Truth is My Sword, Volume II

by Bo Hi Pak

Chapter 49 Staying Alive

Miami, Florida
December 11, 1988

Here, Dr. Pak encourages, inspires, and compliments the hard work of the American Leadership Conference and expresses great confidence in what they can and will accomplish in the future.

This morning I want to share just a few things with you, and I want to hear state leaders this time instead of regional directors. I want to hear five minute reports from those state leaders who brought the most state legislators. Most of all, I want to see your spirit. Remember the last time we saw Father at East Garden? He said, "You all look good, shining." Father said your eyes were shining. With those two sentences I knew that conference was very, very successful because Father seldom says such a thing. Father does not give complements for just anything. You know that, right? Father does not pay lip service. If Father says it, he means it. So when Father said that, I was jubilant. I almost could not hear what Father said next.

In any case, that was a historical conference. We never had that kind of conference before. That was the most smooth, most comforting, loving conference at East Garden. After that experience, after Father's talk at that time, I do not have too much to share today. You have that impact still alive in your heart.

This morning what I want to share is this: America has more and more come into the hands of American leadership. Father is spending more time in Korea; many old Japanese members had to return to Japan; and Reverend Kwak, who has been leading the World Missions Department, has now been given a more primary assignment in Korea. For that reason most of the responsibilities Reverend Kwak was fulfilling with the church organization have been transferred to Dr. Durst. That means American leadership. That cannot be done without Father's permission. Father ordered that transfer to happen. American leadership is now the central point of the American movement. That means ACC/AFC and CAUSA International, you are truly, truly the center of the American movement because most of the American seniors, elders, leaders are all here. Father gave ACC/AFC and CAUSA International the best, the elite of our movement, the veterans, seasoned soldiers of our movement.

I know your shoulders are more heavily burdened. You are responsible not only for the mission of ACC and ALC, but also for indirectly assisting America's spiritual movement. That is the implication. For that reason, more than ever, I want you to be exemplary Unificationists. You are more than ever required to become political saints and spiritual saints of the American movement. 1989 is going to be a fantastic year. A lot of work needs to be done. That year is going to be your year: ACC/AFC, CAUSA International, Global Images Associates. It is your year. 1989. We are going to make a truly substantial advance in every direction.

In 1988 we laid the groundwork. In 1989 we will physically bring the achievement so that we can become 10,000-pound gorillas. We choose where we stay. We choose where we sleep.

Spiritually Alive

That is the year that is coming up. As I always said, unless you become an exemplary Unificationist, you cannot become a political saint. Nor can you become a political leader. It has always been my principle and that principle you now know is working. Nothing pleases me more than when members come to say to me that, after tackling the ACC/AFC mission, you have become more spiritually alive. You are more spiritually alert, you are witnessing more and teaching the Divine Principle more. Nothing is more pleasing to me than hearing that kind of testimony. I know that person will succeed, not only in their spiritual life, but in their political mission.

In many, many cases our members get burnt out because they forget their roots. They pursued their mission as a political, PR mission. Soon, their energy sags, they are confused. Their spiritual reservoir has dried up.

I saw many members leave, even after 10 or 15 years of great service to our True Parents.

You can do that. I cannot afford to do that. After 31 years of service, I simply cannot burn out. You must have more spiritual liquid inside. With spiritual fluid abundantly flowing in your body, you will never dry up. You will be deeply ready to be touched, moved to tears. Those people who do not have the experience of being moved to tears are not true Unificationists. Tears, sweat, blood. Those are an integral part of the Unification movement.

So allow yourself to be moved, inspired. When you are in that state, you can move other people. Amazing. No matter how beautifully you have written your speech, if you have no spiritual fluid lubricating your body, you will not move people. You will not inspire people. What is leadership? The quality of inspiring power. That is leadership. You have the quality of inspiring power. Yesterday, after I gave testimony to our True Parents, several state legislators came to me and said, "I have listened to your testimony several times, but tonight it was almost like hearing you for the first time. So refreshing, so touching. I heard it before, but it came to me as brand-new information."

That is the way it should be. Divine Principle, CAUSA material, Godism, can never be stagnant. It is flowing water, not stagnant pond water. Still water becomes smelly, dark green, not pure. Unless water is flowing, it will stagnate. I am always amazed by True Father and True Mother. After listening to Father for 31 years, today is no exception. When he begins to speak, he forgets himself. Forgets time. Forgets eating. Forgets the surroundings. He is full of endless energy and power and the message of resurrection that revives people.

I was at the science conference in California, and Sunday morning we went to Fish House. All the members gathered and Father began to speak. I thought Father would speak probably two hours, or at the most three hours. Father reached the conclusion at three hours. I knew it. I had been translating, and I had the feeling that Father said it all. But Father just could not stop. He had so much love flowing, energy and spirit flowing. Father just kept pounding, going, going, going-for six hours. There I saw the difference between Father and me. After six hours Father looked more energetic. After six hours he was just as fresh as the first moment. He had energy, even after a six-hour sermon, standing and moving around for six hours. He had gotten into the car to return to the hotel, but then he got back out and spent another 15 to 30 minutes looking around that gigantic factory. I confess, I couldn't. My legs wouldn't listen to me anymore. So I stayed in the car. That is the difference between Father and me.

Although we are each a mini-Father, we have a long way to go. But we are doing very well. You are winning. You are winning handsomely. So, be sure to be good Unificationists. Read the Divine Principle every day. When we read the Divine Principle, it is almost like reading it for the first time. If you are really reading it, that is the way it should be. You always do Pledge Sunday morning at 5:00 at home, with your wife and children. Even the little baby does Pledge. This is all the True Parents' tradition. Also do Pledge the first day of the month and do the Il Jung prayer. Always have the candle ready. Take time to pray. Then you will have that reservoir of spiritual fluid. Spiritual liquid will be abundant in your body, so your character will turn out to be very tasty. People will see it. Almost like juicy fruits, not dried fruits, but juicy fruits. Human beings should be like juicy fruits. People feel it through you; the vibration goes out from you.

If we all had spiritual eyes, we could see our spiritual auras. Everybody has an aura, like wearing a hat. Some people have a more intense aura, more shining. Some people have a less intense aura. I know every one of you wears a good aura, no question about it. But Father and Mother wear an aura like the sun in heaven. In the spiritual world, you cannot stare straight at Father and Mother. You cannot see them because your eyes are blinded by the light, just as Jesus' disciples could not see too well when Jesus transformed into shining light on the Mount of Transfiguration. That is what Father and Mother are spiritually. And we all can be like that. We are spiritual beings; this body is merely a case, a vehicle to carry your spiritual self while you are living here on earth. While on earth your spiritual self can grow more intense and brighter every day through your commitment, practice of true love, connection to True Parents, study of Divine Principle, and doing good actions in accordance with the truth.

True Patriotism

This is why this ALC conference is so important. People can feel that it is not a dry, business-like, anti-communist conference. Yes, we critique communism. No question about it. But we critique communism in order to bring Godism out brilliantly. Communism is like a black backdrop. Then the Godism lectures write white letters on top of that black backdrop. That is why it shines out brilliantly, and that is why it makes an impact. Many people will be motivated when they come here and for the first time in their lifetime experience true patriotism, love of family, love of humanity.

Yesterday I listened to AFC presentations after not hearing them for a long time. The speakers are becoming one of us now; they sound like one of us. I am overjoyed. There is a bigger commitment, more clear direction. Later in the evening one of the speakers was very apologetic, saying he was sorry they didn't do a great job. But I told him he did a great job because I felt the spirit, not only in him, but in every single speaker. Wendy Flint, for example. At dinner she told me the NEA already had a plan to cut her out in the next election to the school board. Do you know what she said? "Wendy Flint must die so that a thousand Wendy Flints will come into being." That moved me to tears. She wanted to be a Joan of Arc of the United States, and as the Bible said, the barley seed must die for new barley to come up. You must feel exactly the same. By dying, we never die. This is the secret. By dying, you become an undying dynamo. You never die. You become a saint. That is all there is to it.

I want you to know clearly that recently I feel my physical limitation. I start to feel that I am not like Joe Tully, Tom Ward, or Matthew Morrison. I am not like big man Mike Leone. For the first time, I am starting to feel I am a little older man than you are. But I am really pushing myself to the edge, because this is not the only mission I have. I have many dozens of responsibilities, especially the China initiative.

Father called me here to the conference. When Peter Kim calls, I know who is calling so immediately that ignited me. I just asked Peter Kim one question: where are you? He said East Garden. Then Father got on the line and I gave a really good report to Father, at least 30 minutes. Father was very, very, very inspired. Father needs to have give and take too, just as much as God needs give and take of love. That is why He created us. God needs give and take of love, and True Parents need give and take of love. You must realize that. We had wonderful give and take with Father and reported all about this conference, all the speakers, and how all of you look. So Father's spirit is here.

You know a secret of our movement. When Father's interest focuses on a project, that project succeeds. When Father forgets a certain project, that project will die. Isn't that true? As long as Father's active interest is with AFC/ACC, CAUSA, American Leadership Conference, we shall be booming. So my role is to become a good mediator between all of you and our projects and Father. That is my mission.

So, spiritually you are more pure every day. Your spiritual liquid is flowing. But politically you are also becoming wiser. Learning, experimenting, experiencing, working. You are becoming better leaders. Initiate, create, fund-raise, so that each state becomes autonomous. Joe Tully told me he visited the Florida AFC headquarters and was impressed. Each state will become a vibrant operating center as much as Washington headquarters. Each state is a nation. The 50 nations in this one United States of America. In that respect you are like a national leader. Vibrant, autonomous, organized, with stamina, planning, execution.

Only One Messiah

I try to emphasize to Father that AFC has only one person in a state, trying to get you some more support. But I never win that game with Father. Father answers that God sent only one messiah on the planet earth. I have nothing more to say after that. So one in each state, in Father's eyes, is too many. Father thinks big, you know. He sees you as the messiah in that state because you are the only link that state has with True Parents. You are the link to the political life of this nation. You are the link.

Because of AFC this nation will be blessed politically. The hands of God are now on all 50 states. You as individuals are the vibrant, most independent, autonomous, creative, dedicated, showcase of leadership in every state. For you regional directors, it is almost like being responsible for one continent. You must feel that way. It is always my conclusion that never before and never after will you meet any person like True Father and True Mother. You always come to the poignant realization that the True Parents are here one time in the entire human history. We are sharing life together in the same time with our True Parents. It is the greatest honor and the greatest responsibility as well.

So, that is all I have to say. You figure it out. I am not going to give you any minor details. You are vibrant, dynamic, creative individuals. By now you know what needs to he done. You figure that out. That is your responsibility. I am just giving you the basic, fundamental core of truth. I am not dealing with the nitty gritty too much anymore-except money problems. Those money people harass me, saying please help me. Those brothers harass me. Hitoshi Nagai always calls me and says, "Dr. Paaaak, how are you, sir?" I tell him I don't want to hear you; don't call me. Hiroshi is very obedient. Yes, sir. He hangs up. He never argues. The problem is I am always the loser and he is always the winner. Sooner or later he catches me somehow. Tom Ward is smart. He never calls about money-he always puts Hitoshi in the hot spot.

In terms of money, ACC/AFC is never that fortunate. Working within the parameter of the budget never happens. You state leaders, regional coordinators, you know that very well. There is no such thing as a budget. I am trying to work always for the best but I always prepare for the worst. If Father does not give us one penny for 1989, is that the end of AFC/ACC? No. Be ready. That is why I am trying to make this organization as autonomous as possible.

So far we have not succeeded completely. We are going to do more. I would like to see at least one million dues-paying members. Not 300,000, 400,000, 500,000. One million. That will happen in 1989. We are going to organize the Ollie North World Freedom Project, a program on SDI, and anti-pornography programs. During the non-election year, those kinds of projects must be promoted. So we will have different kinds of people associating with AFC. The Ollie North project won't be there forever. His trial will be go on for six months or a year. Eventually, however, I want to have Ollie North vindicated and become a hero, become a candidate for political office.

AFC will do different kinds of projects. We will work against pornography, child abuse, free sex, child molesting. All these are the core evils of American society today. We will hit the root.

The bottom line is we want to be autonomous. Even if Father does not give one penny budget, we shall overcome. Father does not give you a budget just to maintain the current level. No. Not at all. Zoom! Grow! When Father sees that possibility, it is more likely we can get that budget. Just maintaining at the same level will never get you the budget. Father invests where miraculous success can be obtained. When AFC shows that kind of potential, then we will have a budget.

We have Pierre Ceyrac from France here. He came here to copy. Be careful. He is a spy now, coming from France trying to duplicate AFC's success in France. I want him to succeed so I want him to be a good spy. Learn everything we have. We are not that stingy. We are going to teach him. France politically is very important. Pierre is going to have a great future in that country. He was the first Blessed brother who served as a National Assembly congressman, and he will again in the future. He is an example of what you could be in this country.

I am using up all your time. I want to hear from two or three people who brought the most in terms of legislators. Which states brought the most? Iowa. OK, Iowa stand up. Come here, please. Give us a five-minute report.

David Payer has been very successful from day one. Many successful things are happening in Iowa. This never happens by accident. It is so important to have dedicated people at the local level leadership. If you have the right person at the top, 90 percent of the work is done. We are people, not machines. This is how we differentiate ourselves from the Marxist point of view. Marx looks at the human being as a machine, a chunk of dirt. But we see ourselves as the image of God, co-creators. So we can have infinite energy and creativity. Human beings are incredible. Each one of you is the image of God, with creativity and endless energy. God's supreme creation.

Also, yesterday at the invitation committee breakfast, someone said that the campaign strategy he used to get elected came from the AFC manual, 12 points. They were his campaign pledges. So, knowingly or unknowingly, you can influence and impact these people. They come here and listen several times. They start to speak like one of us. And they get inspired and win the election.

OK, next state. Mississippi. Then I would like to prepare West Virginia. Tom, make sure that when we take a picture, that an 8x10 print and a cover letter are sent out automatically. This should be our standard operating procedure.

OK, one more report, very quickly. Missouri.

I felt very sorry when James Meredith was so Republican, so anti-Democrat, almost to an embarrassing degree. I respect him as a person. He is a truly godly man, no question about it. He is a spiritual man, a dedicated man, a great American, but his delivery is somewhat embarrassing. Just hitting the Democrats so hard. So we have a problem, of course, getting more Democratic senators and congressmen as speakers here. However, you are bringing a lot of Democrats. But to make sure, tell them Dr. Pak loves Democrats. How can you know? Because he quotes only two presidents, John F Kennedy and Thomas Jefferson. I am not quoting any Republican until I start quoting Abraham Lincoln some day. But I am quoting only two presidents, Democratic presidents, so tell them Dr. Pak seems to be more Democrat.

You don't hear me using words liberal and conservative too much. Their definitions are also quite difficult. More important is to recognize and fight against the movement that is anti-religion, anti-America, anti-humanity, anti-God. Atheistic humanism is so dangerous, as dangerous as communism. ALC and the CAUSA movement will continue because our job is to make America pro-God, getting back to our roots.

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