Truth is My Sword, Volume II

by Bo Hi Pak

Chapter 29 A Korean Defends His Country

Belvedere Estate
Tarrytown, New York
June 25, 1978

Dr. Pak brings the members up to date with regard to important providential events since his last sermon on World Day (June 6). First he shares about the birth of Young Jin (June 22). Then he goes into detail about the successful press conference in Washington, D.C., where he announced the $30 million lawsuit against Congressman Fraser He reads in full the statement he made at the press conference and the one he made to Fraser himself, giving a clear and bold example of how to stand up proudly for our ideals.

How are you? It seems like a long time since we met here. When was it? The Day of All Things, June 6. Only 19 days and it seems like a long, long time because there are so many wonderful and great things happening. Let's count some of those wonderful things.

First of all, do you know Mother had a baby? Not an ordinary baby. This is a super baby. Do you know his name? Young Jin. By now you know what Jin means: march. What does Young mean? Glory. So actually his name means "March of Glory." It is time to glorify our Heavenly Father and True Parents. This child brought the glory of God to the world. Truly he did. As I said, he is a super baby. He weighed 10 pounds, 3 ounces. Think of it. A baby normally weighs 5 or 6 or 7 pounds. So our baby is about double that. That is why his nickname is super baby. The height was 22 inches, although Mrs. Choi said the doctor didn't measure correctly, didn't have the legs straightened out. So he really is 24 inches. Mother brought into this world a very extraordinary blessing.

Do you know the date of his birth? June 22. The 22nd of June is a very historical day. Father left for the European crusade on April 13, which means that June 22 is the 40th day after Father's departure. You know the number 40 is significant. Also, in Washington, we gave one final big punch to Fraser on that same day. A super punch. We had a press conference. Fraser compelled me to testify a total of five times, so for the sixth time I took the initiative in the form of a press conference. We brought all the press out, and then we declared war against Congressman Fraser by announcing a $30 million lawsuit on the grounds of deprivation and violation of the constitutional rights of me and the Unification Church.

Before the press conference began, I spoke to Father in London. I wanted to hear Father's voice before I went in to meet the press. Also, I wanted Father's guidance. I was going to call Father, but actually Father called me at that particular moment. Father knows what is going on here. So Father called and I talked to him and I was so happy and ready to go. Father's final word was, "Do you know Mother went to the hospital?" No, sir, I didn't know Mother had gone this morning to deliver a baby. I felt so grateful to Heavenly Father that on the day I was going to punch Fraser's nose that a new prince was coming into the world.

Before the press conference began at 10 o'clock, I called East Garden to see if there was good news. If there was, then I could announce that hot news to the world. But since this baby is such a super baby, he took a little time to be delivered. One hour after the press conference was over we had the good news. That was the beautiful, victorious conclusion of the battle. The glory came. That is the way it should be. Glory cannot come in the middle of the battle. Glory comes after completion. So we declare the victory and based upon the victory, the glory of God can come. It is the Principle.

A Special Tactic

So, March 22-I mean June 22. The reason I keep saying March 22 is because that was the first day I testified before the Fraser committee. So June 22 is three months after. I would like to give more report and I have more good news to share with you, but first let me dwell on this press conference a little while. You know what the press is like pretty well by now, especially the Washington Post and the New York Times. They are a different breed from the normal human species. To deal with this difficult and special species, I needed a different tactic. So I asked for advice from the News World.

The News World staff said to me, well, there must be a solution. Press people usually work till late at night and when they have to get up and attend an early morning press conference, they are not in a good mood. They dash into the room and are bombarded with speeches and papers and they don't even get a cup of coffee. There is one way to make them more friendly. Feed them. Well, I thought that was a very good idea. Also, I thought that would be courteous. We Unification Church members always feed people. Father always feeds the VIPs. Father serves banquets. Yes, Jesus fed 5,000 people. So, I decided to feed them more than five loaves and two fishes.

The announcement the press received said, "Press Breakfast and News Conference." They didn't even have to read the words "News Conference." As long as they read "Press Breakfast," they would come. We prepared a room for about 100 people to sit comfortably at the Washington Capital Hilton. We had a breakfast buffet line, beautifully organized. As usual, whatever we Unification Church members do, we do it meticulously. The room almost looked like a banquet hall.

When the press walked in, they were so surprised; they had never seen such a press conference in their lives. They had never seen a food line like that. Then they were greeted with the famous Moonie smile. They were each given a big package, the press kit, with every kind of material neatly prepared and organized for them. One of our sisters led them into the breakfast line with lots of good food, and they had coffee and sat down at the nicely set table. Then they started to read. They loved it. Something to eat, something to read, something to drink. Perfect. By 10:00, they were very comfortable. Their stomach was comfortable, their brain was comfortable because they didn't have to work that hard since the material they received was so well prepared, already digested for them. So the hostility of the press was all gone. Almost like pulling their sharp teeth. They have no teeth to bite us.

When the representative of our headquarters, Susan Rhinebolt, who always deals with the press, came, she couldn't believe her eyes. She said, "The Unification Church has conducted many press conferences, but I have never in my life seen the wolves become lambs." They were sitting quietly, like well-trained high school students, really listening. When I read my statement, they read along, going over every page with me. It was almost like a classroom.

All right, I will make that statement now. This time I have a better audience. This nine-page statement shows our church's position very clearly so you ought to know about it. You will know clearly where we stand, what kind of fight we are in, and how we should pray about it.

Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for coming. Yesterday I completed my fifth appearance at the Fraser hearings. It was an Executive Session ...

Do you know what Executive Session means? It means secret session. In other words, the doors are closed, no press, no audience. The previous meetings were public. There was an audience, our members were there, and our enemies were there. All the press, Washington Post, New York Times, everybody was there. But, all of a sudden, because Fraser was punched three times at the public meetings, he changed to Executive Session.

I fought him with the truth. I attacked with the truth. Apparently he felt very uncomfortable. In the entire history of the Congress, no congressman got that kind of pain. One of our members attended a meeting in Washington, D.C., with many high-level people. Everybody was talking about Fraser and his subcommittee. One person casually commented, "Did you hear about the little Korean man came who came before Fraser and ripped him apart?" Apparently, that little Korean man was me. I am not that little, but to Americans I guess I am little. A little Korean man came in and tore him apart. That is what he said. Amazing, that kind of talk is going around on the Hill. Anyway, Fraser decided not to give me this opportunity again, so he closed the doors.

However, what I have said in the three previous public hearings is not secret. What took place there is already history. Today I would like to announce that the Unification Church and I, Bo Hi Pak, have jointly filed a lawsuit for $30 million against Congressman Donald M. Fraser and his investigators, Mr. Edwin H. Gragert and Mr. Martin Lewin, on the grounds of conspiracy to violate and deprive the Unification Church and me of our constitutional rights. Through this lawsuit, we are seeking a court injunction and damages to stop the abuses and violation of civil and constitutional rights of the church, its leaders, and its members. The lawsuit was filed at 9:00 a.m. this morning with the United States District Court in Washington, D.C. Copies are available for the press.

For the last 36 months because of the investigation on Korean-American relations, which has been more a witch-hunt than a fair investigation, my honor and the safety of my family have been greatly jeopardized.

The constitutional rights of Reverend Moon and the Unification Church have been freely invaded and violated. His safety and the safety of his family are now seriously threatened. This has been the result of the slander, innuendo, and the premeditated character assassination of the Fraser subcommittee.

We believe that Congressman Fraser has an ulterior, hidden motive in this investigation. He is determined to destroy Reverend Moon and the Unification Church and to undermine Korean-American relations. In so doing he violated numerous laws and rules of the House of Representatives and denied the Unification Church and me our First Amendment rights. We protested again and again to no avail. Thus we have constituted this lawsuit today.

Congressman Fraser has abused the enormous government power to intimidate the powerless. He has exploited popular and sensitive issues for personal political gain by using the technique of the "big lie" and guilt by association. I am one of these victims. Reverend Moon is another. Thirty-five million Korean people, by and large, are the victims of his plot. Many Asians in this country have suffered. Yet the Unification Church members around the world are the ones who have been hit the hardest.

In the ruthless pursuit of this end, Congressman Fraser adopted the classic formula: the end justifies the means. For example, he dispatched the investigators Gragert and Lewin to the Unification Church in Washington without authorizing and issuing a search warrant. They falsely misrepresented themselves as architects and conducted a secret search of our church. When this was discovered, one of them tried to cover up their illegal conduct.

In addition, in order to pursue his hidden goal, Congressman Fraser stacked his investigative staff with people who share his predetermined commitment to getting Korea and the Unification Church.

Also there is evidence of what has been termed a reverse Korean payoff scandal. Congressman Fraser awarded $2,000 consulting contracts to four witnesses who had given testimony detrimental to South Korea or the Unification Church. In order to investigate influence-buying here in America, he paid witnesses to testify the way he wanted them to testify.

I do not approve of influence-buying. Several Koreans have been accused of buying the influence of United States congressmen by giving them campaign contributions. Congressman Fraser has bought the testimony of several witnesses by awarding them consulting contracts. What is the difference?

Today's action by me and our church is the only alternative left for us to see that justice is done. We have pleaded, we have protested, and we have petitioned over and over again, but to no avail. We have come to the point where we have to appeal to a court of law.

I have been summoned by Congressman Fraser five times to testify in the congressional hearing room. Now, I want to meet Congressman Fraser in the courtroom. It is ironic that we must bring this civil rights lawsuit against Congressman Fraser, who is supposed to be the gallant fighter for human rights and who should be regarded as the defender and guardian of the powerless, unpopular, and oppressed. After all, America is the land of justice and freedom. We believe this is the land where the powerless, unpopular, and even oppressed can still be heard and still find justice for all.

Therefore, filing this lawsuit against Congressman Fraser today marks a day of vindication for all the powerless, all the unpopular, all the oppressed. Through this lawsuit we want to bring this gross injustice to the attention of the world and bring ultimate vindication for all those who have been oppressed by the abuses of government power. This fight is not just our fight. This is a fight for what America stands for. For the sake of God and the very sake of America, our fight must prevail.

Now I would like to take a moment to give you the reason why Reverend Moon will not cooperate with the Fraser subcommittee investigation. On June 6, 1978, Congressman Fraser in his eight-page statement regarding Reverend Sun Myung Moon indicated to the press that the subpoena issued by the subcommittee called for Reverend Moon to appear on June 13. He led the reporters to believe that Reverend Moon had been expecting the subpoena, and he implied Reverend Moon might have gone to England to avoid being served.

Yet, previously his attorney had told my attorney that there was a very good chance it would not be necessary to call Reverend Moon. They promised my attorney that the subcommittee would not make any decision about calling Reverend Moon as a witness and would not issue a subpoena for Reverend Moon until after the completion of my testimony. Then why should Reverend Moon expect that he would be subpoenaed for June 13 when I was scheduled to testify on June 20? Reverend Moon has planned to conduct an evangelical tour in Europe for a long time. Reverend Moon was also scheduled to officiate, as he did, at the marriage of 118 couples on May 21, 1978.

What really happened is this. When Congressman Fraser heard Reverend Moon was in London, he issued a subpoena and quickly held a press conference to wave the subpoena in order to make it look like Reverend Moon skipped the country to avoid being served. Reverend Moon was in the United States for a solid two years while the subcommittee hearings were being held. He actually avoided going out of the country. Congressman Fraser could have subpoenaed Reverend Moon any time. He didn't. He waited until he could make the most political capital. Korea is in the news again. Congressman Fraser's Senate campaign is under way. Reverend Moon left the country and Congressman Fraser seized the chance to make a grandstand play.

I tell you, ladies and gentlemen, honestly and openly, Reverend Moon will not cooperate with such a sordid investigation. Would Pope Paul dash to Washington to answer questions about the extent and sources of the Catholic wealth? Or the charges that Catholics in America had lobbied against abortion? Would Billy Graham abandon his evangelical schedule to answer malicious, slanderous charges after Congressman Fraser had secretly conspired against him, broken his promises to him, and tried to trick him?

Our fight is a fight for principle. Reverend Moon is not a private person. He is a symbol of our church and religion. Once a religious leader becomes prey to a political opportunist, then every religion in this country is threatened. Not just Reverend Moon's church, but other Christian churches, Jewish synagogues, and Buddhist temples. We will not permit our religious leader to be dragged through the mud and accused and humiliated by the Fraser subcommittee. At stake is not only Reverend Moon's honor, but America's honor. If Reverend Moon is made to go through with this farce, then America and not Reverend Moon will have been demeaned.

What lies before us is a fundamental constitutional question. It is not a question of the Unification Church versus Congress, but rather a question of the Constitution versus misguided Congress.

Is Reverend Moon trying to hide from giving testimony? Just reflect for a moment. Would he have voluntarily testified before the Securities and Exchange Commission if he were hiding from giving testimony? No. It is this subcommittee and its bias and intolerable abuses that Reverend Moon must oppose. We will not permit Congressman Fraser to stage his Senate campaign at the expense of our religion.

Reverend Moon just might consider accepting the subpoena under one condition: They issue a subpoena to Pope Paul, Billy Graham, Oral Roberts, Robert Schuller, the head of the Mormans, the Baptists, Jews, Methodists, Lutherans, and many others. Why? Because Reverend Moon has done nothing more to deserve a subpoena than any of these great religious leaders. If the subcommittee thinks they deserve a subpoena, then perhaps Reverend Moon will consider the subpoena of him. In fact, he would then insist on one. He would not allow these great religious leaders to be persecuted without coming to their aid.

Yet if they call Reverend Moon because his activities are political, then they must call each of these religious leaders. Reverend Moon's activities are far less political than any of these great religious leaders in this country.

You know it is so true. Look at this, I have a newspaper clipping here. New York Times, June 15, 1978: "Certain Baptists call for arms limit." That is political. That is really political. Then it said, "In another action, the convention adopted the declaration that urges Southern Baptists to be committed to political action on behalf of human rights." That is political. They are all doing things like this. The Unification Church is far less political. I am so mad. What kind of double standard is that?

If the subcommittee calls Reverend Moon because his church is engaged in business, then they must call each of the great religious leaders. Reverend Moon's church has invested far less in business than these religious organizations. This book is titled The Religious Empire. It describes church businesses worth multi-billions of dollars. In this book Reverend Moon's Unification Church received one tiny paragraph consisting of five lines, a fraction of the space devoted to other churches.

Mr. Charles A. Stillman, Reverend Moon's attorney, wrote to the subcommittee, "Does the Constitution permit any different treatment of the Unification Church because of the unpopularity of both its spiritual leader and the country which occupies a special place in his theology? If the First Amendment were only intended to protect popular causes, it would be meaningless."

Reverend Moon stands for principle which he knows to be more important than life itself. And he does not stand alone. We stand with him. We will fight with our lives. And we do not stand alone. The Constitution of the United States stands with us. The men of principle around the world are our allies. We will fight the injustices and abuses of power of this subcommittee. We will fight to protect the good name and honor of our religious leader. We will fight for the principle of religious freedom and honor of America in the courts and in the Congress. Thank you very much.

What you just heard, the press heard. About 100 people from the Washington Post, the Washington Star, CBS news, UPI, AP, of course News World, and the French news and London Times, Japanese Osahi. All kinds. After this statement there was no hostility. There were a few questions, but very friendly questions. I don't like to meet the press because they are always hostile. But after being grilled by the Fraser subcommittee, boy, nothing is hostile anymore. Meeting the press was like a spring vacation. I really enjoyed it.

Yesterday there was a big celebration in Barrytown for the Unification Theological Seminary graduation. In the school's second graduation, 49 wonderful brothers and sisters graduated. It was a beautiful ceremony and a beautiful day and a beautiful setting. It was really heavenly. Many parents, brothers and sisters, and other relatives came to celebrate. Father gave his commencement address over the phone to David Kim, president of UTS, who read it in a most beautiful and inspiring way. Many brothers and sisters were really tearful to hear Father's message coming through Mr. Kim. After that there was a very inspirational banquet. As usual our great group Sunburst performed and uplifted the morale of our members as well as all the families. There were also great honor students.

Many of our brothers and sisters are going on to get their Ph.D.s. Some of them were accepted by Yale University. Some have already gone to Harvard. Our seminary standard is so high. Of course, the moral standard is probably the highest. Not probably-it is the highest. All in all it was a great day.

You know, in the lawsuit I am going to win $30 million. This is a new form of fund-raising: legal fund-raising. The New York Times owes us $45 million, Congressman Fraser owes us $30 million. Pretty good, $75 million. But actually I spent $30 million yesterday. I pledged $10 million to the Unification Theological Seminary for their facilities. I pledged that to David Kim, and he was happy to accept it. I pledged another $10 million for the future university of the Unification Church in Tarrytown. I pledged another $10 million for the international crusade for worldwide evangelism. So I have not even a penny left. Great, that is Father's way.

So all in all, many great news. I want to read another part. This is not from the press conference, but from the Fraser subcommittee testimony. I would like you to hear this because I know how much we all love Korea, the Fatherland of our faith. So what I have said about Korea I think is very meaningful to you. So I would like to recite a few pages and later on you can read the whole 43-page booklet of my testimony called "Truth Is My Sword." Have you seen it? Father would like to have this distributed all over the country because it presents the position of our church. In a way, Congressman Fraser did a great favor to our church. God even works with Satan. In other words, God can make use of everything. Even communism is unknowingly assisting God's dispensation.

Nothing but the Truth

This testimony at the congressional hearing is meaningful because I did it under oath. I am sure you saw the picture. I am telling the truth, nothing but the truth. Congressman Fraser posed such difficult questions, which I answered through the guidance of our Father. It is Father's spirit and Father's philosophy, Father's way of life. So this is not actually my testimony. It is the Unification Church testimony. Many brothers and sisters have told me that through this testimony they have learned how to handle certain tough questions. We know now how to answer those. So in that respect, it is valuable. People outside can come to understand our church in earthly term. Not the Divine Principle way, but in earthly terms, their language.

The 43 pages of this fourth testimony answer many allegations that not only Fraser is making but Satan also. So Part I is the general rebuttal and the reason why Reverend Moon will not cooperate with this investigation. Part II, point by point, answers Fraser's allegations of June 6, 1978, against Reverend Sun Myung Moon. In Part III, a Korean defends his country. I would like you to read it and also use it in witnessing about our church all over the country and the world.

I would like to take a few minutes to read the following pages. This is more meaningful than giving an ordinary sermon this morning. This is my sermon actually: "A Korean Defends His Country." Actually I want to say "A Moonie Defends His Country." In Korea, this book is being distributed all over the country and what 35 million Koreans think is: boy, Fraser finally got the real taste of Korea. That is what they say. Real taste. I hope he got the real taste of Moonie, too.

By the way, the press conference was at 10:00 in the morning, and at 2:00 in the afternoon Fraser quickly called a press conference. He could not take it quietly. He has been so powerful and his nose was so high in the air. He was so scornful, not wanting to deal with us. But not anymore. It has become very hot now. So he had to respond. About six people showed up at his press conference. One of the six people was a News World reporter, and he really gave Fraser a hard time. I appreciate Father's wisdom in directing and building The News World. We have our own newspaper company. Our reporters can be good to people, they can be nasty to people. Particularly our News World reporters are toughened and seasoned. So frontline reporters of News World are really elite now.

Yesterday at the seminary I explained that in the first century "Christian" was not an honorable title. It was a scornful word. Oh, he is Christian, she is Christian. That means he is a bad person. She is a bad person. That is what it meant in the first century. Also, 100 years ago in America, having a Mormon in your family was bad news. Parents were totally embarrassed if their son or daughter became a Mormon. But Christians, by their actions in service to God, made the word Christian an honorable name. Mormons made theirs an honorable name. We Moonies didn't choose our name, it was given to us. But we are making Moonie the most honorable name under the sun. And we don't need 2,000 years or 100 years. We need 10 years. In 10 years or even less than 10 years, Moonie shall be known as the most honorable name under the sun. That is our determination.

Yesterday at the seminary graduation, Dr. Thomas Boslooper, a very good scholar and a professor at our seminary, who was the emcee, stood up and said, "Today somebody called out to me, `Hey you, Moonie Boslooper.' If I had heard that two years ago I'm not sure how I would have responded. But today I am more inclined to say, yes, I am more like a Moonie." And he feels it to the bone. Yes, Barrytown, beautiful Moon-wash. So I am determined to make Moonie an honorable name. Right? Do you agree with me? Now I will read my statement to Congressman Fraser.

In the 1950s there was a senator who wanted to become famous. His name was Joe McCarthy. At one time he made everyone in government tremble. Innocent people were charged with being communists. He destroyed their honor, fame, and livelihood. He bluntly asked everyone the same question. "Are you now or have you ever been a member of the Communist Party?" He imputed guilt by association. He abused enormous government power to intimidate the powerless. He exploited popular and sensitive issues for personal and political gain. In the name of fighting communism he launched his inquisition, a witch-hunt. Most people think that McCarthyism has been laid to rest. Not so. Joe McCarthy may yet have to share his place in history.
Mr. Chairman, in 1978 the pendulum has swung to the other side. The same tactics and methods are being used under a different name. Another congressman wants to make his fame. Like Joe McCarthy, he is using the technique of the big lie and guilt by association to make headlines for himself and is destroying the lives of hundreds of powerless people. He is abusing the enormous power of a congressional subcommittee. His name is Congressman Donald M. Fraser of Minnesota. Fraserism is the McCarthyism of the left. But whereas Senator McCarthy was ostensibly fighting communists, Congressman Fraser is fighting anti-communists. Now the question is, "Are you now or have you ever been an agent of the Korean CIA?"
That is why Reverend Moon and Col. Bo Hi Pak are targets. They are both Korean and anti-communist. Congressman Fraser's ultimate target is not any single person, however. Congressman Fraser wants even bigger game and Reverend Moon and Col. Pak are only stepping stones. He wants to destroy the foremost anti-communist nation--South Korea.
It has been said that when Joe McCarthy went hunting for subversives, he should have started with himself. The idea is that in so freely violating the constitutional guarantee of freedom of others, he became the real enemy of America. Indeed, America finally stopped him.
Mr. Chairman, America will stop you. For a long time I thought I was alone in this fight. But I have learned I am not alone. In early June of this year you were endorsed by your party on the third ballot for the nomination for senator from Minnesota. At the convention there were over 1,000 Minnesota residents demonstrating against you. They were shouting, "No Fraser, No Fraser." You were the only candidate to arouse such fury. A friend sent me some pictures of the demonstration. The demonstrators were carrying signs. One slogan read, "In God We Trust, With Fraser We Bust." Others said, "Tip a Canoe and Fraser Too," and one American was holding the sign, "Fraser Is the Enemy of the People." I don't know any of these people, but I understand them. You must face them in November. Good luck, Mr. Chairman.
I recently returned to Korea. I saw that my country is booming and determined. Bubbling enthusiasm and optimism are filling the land. Our people are determined to survive. They are moving toward unparalleled prosperity. It is a miracle in the making.
On the other hand, I saw that my country and people are absolutely disillusioned and disheartened by Koreagate. They are troubled and sad. They feel they have been bombarded in this surprise attack. They have no defense, especially against the distorted image of Korea which is being communicated by the media. It has been a trying time, not just for President Park, but for all Korean people. Mostly they are disheartened that the trust between Korea and America, built over these many years and sanctified by the sacrifice of many American soldiers, could be shattered so easily. They do not understand why America wants to abandon them.
Ever since 1945, when America delivered Korea to freedom and liberation, Korea has been in love with America. Korea has been faithful and steadfast. Korea has bent over backwards to comply with America's wishes. In order to thank you for defending Korea in the Korean War in 1950, we went to Vietnam and fought and died with you, even though we knew it was losing battle. We didn't want America to suffer alone. America is our lover. After a love affair of 33 years, we suddenly learned that you will not return our love. All along we thought America loved Korea and Korea loved America. Now we are told that it is a marriage of convenience. Instead of being treated as a loving partner, Koreagate made us painfully realize that we have been treated as a servant or, at best, a colony.
After Tong Sun Park testified in Congress, Koreans thought their ordeal was over. The time had come at last to heal the wounds, we thought. Then another shock came. When the House of Representatives voted on March 31, 1978, to cut off aid to Korea unless former Ambassador Kim was delivered for questioning, the Korean people were dumbfounded. This is indeed foolish blackmail. It is almost like a husband saying to his longtime faithful wife, "Unless you tell me of the plot of how you plan to hurt me, I am going to cut your throat." How can America have done this to Korea! It is unprecedented in relations between nations. It is the act of someone without self-esteem or respect for others. America's own diplomatic service, the Department of State, has reacted to this request with shock and disapproval.
Koreans can take any amount of hardship. Any amount of suffering. Yet we cannot take one thing. Humiliation. Millions of dollars of aid cannot make Korea surrender its heart. In the long run, I know the loser will be America. You seem bent on self-destruction. On the day of the vote, one of the distinguished congressmen from New York said, "We are going to move closer to war in Asia." He said precisely what all Koreans feel in their hearts. America will be the ultimate loser. Korea cannot afford to lose America. But how long can America go without Korea?
Yet Koreans do not resent the desire of the Congress and the American people to get to the bottom of Korean influence-buying. However, Koreans do resent the way some people have tried to make headlines out of these investigations at the expense of the truth. Some people have used these investigations to paint Korea as an enemy of America rather than a friend. You, Mr. Chairman, and this subcommittee label Korea "subversive." How could Korea be subversive? Korea never has and never will betray America. On the other hand, Koreans feel they have been betrayed by America. That is why the name "Fraser" has become a notorious household word in Korea. When they think of the Korean investigation, they think of you. They think you are the one subverting Korea. Why?
Let me tell you a story about a famous American whom all Koreans admire. He is John Wayne. From my very early days I have been a dedicated fan of John Wayne. Not because he is anti-communist but because of his western cowboy movies. He is my hero. He is the hero of many Korean people. I have watched dozens of his movies. For most Koreans he is the embodiment of the American character: good, rugged, and fair. He shot a lot of people, but never ruthlessly. As far as I could tell, he would only shoot someone to protect the life of others or to protect his own life. Most importantly, he never shot anyone in the back in cold blood. I always thought this was the American character.
Mr. Chairman, you betrayed this good American character. You have shot Korea in the back in an attempt at cold-blooded political murder. Korea was already wounded and staggering. Korea has been beaten and hurt by the media and other harsh critics. We can envision this nation like a person terribly wounded with much loss of blood, but still standing with what little energy he has left, trying to survive with dignity. Korea needed a Good Samaritan. You have not been that Good Samaritan. Mr. Chairman, instead you decided to take advantage of Korea's travail and shoot her in the back. How cruel you are. It is indeed cold-blooded political murder.
Let me close, Mr. Chairman, with a word of advice. Remember the fate of Joe McCarthy. Remember the virtue of John Wayne. And please remember God lives and reigns. I tell you, you will not succeed in shooting down my country of Korea. God will not let you. He cannot afford to let that fate befall Korea or America.
You have worked behind closed doors to keep the truth from getting out. Eventually the truth will win out. It may seem to you naive of us to believe this. In many places, over many long, dark centuries, lies reigned supreme. Jesus was killed by a lie. Many before and since, known and unknown, have been silenced by lies. What else is communism but lies on top of lies, lies that hold sway over half the world? But we believe the truth will triumph in the end because God is truth and God will triumph. Jesus promised that one day everyone will know the truth of God. We believe that day is at hand. That is why we oppose your investigation and everything it represents. That is why we will never cease to speak the truth no matter what the cost. God's message is clear. Jesus said: "Know the truth and the truth will set you free." Amen.
Not all Koreans feel this. Only Moonies feel this. That is why this is not a Korean's message but the Unification Church's message. Do you agree? I know one thing: any power that is trying to destroy Korea by making it into another Vietnam will not succeed. As our True Parents have taught us, no power will prevail over Korea because God cannot afford it.
Today I would like to dwell on one other thing and that is communism. Do you know Alexander Solzhenitsyn? The great Nobel Prize winner and exiled Russian author recently spoke at the Harvard University commencement ceremony. The Washington Post reported that Solzhenitsyn said, "This war, even without nuclear warfare, will surely destroy western civilization forever."
I tell you, Alexander Solzhenitsyn is a great blessing to America. God saved his life. Yes, he could have been buried inside Siberia very easily. But God saved his life and brought him out of Russia. He is becoming a voice crying in the wilderness. Like the prophet Isaiah, he is giving a warning to America. The two individuals in the world today who truly understand the core of communism are Alexander Solzhenitsyn and Reverend Sun Myung Moon. Two great men.
But the differences of the two are important. Solzhenitsyn is giving a warning as a prophet. America needs it. But the warning alone does not bring the solution. The solution is something else. Who can rebuild this nation so that the warning does not become reality? Our Father. Father not only understands communism, but Father is a builder. Father is a builder of a new world and a new nation. This is why Father is the embodiment of hope. Father is the one who brought the solution to communism. Not just a warning, how terrible, how dangerous communism is. That is not enough.
The solution did not just come yesterday or two days ago or last year. The solution came many decades ago. Without the world knowing, Father is laying one foundation after another to meet the critical deadline. Solzhenitsyn is the turning point, but he does not know what will turn the world. Father will turn the world. Father's ideology will turn the world. We are the axis. We will turn the world right side up, upside down. Unless this turning point is completed successfully, the world certainly is without hope.
The future world is not a struggle between capitalism and socialism. It is not a struggle between tyranny and freedom or between communism and democracy. The simple struggle in which the world is engaged is: God or no God. God power or no God power. That is the struggle in which we are committed. Father has come as the central axis person. The future struggle is going to be the decision between communism and Moonism.

Father never used the word Moonism. But at the Washington Monument rally, Father declared so clearly that the future is going to be Godism. Absolutely God-centered ideology. God-centered individual. God-centered family. God-centered society. God-centered nation. Godcentered world. Absolutely God-centered ideology. Father called it Godism. He gave us a new word. But I think that in less than 100 years that Godism will be called Moonism. Whether we like it or not, we are Moonies. The hope of the world is Moonies.

My dear brothers and sisters, this morning let us once again be inspired to be proud Moonies. We are tackling and building the new history. Compared to the population of New York, the people gathered here are just a handful. All the members put together around the world are still just a handful of people. We are a very small minority. But these people are together with Father. We have rubbed into Father, as I said on the Day of All Things. So we can become another Sun Myung Moon. That means we are the axis. Each one of us is important. Each one of us is making history. You are making history.

Yesterday morning, I said to the seminary students, we are writing a chapter in the Acts of the Apostles. We are going to have another Bible. Old Testament, New Testament, then Completed Testament. There will be an Acts of the Apostles in the Completed Testament. We are writing today and every day a chapter. When you read the Acts of the Apostles in the Bible, what do you find? Three things. Number one is suffering. Those people suffered. St. Paul suffered. St. Peter suffered. What else did you find? Martyrdom. Stephen became the first martyr. And what else did you find in the Acts of the Apostles? Miracles. One miracle after another. Suffering, martyrdom, and miracles. That is what is written in the Acts of the Apostles.

My dear brothers and sisters, that is what we are doing. You may think you are a small, unnoticeable person. You might think you are a nobody, a nonentity. Not so. You are heroes and heroines. Simply because we belong to God. You belong to our Father. Simply because our name is another Sun Myung Moon. Particularly while Father is away in England, we are Sun Myung Moons here. That is so important to realize. Each one of us, each day, is responsible for writing a chapter in the history of God. Acts of the Apostles. So our suffering is meaningful, offered without complaint to God. That is what Father is asking us to do. What else can we leave behind in 100 or 1,000 years? What will our children and our grandchildren read about us? How we suffered for the sake of God. How impossible our task was. What incredible things we did for the sake of God. That will move them.

In the 2,000 years since Jesus' crucifixion, God prepared a most formidable power for Moonies to work with, that is, democracy. That is a great blessing that God gave to us. What does democracy represent? In a way, it is the clumsiest form of government. But democracy does one thing. What is that? It guarantees freedom. In Korea I told my countrymen what I had said to the Fraser subcommittee. They were completely astonished. Mr. Pak, how can you say such a thing to a powerful congressman and still keep your neck? That is the way they think. If I said these things 2,000 years ago, I don't think I would have been able to read the whole statement. In the middle of the statement, my neck and my body would have been separated. Don't you think so? Look what they did to Stephen. Even look at English history. King Henry the VIII beheaded Sir Thomas More simply because More said to him, I cannot recant my religion. I cannot change my Catholic faith. I cannot change into the Anglican Church. King Henry VIII said, all right, if you say so, I will give you a little gift. And he had Sir Thomas' head chopped off. Neck and body separated. Look at how many people died after the reformation of Martin Luther. Look at the religious war in Europe. Over half a million people died because of religion. That was only a few hundred years ago, not 1,000 years ago.

Democracy Protects Us

So you know God must have worked very hard to bring about democracy. Today all the Moonies are proclaiming the coming of the Lord. Proclaiming True Parents and the Divine Principle. Proclaiming the revolution. Still, our necks and bodies are staying together. It is a miracle. Don't you see that? Oh, this is a blessing. With freedom of religion and freedom of speech, nobody can touch us. That is our weapon. God gave it to us.

We think our job is difficult today. Think about the first century. Every day the shadow of death was around them. They could not escape the danger of death. When they were caught, they were beheaded or worse. For a century Christianity was the greatest clandestine CIA operation. They operated under codes. That is why the sign of the fish was used. But today we live in an age where it is very difficult to be a martyr. That is the blessing.

So our job is not just to be beheaded. There is another way to become a martyr. Burn every ounce of your energy, give every ounce of your flesh and blood for the sake of God. That in itself is the action of the martyr. In the Bible Jesus said we must bear the cross. There are two ways of bearing the cross. One very dramatic way is to die as Jesus did, nailed to the cross. But today, our way of bearing the cross is a little different. We must win the victory without physically shedding our blood. This is a day of glory. This is the day of fulfillment. Every day we give ourselves completely to God and the purpose of True Parents. Actually, this kind of life is a slow dying on the cross. Don't you think that slow dying on the cross is more difficult than the dramatic dying? The drama is over in a few seconds.

Today we do not work in that fashion. Every moment of the day we shall have a martyr spirit. We shall die for God and True Parents. This is far more difficult. This is why you have to practice the perfected form of giving. That is what Father wants from us. We do have some martyrs. Our dear sister Christiane Coste, for example. I knew her very well. I met her in the PR center. Such a dedicated, charming, sweet girl. She was a genuine martyr. Some more people may die. But that is not the primary way we give ourselves now. St. Francis prayed that in dying we live forever. That is the Moonie way of life. It is not easy. I know some of you look very tired. Some look pale. Some of you, your hair looks a little messy. Yes, I understand where you are. But I want you to really hang on to Father and determine yourself, saying, yes, I am dying every day. I am bearing the cross every day in order to live forever. That is our battle.

Many Moonies fail and become ex-Moonies, not because they repent their faith, but simply because their God-energy runs out. Don't set your goal for the short term. If you think everything will be over next year, your energy will run out next year. You must set the goal, saying, I don't care whether it is 10 years or 100 years, I am going to give myself. I am living and dying for the sake of True Parents, the sake of God. There will be eternal life. There will be glory. There is life forever.

I want you to understand we are the champions of God, whether you like it or not, not because you are great, but because you know the name of the Father, Reverend Sun Myung Moon. That name made us champions. We are writing a chapter of history, a chapter of suffering, martyrdom, miracles. Once you have total commitment, there is a miracle. After two years of struggle against the Fraser committee, I am speaking here today. That is in itself a miracle. Only God could save me, I know. My heart is filled with gratitude. I am really giving my thanksgiving to God. I am here because of God's power, not man's power, not me, not Bo Hi Pak. I want you to be proud Moonies. Let us pray.

Prayer by Bo Hi Pak:

Our loving Heavenly Father, we are deeply proud Moonies. Each day, each moment we are going to be proud Moonies. We really understand what Moonies are. Father, we belong to True Parents. We are the only people who know the name of our 'true Parents. So, Father, we shall be the only people to truly rally around your central dispensation. When we know this, we know how inadequate we are, how unprepared we are. But Father, we are determined to do our job. We shall never let you down. Never. We shall keep on going and win the victory day after day and shall bring the ultimate victory here on earth. Father, may you bless our True Father in England. He is on a most important evangelical mission. And our American brothers and sisters are joining him shortly. Seminarians are going. Father, truly we are going to win the magnificent victory in the Cain world in Europe. By the presence of our True Father it can be done. Please bless Mother and bless this true child that came. We all are rejoicing over such a happy occasion. But Father, we have to work harder and really bring your expected victory here in New York. So when Father returns we shall come back to him with the most glorious outcome and result. Thank you, Father, for this most beautiful day. Beautiful sunshine. Beautiful green nature. All is part of your kingdom, but they do not know who the true masters are. We shall love them as a true lord of all things because we shall be given the title as sons and daughters of God. We will live up to that title, the greatest of all titles in humanity. Thank you. All these things we pray in the name of our beloved True Parents. Amen.

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