Truth is My Sword, Volume II

by Bo Hi Pak

Chapter 46 True Parents Saved My Life

Washington, DC
March 20, 1988

At the time of this Sunday sermon, True Parents had just visited Washington to see the Washington Times facility and left again for Belvedere. Dr. Bo Hi Pak assures the membership that on the foundation of the indemnity paid in 1987, 1988 will reap many miracles. He then shares his own personal miracles, of how his life was saved by God and True Parents, explaining his more recent and serious illness and recovery.

Yesterday at the Washington Times Father said that the providence is such that Father's entire efforts are now dedicated to the homeland of Korea. The goal is the reunification of our country, and incredible things are happening. So for that purpose I am also mobilized, almost more than anybody else, and that is the reason that I must get on an airplane and take off for Korea the day after tomorrow to attend a Korean leadership seminar. The full name is the National Leadership Seminar for the Preparation of the Unification of the Fatherland. The leaders attending are comparable to your State Department leaders, secretary of state, secretary of defense, and so forth. The Korean general elections are coming up on April 26, and we're educating many of those congressional candidates at seminars.

Three seminars have been conducted already. Father and I left together for Korea on March 17. Then I came down here and opened the seminar on March 18. The doctor had ordered me not to exceed 80 percent of my workload. But Father is giving me 800 percent, and I'm doing it and I feel fine. It is truly the power and grace of our True Parents and the power of God. More than anything else, I'm very happy to see you. I missed you, the leadership of our ACC/AFC, CAUSA International, but I especially missed our state representatives. You know how lonely it can be to be a soldier, commander, commanding general, everything in one person. Fighting for one state, no matter how small the state, is still a big job for one person. I really prayed for you and missed you, especially since we have not met for several months.

Good to see you, truly wonderful to see you. Even though I went to Washington, I did not even have a chance to go to my home to change my underwear. I had so many plans yesterday to meet different groups, and then I got the word that True Parents' family of 16 are on their way. I was virtually paralyzed. I simply didn't know where to start. But to make a long story short, Father came, Mother came, True Children came, they went to the new Washington Times facility and The World & I, and then we went to the Washington guest house. Jefferson House was prepared for Father and Mother's use, so that when they come to Washington they always have their own place to go and have meetings. So Father came to dedicate that building and we had a meal. Father and Mother left about 7:30 last night for New York.

One sure sign of the success of the True Parents' visit to Washington is that Father simply didn't want to leave. He would have stayed longer if today hadn't been Sunday, and he wanted to speak at Belvedere this morning. And still Father wanted to stay. Knowing Father's heart, Mother said, "Father, time to go now, could you kindly get up?" And Father said, "Mom, somebody glued the chair to my body and I can't get up!" And he stayed and stayed and stayed, until they absolutely had to leave. I felt very good about it. And I had reported about this particular conference to Father and Mother over the phone on the previous night. Although they have not come to this place, they were fully aware of what is going on here, and they are really looking forward to seeing you in New York.

Now I want to give the personal side of my story. You know most of the history that happened in this country. Before I left for Korea we had a meeting, didn't we? I had just come out of the hospital, and you carried me up on the podium and I conducted the conference. I really squeezed out the last ounce of energy to do the job right. I was even more powerful in that conference because I felt that it might be the last American Leadership Conference in my life. Something tells me this may be my last. I want to have a grand finale.

Although I was not well, I thought somehow I could recover; but as you know, after that particular conference, something was terribly wrong. I entered the Georgetown University Hospital again and tried to find out, but at that time True Parents were already in Korea, and they wanted me to come there as quickly as possible. So I said to the doctor, "You don't need to operate on me or anything like that. I just cannot stay here for a slow recovery. I'd rather go to Korea and recover." So I took off. Our dear brother Jim Gavin came with me simply because I needed someone to support me physically. When I landed in Kimpo, the airline people could tell something was wrong and they brought me a wheelchair. It was the first time in my life I arrived in my country in a wheelchair.

I Was Fearful

Then I went to see Father and Mother, pretending that nothing was wrong. I was absolutely exuberant in giving my exciting report about ACC/AFC, the television program by Global Images Associates, CAUSA International, and Father and Mother were overjoyed. But at this time, the same indemnity ceremonies were going on in Korea. Honestly speaking, I was very fearful. It's human nature. Even if I have faith in True Parents, I would personally, privately be very fearful in my heart to encounter the ascended Heung J in Nim in Korea. I simply did not know how to face the situation. I did not have a solution to it.

On one occasion the ballet company was performing at the Little Angels School. The True Parents and their families were invited, and that included Heung J in Nim. I was the host, and during the performance I fell twice, because I did not have my balance, and Heung Jin Nim saw me. He immediately sensed that I was not recovered. The next day I got a call early in the morning from the church to come there and meet with Heung J in Nim. That was one moment in my life that I just didn't know what to do, whether to go or not. I didn't want to aggravate the situation further, but at the same time I had the deep desire to reconcile, harmonize, support whatever are the wishes of heaven. My wife and I decided to go. It was a very tense morning. There was no advance warning for the first encounter-it just simply hit me without any preparation. So, if this was a repetition of the other time, I knew I would be a dead man. But if that is God's will, I didn't want to say no to that. Furthermore, I didn't want to continue the very tense relationship with him. So I went.

To make a long story short, it was a good meeting, an hour and a half. He talked, I talked, he questioned, I answered. After that we had such a beautiful prayer together, all tearful, and sang a holy song together. At that time, upstairs in the main church sanctuary, about 1,600 young Korean Blessed children were gathered. Heung Jin Nim told me, "Let's go up, I want to speak to them." I said fine, and since I was wobbling, he supported me and took me upstairs. True Parents' picture was up front with seven large candles, 1,600 people in front of us, holy songs going on, all night fasting and prayer going on for three days. The youngsters gathered there were very tired, but still going, and Heung J in Nim put out all the candles and gave me a match to relight those candles, so I did. Then he asked someone to bring a big glass of water. He drank half of it in front of True Parents, then gave it to me to drink, so we shared one drink together in front of True Parents, in front of our 1,600 brothers and sisters. Together we bowed three times to our True Parents. I felt very peaceful inside, almost beautiful and powerful. There is such beauty and harmony in union and reconciliation.

Then Heung Jin Nim introduced me and asked me to speak; of course, he had spoken the previous night to the audience. I spoke about an hour, standing with the microphone at the podium on the stage. Several times I could not control myself and almost fell into the audience. That fall would be fatal, because it's almost like hitting a concrete floor. Everybody was listening, and the fatigue was gone in the 1,600 youngsters. Their eyes were shining, everybody was hoping that nothing would happen to Bo Hi Pak. They could see something might happen at any moment. Heung Jin Nim at that point provided me with a chair and asked me to speak sitting down. He was very kind. So I sat down, continuing to speak. Even on a chair I fell twice to the floor.

I spoke basically about the Unification commitment, how a Moonie should live. There's nothing else I can talk about. I told them God has been gracious enough to give me three lives to live. First, I was supposed to die during the Korean War for the sake of the country. Many hundreds of thousands of young Korean men my age died during that war. Two-thirds of my 330 classmates died in the first three days of combat. After we were commissioned, even that number was reduced down to 50 or 60. It is only the power of God that preserved my life. Although I was not a member of the Unification Church at that time, now in hindsight I know that God prolonged my life to use me for a certain purpose because three times during the war I was miraculously saved.

One time almost a whole company of 200 men was annihilated. Only three were left alive, myself and two others. We didn't do anything cowardly to stay alive, not at all. All 200 men were crossing a river when the Red Chinese Army machine gun fire came. Where can you hide? The entire company went into the water. There was no chance to defend ourselves. Furthermore, we were holding our weapons up high, because we didn't want them to get wet, so we had no way to respond to the firing. We were sitting ducks. And I was one of them. When the United Nations fighter bombers swooped down firing their rockets, the Red Chinese machine gun unit stopped firing, and I commanded my company to retreat behind a rock. Only two could follow me, and they were terribly wounded. I was the only one without a scratch.

The Korean War Prepared Me

So that was the first grace of God. I felt that was the end of my first life, and I wanted to give my life for the purpose for the Creator. I felt humble and that, from now on, my life does not belong to me. Then my search began. And, to make a long story short, that is the reason I became a Christian. I was not satisfied after several years and continued my search for the meaning of life and death. That is how I found the Divine Principle and met Father. If I did not have that Korean War experience, I would not have been in the Unification Church.

My second life seemed to be expiring in 1984 when my enemies kidnapped me for 40 hours. I was tortured, and at that time I also felt I must give my life as an indemnity for fallen Adam's world because I was in fallen Adam's position. In the 36 Blessed couples, there were three groups of 12 couples, representing Adam's family, Noah's family, and Jacob's family. The youngest group would be Jacob's family, the middle group would be Noah's family, and the married group was Adam's family, and I belonged to Adam's family. I was chosen as elder brother for the Adam's family group. So in other words, I represented the fallen Adam restored. That was my position.

So if anybody has to pay indemnity for Father going to Danbury, because this is the work of Satan, if somebody has to give his life, that is me. That was my Divine Principle reasoning. And I was ready. It was the most incredible experience to be kidnapped. I was absolutely sure that the end of my life was coming. How cruel it would be I did not know, but I did know one thing: this is it. I was sure that no one had a reason to kidnap me except communists, because I'm not a millionaire, my parents are not even alive, my wife does not have money, my children don't have money, so I was a bad choice for a target. The grandson of David Rockefeller would be a lot better choice than me. The only reason for someone to kidnap me is that I'm close to Reverend Moon, his special assistant, and we're fighting all-out against communism. In other words, this must be a political kidnapping. If that was the case, there would be no chance for me to come out alive. Their goal is not money, so how could I come out alive? They just followed orders from a higher authority, that was exactly the feeling. Tony Colombrito here was having an awful time. All of a sudden he was left alone. I had disappeared, and he didn't know what to do. I had never, never thought that I had any need to be protected.

Exactly 40 hours later I was miraculously alive and released. There are two reasons. First, True Father's prayer in Danbury. As soon as Father heard from Mother that I had disappeared and might have been kidnapped, Father told Mr. Kamiyama, I want to pray, and don't disturb me. Forget about meal time, just don't touch me. And he went up to the top bunk, and sat there, head down, hands down. Mr. Kamiyama said he prayed the entire night without ceasing. For 40 hours he was alert spiritually, defending me, saving me. For 40 hours the spiritual power of True Father was guiding me. How do I know that? Forty hours after I was kidnapped, Mother called Father with the joyful news that Bo Hi came back! And came back in one piece. Not two pieces, not three pieces-in one piece! Father at that moment said, "Fine. Now, Mr. Kamiyama, I want to rest a little bit." And he laid down and immediately was sleeping and began to snore. Mr. Kamiyama said that in his entire life he has never heard anybody snoring that loud, like thunder! This is Mr. Kamiyama's testimony. It's an absolutely true story. That shows you what a concentrated effort Father made to save me!

During 40 hours of captivity, they told me nothing. They didn't reveal anything. They just said, "We are agents, we are professionals, we are working under orders from some governmental body. We are supposed to kidnap you and kill you. Then your body will be put in a drum can with stones and sunk in a lake." They told me that not even the FBI would ever find my body. They said they would execute me at 1 a.m. I was kidnapped at 7:00 in the evening. I had no watch, and I was blindfolded and tied to three chairs, naked. I had no way to know the time, and I was desperately trying not to faint, but I thought a long time had elapsed. I wanted to die like Father's son, True Parents' child. And I wanted to die shouting out "True Parents, Mansei." I asked the kidnappers to grant my final requests. I felt like Nathan Hale, but the British in that case were gentlemen. At least they gave Nathan Hale one wish to say his final words. I was following Nathan Hales pattern, but it didn't work, because my kidnappers were not British. They were savage.

The first request I made was to let me make one telephone call. Not to my wife or my children, but to Mother, Mrs. Moon. I wanted to leave my final words with her. They said no. All right, I said, give me a piece of paper and a pencil. I want to write down a few words of determination and farewell to our True Parents. They said, "No, you don't have that kind of luxury. You're going to be dead in a couple of hours."

The last option left was to say somehow before my death "True Parents, Mansei" three times. So I measured the time in my brain; my physical body was failing after so many hours in captivity. I squeezed out every ounce of energy and stood up and shouted out the three cheers with my entire body: "Aboji, Mansei!!" Three times I shouted. All the captors were not in the same room at that time. Everybody came running in. They rushed into me, hitting me and knocking me down. They tortured me with electric shock. All hell broke loose because they thought I was calling the police. Actually, I was calling God, but they thought I was calling the police. Boy, that was incredible.

They bound me even tighter and gagged me so that I could not yell out any more. They completely immobilized me; I could not move an inch. I could hear a noise downstairs, the rattling of a drum can.

So I thought, boy, they are really getting ready for me. When they had taken me out of the car I was without shoes, and I said, "Where are my shoes?" They bound my feet and one of the kidnappers said, "You need shoes? A dead body doesn't need shoes."

My mouth was gagged and cut inside, but in my mind I kept saying, "Aboji, Mansei, Aboji, Mansei." When they killed me, I wanted my final word to be "Aboji, Mansei."

They also used psychological torture. They were professionals, and they knew how to do it. They had an empty gun. I could not see it because I was blindfolded, but I know what a pistol sounds like when it's being loaded. I could hear the loading sound, then they pulled the trigger. They were doing it to scare me, doing it again and again and again. It was making me crazy. The kidnappers kept saying, "Just one bullet, no matter how important you are, no matter how great a man you are, no matter how much work you have done, no matter what belief you have in God, it doesn't make any difference, one bullet will finish you."

Eventually I was sure that 1:00 a.m. had past, but the execution hadn't come. I was desperately trying to remain conscious, trying not to sleep. They said they were waiting for a message, the final order, to execute me. The night passed. The kidnappers said that someone was coming at 8 o'clock in the morning, and he would decide my fate.

That man came at 8 o'clock and stood in front of me. I could not see him but, through his voice, I could see him. He was none other than one Korean I knew very well, who had even tried to be a member of the Unification Church. He was trying to exploit the Unification Church. He thought the Unification Church had a money tree somewhere, that he could squeeze money from our church. He thought he could do it through me.

At that point, I was a little bit comforted knowing my kidnapping was not a political game for communists, that it was a money game. I had a little hope, but not much, because I had no way to deliver the money, that is for sure. And I wouldn't deliver the money, even if I had it.

Mother Warned Me

The next night, I was physically and mentally exhausted. They let me lie down on the floor, bound and gagged, and have a little rest. That moment I had a dream, and this is the second reason I came out alive. Mother appeared, shaking me and waking me up. Mother told me in a clear voice three times, "Bo Hi, unless you get out of this place in the next 10 hours, you will be killed. Do everything you can and get out of this place in 10 hours." That was Mother. I was shaken up and somehow my energy and power were coming back. So I started planning. Like a good military man, I started strategizing. What can I do? What is the strategy? You know, the best strategy is always the bold strategy. It is the same for you and me and for ACC and AFC and CAUSA International. The bold strategy is always the best strategy.

At 9 o'clock the next morning they took me to another room and began the negotiation for money. They had a telephone on the table, and they told me to call my bank and ask the bank to deliver $1 million cash to this place. I told them -- I was very bold, because of the dream Mother gave me, knowing that Father and Mother were with me -- I told them, "Are you guys kidding me? I will not call the bank. I'd rather be killed. You can kill me now and bury me, because that is a lot easier. There's no way you can get $1 million out of me, because first of all, it is physically impossible. I have no money of my own." My captor said, "You have a big company, News World Communications, all kinds of newspapers and businesses; they have all kinds of money." I'm head of the Unification Church International and they thought the church has millions of dollars. "Even if there is money," I told them, "if I asked the bank to bring $1 million, you know the FBI is everywhere right now. I disappeared 40 hours ago. Give the FBI a clue through a telephone call where I am and where you are, and they will surround this house. I know you're going to kill me first before you run away, isn't that true? So why should I do it?"

I was very bold. I said, "Go ahead and kill me, let's finish this whole episode." I was very powerful and bold at that point. The tables were turned; I was the master, commanding the situation. They were like helpless children, not knowing what to do. I told them again that if I called, they would be captured and in the process I'd be killed. So they began to negotiate with me, asking, "Dr. Pak, please help me. What can you do?" I said, "There's nothing I can do." Then they said, "What about just a little money? You could ask for a bank transfer to a Swiss bank."

Well, at that point, I remembered Mother saying, "Get out of this place within 10 hours, otherwise you'll be killed." They were trying to negotiate with me, but I took the upper hand. I knew that a bank transfer takes three days. And during that time the FBI would stop it. In my mind I figured that out.

I agreed to transfer some money but not $1 million. They said, "No, $1 million." I said, "No, probably $250,000." They said, "No, no, at least $500,000." "All right, $500,000." Not a lot of negotiation, but I told them, "Still I will not call the bank." That was my ultimatum. I will not call because when the bank receives my call, they would not obey my instructions. They know that I have been kidnapped. Bankers are not that foolish. So he asked, "What are our options?" "There's only one option." "What's that?" This was really bold-I said, "Let me go to the bank myself. The bank is in Washington. Another condition: nobody will follow me. It's 10:30. There is a 12:00 flight from La Guardia. It takes one hour to Washington. If I get to the bank by 2:00, I'll be able to do what you want before the bank closes at 3:00."

At that point they had no choice. So they started ordering their little boys, saying, "Boys, get his jacket. Where are his eyeglasses? Where's his watch!" Everybody was worrying about me now, trying to put clothes on me. My watch and eyeglasses were given back, the handcuffs were taken off. They said, "Go now. Your car is ready." I walked out of the kidnappers' house like a commanding general. They all came out to say goodbye to me. Just the driver and one escort drove me to La Guardia. I got out of the car there and told them to leave, otherwise I wouldn't leave. So they said goodbye, and I took off.

Incredible. I wanted to be a man of my word. I didn't want to be a liar. Later on I didn't want to be accused by these people, because they could kidnap me a second time and say, "You lied to us. What did you do to me -- BANG!" They could kill me any time. I knew that, right? So I did not call anybody at the airport. I came to Washington and went to the bank and ordered $500,000 transferred to a Swiss bank, thinking that the FBI would stop it. That happened exactly as planned.

After I made that order, I went home to McLean, Virginia, and the FBI were there, listening to all the telephone calls, with two men posted outside and two men inside. My wife was in New York, but my children were there. I knocked on the door and walked in. They said, "Who are you?" I said, "Who are you?" "We're from the FBI!" "Why are you here?" "Because the man of this house has been kidnapped." "That's me." They were completely flabbergasted. Then I made a call to Mother and said, "Mother, thank you, Father and Mother, you saved my life." Then two FBI men escorted me to East Garden. They took me in a special car and special plane to East Garden from Washington. I met Mother, and Mother was absolutely, completely pouring out love. She was crying, rejoicing, almost like a dead son had come alive.

What I'm trying to say is that my second life is over. I have to pay it as a ransom. Love of True Father and his prayer and the intervention of True Mother saved my second life.

New Dispensational Work

This is the third time. Up to 1978 the Unification Church has failed. Members have failed many, many times, including myself. Father already predicted that 1988 would be an important year, that something very important should happen in 1988, that a new unity must be made, and that's why this entire new dispensational work of Heung Jin Nim came. In each country the leaders were the worst treated; in Japan, Mr. Kuboki is not well, he is still recovering in hospital; in Korea, Rev. Young Whi Kim was the hardest hit; here in America, somehow Bo Hi Pak was chosen. Now I feel honored, but when I was facing that ordeal, my only prayer was that I wouldn't die there. No matter how difficult the ordeal, it's OK, so long as I come out alive. It wouldn't be good for anybody, the church, Father, Mother, you, me. I didn't want to become a problem for the church.

In any case, when I went back to Korea, I thought I could recover. But on the contrary, there was blood in my head. A vein was broken and blood was leaking every day, accumulating inside my skull and putting pressure on my brain. That's why my brain could not function and I could not handle myself.

That night I suffered the most incredible headache of my entire life. The next morning my brother, Jim Gavin, and my wife took me to the hospital, Seoul National University Hospital, which is supposed to be the best hospital in Korea. After examining me, the doctor didn't waste a moment. He said, "You've got to be operated on at once, because each hour is critical. Once the blood penetrates the brain, you will be a vegetable." But I didn't want to be operated on without Father and Mother's permission. So we went to the East Garden of Korea, but Father was away. We were waiting and waiting and waiting without knowing when they were coming back. I know now that if Father and Mother had returned even one day later, I would not be here today.

But thank God, they came that evening at 7 p.m. While we were at the dinner table, I told Father what the doctor said, and Father said to go immediately to the hospital and have the operation. Father and Mother were so serious to give protection, like a guarantee, so Father asked Mother to bring some money to pay in advance. I told them that wasn't necessary, but Mother said to pay something in advance, that it would be like a heavenly guarantee. She said, "Don't even go home, go directly from here to the hospital." Father took me out of the room, helped me into the car, shook hands with me, and waved until my car disappeared. That was very special.

The next day, December 30, I had a full examination, x-ray, blood test, in preparation for the operation. At 7:30 a.m. on December 31, the last day of 1987, an Il Jung candle was lit and I was lying on a hospital gurney. My wife saw on my hospital gown True Parents' pictures and Heung Jin Nim's picture. I don't remember, but later on members told me I demanded one final prayer before I went out. I didn't remember doing that, but someone recorded it.

At 5:30 that morning they came to shave my head. Oh, that was painful. In one minute I became a monk. So I need my hair to grow; this is the best so far. I was on the hospital operating table for three hours, with many members praying outside. Jim Gavin, my wife, and my brothers suffered more than I did, because I was unconscious. I had no way to suffer, but they suffered.

The operation was critical. They were supposed to open up four holes in my head, with two in my forehead. Can you imagine me having two holes in my forehead for the rest of my life? The doctor reconsidered. Although they had never done so before, they reduced it to two holes instead of four. They made a hole right here. As soon as the surgeon opened up one hole, blood shot out like a fountain, two feet. The surgeon's gown was completely wet with my blood. The doctor later told me, "When I saw the blood shooting out like that, I knew you would have been dead if that operation had been delayed 24 more hours."

Father Prayed For Me

It was the final day of 1987. The next day, January 1, 1988, was a holiday. In Korea, January 2 and 3 are also holidays. The earliest I could have been operated on was January 4. I would not have been alive by January 4. It was that close. The day before my operation Father took the disciples to the holy ground at Chung Pyung Lake, at the top of the mountain, and had a special prayer for me. Mother came back and called me at the hospital, letting me know that Father had said a special prayer for me. How grateful I was.

On the day of the operation, a spiritual lady was praying all three hours and she saw a vision from heaven. She saw two birds, cranes, come down and land on my head, healing the entire wounded area, taking out all the rotten blood. Immediately the entire wounded area was made whole. The crane represented Mother. So what I'm trying to say to you is this: My life was saved because of the True Parents. My testimony in our church has always been that I am living and dying for the sake of True Parents. That one line is my life. Over and over because of their love and power and prayer and the Holy Spirit, I was restored.

Yesterday, after dinner Father asked me, "How do you feel? Are you OK? Are you strong?" I answered Father by saying, "Father and Mother, I wanted to say this on the plane and at East Garden, but I didn't quite have the courage to say it, but now I say it, because you asked me: Father and Mother, thank you, because so many times in Korea in the hospital I felt, this is the end of it, I will never come back to America again."

So that's the story. I'm very happy to stand before you, and I feel fine. I'll be busy, I'll be even more dedicated for the sake and mission of our True Parents. Join with me. That is my testimony to you. In 1988, because of such incredible indemnity we all paid in the year of 1987, we're going to make a miracle. A political miracle has come in the Honduras situation, as well as Ollie North's indictment. Father saw that this would be an opportunity to influence public opinion in America. And we're going to launch an incredible offensive at this time.

I would like to have all the regional directors and some state leaders ready to report to Father. In one year the ACC/AFC made a miracle. If Father gives us another six months, this country will never be the same. We're going to create an entirely new atmosphere, new power, new influences. The political system in this country will never be the same because of us, our presence. Already many people in Washington conservative circles are saying: The most influential group to move America is ACC and AFC. I'm not saying it, those people are saying it. Because no other organization is in 50 states, systematically organized and sacrificially serving. You're growing every day, you're becoming a leader every day, you feel so tall. I look at you as tall men now. Tall political saints, not political animals. We all are supposed to become political saints, that's what you are. That's going to be happening, that has happened. This year we want to do the job that would take other people probably 10 years or 100 years. Amen? Amen!

This time when we go to New York, I want you to dress up well, comb your hair nicely, shave yourself well, show Father and Mother how much you have grown spiritually in political savvy and acumen, and still maintain your purity like an innocent dove. That's what I want you to do at East Garden. We'll really shout it out: we shall bring the total victory for our True Parents. Remember that. That's all I ask, show Father confidence. The mobilization soon begins: throughout the world 7,000 Western members and Japanese members will be coming to Korea. But I do not think ACC/AFC members will be affected, because you are the only ones in the state. All our churches will be affected.

So what I'm saying is that America is upon your shoulders. What you do or you don't do will affect this country. Father trusts you for America. You are going to be the ones to take responsibility for America. You're the main players and Father knows that. That's why Father leaves you alone in America, lets you do your work. In the meantime many, many other members will be mobilized for Korea. Maybe some of your spouses will be going. Thank God in that case. Don't hesitate to accept any order from the True Parents. That guarantees you the greatest success. Don't worry about anything, don't worry about any order. Know that your Father trusts you, and you are responsible for America, and Father will leave you alone to do the work to change the destiny for this country and, by doing so, change the destiny for the world. In order to do that, you've got to win the True Parents' favor. Trust, credibility-that's the mission of tomorrow. That's what you're going off to New York for. That's all I can say. I know what you do. You are children, you are mature leaders, you know how to report to Father, you know the Bo Hi Pak style. Do it and exceed my expectations. Give Father confidence, saying, "Father, we'll do it, we'll take care of America, America will not be the same."

That's what I'm asking you to do. The details are up to you. That's all I can say. I don't know what time it is now, I don't have a watch, but it's just about time to break, so go ahead, have a great breakfast, be good soldiers. Go to service and then go to the lectures, attend every lecture, do not escape or be absent from the lectures. You are renewing yourself in those lectures, it's very important. That's why every time, as much as I can, I listen to the lectures. Tom Ward's lectures, Bill Lay's lectures, I've heard 100 times, but I'm still doing it. Maybe not today though. I have so much to pin down this morning. But you, don't miss the lectures. Show your most incredible dedication and concentration that will affect the rest of the leaders who came here.

I would like you to have the opportunity to fellowship with the regional directors, but I promise I will try to come back next month. In April Father will already be in Korea. I would like to have two days of beautiful fellowship with you and the opportunity to listen to each one of you. But this time, look forward to seeing Father, give him confidence, let him trust you, let him feel that his providence is winning here in America. That's all I ask you.

So, prepare your tie, shirt, clean hair, eyes shining, with your voice full of power, coming out of your gut. Thank God we have this opportunity. This is a miracle in itself for me. Let us pray.

Prayer by Bo Hi Pak:

Our Heavenly Father, we thank You for this most beautiful opportunity to share this testimony with our dear brothers and sisters. Those are the people, Father, who are responsible for America. By doing the mission here in America, they are responsible for the world. Father, we can do it, we can do it. The disciples of Jesus, 12 of them, turned the world upside down. Father, children of our True Parents, 60, 70, 80 of them assigned to this very special so-called African mission, will turn this nation upside-down and right-side up. By doing so, we do it for the rest of the world. God, Heavenly Father, and the True Parents, rest assured, we will be Your children, we will be Your proud children, we will do Your will, we shall be victorious, we will become, each one of us, somebody Heaven and True Parents can be really proud of. All of these things we pray in the name of the most precious True Parents. Amen, amen, amen! Thank you.

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