Truth is My Sword, Volume II

by Bo Hi Pak

Introduction by Dr. Aziz Sidky

Dr. Aziz Sidky served as Prime Minister of Egypt (197273). He was also ambassador to France and deputy prime minister for industry and mineral resources and minister of minerals and petroleum. He is currently chairman of the Council of Presidents of the Summit Council for World Peace.

It is my pleasure and honor to introduce this collection of Inspirational Messages and Personal Testimonies to Reverend Moon by Dr. Bo Hi Pak. Upon reading these remarks I have come to know better not just the man, but also the spirit of Dr. Pak. What I have learned has impressed me greatly. Dr. Pak is one of these rare souls who has managed to live a life so full it would be enough to fill a dozen biographies.

I first met this extraordinary man in 1991. Through the recommendation of my dear friend Thomas Cromwell, publisher of the Middle East Times in Cyprus, I was invited to attend the inaugural ceremony of the Federation for World Peace in Seoul, Korea. Also attending this international symposium were leaders from more than 100 nations including representatives from North and South Korea. It was amazing to see so many distinguished diplomats willing to put aside their political differences and explore our areas of commonality.

I found the background of this new world organization to be fascinating. During the summit meeting between President George Bush and President Mikhail Gorbachev in Washington, June 1, 1990, Reverend Moon conceived the idea of the formation of this global organization to promote lasting world peace based on a true value system. Upon the recommendation of Reverend Moon, a declaration stating the goals and purpose of this organization was drafted. Within a short time, more than 100,000 persons signed this document demonstrating their support.

At center stage of this ceremony was the co-chairman and secretary general of the Federation for World Peace, Dr. Bo Hi Pak. When he addressed the assembly and whenever we met in the ensuing years, he always conveyed a warmth and camaraderie that I rarely experienced in my life. Above all else, I was taken by his passion. His body and spirit are matched with a genuine focused purpose. His words are not empty or hollow. He invests himself totally in the moment, whatever the location or cause.

Since 1991, I have attended numerous programs around the world of various organizations founded by the Reverend and Mrs. Moon and presided over by Dr. Pak. Those conferences represent a very remarkable contribution to the cause of peace and harmony among our nations and the fraternal integration of our peoples. Presently, I am proud to serve as chairman of the Council of Presidents of the Summit Council for World Peace. It is an organization made up primarily of former and current heads of state and government and prime ministers who are willing to lend their expertise and wisdom to issues of peace and development. Our organization's skills and ideals were put to the test when we created the commission for Korea's reunification, on which I serve. We were proud of promoting the diplomatic breakthrough that brought the United States and the DPRK (North Korea) to dialogue in order to solve their differences regarding nuclear weapons proliferation.

I have had the opportunity to meet and break bread with Dr. and Mrs. Pak on numerous occasions. More than once, I have sought out his advice and always found his counsel intelligent and wise, but most importantly, centered on a strong faith in God. As a diplomat, I can assure the readers, this is the most important quality a leader can hope to possess. It is not enough to reach inside to come up with answers. We must also be able to reach out to heaven for divinely inspired answers.

I have read the selections in this collection and studied his life's chronology. It is most insightful and informative, not only about Dr. Pak's own exciting and full life, but also as it reflects upon his special and unique relationship with Reverend and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon, whom he considers his spiritual parents.

Although I am 10 years Dr. Pak's senior, I have watched his career and marveled at his tenacity and willingness to serve the public good. He is truly a role model for us. In 1961, when Dr. Pak first came to the United States as deputy attaché for the Republic of Korea, I was serving in my own native country of Egypt as minister of industry. In 1964, when he emigrated to the United States, I was promoted to deputy prime minister and minister of industry and mineral wealth. During the late 1960s and early '70s, Dr. Pak was busy establishing various organizations dedicated to peaceful exchange between the U.S. and Korea, namely the Korean Cultural Foundation, sponsors of the Little Angels Children's Folk Ballet, which toured the world and performed before the Queen of England and at the United Nations.

In 1970, I was promoted to deputy prime minister for production and trade and to prime minister in 1972. From 1973 to 1975, I served as personal assistant to President Anwar Sadat.

In 1976, Dr. Pak established News World Communications, which published many newspapers around the world, including the Washington Times and newspapers in the Middle East, Japan, Korea, and South America.

In looking back on those years, I can see how God was constantly using Dr. Pak for ever greater projects. Dr. Pak prayed, listened, and heard the call of God. He gave up a successful, promising military and diplomatic career to serve as principal assistant and interpreter to a new religious leader. Few would have taken such a path, but such is the right stuff that Dr. Pak is made. He would rather follow his faith and serve humbly than gather possessions and riches in a secular world.

From reading the collection, I believe the following excerpt from a 1985 inspirational message given to members of the Unification movement summarizes his philosophy of life, his unselfish willingness to enlighten and educate the young people, and finally, reveals the source of his boundless energy and devotion:

While we live here on earth we are not cultivating this body; we are building our true body, our eternal body, our spiritual body. Within you now, right now, is that spiritual body. This physical body is sort of a case for the spiritual body. This physical body is like a rented vehicle for my spiritual body. When the time comes, the car rental company will say to turn it in. In our case, nature will say to turn it in. But the real body is being grown right now. You have no time to waste. You must grow your spiritual body every day. With Divine Principle and True Parents, you can reach perfection. That perfection means becoming a divine spirit. Your spiritual body will glow like a sun. That is our goal. We are investing our physical life for the perfection of our eternal life. We are practicing this; it is not a theory. We are doing it and we have a physical central figure, who will cover millions of miles in one second. This is the kind of spiritual heritage that we have. I want to talk about other things, but this is the most important thing. You and I are the children of God. We have this kind of privilege that no money can buy. In order to have this kind of spirit, you have got to live a vibrant, very happy, rewarding life here on earth.

This collection of speeches and internal guidance is a wonderful testimony that will inspire and guide. As a long-time admirer of Reverend and Mrs. Moon, and as a friend to Dr. and Mrs. Pak, I enthusiastically offer this introduction.

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