Truth is My Sword, Volume II

by Bo Hi Pak

Chapter 27 Precious Brothers and Sisters

Belvedere Estate
Tarrytown, New York
June 4, 1978

Dr. Pak delivers this sermon in San Francisco just a few days after celebrating the second anniversary of Yankee Stadium. Using Yankee Stadium as an example, he explains that the real power and strength of the movement stems from the heart of the members themselves. He also describes his experience testifying before the Fraser committee and its effect on both America and Korea.
He testifies to the recent European Blessing of 118 Couples, and to the successful launching of the European IOWC and concludes with an exciting progress report about the Little Angels School.

Before we sit down, let us greet our True Parents. Let's see, which direction is Europe? Let's face to the east and give a loud and cordial and cheerful good morning to Father and Mother. Good morning, Father. Good morning, Mother. Good morning, everyone.

It's so nice to see you. You know I have been away too long. I almost feel like I have been away for years. Actually I have not been away that long, only for a little over one month, but I have made a complete circle of the world. I see many, many beautiful faces of our brothers and sisters here today and all the leaders are back. How are you? And familiar faces like Linda. Boy, Linda you came. Stand up and show your face; everybody wants to know you who you are. Linda, you're growing up, you lost a couple of teeth and your new teeth are growing in. Beautiful.

So here we are once again at Belvedere. I walked across the lawn to come here and truly I feel like I am coming back to heaven, coming back home, and the birds are singing, and they seem to be welcoming the coming of the Kingdom of Heaven here on earth. Truly that is my feeling. I am sure it is a beautiful time for you also when you come to Belvedere on a Sunday morning. A couple of days from now we are going to have our World Day celebration, and many preparations are going very well. So I'll be seeing you the day after tomorrow, but today primarily I am here to give you a report on what is going on in other parts of the world.

But actually there are many leaders here to report to you. Have you met Gregory Novalis from Zaire? Gregory is the missionary to Zaire where the situation is rather hot right now. However, Gregory is not here because the situation is hot, but so that he can take care of it after proper guidance. He went to the national leaders conference in San Francisco, and I am sure he gave the most heart-warming and thrilling report to our brothers and sisters. You haven't heard his report, have you? So we would like to have him give you a first-hand report, with the realistic feeling of what the frontline missionaries are doing over there.

Also our brother Mike Warder has just come back from an important international conference in the Hague and he was also in Iran. I'm sure that Mike will give us an exciting report too. So that means I must make my report rather brief, right? [No!] I have never seen such generous people as you are. Our brothers and sisters are truly generous, genuine, and pure people. Everywhere I go, that struck me, in Korea, Japan, England, all over.

A group of Korean reporters is visiting our movement here in America. However, they are not just ordinary reporters, they are the principal people behind the Korean daily newspapers. They visited our News World offices and our church headquarters on 43rd Street. They are coming tonight to Belvedere. Yesterday they were in Washington and they came to my home and we had a very wonderful fellowship. They want to see the real Unification Church in terms of our massiveness and strength, such as the New Yorker Hotel building, the 43rd Street building, and the Tiffany building where The News World is located. All these external things are indeed impressive to these Korean visitors.

Real Power Comes from Members

However, the most striking to them is not the buildings or the size of the movement, but what ordinary individual members are giving them without even knowing it. We are not consciously working to create a good image or propaganda for them. We are just living the regular Moonie's life, but they are struck by every aspect of that life. For example, they came to the World Mission Center and saw our brothers and sisters going out so early in the morning with heavy bundles of newspapers. They all have shining faces and are singing and humming songs. These Korean publishers just couldn't believe it. Where do you get your energy, they asked. How can you do all those things? They see that the real power of the Unification Church is our members.

They went to Niagara Falls, and two of our brothers were driving them all day long. These two brothers made a tremendous impact on the Korean visitors. They said, we have never seen such dedicated people; they are trying to serve us so much they make us feel awkward. These two brothers are happy to do it. One day they took everybody into a drug store, and the employees asked them where they were from. Are you Japanese? Well, these Korean visitors don't speak much English, so our young brothers stepped forward and said, no, they are Korean. And they began giving the employees a lecture on Korea and where it is and its history. And of course, the conclusion of their testimony on Korea included the name of Reverend Sun Myung Moon. The Korean visitors were utterly amazed; they almost had tears in their eyes. We Koreans could not speak with such power and pride about our country, but this American brother spoke up for Korea with strength and pride and hope. This made a deep impact on them.

This is our daily life. But every day of our life is a shining one. Sometime you feel tired, sluggish, discouraged; and so do I. Yes, we are all human beings. Yet we have an inner strength that will never let us down, the spirit of a Unificationist.

These Korean visitors came to my home in Washington and had a Korean supper with kim chee and everything. I knew that they are not particularly religious, probably not Christians. They are reporters, so I have to treat them rather casually. Of course, I have a big picture of Father in my living room, let them see it, and a big picture of our Mother on another wall, let them see it. But I didn't plan to say too much; I wanted them to enjoy their dinner. So they served themselves their dinner buffet-style, but they didn't start to eat, so I said, please, go ahead and eat. No, they said, Mr. Pak [Joong Hyun Pak of Performing Arts who was their guide] brainwashed us that we must pray before we eat. Boy, that was absolutely fascinating to me. So we prayed in the name of our True Parents. They said they are half-way through their tour schedule, so they are only half-way Moonies now, but by the time they say goodbye in Los Angeles, they are going to sign applications to be members of the Unification Church.

That is the real power, the real strength of the Unification Church. Wherever we go, it is the little things that come out of our deep innermost heart. The power is so strong the people outside can't understand. That is why they are saying we are crazy and brainwashed.

You know a couple of days ago we celebrated the second anniversary of Yankee Stadium. Of course, Yankee Stadium was not the largest of all rallies we've done-Washington Monument was the greatest rally. However, in the history of the Unification Church, Yankee Stadium is unforgettable. Yankee Stadium showed clearly our true desire to serve God and the courage and undaunted spirit of the Unification Church.

Why, God?

I was in San Francisco with Reverend Kwak, Mr. Salonen, and Mr. Kamiyama for a conference, and we celebrated the Yankee Stadium anniversary in San Francisco. When I prayed at Pledge service, the tears just started pouring out. The memories of Yankee Stadium were so vivid, particularly when the rain and storm struck about 5:45, just about the time people would be leaving their homes to come to Yankee Stadium. The rain and wind washed away and ripped apart all the decorations. I am sure you have seen the videotape of all the incredible things that happened. It was like the end of the world. It became totally black and dark. We were asking, God, why is this happening? We are doing so much for you, our Heavenly Father, why couldn't you give us good weather? Why do you have to punish us in this manner with stormy weather? For a moment, everybody was thinking like that.

But the beauty and the power were immediately manifested. We were not defeated by the rain. We were not defeated by all these incredible happenings. In the pouring rain, our brothers and sisters, with flags in both hands, soaking wet, began singing out "You Are My Sunshine" from the bottom of our hearts and with all our might. That was the most beautiful song and perfect for that occasion. "You are my sunshine, my only sunshine." We were pleading with God, not in complaint, not in protest, but in joy and power, showing Father we wild prove ourselves under any circumstances. This is tough but we are not going to be defeated by this test.

Every single member was standing in the rain, singing out-the band, the leaders, all the spectators, visitors from Korea and Japan and all over, forgetting that their beautiful clothes were getting wet; they didn't care. They never saw such a marvelous thing. I was half laughing, half crying. I don't think anyone could tell if I was laughing or crying, my emotions were so mixed. I was crying not so much because of the rain, but because of the joy of seeing the true strength of the Unification Church. I told God, Father, with these brothers and sisters we know we can turn the world upside down and right side up. We know we can fulfill your will. We know we will never let you down. God, thank you for giving us such strength and such precious brothers and sisters. That was the real reason for crying, not the weather.

That was Yankee Stadium. The real power of the Unification Church manifests itself when the chips are down, when there are crises, when everybody else takes cover, when everybody is trying to save their own skin. Unification members want to give their lives-that is the difference. As long as we have that spirit, no power under the sun can stop this movement. That spirit was so heavenly and so beautifully manifested in Yankee Stadium. When I was called to the Fraser committee, I wanted to have that same spirit. I wanted to represent you and True Parents. We are going courageously forward to make sure justice is done. That is the spirit.

Also, when I think of Yankee Stadium, I remember the courageous leadership that was demonstrated in those difficult days by Mr. Kamiyama. He was truly struggling from morning to night, crying out from the bottom of his heart, and leading the entire crusade, from Madison Square Garden, to Yankee Stadium, and then Washington Monument. This is a good opportunity to give our dear brother Mr. Kamiyama a big hand.

Welcome for the First Time

After the third testimony given to the United States Congress at the Fraser committee, I had the mission to go back to Korea where I stayed about three weeks, following a most hectic schedule. But unlike any other visit in the past, this time I was truly given a whole-hearted welcome by the Korean people. I had never felt my country and my countrymen so close to me and to our Father. Why? Because of the news about the Fraser committee testimony.

You know, when I went to the Congress to give testimony, I had no idea that this would have an impact back in Korea. I didn't expect it. In my testimony, I really exploded, protesting the injustice of this unfair investigation Fraser is conducting against our movement. Also, I wanted to use that opportunity to testify about Father. Finally, I wanted to defend Korea from the providential point of view, not so much the political or economic point of view. I see Korea from a providential viewpoint, as a Unification church member more than as a Korean. So actually all I did was testify with religious conviction and fervor, but the Korean people could care less that that was given in religious fervor. What they were truly grateful for is that one Korean man stood up fearlessly. That really struck them. At last, they felt they have a champion. They realized that champion is the Unification Church, and that spirit is the spirit of Reverend Moon.

I never expected such a cordial welcome. My arrival in Korea was announced all over the radio. I had intended to go back to Korea very quietly. My purpose was to slip into the country to do a special mission for our movement. Here I was in the middle of my testimony, and I didn't want the Fraser committee or the American media to think I was trying to create some fanfare. But a reporter recognized me at the airport, and pretty soon the radio was announcing that Bo Hi Pak was coming home.

Also, I was scheduled to leave Korea on May 18, but I changed the day so I could fly to London. You know who I wanted to see there, right? True Father. So I actually was leaving on May 19, but through the grapevine everyone knew that I was leaving on May 18, and on the night of May 18, the radio and television were announcing that Bo Hi Pak had left for the United States. I heard that I had left, but I was still there.

Friendship Betrayed

You should know that the Korean people really feel betrayed at the treatment during the last two years by the American press and American government, especially by the Fraser investigation. The Korean people genuinely love America. For more than 30 years, the Korean people have been loyal, faithful friends to America. Korea was willing to sacrifice for the sake of America's cause, and a very good demonstration of their loyalty is that Korean forces fought in Vietnam together with American forces. The Korean forces were the finest forces in South Vietnam, because that is the way the Korean people wanted to say thank you to America. We fought in Vietnam, not so much for Vietnamese freedom, which was of course important, but more to stand side by side with America.

But the last two years of the so-called Koreagate investigation really tormented the Korean people. They feel betrayed. Furthermore, this situation was dramatized by the American press, especially the Washington Post and the New York Times. The genuine pure heart of the Korean people has been deeply disturbed, hurt, and saddened. Congressman Fraser is a symbol of the anti-Korean forces in America. The Korean people do not know much about the American system. They aren't familiar with the hundreds of committees in the Senate and Congress. The ethics committee was investigating Korea, and then there was the Fraser committee, and a Senate committee.

But the Korean people don't know all the individual committees. They think there is one Congress and one committee investigating Korea, headed by Fraser. He is the symbol of evil. Why did he try to hurt Korea? Why did he try to push Korea to be another Vietnam, when Korea is starting to thrive and survive in response to America's aid for the last 30 years? Korea is just about ready to say thank you to America. Look how much you have done for Korea. All the aid you gave was not in vain. America, look what we have done. Korea is like a child coming home with a Ph.D. saying, Daddy, Mommy, look what I have. You have done so much for me for so many years, and now I want to really appreciate you. Here is what I did, and now I want you to be happy. This was the kind of gratitude that Korean people want to show to America.

Then all of a sudden Korea sees America as a traitor, separating herself without any good reason. Betrayed. But there has been no spokesman who can speak up for Korea and tell America that we are not trying to harm you, we love you and together we are going to survive. Together we can be prosperous. We certainly have no notion of wanting to hurt America. On the contrary, we will do anything for you. That is Korea's true feeling. But nobody has spoken like that.

Instead, the Korean people have been further saddened by more betrayal of the Korean people, such as former Korean CIA director Kim Hyun Woo, who sold out the country to save his own skin. The Korean people are really ashamed. Other Korean betrayers are Choi Hyun Lee, Sun Myung Ho, and Kim Sung Kun. They thought that Tung Sung Park would be our spokesman and really speak out in defense of Korea. But Park was in so much trouble himself and had so many explanations to make, that even though he testified to the ethics committee, it was not really a defense of Korea. That is why the Korean people say they are all getting ulcers.

Then Fraser called me to testify. The Korean people were hoping that Fraser had finally made a mistake, calling a Moonie to testify. Fraser probably thought he had another Korean to make fun of, another Korean who would betray his country and maybe say the Korean government is a dictatorship. Fraser was hoping that I would try to prove the innocence of the Unification Church by criticizing the Korean government. The best way to defend the Unification Church is to testify against the Korean government, right?

Fraser's Mistake

But Fraser didn't understand the Moonie position. What I have testified to the committee you already know, so I am not going to repeat it. However, the reaction in Korea to my testimony was astonishing. They said, you saved millions and millions of dollars in health care by curing the Korean people of their ulcers. In the Unification Church they found their spokesman. This wasn't by any of my effort, but God's. No matter how hard I worked to create such a situation, it would not happen.

Some portion of the testimony was aired in Korea over public television. Every word I spoke was a bitter denunciation of Fraser's motivation and showing what Korea is trying to do and what Reverend Sun Myung Moon is trying to do in America. The Korean people were intensely united in the spirit of the testimony.

At the hearing, there was a great deal of fighting over time, particularly the second and third testimonies. Mr. Fraser said, Mr. Pak, you are not going to deliver a speech. You are here to answer my questions. I said, Mr. Chairman, unless you give me a chance to deliver our side of the truth, I will not answer your questions. That was a very heated battle. Then Mr. Fraser said, no, leave your speech here and I will put it into the Congressional Record. But I said, Mr. Chairman, you can print the sentences of my testimony but you cannot print my feeling, my agony, my soul, my anguish. Those things cannot be translated into letters. It cannot just go into the book. You must hear it with your own ears. Then Fraser said, no, you are not going to make a speech. I insisted, no, I'm not going to answer any questions. Then he said, I'll give you five minutes. I said, no, I need 19 minutes, 45 seconds. Fraser said, no, you can't have 19; how about 10 minutes? I said, no, sir, 19 minutes, 45 seconds.

Well, Fraser just didn't know what to do. He was very nervous. He could very well have said, get out of here or you are in contempt of Congress. But he couldn't say that because all I was trying to do was make a speech. This is the nation that guarantees freedom of speech, isn't that right? I was standing on my constitutional right. So he said, all right, Mr. Pak, you turn on your stop watch; you have 15 minutes. When he said 15 minutes, I knew he couldn't stop me. Even if I went over 15 minutes, he couldn't stop me. So I looked at the clock and started reading the testimony.

The Nation Held Its Breath

The Korean people heard this conversation with Fraser. They never saw such a battle. I started reading, but the speech was almost 20 minutes long and I had to reduce it to 15 minutes, so I was reading it speedily. The Korean people's hearts were palpitating, hoping I could do it in 15 minutes, hoping Fraser wouldn't stop me. They did not understand everything I was saying, because I was speaking in English, and the Korean translation was trying to keep up with my rapid English. Their hearts were choked and they couldn't breathe very well. Then came the point when I was raising my voice, accusing Fraser as an instrument of the devil and calling him a persecutor. "Do you think history will remember you as the champion of the human rights? No, you shall be remembered as the worst persecutor in history-if history remembers you at all." At that moment I couldn't help but burst into tears. And the television showed that, so all the Koreans burst into tears.

At that moment, the barrier between the Korean people and the Unification movement was broken down. All were one. Our cause is Korea's cause, Korea's cause is our cause.

Our Father and our True Parents have been striving for that unity for the last 30 years, but the Korean people for a long time misunderstood our Father. Father's image with the Korean people was bad because they do not know him. And for all that time our Father poured out his sweat, heart, and tears for the sake of the Korean people because Korea is important for the dispensation. But our people didn't appreciate Father's work. It's like the image of the Unification Church has been hidden behind a veil, but that veil has been removed. Now we can see each other clearly face to face. They can see for the first time the true image of the Unification Church. Wow, Reverend Moon is getting so much opposition in America and elsewhere. They didn't understand the reason. They thought the Unification movement might hurt our national cause. But now they have come to realize the Unification Church is standing up for freedom and for the strong anti-communist Korea because of our belief in God. We have waited for this understanding. It is God's gift.

So this time when I came to Korea, I went to visit some dignitaries, influential people. Normally, as soon as I sit down, I show my respect and start to speak, giving many explanations. Yes, we are doing this. Yes, this is our genuine intention. Our movement is booming in this way. Our movement plan is going in this way. Reverend Moon is doing this in America and so forth. Look at this picture, look at this publication, look at this document. That is the way I am a salesman of our movement every time I go back to Korea. But this time was different. As soon as I walked in, they came to the door saying, sit down, sit down, don't speak, just let me speak to you. So I said, yes, what would you like to say? Then they said they feel wonderful, that their hearts are lighter and their ulcers are gone. So all I had to say was yes, yes, yes, and, in the end, thank you very much. That's all.

According to the Divine Principle, you know how important it is that we be recognized by the people of the world, particularly Korea, Japan, and here in America, the three providential nations. So when I went to Washington to give testimony before Congress, I didn't know what would happen. But I knew one thing: I would not shame our True Parents. As Jesus said, those who try to save their own life will lose it and those who lose their own life for my sake will find it. That is how we are living our daily life. That is what we are practicing. We want to give our life. That is our credo. There are many churches here on earth, but no church is trying to live up to that one line of Jesus' teaching like the Unification Church is. Yes, as the Bible says, he who will live like this is always the victor. If you try to save your own skin, it will bring you a greater setback and greater debt. This is our way of life and we want to perfect it.

The other day I spoke to national leaders in San Francisco and asked them, what is the real strength and power of the Unification Church? It is that we are the people who overcome the fear of death. For us, eternal life has started. We are not waiting to die to start eternal life. Our physical body will someday transform itself and go back to the earth, but our spirit body goes on for eternal life. What the world commonly calls death is a mere process of life. So eventually we'll return this body to nature, and then the real you will take off.

Right now that spirit man is within you. You are two persons, one I can see with my physical eyes, but the really beautiful you can't be seen with physical eyes. I tell you, the spirit bodies of the Unification Church members are real beauties; every single one of you can win the Miss America contest, spiritually speaking. As long as we live up to True Parents' direction and the Divine Principle way of life, we cannot help but be the best looking man and the best-looking woman in our spiritual form. You may look miserable and pale and weak and sick, because of your hard work and suffering, but I tell you, your spiritual body is shining like the sun. When you reach the divine spirit stage, you shall be shining like the sun. Yes, ours is a beautiful life. It is not an easy or comfortable life, but I tell you it is a great life. Hang on to it; don't give it up until you get the real reward. The reward is a million times greater than what you have done for God.

That is why, to increase your reward, God sometimes allows you to go through pain. A great philosopher said that genius is the infinite capacity to swallow pain. I'm sure that Thomas Edison must have swallowed a great deal of pain, lack of sleep, and hard work. Unification Church members are expanding our capacity to swallow pain. That makes you great, that is our real greatness. Once you accept the Divine Principle, once you know who the True Parents are, then you need one more virtue to be successful-perseverance. This is my way of saying: hang on. Many times we are tempted to let go of the rope for a little while and have a little rest. Don't even think of it. Once you release it, you can never come back to that particular point later. Hang on to it. That is the secret of success.

The European Blessing

Now let me speak about London a little bit. You want to hear what Father is doing, right? Father went to London to give the long overdue Blessing to the European family. Father has not been in Europe for four years, so you know how the European family has been waiting for the coming of Father. They have been waiting and praying and praying and praying. This time that prayer was answered. Father felt strongly pulled spiritually to fulfill the responsibility in Europe. The first thing Father did is gather together the potential brides and grooms and match them. On May 21, 1978, in London in our church auditorium, 118 couples were selected, matched, engaged, and Blessed.

Out of 118 couples, 106 were international; only 12 couples were matched with the same nationality. Most of the Germans were matched with their age-old enemy, the French. You know the Germans and the French are not that friendly. Normally when French and German people arc riding in a car or bus or subway, they don't even look straight at each other or say hello. The French people arc, in a way, a culturally arrogant people. They have great cultural accomplishments in sculpture, painting, music. French people are very proud people. They say, we don't want to learn English, no. You English people, you German people, you Portuguese people, if you want to come to know about French culture, you have to learn French. The French language is the most romantic language, most poetic and musical. So they say, you come to learn our culture, I am not going to learn your culture. That is how the French people are. Jean Pierre, is that true or not? Particularly they do not speak highly of Germans. They say the Germans are a war-mongering; people, they are aggressors, they don't know anything about art. Their life is not romantic, they are like machines.

So Father thought the very best couple under the sun would be the most romantic French and most mechanical German together. One German husband and French wife gave a testimony about their marriage. The French woman said, Father, I thank you very much for matching me with a German. I am so glad also that I don't speak German too well, and I am so glad that my husband doesn't speak French too well. Father asked why. Well, Father, she answered, I am a very excitable and talkative person. If I spoke my husband's language, I would speak too much about everything in the first night. So I want to be slowed down. I don't even have to be slowed down because I don't know the language. Father laughed and laughed.

One couple was Norwegian matched to Norwegian. The sister stood up and said, Father, I know my husband because I have been working in the center with him, and I hated him very much. He was very mean and so uncompromising. In fund-raising or witnessing he never gave us a rest or let us come in before 9:00 at night. He was a ruthless leader and I hated him. I never in my life thought about him as my husband. But then you said, this is your husband. So then, Father, I looked at him from a different viewpoint. Father, I was amazed. I found him to be so handsome. I found him to be so perfect as my husband. I knew that I had hated him because he had been so faithful to your teaching; that is why he was harsh. He was pushing me around and he was leading the members in that fashion because he doesn't want to compromise. He wants your work to proceed. He wants to have Father's mission done. So everything he did came from his unselfish heart. So when I see him now as my husband, I feel he is the greatest of all public leaders because I know he is an unselfish person; he is absolutely loyal to you. Well, that is a great testimony. She had an entirely new outlook. When I look at him as my husband, everything is so sweet, so beautiful.

Now I See the Garden of Eden

One tall Englishman, Michael Marshall, was matched with a young Korean lady. After the marriage they went for a walk in Hyde Park. He said he had been to Hyde Park probably a million times for witnessing, but until the day he walked there with In-Ku, his new wife, he never realized Hyde Park was so gorgeous and wonderful. He never realized flowers were really dancing for us or that the sun really shines with God's grace. He never realized the birds have been singing for the sake of God's children. He said, I saw the Garden of Eden. Until now I have been blind, but the moment you gave me the Blessing and gave me my wife, I saw the Garden of Eden.

Well, I tell you, the day of the matching, everybody was tense. Almost all of them were trembling inside. Everybody was pale. They looked like they all just did a seven-day fast. But every single one of them was saying, Father, whatever you wish. Otherwise they wouldn't be there. We will obey your wish. So after all the matching was done, Father was really looking at each brother and sister. From Father's point of view, he told them, you will produce tremendous children and I am looking forward to that. Your character is like this, so your wife's character should be like this, so it is a good match. Father was really giving Father's love to each couple.

After the Holy Wine ceremony, they were in their wedding dresses and marching with flowers in the wedding procession. I have never seen European people so beautiful. The day of matching, everybody looked halfstarved and I didn't see any beauty. But once they were matched and moving into the ceremonial procession, I was totally amazed and I praised God and True Parents. How beautiful our brothers and sisters are. How proud I am of them. Out of the thousands of years of European history, and many revolutions, that day of May 21 was the greatest revolution of all. Father brought the greatest revolution to Europe. He broke down the barriers between the European nations. He brought all nations together. Everybody now is proud, not as a German, not as a Frenchman, not as an Englishman. They are now proud as Europeans.

There is the United States of America, then we will have the United States of Europe, United States of Africa, United States of South America. All the nations will come together under God, like the 12 tribes coming together under Moses, and create the Kingdom of God here on earth. I can see it so clearly. We are taking steps toward that goal. So the brothers and sisters here at Belvedere today who came from Europe, do not feel that you come from Germany or France or England. You must feel that you come from Europe. Europe is in Cain's position and America is in Abel's position. True Father has come to America to work with Abel for so many years. The reason Father went to London, I want you to know this very clearly, is he wants to come to Cain, the elder brother, to restore him, give him a chance to be restored. That is the purpose.

Europe Is Second Frontline

Some people might even feel in their innermost heart that Father left for Europe because America failed Father. Not at all. Father spoke to the European family this way: I have been in America because America is the Abel nation. We declared New York as the frontline. Now I can leave America for the time being because America has matured. You have grown up now. I can trust America. I am sure they can become and act like another Sun Myung Moon in America. I trust them. So I came to Europe to work with Cain, who is your elder brother, so that I can declare London as another frontline, the western frontline. Father said New York is the eastern frontline. They are the western frontline. Father is opening up two frontlines. Europe must be restored before it's too late. That is the purpose.

So now the great crusade is going on in Europe. We are going to have 1,200 IOWC members gathered in London. The Go World Brass Band is there already. Also after graduation, all the seminarians will go to London, because they are the elite of America. Father wants them to be in London. Each European nation will send one-third of their membership. The German IOWC of 140 all came to London. So people are coming from all over the world. One hundred fifty brothers and sisters are coming from Japan to London.

So now you know Father is opening up another frontline. Wherever Father goes, there will be action, that's for sure. Right? Not "peanut" action, it is a gigantic action. The small island of England will be trembling, jumping up and down, because our members day in and day out will be stamping on the ground going all over England. Father said, boy, this England is good because it is so small. We can swallow it in one morning. Each day we are going to have 3,600 people come to lecture. Each person will bring in three persons to a lecture each day. Ten o'clock lecture, 2:30 lecture, 7:00 o'clock lecture. If 1,200 people are working, you know that 3,600 people will be coming to lecture each day. There will be a 40-day campaign beginning June 1. Their goal is 5,000 new members for England. If the goal is not fulfilled, then they will go on a second 40-day, a third 40-day, till we have a 120-day campaign. European brothers and sisters are just dying to see this day. They love Father.

So I want you to act like mature children now. Don't be jealous. You have been with Father so long, and now this is the time to appreciate how precious Father is during his absence. Would you like to get behind the European brothers and sisters? You must reap the trust of Father, you must bring the true victory and deliver when he comes. When Father walked in, the European brothers and sisters were so, so happy to see Father. They wanted to touch Father. Their eyes and faces were glowing, just absolutely beautiful. Now they are going to achieve the goal.

On June 1, the 40-day campaign will start all over the world, not only in Europe, but also in Japan, Korea, all countries. So we must have a special fund-raising campaign here in America and a special witnessing campaign. We want to make a new history during this time while Father is away. Father is trusting that we are mature. When Moses was away, what did the Jewish people do in the wilderness? They didn't have too much faith. They became confused and created the golden calf and worshiped it. They were immature. Father said you are mature. You are holding the eastern frontline here in New York. We must act like mature children, and there is one way of doing it. You must feel during this period, I am Sun Myung Moon, I am Reverend Moon. Yes, this is my message. We must each become another Sun Myung Moon. So whatever you do in the morning, noon, and evening, eating, witnessing, fund-raising, you must act as a principled, responsible person. If I fail, everything fails. If I succeed, everything will succeed. The mission in New York and here in America rests upon my shoulders, not anyone else's. That feeling and that kind of responsibility will bring the ultimate results. When Father returns-I promise you Father will return-we want to show him a tremendous victory. Father, look what we have done. Look at my heavenly Ph.D. degree. Father, please accept it. That is the way we must welcome Father. Not with empty hands, not with empty words, but with results.

Speaking of the European wedding, do you know Adrienne Dellas? Those who know her, raise your hands, please. Thank you. She was here in Belvedere for many years. She was an accomplished ballerina. She joined the movement and gave up her ballet career. Divine Principle became her career, and she fundraised and witnessed and brought many spiritual children. On Sunday mornings and at some celebrations, she served Father here in Belvedere. She danced some Korean folk dance, but she gave up her career for the sake of the Divine Principle. That was a most beautiful demonstration of her faith. She thought she was giving up her career for the sake of our True Parents, but instead True Parents gave her the most magnificent chance to be a choreographer and teacher. About two years ago she was sent to Korea to work in the Little Angels school.

I'll show you the picture of the Little Angels school where Adrienne is working. Another sister, Fran Drayton [Ichijo], went to join her. Many other sisters and brothers will go as ballet teachers or English or other language teachers. We are looking for all these. Father really wants to make this school one of the finest international institutions.

Recently, the famous Royal Ballet from London was invited to come to Korea to inaugurate one of the finest theater opera houses in Seoul. This is a national theater-type opera house, with a 4,000-seat auditorium. So the Royal Ballet came to Korea and performed one week, during which time the Royal Ballet choreographer and dance master visited other Korean dancing institutions to see if there were some good students to bring over to London to have them study in the Royal Ballet school. They visited Ehwa University, one of the largest women's universities. It is a Christian-oriented university, the one that gave our movement a really hard time. But when the Royal Ballet members saw their dance department, they said, they think they are doing ballet but, in the eyes of the Royal Ballet, it is nothing. Next they went to the National Ballet company, which is government-sponsored. They thought this was a big company, but the Royal Ballet concluded after examining them that this is not a ballet, this is a joke. So they came to the conclusion that in Korea there is no ballet. Korean people are not good at ballet. They will have to look somewhere else.

Astonished By High Standard

So then Adrienne invited the Royal Ballet dance master to our school. They saw the young students training. The ballet master just couldn't believe his eyes in the first bar practice. He was completely astonished. This is absolutely international standard. How many years did you take to train the children like this? Adrienne said two years. He said, you have done a magnificent job. Normally the Royal Ballet school takes six years to train to that level. Then they also looked around the school and said, you have a better school than the Royal Ballet. I must take a picture and send it to the Royal Ballet school superintendent so they can create a studio like this.

To make a long story short, every student in our school was accepted by the Royal Ballet School in London. The first wave of three students is going this September. In London our church will have a separate dormitory to accommodate the students from the Little Angels school. Also, it is a very interesting coincidence that the Royal Ballet School is only a five-minute walk from our Lancaster Gate center in London. So everything worked out as God had already planned.

When this thing happened, the news spread in Korea. Adrienne became a national heroine and the Royal Ballet people said the Little Angels school is the best in all of Asia. They could not find any better school or better students in Japan or anywhere.

It is Father's goal that when you get Blessed and have children, they will be educated in your own country through elementary school. Then they can go to the Little Angels School where they can study Korean and English. Our children are going to speak three languages, your native language, Korean, and English. You Americans and British are lucky because you already are English-speaking.

One of my children is now a ballet student under Adrienne. She was born in America and joined the Little Angels after elementary school. Now she is in the third year of middle school and is speaking English and Korean perfectly. In addition, she is getting the best ballet instruction in Korea and the best Divine Principle lessons.

Excitement Without Impurity

Adrienne, Father said your mission is to create the heavenly dance company for the world. So we are going to have a heavenly dance company, even better than the Royal Ballet, better than the American Ballet Theatre. It will happen, within five to 10 years it will happen. The artistic world has become so sensual, so physical, in order to excite the audience. That is the kind of feeling the artistic world has today. But Adrienne firmly believes that we don't need all this physical contact. We don't need to kiss one another on stage. We can create tremendous love and warmth and the most beautiful, divine excitement and inspiration for everybody, Christian and non-Christian alike.

I believe it, because I have been traveling with the Little Angels for 10 years. The Little Angels don't have to kiss anybody to excite people. The Little Angels excite the world, but they don't have to do any naked dances. They cover themselves from tip to toe, everywhere but their faces and hands. They don't have to shake their hips. They don't have to kiss anybody. But through their dance and music they can excite the world. That is the kind of dance company and ballet world we are going to create, and Adrienne is determined to do it. It is going to happen. This is where your children are going to be educated.

We have a special language laboratory to teach them the best Korean language, so the Korean language can become your children's native language; your children will have two native languages. Your children will do very well. They can master two languages in no time. Father already has a school ready. We are going to build a dormitory now. Everybody will sleep on the floor, Korean-style. Health experts are telling us that sleeping on the hard floor is best for our health, and the heat radiating from the floor is the best form of heat. You discovered it now; we had it 5,000 years ago. In addition to our dance department, we have the best music department, painting, all the artistic areas. So our children will study one art form, painting or music or dance.

Father takes such pride, such joy in this school. I want you all to come and see it. The auditorium will be completed soon. There the Little Angels will perform for guests, heads of state, and all the dignitaries who come to our country. Let the world come to see our school. That is the plan. So we have now from kindergarten to high school. What level do we need next? University. That is why I went this time. I laid the groundwork for the university. But according to Father's instruction, we are going to have the most wonderful university established first in Korea, then Japan, then America. We have a name for the university. Can you read this? I am sure the Japanese can read all the Chinese characters. Sun Moon University. Right. This comes out of Father's name. It translates into English and makes such a perfect name.

So we have hope, our children shall be the best in every way. Your children will be born in the direct lineage of God. Your children will be born under the True Parents' blessing. That is the number one blessing to you. That is the number one revolution we are making. We are terminating the sinful lineage. We are making a new heavenly lineage where the original sin will be eradicated. Our children will be born in that heritage. But after they are born, Father has a plan to educate them right, discipline them right, so they can be great leaders of the world. This one thing alone is worth living for. Worth dying for. Worth marrying for. Our marriage itself is sanctified and dedicated to heaven. Marriage itself is our offering to God. That is the Divine Principle way of life. But you will not lose a penny because of that. Instead you will be given one blessing after another.

Adrienne came to London this time and was Blessed with an English gentleman, Michael Thornton. I traveled together with her from Korea to London, and she just couldn't eat. She said, I must keep my stomach empty so that I am mentally alert. She was trembling. She said, I don't know what kind of husband Father will give me. I trust Father, but until that is known I will not eat. She was worried that by the time we got there all the men would be sold out and she would have no one to marry. But then she said, no, that is all right too if there is no man left for me to marry. I will greet Father, I will show my love to True Parents, I will get to see his face, and I will come back to Korea. That will still be worthwhile. Boy, what faith. I don't have to marry this time. If it is God's will I will, but if it is not God's will, I'll just look at True Father to see him, what a joy to see him in person, and I go back to Korea and await another chance. That is the way she thinks. Beautiful faith. When she arrived there was a beautiful man waiting. Father already had a plan for her. I have never seen her so happy. Absolutely shining in joy. She went back to Korea with added energy to fulfill Father's wishes in the artistic world.

The day after the Royal Ballet accepted our students to go to England, the National Ballet of Korea collapsed. They heard Adrienne's students would all be going to England. All the National Ballet ballerinas enrolled in a special class with Adrienne. Adrienne had only five adult members in our dance school, but in one day, the number of students became 35; 30 new people came. They said, Adrienne, would you take me? Amazing. With the power of God amazing things can happen. I want you to know we always hope, we always expect.

My final plea to you today is to pray for our leaders. Father assigned a special leadership representative during his absence. Reverend Chung Hwan Kwak has been delegated to lead the American movement. I want you to pray for him. Reverend Kwak will be supported by two most dynamic leaders, Mr. Kamiyama and Mr. Salonen. So this trinity is going to lead the American movement. I want you to pray for them, support them, obey them, and furthermore really, really let them be Father's living representatives while Father is away.

After I finish with the Fraser committee in Washington on June 20, I will be going back to England to see Father and fulfill my duties as his special assistant. I shall be like a shuttle between the two continents, bringing Father's message and flavor to you all the time. I will also go back to Korea to fulfill other duties. I will be in and out of America, but every time I can, I will be here with you on Sunday morning.

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