Truth is My Sword, Volume II

by Bo Hi Pak

Chapter 44 Sermon on the Mount (Airy)

Mt. Airy, New York
January 25, 1985

All members with a mission at News World Communications gathered together in upstate New York for a weekend workshop. The purpose of the meeting was to enrich their lines spiritually and professionally, to share creative ideas, and to renew their commitment to God and their mission. Dr. Pak begins the meeting by sharing Father's vision for News World and for all the Unification Church businesses. He also shares his personal experience of being kidnapped to illustrate how we can always bring victory and glory to God through absolute conviction and determination.

In the last year, many of our News World Communications family members were given to many other missions, such as the IOWC, state missions, and spiritual missions. So right now, from roughly 200 or more original members, we have roughly 65 brothers and sisters working for the company. They are the most precious backbone of the company. In a way this is our stockholders meeting because we are the ones who can say, yes, I own this newspaper because it belongs to God and True Parents, and I am a child of God and True Parents.

So this is a heavenly stockholders meeting of News World Communications. I am glad that you have the entire day tomorrow to discuss the success of our company. I'm sure that's the number one topic. Number two, we will discuss how we can enrich our lives spiritually as well as professionally. Our movement is maturing, we are no longer teenagers, and we are having children. So we and our company are growing to maturity. We want to find spiritual enrichment inside, but we also want to become productive, creative components of the company and of society. This is what we've been thinking about and what you are going to discuss all day tomorrow.

Therefore, I really want tomorrow, January 26, 1985, to be the beginning of a turning point for News World Communications. For that reason I put aside everything to come here because I feel it is so important to set the tone for tomorrow. Also I'd like to share with you a wider vision, Father's vision, particularly in connection with News World Communications. That is the purpose for this gathering. Tomorrow you can bring it down to the nitty-gritty, working level and discuss and share creative ideas. Then we will go home with a renewed spirit and a renewed commitment. I'd like you to stay on Sunday and enjoy some more of life so you can have a very rewarding conference. I won't be with you because I have another important duty tomorrow morning. You go ahead and have a wonderful day with Nick Buscovich, the vice presidents, and team leaders. I'm very glad to be here tonight, particularly coming directly from Danbury, which has a special meaning. I am linking you directly to the True Parents.

Most of you have been surviving in the News World mission for many years and have had many times when you felt burnt out, almost extinguished, just hanging on with the day-to-day mission. In some cases you were just functioning mechanically and that was not your fault. But those periods were definitely necessary. Everything was in God's plan and you endured and you survived.

Of course, some new people joined recently. News World Communications is not going to just accept anybody who wants to come. No more. That day is over. We're going to carefully select each individual for the mission. Unless you can find the way to contribute meaningfully and offer this service to God and humanity and unless you are working toward your own self-perfection, you shouldn't be here with the company. We have no intention from now on to run the company like a charity. We are going to be running this as a vibrant, forward-looking, and aggressive company. Each component and each individual has a very special, dynamic, creative mission and position. Each one will become a light-giving object, a dynamo. Each person is moving the company forward, so that you can have self-respect, satisfaction, and enthusiasm in your mission so that our company can move forward. When you unite those creative energies, they become a dynamic force that will really move the company.

We Are God's Chosen Champions

I do not use the word "rebuild," because we never really built a company, but I feel in this year of 1985, the opportunity has come. We are going to build our company. The opportunity is here, and I want to give you an ultimatum: unless we make it this year, we'll never make it. God has bestowed upon us an opportunity, and it is passing by. We've got to grab it and make use of it. When that opportunity has passed by, it will be no more. Like in Divine Principle, if one person fails the mission, then the mission remains, but a new champion will come and take on the mission. That is the Principle. We are like the chosen champion and God has given us that opportunity. So we must grab that opportunity and make use of it. Then we can bring glory to God and True Parents. But if we fail and the opportunity goes by, it should not be me and you who is responsible. Probably we will not be there anymore because God will choose someone else and try again in the future. That failure would make things 10 times, or 100 times, more difficult because more indemnity would have to be paid. Because of the indemnity that our members, our church, our movement, and our company as a whole have paid over the last several years, I believe the time has come that we can cash the indemnity in for glorious success and power.

First of all, let us share our common heritage. What is it? What is our identity? What are we? We've got to find our identity. We always renew our identity every day. How are we different from the millions of people streaming down Fifth Avenue every day? How are we different? What is our pride? What is my prestige? Our prestige is that we are children of God in the name of our True Parents. This is very important. This is the most important thing. There are many people out there who will say, "I am a child of God." Many Christians will say, "We're children of God." But not many will say, "I am a child of God in the name of the True Parents." Only we can say that. That is the heritage. That is our real classification, our identity. Commonly they call us Moonies. But really in the spiritual heritage we are saying, "I am a child of God in the name of the True Parents." The children who are sitting here are Blessed children. How are they different from other children? These children were born as potentially sinless. That is the difference of our children. We still have a perfection stage to go. We have to provide our children with a sinless environment to grow up in.

We didn't give them that yet. We are still living in a sojourners land, enemy land, enemy territory, hostile, polluted ground. So these children can go wrong. Don't be mistaken-they can go wrong. But that is why we have got to work to change the environment for our children. They are born with a heritage that has never before been given to mankind in human history. Only by the True Parents are our hereditary sins eradicated. It's really a matter of claim or a matter of recognition. None of us here is yet perfect, including myself. The important thing is that we've been claimed by our True Parents as members of their family. Here is a dollar bill. What is its value? It's just a piece of paper. Why is this paper important? Because it has been given certain recognition by the authorities. Everyone has to recognize the authority that says this is a one dollar bill. That is where the value exists. Otherwise it is just a piece of paper. Authorities gave this bill the value of one dollar.

By the same token, True Parents claim Luis as their son and Vicki as their daughter. True Parents have that authority. No government has permanent authority. The only eternal authority is borne by God alone. So True Parents with that authority claimed Richard, Nick, and Tony. He claimed you and told Satan, don't touch them. The price we pay is faith and loyalty and love. Satan cannot claim you back. But when you fail to give faith, loyalty, devotion, and love to our True Parents and Heavenly Father and you fail to profess that you are a child of True Parents, then Satan says, "Come here. You are my child, not the True Parents' child." This is why our condition is absolute loyalty and faith in the True Parents. This is our identity. This particular recognition and value God bestowed on us has been priceless.

None of us in this room really deserve it, and nobody in this room has earned it. Nobody in this room can say, "Yes, I'm clean enough, I deserve that blessing." None of us. It is really given freely. For that reason, we are the recipient of such a blessing, but we cannot claim such blessing and this is priceless. You've found such a priceless blessing, and we really don't understand the full impact of it until we get to spirit world. This is the problem. What a priceless prize in heaven we've won already. We just don't know. That is why when your focus becomes dimmer and dimmer and dimmer, you can become an ex-Moonie, just completely blinded. One day you saw a flare of hope and great vision but lost it while doing so many missions and paying so much indemnity. Your spirituality gets worn out, becoming weaker and weaker, and then one day is totally extinguished. On that day, you ask yourself, "Why should I be here?" You totally lost the vision, and at that point you became an ex-Moonie. We do not know how much incredible blessing has come upon us already. This is the reason we need fellowship and testimony. This is the reason we need prayer and we need to listen Divine Principle to help us to always renew ourselves to the priceless blessing we've already received.

We Need Mature Members

This is particularly difficult in a business mission. In a spiritual mission, you always walk with the truth. The person who reads the Divine Principle every day never can become weaker because there is no time when Satan can infiltrate that person. So I was happy when I was teaching Principle every day in Korea. Father said that only mature members should go into business missions. In dealing with business missions like News World Communications, you have to deal with the secular world, money, promotion, all kinds of procedures, regulations, legal affairs, and so forth. Every day you've been dealing with those matters and you seldom have a chance to meditate and renew yourself. This is why Father said this mission is not easy. Sometimes this mission becomes a curse. Only mature members can tackle the business mission. Only mature members can tackle News World.

When you look at Father, he is really a super dynamo, super engine, super star, and super sun, light-giving object, spiritually. But at same time, I've never seen anybody so acute in business judgment. I've never seen anybody who has more political vision than Father. In terms of business vision or political vision, no one can compete with Father. I see Father has two sides. The spiritual side is a shining sun. Really Father is the spiritual sun of the world. But at the same time, Father's mind is so quick to understand the reality of the world, whether it is business, social, political, or economic. We all imitate Father so that we are always spiritually vibrant and alive, but at the same time we are mature enough to have a clear vision in a business sense. We can deal with the world. As Jesus said, "Behold, I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves; so be wise as serpents and innocent as doves." [Matthew 10:16] That is what mature members should be like. And we are moving into that stage.

So tonight the first thing I want to impress upon you is that I am a child of God in the name of the True Parents and therefore I belong to the True Parents' family. I am a son and a daughter of True Parents, and True Parents claimed me. This is my most important identity, which will remain as a blessing for eternity. When you lose this identity, it becomes a curse for eternity.

You know I was once kidnapped. I didn't have a chance to share that experience with you yet. Probably I should write a book about it. Now that all the kidnappers have been captured and the trial will be this spring, probably I'll wait until all that is done. But I was in captivity for 40 hours, and the first 12 hours I was absolutely convinced that I was going to die. Throughout my life, my prayer has always been that I want to live for the glory of our True Parents and I want to die for the glory of our True Parents. That has been my prayer. Then all of a sudden my final opportunity was approaching and I asked myself, "How can I die in the glory of True Parents?"

I was thinking two ways. The first was that I wanted to give some meaning to my death. I wanted my death to be a ransom so that Father could be freed from Danbury prison. I wished that somehow it could be incredible news that Reverend Moon's special assistant, and one of the members of the 36 Blessed couples, the president of News World Communications, had been kidnapped and killed. I wish that public opinion would say, "Gee, that is too much. That is really too much. Reverend Moon is in jail and his disciple has been kidnapped and been killed. What is America doing?" Some kind of incredible public outcry would be created so that public opinion would say, "Free Reverend Moon." I really prayed because I felt that my lack of faith and lack of devotion caused the imprisonment of True Father. So upon my death God can use my life to create some kind of condition so that Father can be freed. That is my first prayer.

Second, I wanted to prepare myself so that when the final moment came, either by dagger or by pistol, I didn't know what method they were going to use, I could end my life here on earth with True Parents' name on my lips.

"Chambumonim, Mansei!"

That was a difficult 12 hours. They said they were going to kill me at 1:00 in the morning. So they were saying "Now it's 12:00, now it's 12:30." They were preparing something. I knew the time was coming. I was bound to two chairs, blindfolded, handcuffed and everything, but I picked up the two chairs and shouted, "Mansei!" Three times I shouted. The kidnappers rushed toward me and pulled me down and got the electric shocker to shock me. They thought I was trying to call for some help, neighbors or police. But I really wasn't trying to call for help. Then I was tormented and tortured. My mouth was completely bloody. From that point on they gagged me. My eyes were already blindfolded, and everything but my mouth had been gagged. But they gagged me so I could not even speak a word. So I kept speaking inside my mind, even though I could not voice it. I'd say, "Chambumonim, Mansei! Chambumonim, Mansei!"

Well, apparently God gave me my life. That was not my last moment, as I had thought, and a miracle happened. They changed their plans. The one who masterminded the kidnapping, who confessed to the FBI, has said that their plan was to kill me, to shock the Unification Church and to shock the world. But somehow that night, among those men, a vision came. One person said, "Let's kill him." The other said, "Well, let's get the money first." In that battle God was working. Something made them change their course.

The second night that I was in captivity, they bound me to some kind of metal bed and told me to sleep a few hours. I was absolutely physically and mentally exhausted. I was trying to be alert, but it was virtually impossible and I was falling asleep. I had a dream. In my dream Mother appeared shouting at me, "Bo Hi! Bo Hi!" Very urgently she shook my body. Now this is in a dream, not real, but I saw Mother and she shook me saying, "You've no time to sleep here. Unless you get out of here in the next 10 hours, you'll be dead. Do everything, use your imagination, your wisdom to get out of this place in the next 10 hours. Otherwise, you'll be dead."

I woke up and remembered what had happened in the dream, so I was sitting and thinking how I could get out of this place in the next 10 hours. The next morning there was a meeting and they were asking for ransom money. If I hadn't had that dream of Mother, I would not have had enough courage. But because of that dream I had the courage to say to the kidnappers, "OK, you want money. All right, you will get the money, but you won't get a penny as long as I'm here. No one can bring you the money, even if you ask me to call the bank or call the Unification Church headquarters. It won't work because you know I've been missing already 36 hours. Don't you remember the FBI is all over the place? It won't work. Let me out of this place. Let me go to the bank."

Because of that dream experience, I was very determined, completely subjective, not passive. I didn't say, "Can I do this?" No! I said, "You can kill me, but it won't help you get any money. The only way you'll get it is to let me go. It's 10:30 now. I must go to Washington by 12:00 sharp." I was virtually commanding them. They were completely flabbergasted. I was a captive, and yet I was commanding them. "Bring me my neck tie! Bring my eyeglasses! Take these handcuffs off! You want the money, don't you? Handcuffs won't get you money." I was absolutely determined to get out, one way or another. I had to make a showdown with these people. I just had to take command of the situation.

A Good Sign

They were completely persuaded by my commitment and my attitude. You can't be wishy-washy, looking this way or that way without commitment. I had learned if you want to get something done you've got to be committed. I had that kind of energy because of Mother's revelation. She said, "Get out of this place in 24 hours." So I began to give them orders, and they had to obey me. One person brought me my glasses. Another person brought me my jacket. Another brought me my tie. When they had taken off my tie, I was particularly upset. The tie clasp I was wearing had been given to me by Mother on a very important day. Mother said that Father had been wearing this tie clasp for many years, and she was giving it to me because Father wanted her to give me something that he had been wearing, so that I could wear it all the time. So it particularly upset me when they took off my neck tie. Of course, they hadn't asked me to take off my neck tie. They just took it off. So this tie clasp was hanging from the tie and it could fall off very easily. So during my captivity I had been worried about it. But I still have it. When I saw it, I knew it was a sign from God, because when they took off my tie they just threw it away somewhere. I was thinking in my mind that if the tie pin still stays there it's a good sign. If it's not there, I must face my destiny. So I was enthusiastically asking them to bring my tie. And when they brought me my tie I looked at it and it was still there. It was hanging there, unhooked, with no support but still there. I said, "Thank God." I knew I could make it.

So then I was even more forceful, saying "You're wasting time! You have already wasted 10 minutes. I've got to go to La Guardia airport. Have the car ready!" So one guy said, "Look! Get up! Get the car." At that point I had virtually brainwashed them or hypnotized them. How had I hypnotized them? With conviction. I told them, "Your option is to kill me. Go ahead, you know everyone has to die once. I don't care. I'm going someday. But you guys will be killed too. Why should you do such a foolish thing? Why should you be so foolish? You want to get something out of me. Let me out."

Since then it has become a sort of a joke. In Washington there is a very important minister, and I testified about Father and the kidnapping and so forth. Ever since he heard this story he has said, "Well, I'm not going to deal with you because you are the man who talked the kidnappers into releasing you. You can sell ice to the Eskimos. How am I going to debate with you?" But it was not debating skills really; it was conviction.

I said, "Are you going to kill me? I'll let you do it. Or if you want to get some money, let me out." So they took me to La Guardia. I walked out of that kidnap place like a king. Everyone virtually bowed down and was shaking hands with me, like giving me a VIP sendoff. Two guys, one guy driving and the other guy sitting right next to him, took me to La Guardia. At La Guardia they said, "We apologize for hog-handling you. Forgive us." I said, "No problem. Get out of here." Then I ran onto the plane.

When I told Father all these things, he said that God saved me. "If you had tried to survive any other way, you would not have made it." Today I do not know whether I could do the same. Can I really hold myself up until my last breath here on earth? This is something you cannot really test. You have no way to test yourself in advance, because you have only one death to go through. But even this day my total confession of faith is that I want to live my life for the sake of my True Parents. And I want to die in the name of our True Parents. Aboji, Mansei. This is my identity. Yours and mine, the same. I am a child of God in the name of our True Parents. No one out there can even come near me. No one can even come near in terms of value.

Today Reverend Kwak came with me to Danbury and reported to Father about the things that are happening. You know, we are sending out so many videotapes and books. You have to always do your spiritual duty. We have 300,000 ministers receiving our videotapes, Divine Principle books, and Father's letter and book from prison. There are many incredible stories. Many ministers are now preaching the Divine Principle as part of their sermon, without telling their congregation that it is the Unification Church's Divine Principle. That's all right.

The wife of one of the ministers confessed to one of the state leaders, "You know my husband has been preaching as a minister for so many years. But I could tell his spiritual life and spiritual power were virtually dead. Ever since he saw the Divine Principle tapes, and he watched them five times over, his sermons on Sunday have become powerful. He was always saying, `I've run out of topics, I have to get a guest speaker from somewhere.' But after he saw the Divine Principle tapes, he couldn't wait for Sunday to preach."

One Sunday our member was so surprised when walking into the church service of another church. The minister who was preaching had a big chart in front. The chart said, "Formation, Growth, Perfection." Our member was flabbergasted.

A Plea for Spiritual Cleansing

Also there was a very arrogant minister in Detroit, Michigan. He was absolutely negative and nasty. He was just a no-good minister. But one day he had heard our state leader explain about holy salt usage, practices, and traditions. This minister heard that the meaning of the holy salt was to spiritually ward off all the bad luck and the bad spirits, etc. Two months later this state leader got a call from the very same minister, and the minister asked if the state leader would come to his house and holy salt it for him. The state leader was totally flabbergasted, but he said, "Of course, I'd be glad to." He went with holy salt to the minister's two-story house. He told the minister, "We have to do a special prayer, so could you get all your family together?" So all the minister's family gathered and they prayed and our state leader led the service. They sang a church hymn and prayed in the name of True Parents.

"Just follow me while I holy salt this house. In the name of the True Parents, I'm going to holy salt this house, the first floor and then the second floor." After the second floor was holy salted completely, they prayed again and the state leader prepared to go back home. The minister asked, "Can you leave the leftover salt with us?" The state leader replied, "We normally don't do that unless you accept the True Parents," but he left the holy salt.

A few days later this minister called the state leader and said, "I must confess that the reason I asked you to holy salt my house is that every night when my children were sleeping they'd be haunted. They couldn't have a peaceful night. Incredible spiritual phenomena came every night and the children were so scared that they couldn't sleep peacefully. So I thought about you for two months, but finally I thought that I had nothing to lose, so I had better try Unification Church holy salt. From that night on, the children are sleeping like a log, every night." This minister was convicted. Now he is not only listening to Divine Principle, but he has become an important CAUSA member and is trying to promote the CAUSA movement.

This is just one of the many things happening like this. You know, if holy salt does that much, how much more can you who have the True Parents do? We not only have the holy salt but we belong to the founder, the origin and source of the holy salt, True Parents. Aren't you proud, aren't you grateful, aren't you happy, aren't you really glorified that we are part of the True Parents?

For two hours Reverend Kwak was reporting many stories. Another minister was listening to Divine Principle 20-hour tapes. He listened to the 20-hour tapes five times, 100 hours. On the final day he was looking at the TV screen, he saw a vision of the spiritual world. He was looking into spiritual world. There he saw Reverend Moon doing the matching in the spiritual world and he was one of the candidates being matched. After that vision, this minister had just no question who Father is. Now many ministers are virtually converting their entire church into Unification Church teaching. So the age of one-on-one restoration is over. Entire churches are turning around and joining with Father.

There was an accident between a mobile home and a car in Florida. A very wonderful sister and brother were killed and other members were injured. One brother had worked at The News World, and the sister had been a team mother. There was a very beautiful Seung Hwa ceremony for them that Reverend Won Pil Kim officiated in Alabama. The husband of the Japanese sister who died came from California with their two children. They completely inspired everybody. He wasn't shedding even one tear and was absolutely centered upon the True Parents and always smiling. "My wife is in the highest place. She was martyred for the mission and I am proud of my wife and I'm taking care of my children. Why worry?" It inspired so many members.

Father Needs You

This team mother who died and is in spiritual world has appeared to the church members, state leaders, and others so many times it's incredible. One member was still in the hospital because his concussion had not healed. She appeared to him, asking him, "What are you doing? This is an emergency period, and Father needs you every minute. What are you doing here? Get out and work." She always appears with a happy face, a most glorious, beautifully shining face. She always appears to members saying, "What are you doing? This is such an important time. No time to waste. Get out there and work. Father needs you."

In that state there are three sisters all 26 years old and nearly the same spiritual age whom the state leader was educating to become team mothers. This sister who is in spiritual world appeared to them and said, "I'm having trouble because I need to work through my successor, another team mother, but because the state leader has not appointed a team mother, I have no one to work through. So please tell your state leader to appoint a team mother right away. Out of the three I recommend this one." The state leader heard that report and immediately appointed a sister to be team mother. Now that Japanese sister comes and helps that team mother.

One thing that the Unification Church is doing is bringing the spiritual and physical world into oneness. Heung Jin Nim is all over the place. We can write already a dozen books of Heung Jin Nim's appearances. There was a testimony in the CARP magazine that some of you may have read. There are 12 things that Heung Jin encourages us to do. One is to bring unity, another is that the American church needs tearful prayer. The reason I'm telling you this is that during the seminar tomorrow, I'd like to encourage you to make that meeting prayer-oriented. We need to pray, particularly when we're out in nature like this. At least one time before you go back to New York City, go out in the snow and unite with nature and pray, if at all possible a tearful prayer, a prayer of repentance. Cleanse yourself completely.

You know that while we live here on earth we are not cultivating this body; we are building our true body, our eternal body, our spiritual body. Within you now, right now, is that spiritual body. This physical body is sort of a case for the spiritual body. This physical body is like a rented vehicle for my spiritual body. When the time comes, the car rental company will say to turn it in. In our case, nature will say to turn it in. But the real body is being grown right now. You have no time to waste. You must grow your spiritual body every day. With Divine Principle and True Parents, you can reach perfection. That perfection means becoming a divine spirit. Your spiritual body will glow like a sun. That is our goal. We are investing our physical life for the perfection of our eternal life. That is what the Divine Principle is all about. We are practicing this; it is not a theory. We are doing it and we have a physical central figure, True Parents, who will cover millions of miles in one second. This is the kind of spiritual heritage that we have. I want to talk about other things, but this is the most important thing. You and I are the children of God in the name of our True Parents. We have this kind of privilege that no money can buy. In order to have this kind of spirit, you have got to live a vibrant, very happy, rewarding life here on earth. Your newspaper mission is a good mission and a very important one. We are the Unification Church air force. The media is like an air force. The CARP mission is like a naval fleet. And church centers and IOWC and city centers are like the foot solders. They will actually face the hill and take the hill. But unless we have air superiority we will not win the naval and ground battles. This is why Father said one time in East Garden, "The important thing is the ideological, internal warfare." These battles can be won more effectively by the communications media than by any other means. Father is building what people commonly call a media empire. I tell you we really need a God-centered media empire-no question about it. It is my absolute determination to achieve that media empire for Father and for God. The name of that media empire is called News World Communications. We are going to do it from New York, Washington, Los Angeles, Miami, San Francisco, Texas, Boston, and eventually all the 50 states of the United States.

We Will Be the Backbone

If we can effectively create a strategic air force, Father's mission will become incredibly easier. Our mission is to build a God-centered air force. This is your mission and my mission. I told you at the outset that I'm going to absolutely make a turning point in the year of 1985. With you and me as a backbone, we've got to do it. This year we are going to make history with News World Communications, Inc.

I talk a great deal about spiritual heritage because this is central. You and I understand what comes first. I want you to be spiritually enriched, well, happy, and vibrant-not barren, devastated, dried up, burnt out. And, second, you must find meaning and position in your News World duty. I want you to find your purpose and your position, how and where you can serve the best. You've got to find your professional position. If you don't have one, then develop one. You can do it. Our company is going to strive for excellence in everything we do. Never will we do patchwork. We've got to be professionally organized, professionally executed, professionally evaluated. Your job and your achievement will be evaluated professionally, and you will be rewarded and punished professionally. That is only fair. I want you to compete with outside professional people.

At the Washington Times, Alex Hunter, a 23-year-old brother, has become a star of the arts department. He is destined to win awards and eventually the Pulitzer Prize. Our designer for the Washington Times, Gil Roschuni, has become a celebrity in the country in terms of newspaper design. He was invited by the New York Times to give a seminar because the Washington Times, in terms of overall newspaper design, was chosen as number one in the entire country. Another brother, Tim Elder, was a missionary in Korea. When Father brought him to the Washington Times, he didn't do too well at first. Jim Whelan came to me and said, "Get this member out. He is no good. He is dead wood." I begged him, "Can you let him stay three more months? Let him have one more evaluation." Soon Tim's true abilities came out. To make a long story short, he is now the best foreign correspondent the Washington Times has ever had. He is the kind of brother who will eventually not only win the Pulitzer Prize but can become an editor, international editor, national editor, managing editor, editor-in-chief of the Washington Times and be recognized by the world.

We at the New York Tribune have won many awards. Our paper is striving for excellence. We must try even more. I want you to understand that for many years our company has virtually existed to survive or survived to exist. Always we hung in the balance, always a shoestring operation, always we had no money. I stopped that this year. Although we don't have a fat budget, we have a budget. At least every leader knows how much money they have and can decide how to spend it. It's not Richard Jones, not Mark Wilenchek, not Mr. Kim who will spend it, but you who will spend it. Each one becomes a responsible manager in your area. Do what you can with your amount of money. We want to give you that kind of opportunity. We want to have that kind of creative and autonomous leadership. You'll not always be held down to minimum pay because you are a Moonie.

I'll change that, too. If you are valuable to the company, you'll be rewarded according to your value. Then you get your money and you have your own funds to contribute to the church and our movement. If you deserve $100, then that's what you get, but if you deserve $50,000, then that's what you get. I don't want you to misunderstand, the Unification Church is not trying to create a socialistic economic system. CAUSA teaches that socialism will never work. Communism is baloney. It contradicts human nature. Therefore, it can never win. Human nature will always win. What is human nature? Creativity. Human nature is creativity. This is why one person can make $100 and another can become a billionaire. The value of creativity is immeasurable. Therefore, we have to bring out that creativity. How? We have to give each person a purpose, because God gave man a nature to develop himself or herself. That is human nature. We all want to strive to better ourselves.

This is why the communist system does not understand God. In the eyes of communism, Einstein would look like a laborer, a $50 laborer. Put him in a labor camp and give him $50 for labor, and Einstein would not have come up with the theory of relativity. You have to give freedom, room enough for creativity to blossom, and a proper incentive. That is the law of human nature, and any system that goes against that human nature will fail. What is the difference between the Unification Church and the outside world? We are a different kind of men and women. That's why I talk about our identity. The outside world is blinded to God's creative reality. They can only see the material reality, but they are completely blind to the true reality, which is the spiritual reality. We can't afford to be blind.

We've got to be a new kind of man and woman, a new creature. We see the spiritual reality and the material reality. We work with them both, spiritual and physical. That's the difference. For example, I would never become a millionaire because that is not my motivation. If that was my motivation from the beginning, then I could be rich. I could be a rich man many times over in my life. But my life goal has been to truly serve God and humanity and bring good news and victory to our True Parents. So in True Parents' lifetime I want to see this world turned into the kingdom of heaven on earth.

For that purpose I must win not only the spiritual battle but the physical battle. I must be a good businessman. I must build News World Communications into a billion dollar corporation. I want to achieve that kind of goal. I don't think God will say, "Oh, you are praying for a billion dollars." Not at all. God made the material world for what purpose? The important thing is that I'm trying to form a billion-dollar corporation to serve God and transform our world into a God-centered world. So we are not denying the material world. On the contrary, we must give it even greater value than anybody else. But our ultimate goal will be service to God and humanity and not just to serve my physical body. That is the worst incentive, trying to serve the physical body, because the time will come when nature will say to turn it in. Then what do you have? Nothing. You, however, accumulate your value in your spiritual self.

This is where we are different, but at the same time, our running of the company should be the same as any other good company. Up until now, the mentality has often been that our employees are members, and they can just hang in there to survive and we need only pay them a few dollars. This kind of attitude we've got to weed out. Either you are a creative part of the company or you should get out of the company. I want you to be a creative part of the company. I hope I'm inspiring you tonight-you are stockholders. Your burning desire is just like mine. We must build a billion-dollar corporation. God is not a small God. God is never limited, but we limit ourselves. We want to be a gigantic business success so we can command the respect of the people. You as an individual must command the respect of society as a professional, whatever your duty. Never become a burden to the company or to anyone else. You must be creative, a dynamo, giving energy to other people.

This year we must create what will probably be the most modern printing house in the New York area. We bought a $3.7 million press, and it's already paid off. It will be able to do color production. We should be able to print our three newspapers on one machine, as well as many other outside jobs coming though satellite. Since we have a satellite system, if some outside journal on the west coast wants to publish in New York, they will come to us. They'll transmit to our satellite and print with our machine.

We are going to have a lot of that kind of business. The Washington Times in the last several months made several hundred thousand dollars in outside printing jobs. We now have it in Los Angeles and soon will have it in Miami. Then we will have Noticias del Mundo in the three cities with the largest Spanish populations in the United States. Noticias has the capacity to become a money-maker in a way that will support the corporation economically.

We've also become a politically powerful and influential people. We are going to have our News World Communications corporate headquarters updated into the most modern corporate headquarters and newspaper facility. The Washington Times equipment is already three years old. We will be ultra-modern and the most effective system in operation. Father will complete it by the early part of next year. The company that will build our newspaper building will go into high gear. It will be absolutely beautiful and organized into the most effective and productive newspaper operation. We're looking into an opportunity that will get the New York City Tribune a spot to evolve itself into a newspaper that can truly be a contestant of the New York Times. Ultimately the New York City Tribune's mission is to win over the New York Times. That is its ultimate mission. The New York City Tribune will be better than the New York Times, and it will have more credibility than the New York Times. Its readership will be more than the New York Times.

I tell you the kingdom of heaven has come within your reach. It's come down that low, and all you have to do is jump up and get it. Our movement is making many other investments. I see 1985 as the turning point. For example, our fishing business is really growing. We have 80 shrimp trawlers working part-time in three different places: Colombia, Surinam, and Brazil. They are the largest shrimp trawlers in the area. For example, in Colombia, other boats are catching 150 pounds of shrimp every day, and our boats are catching 300 pounds every day. So we are bringing our ship from Surinam to Colombia. In Surinam one gallon of oil is $1.19 while in Colombia it is cheaper. So we are really searching around the whole world to find the best fishing area. Colombia is right here in our own back yard, but also we are moving into the African coast. In Alaska we already have a fishing business and have an incredible opportunity to export bass. We caught $10 million worth last year and this year. This is just one of our many areas of development. Our members are becoming professional and learning the businesses, and 1985 will become the turning point all the way around. In terms of political or spiritual aspects, 1985 will become CAUSA year, and 3,000 ministers will become full-time CAUSA preachers.

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