Truth Is My Sword Volume I - Collected Speeches in the Public Arena

by Bo Hi Pak

Fraser Hearings: Third Round

Turning The Tables: April 20, 1978

Mr. Chairman, at stake in these hearings are not only my own reputation and future, but more importantly, that of my religious leader, the Reverend Sun Myung Moon, founder of the Unification Church, as well as believers and religious people everywhere. Yet the outcome of these investigations will have even greater ramifications. It will, indeed, influence the course of relations between this great country of America and my homeland of Korea. In the balance may be the fate of the free world, which so greatly hinges on the security of Korea.

I do not know how or why God has put me in this position, but if this is my destiny I will not shirk my responsibility. I will speak what I know to be true. Then let the world decide what it must do. It is imperative then to review the history of these hearings and put them in the proper perspective.

The genesis of this subcommittee's investigation of Korea, America's foremost ally, is well known. It was given a formal mandate by the Congress to proceed on February 3, 1977, though its history goes back to mid-1975. This subcommittee has devoted 34 months to investigate one small country, with much of its time spent on one man, Bo Hi Pak. It has spent $685,000 of the taxpayers' money. In this, an extraordinary spending spree, the subcommittee put together a 16-man staff of lawyers and investigators who have spent thousands of man-hours, interviewed hundreds of people, hauled in tons of documents, and even made expensive trips to Japan and Korea.

Congressman Fraser's Secret Agenda

These are well-known facts. But behind the apparent operation of the subcommittee investigation there is a hidden motive. Despite its pretense of respectability, this subcommittee has pursued matters that have nothing to do with its mandate and has left no stone unturned to accomplish its ulterior designs, regardless of truth and justice.

This subcommittee has secretly determined to destroy one man-a man of God-and his movement. The man is Reverend Sun Myung Moon and his movement, the Unification Church. Your April 4, 1977, memorandum revealed that Reverend Moon is your top and foremost target. How have you tried to accomplish your goal? Using unevaluated intelligence and other unreliable information, you have tried to tie Reverend Moon and the Unification Church to the KCIA in order to destroy his honor and credibility, and portray the Unification Church as a mere running dog of the Korean government. This subcommittee has stopped at nothing in its desperation to prove Reverend Moon and the Unification Church are tools of the KCIA and the Korean government.

For this ultimate goal you needed an intermediate victim. I was chosen as your first target. I appeared to you an ideal victim. I am not only close to Reverend Moon, but also I have done many things to improve Korean-American friendship. So you decided to frame me as an agent of the KCIA, and you doggedly pursued some proof. But you have failed miserably. The reason is simple: I am not one. Nor have you shown, twist the evidence as you may, that Reverend Moon or the Unification Church are fronts for the KCIA, because they are not.

Thanks to your subcommittee's deliberate leaks, one distorted news article after another has appeared in the press. The result? Even though wave after wave of investigations of the Korean Cultural and Freedom Foundation, Radio of Free Asia, and my own personal finances by several government departments and agencies have shown me blameless of any wrongdoing, these organizations have been destroyed. I devoted 14 years of my life to building KCFF and ROFA. They have done so much that is good for others. Yet you have pounded them to their knees. This is not only a personal tragedy, it is a tragedy for America that such a thing happened in the land of liberty and justice for all.

I can claim one good result, however. I may have become the most investigated man under the sun, but I have turned out to be a "Mr. Clean." The IRS gave me a clean bill of health; the justice Department found nothing wrong and dropped the case. Now this "Mr. Clean" has come to clean the dirt from your house, Mr. Chairman.

As I have attended these hearings over the last few weeks, I have read the growing desperation on your faces. You started with flimsy allegations, and after 34 months of hard work that is still all you have. I believe you hope to confuse the public and other members of Congress into thinking you have proven your case by grabbing flashy headlines and publishing trashy secret documents like those in this 708-page supplement. But you will not succeed. We have set down and proven all of our complaints about the abuses of this subcommittee, and the world will know the truth, however long it takes. Even my plea for an investigation of the State Department's gross misuse of government power to harass and destroy ROFA and KCFF has been squashed by you and your subcommittee. Now I have to take it to the courts and so I have prepared a massive lawsuit against the culpable State Department officials.

What Does Reverend Moon Stand For?

But the big question still remains. Why are you, Mr. Chairman, so determined to destroy Reverend Moon and his church? The Congress and the people of America want to know why you have gone to such lengths to accomplish this end.

One way to find out what you hope to achieve is to examine the beliefs of those whom you want to destroy. This is the true investigative method and perhaps this method will help us get to the bottom of things. Then what does Reverend Moon stand for?

Number One: He stands for God and a God-centered ideology. Also, Reverend Moon absolutely opposes communism, which is the enemy of God and man.

Number Two: He stands for a strong anti-communist Korea and a strong God-centered America. Reverend Moon believes that Korea and America should stand united in a common cause against the forces of communist tyranny.

These then are two of the most important things that Reverend Moon stands for. You, Mr. Chairman, are absolutely determined to destroy him and everything he stands for. Could that mean that you stand for the opposite? Does it mean, Mr. Chairman, that you favor the communist cause? Does it mean that you seek to destroy Korea, perhaps create a second Vietnam there, and disrupt Korean-American relations?

My answer, I do not know. This is not proof, but it suggests a direction for us to look in. And when we look in this direction, we find startling evidence; evidence that suggests that you, Mr. Chairman, are indeed using these hearings to accomplish your own secretly held design, which benefits no one but the enemies of the United States of America; evidence far better and more concrete than the evidence you have presented to prove your case against us. I draw no conclusions, I make no allegations. Let the evidence speak for itself.

Campaign to Undermine Korean-American Relations

According to reliable press accounts, shortly after the fall of Vietnam you circulated a "Dear Colleague" memo to your fellow congressmen that expressed your satisfaction that our involvement in Vietnam had finally drawn to an end. You suggested further that the time had come to review our involvement in Korea as well. Is this the beginning of your campaign to get Korea? How else can we explain the things you have done?

Why, for example, would you have given your support to illegal activities of anti-government American churchmen in Korea? On May 20, 1975, you held a luncheon on Capitol Hill in honor of Father James Sinnott, who had been expelled from Korea for engaging in illegal antigovernment activities, even after repeated warnings from the Korean government to desist. Evidently, Mr. Chairman, your concern for the fine points of church-state relations extends only to those who support Korea or with whom you disagree. While visiting Korea you even met Father Sinnott, evidently to show your solidarity with him. Does that make Father Sinnott and all his flock-agents of the U.S. Congress, Mr. Chairman?

Why the double standard? Throughout these hearings you have repeated accusations against the Korean government, saying it has tried to subvert American institutions, but obviously you have approved, even encouraged, Americans to violate the integrity of Korean legal and political institutions. Looking further, it seems that this is not an isolated incident; you apply this kind of double standard across the ideological board. The history of the subcommittee's activities under your leadership, coupled with your own personal commitments, demonstrates that you have consistently supported pro-communist causes and groups, and sought to undermine anti-communist governments and individuals, often using human rights as a smokescreen.

One of your own subcommittee members last year said that even your resolution calling for this investigation was a one-sided gratuitous swipe at the government of South Korea that made no mention of South Korea's barbarous and bellicose neighbors in the North. Such an omission is by no means out of character with either the ideological tone or content of previous inquiries by the subcommittee, however. Since 1973 the Subcommittee on International Organizations under your leadership has conducted hearings on the human rights violations of at least 24 countries, yet 20 of them are anti-communist allies and only four of them communist. No one has more contempt for human rights than the communists. How could it be that you have spent more time looking into human rights violations of non-communist countries than communist ones?

This subcommittee, Mr. Chairman, has so far spent 34 months and over a half-million dollars investigating illegal wrong doings of the Korean government. Yet you devoted only one and one-half days investigating the genocide in Cambodia, one of the most terrible human rights crimes in history. At the fall of Cambodia to the communists, over one million men, women, and children were exterminated in less than 18 months, often in the most barbaric, brutal way imaginable. Meanwhile, the world and this subcommittee still look the other way. Where is the justice of this, Mr. Chairman?

One reason the State Department sought to silence Radio of Free Asia, according to the documents released by the subcommittee, was because there are implications that KCFF might be able to do more to obtain their [POWs] release than the U.S. government itself. When I first read this I couldn't believe my eyes. I just couldn't believe that the State Department was jealous or afraid of competition from ROFA when we both wanted the same goal: to serve the brave American servicemen captured by North Vietnam. What could be a higher priority than that? Now, after reading a newspaper account of the recent action of the subcommittee on the subject of POWs still held by North Vietnam, I have become further disillusioned because of your lack of concern for their fate.

On July 26, 1977, a top-level Vietnamese defector told this subcommittee that he had some information that American POWs were still alive in North Vietnam jails. He requested an executive session of this subcommittee to disclose more details concerning this fact. Here was a golden opportunity to come to the rescue of the American soldiers unaccounted for to this very day. More POWs and MIAs are yet to be found. What did you do, Mr. Chairman? You brushed the testimony aside. You told the witness that you had no quorum and therefore could not arrange a closed session to hear his story.

Somewhere in North Vietnam there are American soldiers waiting to be rescued. Their families live daily in prayer that their loved ones someday, somehow, might return. You have betrayed them and taken away what little hope they still have. You have turned your back as well on those American heroes, the POWs and MIAs still held in North Vietnam, hoping for the day when they will see freedom and their families again. Mr. Chairman, this is my third appearance before your subcommittee. I am sure you could find time to hear my testimony in a closed session if you thought it would bring you closer to destroying Reverend Moon and Korea. But you are not interested in hearing evidence about these POWs and MIAs who may still be held captive in Indochina. Why?

Operational Ties to North Korea

In the course of my research to learn why you were so dead-set on destroying the Unification Church, KCFF, and ROFA, I came across information that shows that you, Mr. Chairman, and some of the witnesses you have called to testify against us, particularly Mr. Donald Ranard, former head of the State Department's Korea Desk, maintain "operational ties," to use your own insidious phrase, to communist organizations, some of which have direct ties to communist North Korea.

In 1977 an article by journalist Walter Riley appeared in Dateline Washington, a Trans-World News Feature, titled "North Korean Influence on Capitol Hill." It reports that an organization Mr. Ranard heads, the Center for International Policy, shares a conference room with the Center for National Security Studies. The Center for National Security Studies sponsored, in the same conference room that it shares with Mr. Ranard's organization, an anti-South Korea press conference for the Youth Against War and Fascism. The Youth Against War and Fascism is a communist front organization that supports North Korean causes and that sponsors the U.S. Out of Korea Committee, a lobby on Capitol Hill advocating U.S. withdrawal from Korea. You, Mr. Chairman, are a member of the board of advisers of Mr. Ranard's Center for International Policy. Might this mean that you have operational ties to the communist North Korean government?

Mr. Chairman, certainly if I shared a conference room with a known front organization of the KCIA, you would consider this convincing proof that I am a KCIA agent and you would publish it all over the world. I know because you have already accused me of being a KCIA agent on far less evidence. Should we not apply the same standards to this information? It would certainly explain your and Mr. Ranard's common efforts, which I have already documented, to destroy KCFF and ROFA.

It would be one thing, Mr. Chairman, if this were your only association with communist organizations, but that is not the case. This is just the beginning of the story. Over the years you have lent your name to a great many communist causes. In March 1973, you added your name to a list of people, including Peter Camejo, a former Socialist Workers Party candidate for the presidency of the United States, and Tom Foley of the communist Daily World, supporting the Committee for Artistic and Intellectual Freedom in Iran. This committee is a project of the Communist-Trotskyist Socialist Workers Party. Anyone who believes members of the Socialist Workers Party are merely left-wing democrats or human rights advocates is either naive or uninformed. You are neither naive nor uninformed, Mr. Chairman.

As you know, the Socialist Workers Party advocates Leon Trotsky's interpretation of Marxism. It was Trotsky who, with Lenin, led the Bolshevik revolution in 1917, founded the Red Army and inaugurated the Red Terror of 1917-1920, before being exiled and murdered on the orders of Joseph Stalin. Members of the Socialist Workers Party are not for human rights. They are not for freedom. They are for a communist dictatorship. According to an article by Congressman Larry McDonald that appeared in the Congressional Record on October 1, 1976: "The Socialist Workers Party was not for peace [in Vietnam]; they were for an American defeat. This position was consistent with the traditional Trotskyite role of supporting communist aggression against the free world."

An article on September 23, 1976, in the Congressional Record reports on another Socialist Workers Party front, which you, Mr. Chairman, lent your name in support of: the Political Rights Defense Fund, set up to coordinate Socialist Workers Party lawsuits against the FBI. The report mentions one lawsuit that you support charging the FBI with illegal surveillance of the Socialist Workers Party. It seems strange to me that you condemn the FBI for surveillance of a known communist and potentially violent organization, and say nothing about the U.S. government's illegal surveillance of the Korean Blue House, which is in clear violation of Korean law and the human rights of the Korean people.

Once again I must ask, why the double standard? It is difficult to attribute it to pure or innocent motivations. Your silence on American violation of Korean sovereignty and law must be viewed as more than hypocrisy when seen in light of your support for the Socialist Workers Party lawsuit against the FBI.

Finally, the Congressional Record of October 1, 1976, reports of yet another Socialist Workers Party front group, the United States Committee for Justice to Latin American Political Prisoners (USLA), which you have "worked closely with," according to an intra-party memo.

Included in the Congressional Record report on USLA, which had been set up by the Socialist Workers Party to aid the cause of revolutionary communism in Latin America, is a copy of an August 1974 memo that states, "Representative Donald Fraser, U.S. Congress, has worked closely with us, although he has not yet agreed to be a sponsor."

What would you say, Mr. Chairman, if your staff discovered a document of the KCIA saying I have worked closely with them? You would say, "Bo Hi Pak must be an agent of the KCIA." Then I must say, by your own standards, "You, Mr. Chairman, must be an agent of the communist Socialist Workers Party."

Communist Support

From the very beginning of your political career you have enjoyed the active support of the communist party. According to a news article in the Minneapolis Tribune, July 4, 1964, the national public relations director of the communist party, Arnold Johnson, was sent to tell how to defeat him, your opponent Walter Judd (R-Minn.), an anti-communist. In the same article, according to Mrs. Ruth Gordienko, a former communist who became an FBI undercover agent, Communists did work actively on the campaign of Donald Fraser.

Furthermore, according to a 1977 Dateline Washington report, the same undercover agent of the FBI said she informed you that more than 16 delegates to the 1960 Country Convention of the Democrat-FarmerLabor (DFL) Party were active communist party members and that you replied, "There's no internal threat from communism in this country." Again in 1975, at a meeting of top DFL officials in Minneapolis, at the suggestion that communists be purged from the DFL, you repeated your statement of 15 years prior, "There's no internal threat from communism in this country." That statement was wrong then, and it is wrong now.

The most serious allegation against you, Mr. Chairman, was made by a former Polish communist intelligence operator, Janusz Kochanski, who defected to the United States. Walter Riley reports in a 1977 Dateline Washington that Mr. Kochanski, the defected head of several Polish intelligence networks and director of the Department of Poles Living Abroad, testified under oath that Rep. Donald Fraser works as an agent of influence on Capitol Hill for the Soviet Union. He reported:

[Kochanski] was furnished by the KGB key names of the Soviet Intelligence Network. This list included Soviet agents, couriers, and a special group called "agents of influence..." The studio crew, guests, and this reporter were stunned by the names exposed by Dr. Hanff and Kochanski... The Congressional names left everyone astounded. Rep. Donald Fraser is also connected with the bad guys. Kochanski identified Congressman Fraser as an "Agent of Influence" on the Hill...

I do not know if Mr. Kochanski's information is reliable. But it is no different than the kind of information you have used to show that I am a KCIA agent. In fact, it is far superior.

The former head of the KCIA, Hyung Wook Kim, in his sworn testimony said that I, Bo Hi Pak, am not a KCIA agent. Yet a former official of the Polish intelligence services testified under oath that you, Mr. Chairman, are an agent of influence on the Hill for the Soviet Union.

Today, it is not my duty or intention to prove these allegations true. My only desire is to raise the question: Who is actually the greater threat to the security of our democratic and free society? You or I? Seoul or Moscow?

Korea's Special Bond with the United States

Suppose the Korean government and the KCIA had taken extraordinary steps, involving hundreds of agents, to win influence in the U.S. Congress. Then we must ask why they would do it. What would be Korea's purpose and ultimate goal? To subvert America? To destroy or defeat America? Absolutely not! Korea is motivated by the most simple human instinct -- survival! That is the bottom line. Korea wants to survive, not at the expense of America, but together with America. Without American support, Korea's national security would be in jeopardy. It would be overcome and swallowed up by the communists. You know that, yet you continue to seek to destroy that relationship. Why?

Korea has no notion-not even the slightest-of hurting America in any form or fashion. Two members of your own subcommittee made this same point on March 15 of this year:

Outright subversion on the part of Koreans, we submit, was a strong term for the majority to use. South Korea did not attempt the overthrow or destruction or to turn from beneath these are Webster's preferred definitions of subversion.

The Korean people want to march side by side with the American people, sharing the burden of safeguarding the security of the entire free world. Korea is America's best ally, an alliance cemented by a special bond built on the blood we shed and the freedom we fought for together on the battlefields of Korea and Vietnam.

On the other hand, what is Moscow's motivation? What does the Soviet Union stand for and what is it seeking? Nothing less than the total destruction of America and the defeat of the free world. Can anyone doubt it?

Two of your subcommittee members also wrote on March 15, 1978:

What the Soviets and Cubans [the Soviets' surrogates in many clandestine areas] are doing in the United States-as elsewhere-and what Soviet vassals [Czechs and the Poles and the East Germans and so on] are doing-that, we believe, is "outright subversion."

Then how does the KGB compare in size and power to the KCIA? Like an elephant to a grasshopper. Furthermore, the ultimate goal of the KGB and the KCIA are 180 degrees opposite. One is dedicated to the total destruction of America, and the other is seeking the friendship and protection of America. A recent issue of Time magazine dated February 6, 1978, reported on the phenomenal growth and outreach of the KGB. In that issue of Time it stated that the KGB spends over $10 billion a year, with a half-million employees, and has five times the number of foreign agents as the United States and Western Europe combined.

Here in Washington, 35 percent of the Soviet embassy staff works for the KGB. One West German intelligence officer was quoted as saying, "There is not a place in the world where the KGB does not have a man."

I bet dollars to doughnuts, Mr. Chairman, there is a KGB agent in this room right now. And I bet the KGB has more men and spends more money in America than the American CIA and FBI combined. Isn't it mind-boggling just to think of it? On top of that, I know there are agents of Red China and North Korea working in this country whose commitment to the destruction of America is no less than the KGB's.

The KGB has even infiltrated the halls of Congress. Senator Barry Goldwater disclosed on a Washington TV program that former Vice President Nelson Rockefeller had told him that the KGB has agents working on the staffs of U.S. congressmen and senators. Now that would be a worthwhile topic for this subcommittee to investigate. Indeed, on March 9, 1976, Congressman Ketchum of California said as much. Calling the Fraser subcommittee investigations of Korea redundant of the House Ethics Committee hearings, he said: "I would certainly hope the committee would devote a bit of its time to the activities of the Soviet Union and of Red China."

But you have never spent one red cent investigating the activities of the KGB in America. This subcommittee would seem ideally structured to undertake the task. Instead you have spent 34 months and $685,000 investigating the probably innocuous attempts of an American ally to shore up its relationship with your country.

Today in this subcommittee hearing room we have raised portentous questions that demand answers. What if, as the evidence suggests, you, Mr. Chairman, are secretly working to undermine Korean-American relations? What if you are an ardent supporter of the Trotskyite-Communist Socialist Workers Party? What if you have been a fellow traveler of the communist party? What if you are an agent of influence for Moscow here on Capitol Hill? If these things are true, then the government of the United States is itself in grave danger. America's very survival and the security of the free world are at stake.

If these allegations are true, you are a traitor, a second Benedict Arnold, an enemy of this nation and all free nations.

I am a man who loves Korea and America as one. Mr. Chairman, you have become the enemy of both, not because of what you have done to me or my church, but because you have given aid and comfort to the communist cause, which is the enemy of both Korea and America. Worse, you have become God's enemy because God is counting on Korea and America and leaders like Reverend Moon to turn the tide against the satanic forces of communism.

Reverend Moon has come to this country, not for his own sake, but to awaken America to the threat of communism, and through America to awaken the whole world. In opposition to the God-denying ideology of communism, Reverend Moon is proclaiming a God-centered ideology. His only goal is to inspire others to work together to build God-centered families, nations, and a God-centered world.

Since I believe in God Almighty as the only creator and ruler of the world, I do not worry about myself. But I do worry about and pity you, Mr. Chairman. I pray for you as Jesus prayed for his persecutors, Forgive them, Lord, for they know not what they do.

My final plea, not just to you, Mr. Chairman, but also to all the people of this chosen nation of America, is this: Do not throw away this nation's heritage or fail your God-given mission. It is a plea we must heed for the sake of our children and all future generations. It is the plea of Jesus Christ to the people of Israel, which echoes through the centuries and which is being proclaimed by Reverend Moon today: "Repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand."

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