Truth is My Sword, Volume II

by Bo Hi Pak

Chapter 48 America, Your Time Has Come

Washington, DC
November 13, 1988

Dr. Pak speaks intimately and with great pride to all the American Freedom Coalition and American Constitutional Committee leaders after pledge service. He reports that Father asked the members at the recent leaders conference to lecture Divine Principle eight hours a day as a condition to increase the membership. He asks each of the AFC,/ACC leaders to give brief reports from their states in preparation for reporting directly to Father and congratulates them on the effort they all made toward the victory of George Bush's election.

When I ask Father about having only one AFC/ACC representative in each state, Father always replies, "God sent only one messiah to the entire globe." I can't win, you know. I am trying to get more people, so I always emphasize, Father, only one in a state, but Father says, one messiah for five billion people. So what can I say? You are the messiah of your state.

This morning I really do not want to talk for hours. I want to hear from you. Also I want to give the regional directors a chance to practice your reports before you give them to Father and Mother. That will definitely happen unless some emergency occurs. Father and Mother are most anxious to have you in East Garden after the conclusion of the Washington activities. Father arrived on November 7, the election was on the 8th, Children's Day the 9th, then the leaders' conference on the 10th. I did not ask Father to include you in that conference. On November 9, you had to take care of your flocks, your spiritual children. After the election you had to organize many things. But I have a separate ambition, to have all of you be invited as a single group to East Garden so that Father and Mother can concentrate on your activities only.

You know membership is so scarce, particularly after so many members went back to Japan and Europe, and the numbers are decreasing in this country. Father was deeply concerned. His message in that meeting can be summed up in only one sentence: America, your time has come. The American movement must increase membership. So Father expounded for five and a half hours on the importance of witnessing, bringing spiritual children into the center. Father said we should go back to the original tradition of the Unification Church, that is, 16 hours lecturing. Mr. Eu, the late president of the HSA-UWC in Korea, lectured every day for 16 hours. Sometimes no one came to listen and Father was a student, sitting there for 16 hours listening. He said, this is my Divine Principle and this is my expression of the truth. I am the center of the Divine Principle, but I was like a student sitting in front of Mr. Eu listening for 16 hours a day. That is the way the Unification Church foundation was laid. You do the same.

So at the end of the day our members pledged to Father and Mother to lecture at least eight hours a day, no matter what. Each week two cycles of Divine Principle shall be taught. If there are no listeners, speak to the wall, speak to the trees, cry out. God will send you children. That was the message.

Twenty-one day workshops will begin in every center. That means everybody will hear six cycles of Divine Principle in 21 days. That does not mean one person has to be on staff 21 days. The lecturers can change. Anyone can come in any day at any hour and start 21 days. After 21 days is successfully completed, that person will become a member. Thus, we can increase our membership.

The George Bush victory was seen by Father, and together with Father I explained how the election was going, state elections and so forth. Father's expectation and complete faith was that the George Bush/Dan Quayle team could never win that kind of victory without you. So Father did it because you did it. That was the confidence and joy and satisfaction Father has in his heart and we returned that glory.

Now I would like to have the 10 regional directors come up here in front and one by one give a report. Each one will have exactly five minutes. Who is going to be our chime? Bob Spitz, you have a good watch. Every five minutes you lift your finger and signal. They cannot speak more than five minutes. Five minutes is up -- out. This is good training. You have to give a certain message within so many minutes. It doesn't have to be perfect today. Make any mistakes now, so you won't make a mistake in East Garden. I just need to know the impression of how your region has done in this election, what things are happening. Of course, already two or three phenomena were reported by Michael Beard, Michael Leone and Gary Jarmin, and all these I already reported to Father. Father was delighted to hear several extraordinary things that happened. But now I want to hear a little bit more deeply from each region, and you can all hear what is happening in other regions. That is very, very important.

[After all the reports, Dr. Pak continued.]

I wish we could have more time, but the service is beginning right now. We have to go out right away. However, I suggest a couple of things. Mike, you did a beautiful job in presenting all this, but especially I am happy you prepared the gold cup for Father and Mother. That is the most important thing. When I receive something, I always feel uncomfortable because I would rather have Father and Mother receive it. I hope that is genuine gold.

Mike Leone, you discussed with Bob Grant one of those sessions with the Board of Governors. I would like to invite Tom Ward and Bill Lay and Rick Swarts to present those plaques once again in front of the Board of Governors. I will be there too to receive mine. That is one occasion I will show up, because this kind of thing is so important and I don't want it to be done casually.

Finally, all the regional directors, when you report to Father and Mother, you are right. Absolutely Heavenly Father and True Parents made the difference for victory. Jim, I would like you to take this chart with you and add something to it. This shows that without our help George Bush could not win. Those states with close votes, about 10 of them, could have gone the other way. Those 168 electoral votes could have gone to Dukakis without us. If Michael Dukakis got those 168 votes in addition to the 112, he would have gotten 280 votes, more than the 270 he would have needed. That means victory would have gone to Dukakis. This is the kind of thing that really shows we are making a difference. Not just a loud voice, but substantial results.

But I want you to know, as many of you already said, it is God and True Parents who made this victory this year. Father said, behind every bush is a Moonie. Father also said a bush has no trunk. George Bush is all bushes. We are the trunk, Father said. It is another way of explaining how Father's incredible mind is working. Bush has to be molded into a trunk. If he stays a simple bush, he has no power, no energy. In any case, you regional directors, everybody, report in my tradition: give all the glory, all the commitment to the True Parents, period. Because that is what brought the victory. Begin with the glory of True Parents, and close with the victory of True Parents. That is the way you report. Attribute everything to the True Parents. That is the way I feel. If you did not win this time in certain cases, fine. That doesn't matter. We are laying a tremendous foundation. We won a most incredible victory.

I want you to go and help the great service this morning. Have a great breakfast and a great day. I will see you later on today and tomorrow. God bless you, great brothers.

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