danger.

We Are In an Emergency Time

This is truly an emergency. The one nation who can do something about it is the United States of America. God made this country powerful, God-centered, and moral so it can be used as a champion at this time in history. A great challenge has come to humanity. God wants you as His task force. If America doesn't wake up and do something about this, I know and you know, this world will never survive.

We are doing something. We have been preaching anti-Communism. There's nothing wrong with that. However, it is obvious it is not enough. The word "anti" is defensive. You never win the battle with "anti-" measures. Anti-Communism may put off defeat, but it will never bring victory. We need to do more. We need a positive solution. Now we understand the fundamental power of evil Communism. Their force comes from their ideology. So what is the bottom line? We have got to go on the offensive. Their ideology is a denial of God. This is the base of Communism. Our ideology must be based on a God-centered worldview. Therefore, the CAUSA worldview presents this worldview. It has a fundamental name, Godism. Godlessness can only be overcome by God. We know that this will bring the solution to Communism.

The only way you can overcome the darkness is by giving light. Communism is darkness and the light is truth and the truth is God. We will build the lasting peace. True peace. Not the Communists' idea of peace.

God-centered peace and the realization of age-old human dreams. Martin Luther King had dreams. You and I have dreams. All of humanity has dreams.

In many cases reality is not consistent with our dreams, but we do have dreams. God built men with dreams. Our ultimate goal is to go to that dream world. Paradise and utopia are not bad words, but the Communists stole them and they said they can achieve it without God. They have occupied the center stage for 67 years. Now the God-loving forces have come on the stage and say get off here. We are going to realize that dream with God and because of God. We have to get that excitement, that enthusiasm. What America needs today is moral and spiritual awakening.

We must unite. This is a beautiful example. In this conference, we have people of the Jewish faith, Christian faith, all denominations, Islam faith, Buddhist faith. But we come under one common purpose and one common goal. Because our center is God. And even those non-religious people, as I said, men and women of conscience can be united under Godism.

General Overview of Godism

With this introduction, I want to give you now the general overview of Godism. When CAUSA talks about Godism, what are we talking about? CAUSA begins with the affirmation of God. God is the center. God is the bottom line. You and I have the Judeo-Christian understanding of God. That understanding is that God is good. God is Almighty. God is omnipresent. God is eternal, unchanging, unique. That means one God, not many gods. This good God, almighty God, created you and me, the universe, men and women. He is the Creator. So then that created world must be good too. It is logical. When the cause is good, the effect must be good.

Furthermore, God created not only a good world, good men and women, He created the world of perfection. Men and women of perfection. How can we say that? If God is almighty and perfect, the perfect God cannot create something imperfect or defective. We cannot dishonor God that way. This is why Jesus Christ, in the Sermon on the Mount, concluded by saying, in Matthew 5:48, "You therefore must be perfect as your Heavenly Father is perfect."

Jesus meant it. But the problem is the definition of "perfection." Does perfection mean everyone will become like superman or supergirl, flying around Chicago, and able to swim across the Atlantic Ocean? No, that is not what God meant by perfection. When God said perfection, He meant perfection of man in terms of union with God. Man is created as the temple of God. This body is a temple. This is why 1 Corinthians 3:16 says, "Do you not know that you are God's temple and that God's spirit dwells in you?" Beautiful.

So, you and I are the temple of God or the house of God. In modern terms, maybe we are all condos of God. God's condo. This body of mine is a condo and God's spirit is supposed to live here with me. Let's compare men and women to an automobile. I was born in 1930, so this body is a 1930 model Chevrolet. But, let's say behind the wheel God is sitting and driving. This Chevrolet will never get involved in an accident because the perfect driver is driving me. When we get to that level, we have a divine quality, or God-like quality.

You know there are many men in history who lived with a God-like quality. Of course, Jesus Christ is not just a human being. He was a God-like man, a man like God. And there are many saints in history who lived not only on a human level, or biological level, but also on a God-like level. That was the original design. All men and women were born to be saints, so we can create a society of saints.

There is no way that society can commit any crime, because God is driving. Jesus said, believe me that I am in the Father and the Father in me. That was the original design. God intended to have men and women like that to begin with. Good men and good women. Perfect men and perfect women in terms of union with God. Between God and men, one will, not two wills. If you find a society filled with such men and women, that is the ideal society. Nothing less. That is heaven, actually. Heaven where? Heaven on earth. Most people today, particularly religious people, Christians, Muslims, and Jews, believe in heaven. No question about it. The Gallup Poll found that 95 percent of the American people believe in God and 87 percent believe in heaven. But most believe only in heaven upstairs, in the afterlife, in the spiritual world. However, God actually wanted to have heaven on earth first.

When you read the Lord's prayer-let's read it together: "Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven." Beautiful. Thy will be done. God's will done on earth, and that comes first. How do we know? When you read Matthew 16:19, "whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven." Which comes first, earth or heaven? Earth. Jesus Christ left the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven on earth to Peter.

But many religious people expect to suffer and suffer graciously, saying, well, I will endure my suffering here on earth, I will do my duty, but my heaven is upstairs. I will wait to be happy when I get up there. We are almost psychologically abandoning the earth, but Communists say, no, you get out of here; earth is mine, we are going to create a utopia here on earth. This is what the Communists claim. So in this battle, who shall win? I tell you Communism will win because we are abandoning the earth. To Communism, there is no heaven; they only have earth. Therefore, we are unintentionally and unknowingly giving up the God-given planet earth to the hand of Satan and the hand of Communism. This is what we Christians cannot allow to happen.

Claim This World for God

This is very, very important. We must come to the poignant realization that this earth is created by God, and God did not create it to give it up to Communism. No, God wants His will done here on earth. By whom? By His own children. We are His children, so we should be able to say, "You Communists, get out of this place, you have no business here. This is God's house and we, as the children of God, claim the stewardship of the earth. We shall make it into heaven. Communists, get out of this place." We must claim the earth. We must determine to turn our earthly, physical society into a heavenly one. Without this determination and commitment, we are going to lose the God-given planet earth to Satan and Communism.

These are the ideals that God originally intended to realize here on earth. Today, however, in reality, there is evil. There was evil far before the appearance of Communism. Far before 1848, there was evil. There was sin. Right? Following that evil is corruption. Corruption comes from dishonesty. Today what is basically wrong in our society is dishonesty and selfishness and spiritual blindness. The problem is, we think we know everything. We are living in self-delusion.

Selfishness brings an evil society, and today we are virtually living in hell on earth. John Noble described that hell in the Communist system. But we have similar evils here in the United States as well. We cannot deceive ourselves. What Communism did was perfect evil, institutionalize evil. But evil and sin have been here all throughout fallen human history.

Now we will describe the ideal and reality. No one has seen the model of an ideal society. No one has seen the kingdom of heaven on earth. It has never become a reality. However, we can find a perfect model in the human body. The human body is a microcosm of the universe and a microcosm of the ideal society. In other words, each individual human being is the masterpiece of God's creation. It embodies all the systems, all the philosophy, all the thinking of God. Then how does the human body work?

The human body works this way. The entire body is wired by the nervous system, connected to the brain. In this human body, each member benefits the whole and each benefits from the whole. There is a whole purpose. The arms and legs and eyes and nose do not operate separately or selfishly. They work together for the common purpose and they benefit from the whole. For example, we just had a beautiful lunch. Who worked most hard? Your two hands. You used the knife and fork and worked very hard and transported that food into your mouth. I tell you, after lunch, how many of you paid a tip to your two hands? I didn't even say thank you to my right hand and left hand.

All right. You lift up your arms like this and pinch yourself very, very hard. You pinch yourself real hard. So, actually, when your right arm is attacked, your mouth says "ouch." What does the mouth have to do with the right arm? It's a beautiful operation, with perfect, military coordination. Think of it. A bee is coming to sting you. Your eye radar picks up the bee flying toward you. Then the brain command post issues the strike order to the right arm. An emergency has been declared. Your radar continues to track the foreign aircraft. The very moment that bee is going to sting your forehead, the strike order is executed, and BANG! A beautiful military operation with joint cooperation.

This is possible because we have central coordination. We have one central commanding post, which is the brain. Therefore, in terms of human relations, how can John, Susan, Jim, and Mary relate to each other? So far they don't have any relationship. What they need is central coordination, God. Every one of them is a temple of God and God's will is commanding each one of them. Then they become related. Related to what? Into brothers and sisters. How? How can Mr. John Noble and Rev. Roberts, for example, become brothers? Or how can Rev. Roberts and I become brothers? He is a black minister. I am a yellow man from a little country, Korea. How can we become brothers? The only way we can become brothers is by both of us recognizing our common parent.

We Lost God and Lost Each Other

But what happens today? The fallen world is something like this. The nervous system has been disconnected from the brain. The brain is God's position. The nervous system, which controls the body, has no direction. We are separated from God. We are disconnected from God and from each other. The purpose of the whole was lost. Men became selfish. We lost God, and we lost our fellow man. This is why there are so many wars, killings, deception, corruption, exploitation. We do not recognize each other as brothers and sisters. We do not recognize each other as one common human body. We do not recognize each other as one common human family.

This is the core problem. This is real alienation. John, Susan, Jim, and Mary don't have God, and they are not temples of God. So what happens? Each relationship becomes an enemy relationship. There can be no true connection between John and Susan and Jim and Mary. Separation from God brings separation among people.

Several years ago I visited Children's Hospital on Christmas Day. I was trying to comfort some children. I was walking down the hallway on the 12th floor, and I could see in the open room doors. I came across an incredible scene. One boy, about 12 years old, was sitting on the bed, but his hands were tied to the wall. I was shocked. I protested. I asked the nurse, what are you doing here. Are you running a hospital or a prison? She was not mad at all. She said, "You don't understand, listen to me. This boy was involved in a traffic accident three days ago. He lost sensation from his waist down. He is paralyzed. If his hands are free, then after a meal, he uses his own fork and knife to stick his own legs and carve at his own flesh. And this boy does not feel the pain."

When I heard that explanation, I realized that was exactly the situation of the world without God. Our pain was supposed to be God's pain. God's pain was supposed to be your pain. Once we feel the pain together, we cannot hurt each other. We cannot. Impossible. My joy becomes God's joy, and God's joy becomes my joy. Then we can rejoice together. But we cannot make that kind of society until we all become the temples of God and are perfectly united with God.

So now, we can vividly explain the difference between the two societies, the ideal and reality. What is God going to do? Well, I can go on with a long explanation, but I don't have to. You are men and women of God, and the Bible is the best way to convince you. You can read Isaiah 46:11: "I have spoken, and I will bring it to pass; I have purposed, and I will do it." This is a powerful statement of the will of God. God has spoken. He will bring His word to pass. God did not say, "Well, I may do it" or "Well, I will think about it" or "Well, I will sleep on the problem one night." God did not say that. God said, "I will do it."

God has spoken the ideal. God has spoken goodness. God has spoken perfection. So He will do it. Amen? Amen! Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done on earth. He will do it. Amen.

We need to re-create what went wrong. Not too many things can go wrong in God's creation because God is perfect. The later lectures will explain clearly what went wrong with human beings, not with our bodies but with our spirits, and how human history is the history of restorationor re-creation.

So, I want you to understand that there is an ideal and there is the reality of the fallen world. We know that the will of God is restoration, to restore man to His original ideal. This is our hope. Now I would like to give you an overview of the CAUSA worldview of history.

CAUSA Worldview of History

Communism gave its explanation of history, their so-called historical materialism. They say that Communism is inevitable because history is running according to the law of the dialectic. The dialectic will drive and steer human history inevitably to Communism. But historical materialism is based on the assumption of no God. Therefore, as soon as we recognize there is God, historical materialism goes down into the dustbin of human history.

In the CAUSA worldview of history, history has a goal. It has a destination. History is moving toward the fulfillment of God's original ideal of creation. You can expect good days ahead of us. Not despair. Not misery. God will fulfill His ideal. This is the direction of history. Therefore, we call it the history of restoration.

In the history of restoration, there is a role for men and women to play. If God is the only one who maneuvers history, history will work like clockwork. However, men have been chosen by God as partners in restoration. We are the partners of God. We are in a joint venture with God. History is a joint venture. Therefore, even though God is moving 100 percent correctly, His partners, you and I, are neglecting our responsibility, so the totality of God's will cannot be fulfilled. It is prolonged.

For example, look at Exodus. God had a perfect will to bring His people out from Egypt to the land of Canaan. When you look at the map, you can see that even if you travel very slowly, the distance would be long enough only for a 21-day journey. Forty days was more than sufficient. However, how many years did they take? Forty years. Forty years in the wilderness. It was not God's will to have them suffer in the wilderness 40 years. No. Man failed to respond to God's will. Man was faithless and disobedient. You know better than I do the history of Exodus. So many times God was enraged looking at the faithlessness and disobedience of His people.

Even Moses threw down and broke the Ten Commandments. In the end, none of those people who came out of Egypt entered into the land of Canaan except Joshua and Caleb. Only the second generation, born in the wilderness, entered into Canaan. We cannot blame this on God. Man failed to respond to God.

Today is exactly the same. Today the United States of America is in a joint venture with God. Unless we do our part, humankind's historical struggle between good and evil will not be settled. We must know God's will and do our portion of responsibility. That will, God is telling us strongly, is to stop the spread of Communism. We must go further and liberate Communism. This is a clear mandate from God. The United States, this great country and great people, has to lead that crusade. This is a clear mandate. Unless we do it, unless we do our portion of responsibility, the accomplishment of God's will be prolonged. It will be done, but prolonged. Like Exodus.

This is why CAUSA emphasizes God's purpose, His will, and at the same time, human responsibility. We cannot just sit here in a rocking chair and blame everything on God.

Before we take a break, I want to share with you one humorous story, which is very relevant to this situation. There was one man who wanted to become a millionaire. He really wanted to become a millionaire, but he wanted to go the easy way. He wanted to win the lottery, be a $1 million winner, and he decided to pray to God to receive that blessing. He said to God, "I want to win the lottery. Give me a $1 million victory." Well, the next day he saw the newspaper and his name was not there. He went to the prayer room again and said, "God, the next time is mine. I want to win the $1 million, let me have the winning ticket." And the next day in the newspaper, his name still wasn't there. Third day, fourth day, fifth day. No name. He kept praying. And on the seventh day, he was rather desperate. He said, "God, this is my final day. Unless you help me out, I am going to kill myself. I am going to jump into the ocean." He was desperate. "I want to win the $1 million lottery, this is my final chance." God had pity on him and spoke to him: "My son, would you kindly do me a favor? Would you go out and at least buy one lottery ticket?"

My dear brothers and sisters. God is going to do His will, but CAUSA is explaining that we have our portion of responsibility. What we are trying to do in this seminar is g0 out and buy the ticket. This is our portion of responsibility.

[Dr. Pak continued his worldview presentation after a break.]

We have talked about the four fundamentals of Communism. We are critiquing them and giving a counterproposal to each one of them. The Communists' idea is that we are products of our environment. We say no to that. They believe that man is a product of his economic environment, and that economic alienation is the cause of evil. Therefore, they say that changing the economic system will bring about the regeneration of men and that the elimination of private property will bring about the ideal society, or utopia.

Communism Is Not Scientific

But let's simply critique in one stroke. What they are proposing here is actually a change in the external system, the economic system, but their goal is the regeneration of man, which is the internal character of man. So you can see that Communism is trying to accomplish the impossible. By changing the external system, they want to change the internal character of men. Which means by changing the effect, they are attempting to change the cause. But this directly contradicts scientific principle.

Again, their "scientific socialism" is not good science. Scientific principle says cause must come first. So you can see why the Communist system could not bring success. They have no way to bring about the regeneration of men and women by merely changing the economic system from capitalism to socialism. That will not bring new men and women. They have never discovered the solution to human corruption and selfishness. Therefore, in the Soviet system corruption is rampant. Selfishness is rampant.

The Communist view of man is very interesting. Let me summarize. First, for them, man is nothing more than an advanced animal. For them, ape equals man. What is the difference between apes and men? Apes may be a little more dumb. Men may be a little more clever. But they put apes and men virtually on one level. We all are species of animals. Nothing more. I am not denying that man has things in common with the animal world. But man has much more. The Communists do not want to recognize that. Suppose there are two automobiles. One is a Volkswagen, one is a Cadillac. What is the difference between the two cars? One is small, simple, inexpensive. The other is luxurious, large, expensive. But fundamentally, Volkswagen and Cadillac are both automobiles. A mode of transportation. They look at man and ape in that way.

Second, they look at man as matter in motion. We are nothing but dirt. Men and this podium both are matter in motion. There is no distinction. Men and animals, no difference. Man is just matter in motion. Man is nothing but a chemical. God and eternal life, all these things are illusions.

With this definition of humans, the Communist view of man creates no base for human rights. What are human rights? What is the difference between human rights and animal rights? What is the dignity of man compared to the dignity of animals? When you look at man as a machine, there is no base for freedom. There is no base for creativity. Most important of all, in the Communist view of man, there is no room for love. Love doesn't exist in their world. There is no room for it. When you are reduced down to a machine, where is there room for love?

Communism Is Dehumanizing

Communism is truly the worst dehumanization movement in the world. They take the humanity out of human. CAUSA found a new word. Communism is trying to accomplish "robotization" of men. When you become a robot, a machine, I say to you, this is worse than slavery. Even if somebody is a slave, that slave has a human character. Humanity is still there. Suffering humanity, but still humanity. There is will and emotion. A man who is a slave can still revolt. But when you become a robot, there is no will, no humanity, no will to revolt.

There is a very important artist in the Soviet Union who is currently being held by the KGB in prison in Moscow, pending an official sanity investigation. What was his crime? He depicted the dehumanizing Communist system in a cartoon. You can see here a couple of his cartoons. In the first, you see the Communist man. No humanity. Just a machine. In the second, that machine wants to show a little bit of humanity. A little smile. Then the system says "bang" and it goes back to being an inhuman machine.

They don't allow humanity to come alive. Look at this picture. It is a newspaper company. The many machine reporters are working. Another machine is watching those reporters. Another machine is watching those supervisors. And another machine is supervising those supervisors. Communism is a funeral march of humanity.

The CAUSA worldview presents a 180-degree opposite view of man. We say man is not just an animal. Man is not just matter in motion. We don't deny the biological aspect. We don't deny that we do have a physical body made up of material matter. But that is not all of man. In the CAUSA worldview, we look at man as a divine being. Man is a divine being made in the image of God. The spirit of God is dwelling within us. God gave us a spirit so that we can have eternal life. The most important realization we can have is that man is a spirit and has a body. The real you, the real me, the real Bo Hi Pak is not this flesh. I am not just the 185 pounds that you see before you.

I have said before that this body is like an Avis rental car. When I was born I weighed probably 7 or 8 pounds; now I'm about 185 pounds. Where did all those other pounds come from? From nature. I borrowed from nature. Therefore, the time will come when this body will return to nature. The Avis company will say, turn it in. We are going to come to that day, no matter what. That is OK. God designed it that way. Don't worry about it. Because man is primarily a spirit. Where is my spirit? My spirit now is encased within my body. My body is a vehicle carrying my spirit. And while I am here on earth, the spirit in the body-vehicle is growing, perfecting, maturing.

Man is a spirit primarily; our body is on loan from nature. In this limited time here on earth, I have a mission to accomplish: the perfection of my spirit. My perfected spirit will go on for eternity. That is the real me, the real Bo Hi Pak. Your spirit is not like a ghost-something intangible, something flimsy. No, I tell you, your spirit is the subject of your body, the body is object to the spirit. This body is the carbon copy of the spirit. The spirit is the real you, the clear original. The carbon copy is always dim. You think this life here on earth is real. Wait until you get to the spiritual world. We have not even begun to live life yet. We are just preparing. This is the dress rehearsal. We are trying to make ourselves ready for real life. Amen to that!

Man Has a Definite Purpose

Man is not happy unless he is functioning as he was made to function. You see, God created man for a certain purpose. Today, so many men and women out there are trying desperately to be happy. But the more they try, the more they become poor in spirit and unhappy. Many people commit suicide every day. They feel so miserable. Many of them have a lot of money and lots of fame and lots of accomplishments, yet they don't see hope and they kill themselves. They want to be happy, but they cannot find happiness. You cannot find happiness unless you are functioning as you were made to function by God.

For example, a violin is made to produce beautiful, resonant music. When the virtuoso is playing his violin, the violin is fulfilling its purpose, which is to make music. But what about if one day that violin is used as a spanking rod? This violates its purpose of creation. So what happens? Unhappiness and destruction result. Ultimately, the violin will be destroyed and never make a sound at all.

Men and women are created to love God and give joy and satisfaction to him. Our purpose or mission is to love and give joy and satisfaction to God. We will not be happy unless we fulfill that purpose. God and men need to develop a relationship of love. Man's beauty is to love God, glorify God. It will give God joy, and it will give men and women joy as well. When you love God, you fulfill your life. So man is made to love God, glorify God. When you live for that purpose, you not only make God happy, but also your life is fulfilled. You feel a richness, joy, and fulfillment of life.

Happiness does not come from the pursuit of happiness. Happiness is like the rainbow. If you are trying to catch the rainbow, you will never catch it. All you have to do is create the right environment. The rainbow will automatically come. You don't have to pursue it. Happiness comes in fulfilling our life commitment. Human happiness cannot be the goal.

Happiness comes as a reward, the reward of fulfilling our responsibility. And man's responsibility is to live for the sake of loving God. How can you love God? By loving your fellow man, you love God. By doing so, what is your benefit, what is your reward? By doing that deed, you are perfecting your spiritual self. You are ready for eternity. Ready to go. This is actually the most incredibly logical, scientific system that God worked out. All we have to do is to realize it and live it.

Man Is Both Spiritual and Physical

Man has a dual aspect, as I mentioned. Every creation has a pair system and double layers. Look at man. There is the physical aspect of man, as you can see, and man also has a spiritual aspect. The physical aspect of man comes under the physical law. The spiritual aspect of man comes under the spiritual law. The physical aspect of man is temporal, and the spiritual aspect is eternal. In man, physically, there is a mechanical and animal aspect. But there is also a God-like aspect, a spiritual aspect that is the image of God.

The physical aspect of man operates under the instinct of man. The spiritual aspect of man comes under the divine mind. But it is important to realize the physical aspect is secondary, object. And the spiritual aspect is primary, subject. When you are dealing with the human problem, you have to deal with the totality of man, which is physical and spiritual.

What Communism is trying to do is devise a solution totally disregarding the primary aspect of man. Look at this slide very carefully. What happens? Yes, in the eyes of Communism there is no spiritual aspect. They only see the physical aspect and are trying to devise a physical solution. This solution will never work, and in the process they kill the spiritual aspect of man. So Communism kills the spirit of man. In other words, so far 150 million people have been murdered by Communism. This is physical death we are talking about. But Communism, a godless ideology, is also killing the most important part of man by the billions. Spiritual aspect. Eternal death.

The 14th Psalm says, "The fool says in his heart, `there is no God."' So you can see the Communists are fools. "They are corrupt," the Psalm continues, "they do abominable deeds, there is none that does good, ... no, not one. Have they no knowledge, all the evildoers who eat up my people as they eat bread, and do not call upon the Lord?" Today, we see the realization of Psalms in the Communist system.

I would like to describe five different aspects of men. First, man is in the image of God. Men and women are the visible manifestation of the invisible God. Invisible God made Himself manifest in the visible form in men and women.

Look at the faces in these next few slides and try to determine what is common in them. You see the charming black faces, white faces, men and women, old men, young men. What did you see? What is the common thread or denominator among all? Different ages, different sex, different color of skin. But what is common there? There is one thing that they absolutely have in common. We are looking at pictures of sons and daughters of God. I tell you, when you look at your fellow man, and honor and respect him as the child of God, you are respecting that person in the utmost way. There is no better way to honor that person.

Furthermore, there is no better title than "sons and daughters of God." You want that title. There is nothing better. There are all kinds of titles in our world. President, ambassador, king, queen, doctor, professor. There are many other important and honorable titles. But however good they are, they are earthly titles. That title has nothing to do with your eternal life. Only one title will go on for eternity. Sons and daughters of God. So when I die, if I have a tombstone, if people think I could deserve that title, then I want it to say "Bo Hi Pak was a son of God." I will have lived my life with total success. That particular title will not only remain on my tombstone, but will go on with me for eternity.

So how can we become the sons and daughters of God? There are several steps. The first step comes from the realization in your heart that I am truly the child of God. It comes from education. It comes from prayer. It comes from studying the Bible. It comes from going to seminars such as this one. You come to the realization: I see now, I am not just an animal. I am not just a human being. I am a son of God. I am a daughter of God.

Then you act like it. Your conscious mind says you are the son and daughter of God. But at the same time, it has to become part of your subconscious, so you act responsibly as the child of God. You live like the son of God. You live like the daughter of God. That is the first step.

The second step would be when your neighbor begins to recognize you are a son of God and daughter of God. Who are your neighbors? Who is my closest neighbor? My wife. My children. My parents. They are my immediate neighbors. You are my next neighbor. Then your immediate neighbor, starting from your own family, begins to recognize that my husband, my dad is an unusual man. He can be a saint. I recognize he is truly the son of God.

If you receive this respect and honor from your immediate family, you have already succeeded in your life. Because your little children are really smart. Don't underestimate them. They know you-to the bone. If they are asked, what kind of man and woman would you like to be, your children will answer, I want to be like my dad, I want to be like my mom. Then you, as a parent, have succeeded totally. If your children see you as an idol and model, you have succeeded. Then your neighbor begins to see you are truly a man of God and woman of God.

The third step would be, ultimately, for God to recognize and give the final seal that "You are my son." Then you have got it all. But the third stage you will never know, really, until you get to the other side. Therefore, we have no time to waste here on earth. We are busy here on earth winning the title to be able to say we are the sons and daughters of God, ultimately recognized by neighbors and by God himself.

Fourth, man is supposed to live an eternal life. What does that mean? Man is an eternal being. There are several aspects of this eternal life. Some people think that physical death is the result of sin, the fall of man, and that when we are perfected, we will live for eternity on earth. The CAUSA worldview does not agree. According to the law of nature, anything made of matter has a limited life. That is not because of sin, but because that is the law of nature.

This body, for example, is made up of matter. Anybody who expects to live with this clumsy body for eternity, I am sorry that you will be disappointed. Because God did not design us that way. Even though God created man as a physical being, as I said, the primary man is the spiritual man.

Furthermore, as I said, God created in the pair system. God not only created this earth for us to live our physical life, He created another layer, heaven, or the spiritual world, which is incorruptible because it is not made of matter. It will go on for eternity. There we are to live another life, eternal life. With this design, there is no reason we have to live here on earth with this clumsy body for eternity. It is really a burden. It is baggage.

Man Can Relate to Two Worlds

Therefore, we have the physical world God created, in which we dwell now, and the spiritual world, where we will live for eternity. And man is created in between, in the center, with a spiritual body and a physical body. Only man can deal with both worlds. With the physical senses we deal with this world. Later on with the spiritual senses we can deal with the other world. While we have the physical body here on earth, we have dominion over the physical world and we look forward to go on to the spirit world, leaving this body here on earth. By then we have already matured, perfected our spiritual selves, and go on to eternity. This is God's design, we in CAUSA believe.

Next, I would like to explain the three stages of life. We have to go through three God-designed stages of life. The first stage we call the embryonic stage. Every one of us lives in our mother's womb for nine months. The mother's womb represents a small universe. That universe is filled with liquid. The baby receives energy and oxygen through the umbilical cord from the mother's body. For this nine months, what is the responsibility of this baby? To prepare himself, or herself, for the next stage of life, which we call the terrestrial stage, or earthly life in which you and I are dwelling now. Without this preparation, he will come out to the world as a still-born.

First of all, this baby has to have two lungs. He doesn't have to breathe air inside the mother's womb, but he prepares while he is there two strong lungs to be able to handle the environment of air. He also has to prepare a digestive system. Then when he is born, he can handle the second stage of life. We have gone through the first stage already. All of us are living in the second stage.

But the problem is that many people in our world today think this is man's final stage, that this is the only life we have. For that reason their goal is just to have fun here on earth. They are letting this body have fun on earth before this body gets old. He thinks of nothing else. Carnal, material, sensual desire becomes the goal of man. So many people live like that. But this is a mistake, because the life of man does not end here. There is another stage that is called the spiritual stage of life.

This is the final stage that will go on forever. Actually, God planned for us to live in this universe for a limited time-probably at the most 100 years, to prepare ourselves for the third stage. Just as the baby in the mother's womb prepares himself or herself for the second stage, while we are in this world, like the mother's womb, we are to prepare every second of the day, to be ready for the next stage.

What shall we prepare? First of all, in the next stage of life, the spiritual stage of life, there is no such thing as air anymore. We are not going to breathe air. The atmosphere of that stage is the spirit of God. Love. We are going to be living in a love atmosphere. Love universe. So you should be able to handle that universe. In order to do that, you have to prepare two strong love lungs. Of course, this is figuratively speaking. We have got to have love lungs ready, spiritual lungs ready to be able to handle the other environment. That means your spiritual self should be ready to be able to live happily thereafter in the other environment.

Family Is the School of Love

So, our job here on earth is to prepare ourselves for that third stage and live in a love atmosphere. Therefore, God gave men, ourselves, the institution that will teach us how to experience love. That institution is called the family. The family, therefore, is the school of love here on earth. We gave this seminar in Jamaica. They loved this statement so much they made a big poster afterward and they put it in every school in Jamaica. "Family, school of love." They said that is a beautiful statement.

Yes, family is the God-given institution. God gave us a family in which to experience love so we will be ready for the other world, the third world. Let us analyze the family. The center of the family is God-centered parents. We are all born as a boy or girl, growing into men and women, becoming husbands and wives, fathers and mothers; then we have children, sons and daughters. These are the components of the family. Every one of us is passing through either boy, man, husband, father stage or girl, woman, wife, mother stage. What does this system do?

This becomes the school of love. First of all, in this system we experience parental love. What is that? Love comes from the parent to the children, which is most sacrificial, beautiful, devoted love. As children grow, they want to reciprocate the parental love. They want to love their parents. This love we call filial love. Children to parents. Then when they are mature they marry as husband and wife. This love we call conjugal love.

The love of God is the entire combination of this love. All the qualities combined become the quality of the love of God. The characteristic love of God is agape love. What does it mean? Totally pure and unselfish love. We must remember, there are different types of love in our world too. Selfish love, corrupt love, perverted love. All kinds of love. But our job is to imitate more and more God's love, which is pure love, unselfish love, sacrificial love. So, while we are living here on earth, our parental love is sharpened into agape love. Filial love is sharpened into agape love. Conjugal love becomes more and more pure, unselfish, agape love. That means you are already experiencing the love of God here on earth.

That means you are ready. You are really ready, any time, to go on to the spiritual stage. Live a full life here on earth and your time will come. What time will come? As you see on the slide screen, the first and second stages will disappear, and you will remain in the permanent stage and go on to your full eternal life.

We all have, as I explained, a physical self and a spiritual self. Where do we find our spiritual self? Encased right now within your physical body. If you open your spiritual senses, you can see me, not only physical Bo Hi Pak but also spiritual Bo Hi Pak. Unfortunately, today we do not have spiritual senses. For that reason we don't see spiritual selves. You can read in the Bible about the day Jesus took the three disciples to the Mount of Transfiguration. All of a sudden the three disciples saw the body of Jesus Christ transfigured. Pale, tired-looking Jesus was all of a sudden shining like the sun, giving out light. The disciples were totally flabbergasted. Furthermore, they saw Jesus conferring with Moses and Elijah, who were also shining with white dazzling light.

I interpret this in this way. At that moment God opened the spiritual sight of the three disciples so that they could see spiritual reality. It was always there, existing, but until then it was hidden from their physical eyes. But at that moment God opened their spiritual eyes and they saw Jesus' spiritual self dazzling like the sun.

Today, you are the same. Two persons are sitting in each seat. Physical self and spiritual self. All in one. Unfortunately, we do not see it. Some of you are such incredible sons and daughters of God that if my spiritual eyes were opened I would see dazzling, shining faces in the audience. Particularly since there are so many God-loving people assembled in one auditorium. This room would be flooded with light.

The physical body and spiritual self, both have to grow while we are here on earth. They need certain elements to grow. What are they? The physical body requires sun, air, water, and food in order to grow. At the same time the spiritual self also needs elements to grow, which come from God. The word of God nourishes the spirit. Between the two selves, there is give and take; elements are exchanged. They are not isolated. The spiritual self and physical self work together. First, my spiritual self gives a mandate to the physical self to follow God's word. Then the body harmonizes with the spiritual self and carries out the will of God.

In other words, why do you have the physical self? To practice the word of God. Then the physical self returns elements to the spiritual self, and the spiritual self grows by leaps and bounds. But if your spiritual self cannot get the good ingredients from the physical self, your spiritual self will be very poor. This nourishment has nothing to do with material nourishment. Even if you consume millions of steaks here on earth, it will not make you a better person. When you practice God's love here on earth, among your fellow man, that ingredient will bring ample spiritual nutrition to the spiritual self.

For that reason we cannot just think good things. We sit in front of the television set thinking, I want to go and help the neighbors, help the poor, help the orphans. I want to fight Communism today. You think about these things while you sit in front of the television. That will not impact your spiritual self at all. You have got to bring your physical self out the door. Do it. Then your physical self feels joy, reward, richness, satisfaction, inspiration. That will give your spiritual self ample nourishment to grow to perfection.

Every Action Has an Eternal Impact

Therefore, this is an eternal truth. Every action of man has an eternal impact. Man has no one to blame but himself for the quality of his eternal life. Man must live a moral and responsible life. Every lift of the finger, every action here on earth is recorded in your spiritual self. You cannot avoid that responsibility. This is what the Christian teaching is all about.

When you are fully mature in your spiritual self, doing God's work here on earth, practicing God's love, then the day will come when you have to turn in your physical self, just as the rented car has to go back to the Avis Company. That is what we call death here on earth. But actually, there is no such thing as death in God's world. We give up one house and move up to another house. Our spiritual self goes on for eternity. This is why the Bible says in Ecclesiastics 12:7, "and the dust returns to the earth as it was, and the spirit returns to God who gave it." The spirit comes from God. It has to go back to God.

This body is made of dust. It will return to dust. Furthermore, Jesus said, whoever believes in me shall never die. That does not mean that this physical body will go on for eternity. It means that you have begun eternal life already here on earth.

In light of this truth, look again at Communism, a system in which there is no God. The element from God is non-existent for them. But you know, every person in the world, Russian or Communist, has a spiritual self. But their spiritual self has no room to grow. Therefore, what happens? Communism destroys the family and religion. It promotes hatred. As I said, you have to create love lungs to be ready for that environment. Communism engenders nothing but hatred. How can you cope with the love atmosphere, love environment, with a mind filled with hatred? There is nothing you can accomplish. Therefore, Communism promotes spiritual death. Even though Communists live the physical life here on earth, they are spiritually demolished.

Why do we worry about our physical death? Because of the fear of death. We fear the unknown. We feel fear when we walk into a dark room. During the daytime we have no problem. At night children cannot go into a dark room. Because of the unknown, that gives you fear. That is why death is miserable and feared.

But when you live in light, in perfect union with God, you have no fear about physical death. You know the glorious life that is waiting. For that reason, physical death is no longer suffering. It is going to be a natural process of transformation. It was not God's will for death to be fearful or painful. Pain and fear of death is a result of the sin and separation from God.

"For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and forfeits his life?" (Matthew 16:26) What will it profit a Communist if he gains the whole world and forfeits his life? Furthermore, Matthew 10:28 says, "And do not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul; rather fear him who can destroy both soul and body in hell." This is what we have to fear. This is atheistic Communism. They not only destroy our physical lives here on earth but, worst of all, they kill the soul. This is the reality.

Spiritual Death Worse Than Physical

As you know, Communism brought 150 million deaths already. But more important, it brought billions of eternal deaths by promoting a godless ideology. This is the more serious consequence of Communism. Therefore, in the name of God and in the name of humanity, Communism must be stopped.

So in the CAUSA worldview we have shown how Communism is working not only on the physical level, but also on the spiritual level. It is an incredible, ominous responsibility to stop Communism, not only for the sake of ending physical danger and destruction. But more important, Communism is challenging God. Therefore, if this ideology is promoted, it will suffocate humanity's spiritual life, bringing many into eternal spiritual death. This is why we God-loving people have even greater responsibility to stand up and respond to the emergency, to stop the gangsters, who are killing man in body and spirit.

Thank you very much for your attention.

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