Truth Is My Sword Volume I - Collected Speeches in the Public Arena

by Bo Hi Pak

Introduction to Ambassador Douglas MacArthur II

June 1, 1987

The Summit Council for World Peace gathers together former heads of state to bring their unique perspectives to bear on world problems. In this speech Dr. Pak introduces Ambassador Douglas MacArthur II, nephew of General Douglas MacArthur whose brilliant strategy liberated South Korea from invasion by North Korea, and who is therefore revered as a savior and liberator in South Korea. The occasion was the first Summit Council for World Peace meeting, held in the Crystal Ballroom of the Lotte Hotel in Seoul, Korea, June 1-3, 1987. The theme of the conference was "Challenges and Opportunities for World Peace."

As a representative of the Summit Council for World Peace, I would like to cordially welcome all of the distinguished participants to this historical gathering.

The name Douglas MacArthur is very special to the hearts of all Korean people. I would like to explain why. On June 25, 1950, the Republic of Korea was invaded by communist forces from North Korea. In the short period of time that those forces occupied our country, they took the lives of almost one-half million of our countrymen. It was a brilliant and daring strategy developed by General Douglas MacArthur, then Commander-in-Chief of the United Nations Command, which allowed the Republic of Korea to survive. General MacArthur made the bold decision to undertake a rapid landing of United Nations forces at Korea's western coastal city of Inchon. This eventually turned the tide of that conflict. The same troops led by General MacArthur later liberated Reverend Moon from an insidious prison in North Korea. This helps to explain my own personal debt of gratitude to General MacArthur.

General MacArthur was not only a military strategist, however. He was also a person of deep intellectual and spiritual perception. After World War II, he warned the West of the danger of complacency and moral indifference. As the war ended, he observed, "We have entered a new era... Today the challenge is theological and involves the rekindling of the human spirit. If we do not meet this challenge, Armageddon will be at the door."

About one hour's drive from Seoul is the city of Inchon. On a hill in that city, there is a statue in honor of General MacArthur. Virtually every Korean visits that statue once in his lifetime in order to render honor to a man who saved our nation's freedom. Today you will not see that statue but, in a sense, we have the honor of having with us a living statue: the namesake of Gen. MacArthur, Ambassador Douglas MacArthur II. I am certain that all Koreans would love to be here and to hear him speak.

Ambassador MacArthur is the nephew of General Douglas MacArthur and he is also a person of exceptional accomplishment. During World War II, he heroically participated in the French Resistance. He was captured and he suffered two years as a prisoner of war.

After the war, he had a long and distinguished diplomatic career. He served as the United States ambassador to Japan, to Iran, to Austria, and to Belgium. While ambassador to Japan, he established, together with Japan's Prime Minister Kishi, the terms for the still existing U.S.-Japan Defense Treaty. He also served as an Undersecretary of State and as a special emissary for numerous American presidents.

Currently Ambassador MacArthur is dedicating his time to writing and lecturing. He also serves on the Boards of Directors of numerous public service organizations. He has been decorated for his distinguished service by numerous governments. Last year he received the Grand Cordon of the Order of the Rising Sun from the Emperor of Japan. This decoration is the highest decoration that Japan accords to any foreigner.

Ambassador MacArthur is remembered in Japan, Europe, and America for his personable nature, his humility, and his spirit of service.

We are deeply honored to welcome him here. Would you kindly join me in welcoming a senior statesman, a diplomat, and a patriot-Ambassador Douglas MacArthur II.

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