Truth is My Sword, Volume II - Bo Hi Pak

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Introduction by Dr. Aziz Sidky

Introduction By Julian Safi

1. True Fellowship

2. Voice of Freedom

3. The God and Christ Club

4. Early Sufferings Lasting Victory

5 Why Christ Is Coming

6 How Christ Is Coming

7 The Crisis of Love

8 Comforting Father's Heart

9 Christ Is Here

10 We Are Making New History

11 World Day

12 All My Expectations Are Being Fulfilled

13 Love and Practice

14 A Victory for God

15 We Are Going to Create the Miracle of the Century

16 Preparing for Yankee Stadium

17 National Parents Conference

18 Today Is the Real Beginning for You

19 Father Trusts Us

20 What Is Your Motive

21 We Are Sunnies

22 Thank God for Persecution

23 A Living Marble Vase

24 Testimony to the Power of God [Part 1]

24 Testimony to the Power of God [Part 2]

25 Be Humble Before God

26 We Are Peters

27 Precious Brothers and Sisters

28 Acts of the Apostles

29 A Korean Defends His Country

30 St. Stephen

31 I Am the Resurrection

32 Saul and Paul

33 Daughters Your Faith Has Made You Well

34 God Was Sorry He Had Made Man

35 Lonely Man

36 Death Shall Be No More

37 Abraham, Father of Faith

38 In God We Trust

39 Rev. Sun Myung Moon: The Man

40 Wise as Serpents Pure as Doves

41 Our Father's House

42 Seung Hwa Ceremony of Heung Jin Nim Moon

43 Blessing Banquet

44 Sermon on the Mount (Airy)

45 Mount Danbury

46 True Parents Saved My Life

47 A Victory of True Love 

48 America, Your Time Has Come

49 Staying Alive

50 The Blessing Is Liberation

51 Celebrating the Victory

52 The Man Who Thinks He Can

53 Remember Your Roots

54 A Deeply Emotional Experience

55 Paving A True Son's Path

56 Dr. Bo Hi Pak's 60th Birthday Celebration

57 The Dispensational Meaning Of Father's Visit To North Korea

58 The Blessing Ceremony A Universal, Historical Event

59 In Gratitude to the True Parents

60 Give and Take of Love

Chapter 61 Heavenly Dancers

Chapter 62 Let Us Move Mountains

Appendices - Personal Testimonies

Appendix 1 Thomas J. Ward, ED.D.

Appendix 2 Antonio Betancourt

Appendix 3 Pierre Ceyrac

Appendix 4 Larry R. Moffitt

Appendix 5 William D. Lay

Appendix 6 Robert Morton

Appendix 7 Dr. Mark P Barry, Ph.D.

Appendix 8 Pierangelo Beltrami

Appendix 9 James Gavin

Appendix 10 William P. Selig

Truth is My Sword, Volume II
Inspirational Messages and Personal Testimonies to Reverend Moon
Dr. Bo Hi Pak

First Edition 1999

ISBN 0-910621-93-4

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