Truth is My Sword, Volume II

by Bo Hi Pak

Chapter 20 What Is Your Motive

Belvedere Estate
Tarrytown, New York
July 24, 1977

In this speech, Dr. Pak explains in detail the dynamics of spiritual growth, the importance of our physical bodies and our good deeds, and prompts us to remember how crucial our internal motivation is while serving and educating.

Let us greet our True Parents by turning north again. The last time Father said he heard your good morning, but it was not loud enough for Mother. So this time we'll make it really loud. Good morning, Father. Good morning, Mother. I am sure this time both of them heard us.

I would like to also welcome some representatives of our Father and Mother from East Garden. Three of the True Parents' children are here with us. Shall we welcome them. Hyo Jin Nim, In Jin Nim, and Un Jin Nim. In Jin Nim and Un Jin Nim spent time with True Parents in Boston and they caught quite a few tuna, I am sure. As a matter of fact, I spoke to Boston last night and Father has been victorious every day. Every day. Not just one giant tuna every day, but sometimes two. Three days ago he caught two tuna fish, and two days ago two tuna fish, and yesterday one tuna. Every day Father is going out to sea, battling with the sea, and winning a great victory. And I know Father is feeling that the entire membership of the Unification Church and heaven and earth and the entire spirit world and physical world are really battling together with him. Actually what Father is doing is not just fishing for tuna. It is a battle every moment of the day. I know that Father is symbolically leading the entire crusade.

The other day I went up to Boston to greet Father. Father's lips were all blistered. He goes out to sea very early in the morning, and he comes back very late sometimes. Truly Father is overextending himself. Father doesn't just look at it as tuna fishing. Many people think, well, this is summer vacation and Father is having a relaxed and easy time. Never. Never for Father. This summertime he is battling harder than anybody else. Every time when I see Father in Boston, or out there in the wild ocean, we always learn that Father is not there for fishing per se. Wherever he is, Father is battling for his kingdom. He is struggling against Satan. And he is working harder than anybody else. He wanted every one of you to share some of Father's catch. Have you enjoyed some tuna in New York? You should. If you haven't, then something is wrong. Father gave you a tuna. So I hope even brothers and sisters in Japan enjoyed it. Father wants to send the tuna he catches all over the world.

As a matter of fact, this morning shall we welcome Mr. Kuboki, president of the Unification Church of Japan. I just heard a report from Japan that Japanese family members received Father's tuna from Boston. Father shipped it by air in a huge ice box holding a 700- or 800- or 900-pound tuna. Japanese people appreciate tuna. We Americans do not so much. But the Japanese people really feel how precious that tuna meat is. Father sent it over to Japan knowing that Japanese families are so fond of it. I just got a report that every member in the whole country shared Father's tuna.

Father Is Feeding the World

This is Father's feeling. He wants to feed everyone, first Unification members all over the world, but eventually every single human being on earth, physically as well as spiritually. Spiritually there is no better food than what Father is providing. This is the life-giving truth. Only with that does mankind have hope. We can be born again. Father wants to make every child of God here on earth live in accordance with the law of God. Father wants to give everyone compassion and love so that they can really be fed by Father and Mother. That is the way Father feels. He feels responsibility for every human soul. Furthermore, he is responsible for all the human souls in spirit world. I call them "upstairs people." We are downstairs people. Father is responsible for spirit world and physical world together. Father wants to see to it that every human being is protected and nurtured.

I thank the New Hope Singers this morning for their special hymn. Actually, these days the New Hope Singers are not often New Hope Singers. They are giving their utmost energy for witnessing and selling newspaper subscriptions. And many of them are fasting as you are, trying to gain results for the True Parents. Particularly as we discussed here a couple of weeks ago, while Father is away from New York, it is our chance to prove the maturity of our movement and our leadership. We want to present Father with great results. So know how hard every member of the New York church is working, including the IOWC, adjacent to New York City. The New Hope Singers don't even have time to practice. They are just going out selling and witnessing and delivering newspapers as you do. But I requested them to perform this special number and I thank you for your spirit.

This is the third week that I am giving the Sunday morning sermon, but I am praying that next Sunday Father and Mother will be here, and hopefully this prayer will be answered. Father is scheduled to come for a nationwide conference that will be held Friday and Saturday. Then I would like to tell Father: every one of us wants to see you and wants to hear you. We need your energy. We need your breath. Can I say it? [Yes!] Can I really? [Yes!] Then I really earnestly petition Father, please come spend at least one Sunday morning with us. So I will petition it, and I am sure Father will listen because of you. Not because of me. But shall I say that every one of us really wants to see you? We are dying without seeing you for three weeks. Can I say it? [Yes!] I will say it. Father, they are dying without seeing you for three weeks. But three weeks looks like three years and 30 years and 3,000 years. We cannot go on any longer like this, Father. We need you. We want you here. We need your physical presence. Can I give that earnest petition? [Yes!] All right. Then we look forward to seeing Father and Mother in one more week.

This morning I have so much to share. How can we share so much in a short time? This summer, I had the most wonderful fortune to have Hyo Jin Nim with us in Washington, and we studied the Bible and Divine Principle and Father's words together. Hyo J in Nim and I flew back to New York last night so that we could worship together this Sunday morning in the spirit of True Parents. But I promised him one thing: that my sermon would not exceed one hour. And he said, do you promise? I told him that I could talk for three hours, but for the sake of the New York church members, who have to go out and deliver the papers and witness today, I hope that Father will give me the power and really inspire me in one hour. So I need your prayer. Hyo Jin Nim is watching me now. We have give and take going on here, some sparkling of the spirit going back and forth. I think I can make it this morning; I have one hour to make sense. Now it's 6:25 a.m., so the conclusion should come at 7:25 a.m. I don't have to watch the clock because Hyo Jin Nim is going to signal me.

This morning I would like to dwell on the subject of motivation. Some time ago, I was translating Father's speech, and even as I was speaking Father's words to you I was astounded. Father said, even though some of you are preaching the Divine Principle, it does not guarantee that everyone will end up in heaven. Suppose there are two men preaching the same Divine Principle, let's say the Principle of Creation or the Fall of Man. But Father said one can end up in heaven and the other can end up in hell. This was truly astonishing to hear. We thought the Divine Principle is everything, so preaching the Divine Principle is a noble deed. If we teach the Divine Principle, we felt that we are automatically destined for the Kingdom of God in Heaven. But Father said that is not true. Why?

Motive Is the Judge

The same act of the Divine Principle can be judged from the motive. What is your motive for preaching the Divine Principle? Either good or evil will result from your motivation. Good and evil, as you know through the Divine Principle, are not judged by the surface action or the visible deeds. They are judged by the invisible motive. If I am preaching Divine Principle and at the very bottom of my heart the reason I am doing it is to show myself off, then no matter how good a teacher of Divine Principle I am, it is not going to do me any good. When you are teaching the Divine Principle, if you are preaching from the heart of God, or as a representative of Father's heart, if you are really pouring out Father's energy trying to convey Father's own heart, then that act of preaching the Divine Principle is good.

So we can see that even the value of preaching the Divine Principle depends on the motivation and can turn out to be either good or evil. In following Father and the Divine Principle and living the life of a Unification Church member, I personally, over and over, have realized that ultimately what counts is motive or state of mind. I see all of you brothers and sisters here before me. The thing I cannot see is your state of mind. I cannot see your mind, what you are thinking right now. But God sees the invisible face, or invisible mind. That is what will be judged. That is the criteria. That is the real you, the invisible you.

Let me draw a very simple diagram. Don't laugh at me because I am not a good artist. When I was in school, I did everything pretty well except drawing. So I want to draw two men. Last Sunday I said that we exist in duality. You see me as one person standing here, but actually on the platform there are two persons. Here I am, the visible Bo Hi Pak. But inside there is another Bo Hi Pak. That is the spirit man of Bo Hi Pak. You are looking at two persons. So let me draw here, my head and my body. At least I have two legs. There is another Bo Hi Pak.

The Christian history of the last 2,000 years could not teach the two man concept. But Father, in the Divine Principle, clearly teaches us one person is composed of two people. One is the physical person, which is visible. The other is the invisible spirit person. When you were born, you were born as two persons. The relation of the two persons is so important. Let me refresh you on some of the teachings you have learned in the Divine Principle. This physical man has two elements: subject and object. The subject is the flesh mind, which we call intuition. The object is the body. In order to sustain this physical body, we need certain elements: air and sunlight. Without air, which is invisible, we could not sustain our life even five minutes. Physical man also needs a physical element, food, to sustain the physical body.

The spirit man also needs to be nurtured. Because nothing that God created can be perfected at once, everything has to go through the period of growth. The spirit man also needs to grow, and he needs two elements. One we call the living life element, which is the truth of God or God's own energy. Our spirit is joined with God through the life element. The spirit man also needs the vitality element from the physical body. So in order to have this spirit man grow, it must receive from God the life element and from the physical body the vitality element. With these two elements, the spirit man will grow to perfection.

But at the same time the spirit man also returns to the physical body certain elements. These we call living spirit elements. As you can see, give and take is going on here between the physical body and the spirit body. The important thing is the relationship of the two. Which one is subject? [Spirit.] By the way, there is a young lady here whose name is Linda. Good morning, Linda. She is taking notes and I can see that she can draw a Bo Hi Pak better than I can. You draw very well. So I will concentrate on you, and if you can understand, everyone understands. Wonderful. You are my object for give and take.

So now I see two Linda's. A physical Linda and a spiritual Linda. Both need to grow. In order to grow we need to receive elements. But ultimately, our important goal is the growth of the spirit man, because your spirit man lives for eternity, not the physical part of you. This is where there is a great deal of confusion in the religious world. Today there are many, many churches. Some believe that this physical body can live for eternity. Some teach that the physical body dies after 80 or 90 years of life because of the fall of man. For example, I understand that Jehovah's Witnesses teach that we die because of the fall and that once we are restored and become one spirit with God, we will live here on earth without end. That is a real confusion. This belief is very sweet to the ears: Yeah, I want to live, I don't want to die, so let me believe this and accept Jesus Christ and God. I can live here on earth, and this physical body can sustain me on earth for eternity.

This Body Just Won't Last

But that is not true. God did not create man like that. Eventually there is going to be a great deal of disappointment. After 60 or 70 years, someone who believes that they can avoid physical death is going to look at the mirror and say, boy, this is not the way I was supposed to live for eternity. I have more lines and my face is getting older and older. I was supposed to live for eternity. This body was supposed to last for hundreds of thousands of years.

I am sorry to tell you but that will not happen. God never intended that. All material things are going to decay, to come to an end. Our physical body is material. It is divine law that we cannot live in the physical body for eternity.

The purpose of the physical body is to give our eternal body, the spirit body, a chance to grow. The other Sunday, I told you that the physical body is like a vehicle. We rent a car. God is running the greatest rent-a-car company on earth. We are borrowing this flesh from the car rental company. We all borrow a certain amount of dirt, in a certain shape. Where did you come from? Actually, you come from the earth. The soil. The material world. When I was born, I probably weighed about six or seven pounds. Now I've grown up and I weigh maybe 170 pounds. I don't want to weigh 190 pounds; I want to stay about 175 pounds. So I was a seven-pound baby and grew up to 175 pounds. Where did that 168 pounds come from? From nature. From the soil. From the ground. Because of the food I ate, the tomatoes, the meat, the kimchee, I grew up to 175 pounds. So actually, for the last 47 years, I borrowed from nature 168 pounds of flesh.

The purpose of this physical body is to provide the spirit man with vitality elements so that the spirit man can grow. The physical body is like a fruit tree, and the fruit we are growing is the spirit self. The spirit man can grow to perfection and that is the one that will live for eternity. That is the Divine Principle.

Another important thing is that since the fall of man, the chance for growth of the spirit man has been limited by the amount of truth that was available. The fall brought man into darkness, into a dungeon. As you know, the Divine Principle teaches clearly that the work of God is the work of restoration. God intends to restore man. The ultimate goal of restoration is to restore our spirits. During the Old Testament era, the only life element for the spirit man came through the level of truth revealed in the Old Testament. No matter what good deeds a man like Abraham did, his spirit man could grow only up to the level of form spirit. The form spirit is very translucent, like a milk bottle that you can see through.

When Jesus Christ came 2,000 years ago, he brought the New Testament, which brought a higher life element. This life element can bring the spirit man into the growth stage, which is called life spirit. The life spirit is like the moon. The life spirit has the power to reflect light. In the spirit world heaven and hell are distinguished by light and darkness. We here in the physical world have night and day, about 12 hours each. But in the higher spirit world, there is eternal day. You're worried that will make a long work day, aren't you? Don't worry. That eternal day will never be boring. It is the world of light. Father taught us that in the spirit world the air we breathe is the air of love. Not oxygen. We will breathe the air of love. The sun rays we receive in the spirit world are the love of God. Sun rays, in the form of love, make eternal day. Hell is the place where the rays do not reach; they are blocked, so it is a world of darkness.

Going Beyond Life Spirit

The life spirit is capable of receiving the love of God and reflecting light. So it is like the moon reflecting the sun's rays and giving life. So far the New Testament era is following Jesus Christ. By following and being obedient to the New Testament, the best level the Christian can reach is the level of life spirit. We call the place that life spirits dwell paradise. But Christianity thinks this is the final destination. True Father has declared to the world that paradise is not the ultimate destination. Paradise is not the Kingdom of God in heaven. It is like a lobby in a train station or airport. There is another gigantic step to go, that is, to grow to the perfection level.

The perfection level of the spirit we call divine spirit. First, form spirit, then life spirit, and ultimately divine spirit. A divine spirit is a shining, life-giving spirit. The warmth of love is generated by the divine spirit. The divine spirit is like the sun in the sky. It gives tremendous light. So the ultimate destination of all men, of you and me, is to become a divine spirit. In order to become a divine spirit, we must receive first the perfected life element from God in the form of truth-that is, the Divine Principle. The Divine Principle is the ultimate teaching of God. It reveals everything that we need to achieve the divine spirit stage. This is the message that only the Lord of the Second Advent can bring. Therefore, we are living in a time like the time of Jesus Christ, the transition from one age to another. We are not living in the New Testament era. We are now entering the Completed Testament era.

You can become a divine spirit by receiving the perfected life element through the Divine Principle by accepting the True Parents. This is what it is all about. The ultimate goal is to become a divine, life-giving spirit. When you read the Bible, you learn that Peter and John and James, the three major disciples of Jesus, went to the Mount of Transfiguration' All of a sudden they saw Jesus transformed into a different body. Actually, the physical body that Jesus lived in is not different from yours and mine. I don't think Jesus always wore perfumed and fragrant garments, because he worked just like our Father. He overworked himself. He did a lot of sweating. There was a lot of dust on him. He taught day in and day out. Sometimes his face looked pale. No question about it. Just like your face looks pale. Some of the New Hope Singers look pale.

But that day, Jesus' disciples for the first time saw an entirely different Jesus. All of a sudden Jesus was shining in a white garment. His entire face was shining. A halo was glowing around him. Their eyes were so disturbed by the intense light, they couldn't directly look at Jesus. Then the disciples saw that Jesus was talking with Moses and Elijah. Well, Moses and Elijah had been dead a long time, but there they were, talking with Jesus. They were also wearing white garments and their faces shone, but not as much as Jesus'. Jesus was like the sun. Christians do not understand this. What Jesus' disciples saw on the Mount of Transfiguration was the divine spirit of Jesus. The only person to achieve the divine spirit up to that point was Jesus. So when their spiritual eyes were opened, all of a sudden they could see Jesus' spirit. That is what they saw. Moses and Elijah never died-they are upstairs. They came downstairs to have a discussion with Jesus.

As you know, spirit people have to come down and work on earth because without the physical body they cannot progress in the spiritual world. They had lost their physical bodies already, so they had to come down and work through Jesus' disciples' physical bodies. Today is the same. Many Christian martyrs and holy people of great faith are coming down today to seek you out. They need to "borrow" your physical body to perfect their spirit man. Sometime later I would like to talk about reincarnation, which is the theory that we can die and go to spirit world and be born again as a baby, grow up again, and so forth. But the Divine Principle teaches that there is no such thing as reincarnation. Actually, spirit men are assisting people on earth.

So why is the physical body so important? Unless the physical body here on earth gives vitality elements to your spirit man, no matter what kind of truth you are receiving, your spirit is not going to grow. Your spirit is going to stand still. There is no way to grow. That is why the physical body is so important here on earth. That is why perfection will come here on earth first, not in the spirit world. This is why God sent his son here on earth to consummate the work of restoration. The physical body and physical life are so precious. If you pick fruit when it is still green, it can't grow into perfection, maturity. It cannot ripen. By the same token, our spirit man should stay with the physical body until it is perfected. The spirit man can reach perfection only here on earth. That is the way God planned it. So in that respect we need the physical body. That is why our physical body is very, very important.

You know, Neil Armstrong went up to the surface of the moon in a rocket. Often when I teach the Divine Principle, I use the illustration of a rocket. Let me draw one rocket. An amazing thing, this rocket. Most of the body of the rocket is the fuel. Actually there is very little on the top. This little part landed on the moon and returned to the earth. When you go to the National Air and Space Museum in Washington, D.C., you can see the Apollo 11 command module. It is a very small portion of the rocket. The rocket is built in two segments, one that reaches the destination and the other that is only needed to get the rocket out of the earth's atmosphere. When Apollo 11 was launched, most of the millions of pounds of fuel burned in the first few seconds of the flight. The first segment separated from the second. It was no longer needed. The command module and the moon spaceship kept going.

Let's Go Into Orbit

This teaches us a lot of things. Most of the rocket is like a physical body. Our spirit man is like the command module. What we are trying to achieve centers on the command module. But this body is needed to put the command module into orbit. The spirit world or the Kingdom of God in heaven is like the orbit. So this rocket is thrusting the command module into orbit. This relationship is similar to the relationship between physical man and spirit man.

The reason I'm telling you this is that in order to have this physical body give vitality to the spirit man, you need to live the truth. You need to go ahead with the action of the truth. You also need the right motivation. That is what counts. Father has told us over and over in Sunday morning service that you must not complain. No matter how much you accomplish with this body, selling newspapers or witnessing or walking 100 miles a day, if your heart is a complaining heart, then no matter how good your actions are, it does not give good vitality elements to your spirit person. It is no good. God is looking at your state of mind and your motivation.

Let me read one verse from the Sermon on the Mount. Jesus was talking about the seventh commandment in the Sermon of the Mount. Matthew 5:27-28 says, "You have heard that it was said, `You shall not commit adultery.' But I say to you that everyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart." In the Old Testament era, it was good enough just not to commit adultery. That was the external restoration. But Jesus came and taught that the state of mind is also important. Therefore, it is not really the action, but the state of mind. If you look at a woman with a lustful eye, you have already, in the sight of God, committed adultery.

This shows so clearly that what counts in the sight of God is the motive. Now, when you look at another place in the Bible, Luke 21:1-4, you read, "He looked up and saw the rich putting their gifts into the treasury; and he saw a poor widow put in two copper coins. And he said, `Truly I tell you, this poor widow has put in more than all of them; for they all contributed out of their abundance, but she out of her poverty put in all the living that she had."' In the sight of God, it is not what size checkbook you have, how much contribution you can give; the important thing is how real is your heart, what kind of motivation you have. The two coppers in the widow's pocket are everything she has. Without any reservation she is giving everything that she has. That is far greater than giving a fat check out of your abundance.

There are so many examples. But I want to go into something even more important and spectacular. Nowadays, America's pragmatic systems are not that good for the heavenly purpose. For example, we give offerings at church and to charities, but the amount is often determined by how much of it is tax-deductible.

One time I watched a Liberace show in Las Vegas. Liberace is a flamboyant, spectacular showman. He is known as Mr. Showman. He came out with all kinds of bizarre hats and he drove out on the stage in a Rolls Royce, wearing a mink coat. "Look at my mink coat. I wore this at the Queen's command performance." I had no idea how extravagant he is. He surely deserves the title Mr. Showman. Anyway, at one point he came out wearing a very colorful suit. It was shining all over, and everybody was exclaiming. He told us that the most expensive part of his suit is not the suit but the buttons. The buttons are all diamonds. He said he really wanted to show off the buttons, but he couldn't come out just wearing buttons so had to wear a suit. Anyway, the key point is that these diamonds were so expensive that he put his initial on them, which made them tax deductible.

What I am trying to say is the American system tends to make us concentrate on external considerations, appearances, rather than motivation. We think less about how right is my motivation with God and more about the technicalities. Is it tax-deductible? Will somebody see me? It is self-advertisement. I tell you that way of life will not help your spirit man at all.

We learn another portion of Sermon on the Mount. Matthew 6:1-4 says,

Beware of practicing your piety before men in order to be seen by them; for then you will have no reward from your Father who is in heaven. Thus, when you give alms, sound no trumpet before you, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and in the streets, that they may be praised by men. Truly, I say to you, they have received their reward. But when you give alms, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing, so that your alms may be in secret; and your Father who sees in secret will reward you.

Be Recognized By God

What we need is a motivation that can be seen only by God. This is what Father is emphasizing. It is not important to be recognized by your own leader or make the headlines in any paper. The important thing is to do things with a true motivation. Today, without knowing Divine Principle, without knowing God, the world lives without the awareness of spirit man. They don't care about the spirit man. They only want to live with the physical body, whatever they see as a happy life here on earth. This is the only goal. That is the most foolish way of life here on earth, which most people do not realize. They don't care about the spirit. But ultimately what will remain, what will count, is the spirit.

I am going to recommend you read Life in the World Unseen. After learning the Divine Principle, I read this book a couple of times. This is really a fascinating story about the spirit world. This is how the book was written. Anthony Borgia is a British gentleman who received a special spiritual communication from the person in spirit world whose name was Monsignor Benson, who was a prominent clergyman here on earth. During his life, he taught many things he thought were right about spirit world, about spirit men, and so forth. But when he died and went into the spirit world, he discovered how erroneously he had taught here on earth. The many books he had written were totally untrue. But it was too late. He had lost his physical body. But he repented and regretted so much the misinformation his books contained. So he made a special effort and pled to the higher spirit world and received permission to communicate with his own messenger here on earth. He established a channel to be able to correct the many untruthful things he had stated before his death.

The result of that work is Life in the World Unseen. So actually Anthony Borgia is like a secretary, not the author. He took dictation. The author is the spirit man, Monsignor Benson, who appeared to Borgia and gave him dictation word for word. I enjoyed this book because, first, I know it is not fiction. It is truth. Because of the Divine Principle I have a way to judge this book. Second, it is fascinating because it teaches so much about spirit world and confirms the Divine Principle so eloquently. We learn the Principle, then when we read this, we can see how true it is. A word of warning for some of the people who are going to read the book: Monsignor Benson lives in the world of light, but not in the world of Jesus, not in the highest portions of Paradise, and not in the Kingdom of Heaven in the spirit world. He is in a good spirit world, but not the highest.

Spirit World Is So Clear

After reading this book, I feel I know so much more about spirit world, so much more of the truth about spirit world than Mr. Benson, even though I have never been to that place. That was a true joy to me. Why? Because of the Divine Principle. Divine Principle came from the highest truth of spirit world. When you receive the Divine Principle, you know more about spirit world than anybody else. Today I would like to read a couple of sections about the relationship between the physical world and the spirit world.

One day Mr. Benson was able to visit what they call the dark world, or hell. I learned a long time ago from Father, and this book confirms it so beautifully, that in spirit world, like a ladder, there are many, many levels. The higher you are in spirit world, the more freedom you have to go down to lower levels. You can go down to visit the dungeons of hell. That is why Jesus Christ, after his crucifixion, went first, not to heaven, but to the dungeons of hell for 40 days to work with the lower spirits. When you are in a higher level you can go down to any part of the spirit world, but you cannot go to a higher level than you are. That is a spiritual law.

First, I would like to tell you how this person, Mr. Benson, described his own death. He said that between the physical body and the spirit man, there is white cord. This cord is so elastic it can be extended for miles and miles and thousands of miles and it can come back. Many times while we are sleeping here on earth, our spirit man goes to the spirit world, wandering and looking at the many aspects of spirit world, but still connected by the magnetic cord. When this magnetic cord is cut, this is what we call the moment of death.

Mr. Benson was dying in the hospital and he was weakened by illness. At a certain moment, he felt a tremendous urge to wake up. So on the bed he woke up. But actually the person who woke up was not his physical body but his spirit body. The real him. The real Benson. So he woke up and he saw another him lying down in the bed. That is the physical man. When the time comes we leave. We cast off the physical body. So when he got up he felt in perfect health. And there was a physical body lying in his bed and everybody was gathered around, the doctors and nurses and family members. They announced that Monsignor Benson was dead. So they began to pray, and some family members were crying and mourning. But he was watching all this as a big show. He was listening and watching everything. Well, he could be amused and enjoy watching the scene of his own death. He woke up out of his own body. Actually that was the moment that the elastic white cord was cut, and the physical body and spirit body separated. After that, there is no more give and take between the two. The physical body decays and goes back to the earth.

Mr. Benson could see his own body lying there, but he himself was healthy and already he was dressed in a white garment. You don't have to go to the store to buy a suit to wear in spirit world. That is wonderful. You don't have to worry about what to wear or what to eat. There was already an escort from the spirit world.

I cannot go into this too deeply, or I will I break my promise to Hyo J in Nim. I want to read one paragraph about how he went down to hell and met one person.

He met one person in a lower spiritual realm. He said he had been in spirit world some years now. In his earth life he had been a successful business man. Successful, that is, as far as the earth plane judges such things. From the earthly viewpoint he was a very successful business man. He had not thought of much else than his own business. He always considered that any means were justified in gaining his own end, provided they were legal. He was ruthless in his dealings with all others, and he elevated efficiency to the level of God. In his home all things and all people were subservient to him. He gave generally to charity where there was likely to accrue the greatest advantage and credit. He supported his own religious church with vigor and regularly with fervor. He felt he was an ornament to the church, and he was much esteemed by all those connected with it. He added some new portions to the edifice at his own expense, and a chapel was named after him as a donor.

But from what Edwin, the guide, had been able to glean from his story, he had scarcely committed one decent unselfish action in the whole of his life. His motive was always self-aggrandizement. And he had achieved his purpose on earth at the absolute expense of his life in the spirit world. He, that person in spirit world, complained the church had misled him all along. Since his munificence had been received in such fashion that he believed his gift to the church would weigh heavily in his favor in the hereafter, in the spirit world, he thought, "I gave so much money to the church so I bought heaven. I have a beautiful heaven reserved." But that is not the way the law worked.

Again, he could not see that it was motive that counts and that the happy state in spirit world cannot be bought with hard cash. A small service performed unselfishly builds a greater edifice in the spirit world to the glory of God than do large sums of money expended on ecclesiastical bricks and mortar erected for the glory of men with full emphasis upon the donor.

He thought he had the highest happiness: I bought it. I gave millions of dollars. Look at the church. It has my name on it. Look what I did, I gave a pipe organ to my church. Look what I did, I gave thousands of dollars to the orphans of Vietnam. In America, frequently we think in those terms, that we can go to the great heaven. The book said that it is the motive that counts.

Now I am going to draw the conclusion. Ladies and gentlemen, what then should be our motive? We look at ourselves as Unification Church members. What is our Father teaching every day? What have we learned here in the Unification Church? You know, we learn one way of life. Alpha and omega. Alpha is Father and omega is Father. We members, knowing the Principle, know that we benefit the most by not benefitting ourselves. Unselfish motivation. You see, when you have the slightest degree of greediness and complaining heart, you need to come back to God and make up with God first. Set your state of mind straight. Make yourself straight in such a way that you are starting out the day with Father.

Father Must Be the Motivation

I am emphasizing this because every Sunday morning we must initiate our every action and every move from Father. Is it Father's will? I am doing Father's work. I am bubbling with enthusiasm for Father. Whatever the result at the end of the day, it must be Father's. Alpha Father, omega Father. Start the day with Father and end the day with Father. Every action you do, witnessing, preaching, fund-raising, and selling newspapers, Father must be the motivation.

You know, I have a great admiration for Japanese people. I have learned a great deal about the Japanese spirit, and the Japanese brothers and sisters are doing really amazing things for Father. It is a great joy. One time I heard about a Japanese soldier during World War II (of course, they fought not for God but for the emperor) who was going into battle in the final assault. He ran on the battlefield when the assault order came, shouting "banzai! banzai! banzai!" Do you know what banzai means? Mansei. The Japanese word for mansei is banzai. Why did he do that? In an assault, you don't know when the final moment will come, when the bullet will strike. So if he was going to die, he wanted to die with "banzai" on his lips. He wanted the final word on his lips to be banzai for the emperor.

Even though that loyalty was centered upon the emperor, we Unification Church members can learn from this. We are running. The assault line is in New York. Every day is an assault day. We are running with the word "Aboji, Father" on our lips, crying out "Aboji," and running and running. Our banner is the Divine Principle. We are not going to kill anyone. We are going to let the people live. Our job is different. But the experience is the same. With our spirit we are running with the banner of Divine Principle every day, with the word Aboji on our lips.

Some of you sitting here look pale. You look sleepy. Some of you fasted and are undernourished. You are not dressed as well as Liberace. But I tell you, from the spirit eyes, from the eyes of God, you are the most beautiful people. You are the most shining people here on earth. God sees light. On a dark night when you fly in an airplane over the countryside, you see only pitch-dark earth. Here and there a light is shining. Those are the members of the Unification Church. God is like a pilot steering the plane going over the earth. You are there and God sees the light sparkling. It comes from the members of the Unification Church. Your face may be pale and you may be weak, but you don't care. True Parents have the power to raise us up to divine spirits. In the sight of God, we are shining like stars. When I ride in a plane at night, I go over two different kinds of areas, rural and city. When the plane is over New York, there are so many city lights. God wants to see, not darkness, but the Unification Church members shining like sparkling jewels.

Our motivation must be totally unselfish. Meeting True Father and hearing the Divine Principle is not itself real gold. This is merely an opportunity. If you are a wise man, you are going to use this opportunity to the maximum. Don't hold back. Don't save your body. It doesn't matter if you live 30 years or 50 years or 100 years. Jesus lived only 33 years here on earth, but he was a liberator. He was a savior to mankind. It doesn't matter how long you live. It does matter how you live, with the proper motive, proper vision, proper perspective, and absolute loyalty to True Parents. Do not waste the opportunity. Live for the sake of this life element, this Divine Principle, for the sake of True Parents. Knowing this much truth, if you can die for the cause, there is no greater honor that God can give you.

I would like to conclude with one verse from Jesus Christ in Luke 12:4: "I tell you, my friends, do not fear those who kill the body, and after that have no more that they can do. But I will warn you whom to fear: fear him who, after he has killed, has power to cast into hell; yes, I tell you, fear him!" Do not fear the enemy. Do not fear the government. Do not fear the soldiers. Do not fear communism. Do not fear assassins. All those can only kill your body; they can never even touch a finger to your soul. After I am gone from this physical body here on earth, whether I leave it now, or 10 or 20 years later, doesn't make any difference. The important thing is to invest my physical body completely so God can benefit. So the Kingdom of God can benefit.

Our True Parents don't teach the fear of God. We are not following God because we are fearful of Him. He is my father. You are not afraid of your father. You love him. You love him so much, therefore there is nothing you cannot do for him. That is the message.

My brothers and sisters, I may not have spoken very eloquently or expressed myself well. But I am sure you wise brothers and sisters understand what I am trying to say. What would be the truly honorable prototype of Unification Church members? With the True Parents we conquered death a long time ago. We do not taste death. We do not see death anymore. We only see one thing. I am praying for that one day. God has given me this one body as an opportunity. Thank you very much. Let us pray.

Prayer by Bo Hi Pak:

Our most loving Heavenly Father. I just cannot fully explain what you want to tell our brothers and sisters. I am sorry, Father, I am so inadequate, so incapable to transmit your heart. Particularly your agony, your anticipation, and anxiety. Father, therefore, I must leave everything to you, the end result. Father, I want you to take over. Take over the mind and heart of every brother and sister listening. Let them become your closest sons and daughters. Let them become your truly loyal subjects for your kingdom. Father, these are the people in whom you bestowed your hope. We are your hope. If we fail you, no one else can fulfill your hope, Father. When we do this, it is very serious. Today and every day, Father, we want You to give us faith, give us Your truth, and in response we give You our loyalty, our steadfastness, our dedication, our absolute life-giving life. Above all, we give our life to it. Because You have given us eternal life. We dedicate our lives to you. It is more than a pledge. More than a joy to do it. Father, thank You.

Until we welcome once again True Parents here in this room at Belvedere, I want You to stay with us all the way and live with You, walk with You, eat with You. We laugh and cry with You. We do everything with You, Father. I am Your body. We are Your body. Father, You are dwelling in us. I feel You are talking to us, speaking to us every moment of the day. So any person who feels weak this morning, let them be strengthened, Father. Let them become a giant, Father, with a new spirit and stamina and then we can surely go assault the world of Satan. With the word of Aboji on our lips every minute. Father, we want to speak Aboji as the final word, and we want to assault enemy territory, not in retreat. Thank you, Father. Until we welcome True Parents next week, protect our Father. Father, we give ourselves Your protection, Your power, Your inspiration so we can report tremendous things next week. Thank you. All these things we pray in the name of our most beloved True Parents. Amen.

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