Truth is My Sword, Volume II

by Bo Hi Pak

Chapter 60 Give and Take of Love

New York, New York
January 2, 1996

On the day after the 29th True God's Day, Dr. Pak speaks at an International Leadership Conference. Following Father's instructions, he recounts a detailed report of his year in Japan as a missionary, including his Day of Hope tour and the historical five-city tour of True Mother and President and Mrs. Bush.

Good afternoon. Father is preparing instructions for you, and he asked me to give you a report of my one year in Japan as a missionary.

First of all, I would like to congratulate the missionaries who are attending this 29th True God's Day conference, especially those people who received a most incredible award from Father as well as those nations and continents that received an award for being number one in the Unification Church community. Let's give a big round of applause to Africa and Asia for being the most outstanding continents.

Congratulations to all who received awards and to all who have attended this wonderful historical conference. I'm so deeply moved by the hard work you have put into your missions. My heart is with you.

I am now also a missionary. I have been a special assistant to Father and Mother for 38 years. I was one of the first missionaries who came to the United States. The first one is, of course, Dr. David Sang Chul Kim. Let's honor him as the first missionary to the United States, a great missionary, a great elder brother of our movement. Another great missionary to the United States was Dr. Young Oon Kim, who is my spiritual mother.

I have been working in Japan for one year. Father called me in December 1994 and asked me to go to Japan to celebrate True God's Day 1995 with the Japanese movement. January 2 is the Day of Victory of Love, so I also celebrated the Day of Victory of Love while I was in Japan. Then I packed to come back to the United States. I was to take a flight on January 3 at 9:00 a.m. That night Father called me from Korea. Father's voice was very wonderful; I was so glad to hear Father at the beginning of the year. Father asked me, "Bo Hi, have you packed?" "Yes, sir. I'm all packed and ready to go tomorrow morning at 9:00." Then Father said, "Bo Hi, you have no place to go; you are homeless now. You stay in Japan and make your home in Japan." I virtually fainted, because it was totally unexpected. I unpacked, of course.

One year from that day, I have come back to report to Father and Mother that I am so deeply grateful to them for sending me to Japan to share the heartbeat with the Japanese members and to experience their way of doing things. It is a learning experience.

I rejuvenated myself. My faith was revitalized while I was revitalizing Japan and the Japanese church. It was truly a give and take of love, true love. I gave Japan my entire soul and being, all my sincerity, heart, and love, representing Father and Mother. At the same time the Japanese church gave me such an incredible gift and hospitality and love. So it was mutual give and take.

Father always taught that give and take of love produces not only 100 percent return, but 120 percent or 200 percent return. It was absolutely true in my experience this last year in Japan.

After I was ordered to stay in Japan as a missionary, I studied Japan. Japan, as you know, is the Eve nation, while Korea is the Adam nation. Korea is the Fatherland of our faith, and the Adam nation needs the Eve nation as the mother nation. Father chose Japan to be the mother nation, the Eve nation. Japan's role is to become the mother of the world, and today Japan is doing that. To make this happen, Father has given his entire heart, energy, and love for Japan.

The First Missionary

The Japanese mission was established in 1958. Even before anybody came to the United States, Father sent a missionary to Japan. At the time, the Korean mother church was suffering. There was no money. There was persecution from the government, from the police, from everywhere. Korea was not in a position to send out any missionaries. However, under those circumstances, Father picked the missionary, gave him all the money he could muster, and sent him to Japan. He was kicked out of Japan three times. The first and second times, Father instructed him how to deal with the Japanese government to be successful in his mission. He followed those instructions the third time. This is how our Japanese church began.

Ever since, Father has given more attention to Japan than to any other country in the world. Father and Mother have continued to give Japan their love. For example, because the Japanese government is one of the satanic governments that does not allow Father an entry visa, Father brought 160,000 Japanese women to Korea in 1994 and 1995 under the name of the Women's Federation for World Peace. Father taught 160,000 Japanese women. Five thousand people sat down in one room for two nights and three days. Father never slept, really. He probably slept in the car traveling back and forth from Hannam-Dong to Sutaek-ri. You have no idea how much Father poured out his sweat and blood and love for the sake of Japan.

In addition to the 160,000 women, 15,000 Japanese men were invited to Korea. They were given the same training by Father, at the same time. Why so many women and so few men? Because Japan is the Eve nation. It's Eve's country. But men were given the mandate by Father: "You are going to educate 320,000 Japanese men." This is happening now.

The success of the Korean-Japanese sisterhood conferences is being expanded through the sisterhood conferences between American and Japanese women. The United States is a difficult country for mission work. They never really opened up their hearts to Father. Americans never accepted him from the bottom of their hearts. Americans are arrogant and rational and very proud, and they consider the Unification Church an Oriental religion. It has never really been accepted by high-level people, the movers and shakers of this country. Young people, yes. College students, yes.

Nora Spurgin told me that Father's sisterhood conferences have completely overwhelmed the American leading classes, including the president, congressmen, senators, future presidents, ministers, educators, you name it. Hollywood stars, Christopher Reeve, Charlton Heston, Barbara Waiters have come to speak. And Coretta Scott King. Think about it: what can move Coretta Scott King? Nothing under the sun can move such people, because they consider the Unification Church too conservative.

This time American women really opened their hearts, crying, genuinely crying, having seen hope for world peace. They said, "Who master-minded this kind of project?" It was Reverend Sun Myung Moon. Some of the missionaries had no idea that 83 top-level people have been involved with the conferences. George and Barbara Bush and Rosalyn Carter head the list. Those people are the movers and shakers of this country.

The United States is the only superpower under the sun now. No longer are there dual superpowers. There is one superpower, the United States of America. The leaders of the United States have been mobilized; it is an incredible success.

The American women shed tears from the heart. This is the first time they learned how to cry. Yes, they didn't know they had tears. This time they realized they had tears. They poured out their hearts.

For the first time since Father came to America, he is moving and shaking the entire country through two major forces: one is the Women's Federation, through the sisterhood conferences, and the other is the Washington Times. These are the victories of our True Parents. These are the two victories in America to remember on this, the 29th True God's Day.

In 1994, Mother toured 27 cities in Japan. Mother visited virtually every city of Japan. I was there. It had the most incredible impact on Japan.

Mother Was Number One

Last fall Father organized Mother's tour of Japan accompanied by Barbara and George Bush. Can you imagine a U.S. president, whether an incumbent or a former president, doing anything in a secondary position? They are always number one. A U.S. president is always number one. But this time who was number one? Mother was number one. Their respect for Mother and Father was incredible.

The Japanese people could not believe such a thing was happening. Why? Japan is probably the number two country in the entire world. (Actually, I think Japan is number one, but I am a little prejudiced in favor of Japan.) They are a superpower in a real sense. In economic and military power, the U.S. is number one, but in people power and money power, Japan is number one. The United States today is about to face bankruptcy. The U.S. government has so much debt, while Japan has so much savings. All the savings accounts in the world cannot compare with the Japanese savings. It's like a drop in the bucket compared to Japan. The real power is Japan.

The Japanese people are proud of their accomplishments. They are afraid of nothing. They are not going to bow down to anybody, except one country, the United States, because for 50 years Japan has come under the U.S. defense program, the nuclear umbrella. The United States has protected Japan for 50 years, during which time they built up their economy. Japan knows that the United States is the one country they have to watch out for. This is why Japan respects the United States.

The Japanese also respect anybody with a big nose and blue eyes who speaks perfect English. This is where the Japanese have somewhat of an inferiority complex. In language, English is number one for them.

The U.S. president, therefore, is like the king of the world. The king of the world comes with Mrs. Moon? Impossible, they thought. This must be some kind of trick. When 50,000 people gathered in the Tokyo Dome and the program announced George and Barbara Bush, there were hundreds of people from the media outside and inside. Their palms were sweating as they wondered: Has George Bush really come? There must be some kind of trick. There will probably be a message on the video screen saying, "I'm sorry I couldn't be there in person, but I am there on video."

When George Bush's name was announced, there was wonderful applause. The media said, "No, no. It couldn't be true. It's too good to be true." When George and Barbara Bush, smiling from ear to ear, showed up on the stage, everybody was dumbfounded. They thought it must be a phantom, or maybe somebody put makeup on to look like George and Barbara Bush. They still didn't want to believe it.

Then George and Barbara Bush spoke, supporting Mother's idea for true family and world peace. The audience could not deny that they were George and Barbara Bush. They then thought, "Oh, the Bushes must have been deceived." The opposition was incredible. In the middle of the tour, people wanted to hear George and Barbara Bush say, "Well, we've been tricked. Now we are packing up and going home." They were waiting for that news.

Never in history has a U.S. president traveled to more than two cities in Japan. This time George and Barbara Bush traveled to five cities. No U.S. president has ever set foot on the island of Hokkaido. George and Barbara Bush went to Hokkaido. The citizens of Hokkaido bowed down to Father and Mother, because Father and Mother brought an American president to Hokkaido, the northern island. No president of the United States ever went to Kyushu, the southern island. Then George and Barbara Bush went to Fukuoka, the capital of Kyushu. The people of Kyushu were flabbergasted at Father and Mother's power to tell a U.S. president what to do and plan his schedule. Incredible. This completely changed the attitude of the Japanese government and media toward the Unification community.

Intense Persecution

Our Japanese movement has undergone the most incredible persecution because of the Aum Truth Church, Omo Jilikyo. That was the most incredible kind of cult. The Aum Truth Church believes they can wage the war known as Armageddon. They planned to destroy the entire Japanese population, except those who are converted to the Aum Truth Church. It would be much more fearful than a Third World War. Without Father and Mother, the Japanese population could have been cut in half last year. Out of 120 million people, maybe 50 million would have been killed.

The Aum Truth Church was trying to create a powerful poison gas, viral weapons, and chemical weapons. They were buying helicopters. They were creating physical weapons. On March 20, they released poison gas in the subway. Sixteen people were killed immediately and 5,000 were injured. This was incredible. The Japanese thought that theirs was the safest country in the entire world, but this happened in Japan, in the middle of Tokyo.

This brought even greater persecution to the Unification Church. Our enemies took this opportunity to say, "Another religious movement will be more dangerous than the Aum Truth Church, and that is the Unification Church. Because the founder is a Korean, we have no idea what they could do. They only follow the orders of Reverend Moon. Therefore, the Aum Truth Church is like a peanut compared to the Unification Church. We've got to do something about the Unification Church."

A large number of Japanese brothers and sisters participated in the 30,000 couple Blessing in Seoul in 1992. Among them were several famous people, particularly the famous movie star Junko Sakurada and an Olympic champion, Hiroko Yamasuki. The media did a most incredible smashing job on this event. For three years the Japanese church has been bombarded by the media. Day after day, they demolished our church in the eyes of the public. Public opinion already looked at the Unification Church as something unhealthy and dangerous.

The Japanese members truly suffered. They were trying to regain strength so they could move forward offensively, but they did not know what to do. On top of that, the Aum Truth Church incident exploded like an atomic bomb. It added to the persecution.

The Japanese members are so grateful to Father. Father instructed me to proclaim Divine Principle truth and clearly reveal Father as the Second Coming of the messiah, the True Parents.

The Japanese church and the members were suffering so incredibly. I wanted to help, but I didn't know where to start. One night I collapsed at Hiroshima, where the atomic bomb fell. I was suffering in bed. All of a sudden, the telephone rang. I picked up the phone and heard Mother's voice. Mother seldom calls me but that night, it was truly true love. I don't now how Mother discovered I had collapsed.

Mother called and in her kind voice said to me, "Bo Hi, you are a big man. Why are you so weak? You are a big man, you should have a big, strong mind." Then Mother said the most incredible thing to me: "When you face difficulty, think of Father, what kind of path Father walked, what kind of difficulty Father faced, what kind of incredible persecution Father received. When you have a difficult time, then think of Father. That will give you courage."

That was a revelation to me. Really the Holy Spirit was healing me. So I thanked Mother and moved to Tokyo and entered Isshin Hospital, our church hospital in Tokyo. For one week I held my own workshop, preparing myself for Japan. The fourth night Father called the hospital and said, "Bo Hi, what can you do? You are sick in the hospital. You may die in Japan that way."

At that point I was ready to go all the way for Japan. I interrupted Father's conversation because I was afraid Father would say, "Bo Hi, you come back to the United States." I didn't want that. So I immediately said to Father, "Father, I'm ready to die in Japan. If I collapse in Japan while proclaiming the True Parents in Japan, it would be the greatest honor for me to die in that fashion. You told me when I went before the Fraser committee in 1978, `If you make up your mind to die for the sake of God and True Parents, you will win and you will live.' Father, didn't you say that to me? You told me that, and with that kind of strength I attended the hearings at the U.S. Congress and fought the battle and won. Father, I am going to do the same thing. This is my second Fraser battle. Please give me an opportunity." I eloquently testified from my heart.

Then Father said, very comfortingly, "Well, I heard very comforting words from you, didn't I? You go ahead. I will let you do it."

I was in heaven at that point. During the remaining three days in the hospital I prayed and prayed, "God, give me an opportunity to die for the sake of Japan." That's the way my mission started.

Beginning the Day of Hope Tour

Then the Aum Truth Church attacks began, and I reported to Father. Father immediately told me to start the Day of Hope tour. "Proclaim the truth all over Japan." These were Father's instructions. I knew these instructions were most proper. I asked myself, how can I win Japan? What is my weapon? Two things: first, the truth, the most powerful truth of Divine Principle; second, Father's accomplishments in the United States for the sake of the world. None of the Japanese has ever heard what Father actually accomplished for the sake of the world in the United States. These are the two greatest weapons for changing public opinion in Japan. In the meantime, since the Japanese government was stopping Father from coming into Japan, I was ready to give myself for the sake of Japan on behalf of Father.

I came to love not only the Japanese members but the Japanese culture and the Japanese people as a whole. I want to love them because Father loves Japan. I have to do it for the sake of Father, on behalf of Father. That was my complete commitment.

On March 26, 1995, six days after Aum Truth Church bombed the subway with poison gas, we began the Day of Hope lecture in the middle of Tokyo. Two thousand people came, and half of them were new people. Those who were most surprised were the Japanese members. They didn't believe they could bring in new people. We invited professors, media people, police officers, and Korean residents in Japan. Throughout the entire lecture tour we invited everyone to see and hear for themselves.

Father told the Japanese leaders, "Bo Hi Pak knows all True Parents' secrets for 40 years." I'm so grateful to God and True Parents that I was given the opportunity to serve Father as a special assistant when Father's mission began in the United States on December 18, 1971. Father landed in America permanently on that date. During the 25 years since then, I have been with Father, side by side. I was like a shadow of Father.

I interpreted more speeches for Father than anybody else. Yesterday I commended Peter Kim for his eloquent translation. I know the value of translation. He did a great job, and I really congratulated him. The translator has beautiful give and take with Father. I had that for 25 years. Father banged my head probably several hundred times, but Father kissed my cheek about a dozen times. For every 100 bangs I got one kiss. It's a good deal, isn't it? You never had that, did you? Father embraced me, turning me around; we danced and waltzed together. That was my life.

More importantly, what is the greatest work Father has done in the United States? The liberation of communism. Who liberated communism? Father did. True Parents did. The problem is the world does not know about it.

Who knows really what Father did? Me. I was there when Father met with former President Richard Nixon in the Oval Office at the White House. I translated for Father. I translated for Nixon. Father prayed together in the Oval Office with Nixon. Father said that day, "President Nixon, when you were sleeping in the White House at 5:00 this morning, I was circling your White House already, praying for you." Father did so at 5:00 that morning. Who in the world knows that kind of secret? When I translated that statement for President Nixon, he turned pale. He couldn't believe it. He must have wondered, "Who has loved me that much?" It's an incredible report.

I have a very important message to share with you. I want to give you guts, hope, and power to do the same in your mission countries. You can do it. The power of True Parents and the Divine Principle is so great. What Father has done in 40 years is so powerful. Nothing under the sun is impossible. The 3.6 Million Couples Blessing in 1997 is peanuts when you people in this room make up your minds. This is the purpose of my report.

In Japan, one of the most incredible things I did was to testify to Father as a liberator. The world has been under the bondage of communism. Father is the messiah, anointed by God. Father and God worked together to destroy the Soviet empire and bring liberation to the communist world. I testified line by line. I showed the Japanese people 200 slides. One picture speaks louder than words, louder than a book in many cases. I showed 200 slides, including Father's meeting with Nixon, Father speaking to Congress, and Father's most incredible prediction of the Reagan landslide.

Predicting the Reagan Landslide

Who knows as much as I do about the Reagan landslide? I was instructed directly by Father what to do. It seemed impossible, but I obeyed Father and miracles happened. Who at that time really believed Reagan could be a winner? No one. The News World was Father's newspaper in New York in 1980. The Washington Times did not start until 1982. Compared to the New York Times, The News World was a little paper, but with The News World, Father accomplished a miracle; he changed public opinion in the United States in favor of a Reagan victory.

I told Father, "Reagan cannot win, Father; I am sorry, Reagan cannot win because he has four incredible handicaps. He is an old man, 71 years old. He is a Hollywood movie star, so nobody takes him seriously. He is a hard-line conservative, and American people don't like hard-line conservatives. Furthermore, he campaigned for president in 1976 and failed, and Americans don't like someone who is a failure. Finally, President Jimmy Carter is the incumbent, and incumbents tend to be elected to a second term. Reagan is very unpopular; it is impossible."

Father asked me to meet with Reagan. So I went to Ohio and met with Reagan. I showed the Japanese people the picture of our meeting. I said to Reagan, "Reverend Moon sent me to you. Are you ready to liberate communism? If that is your mission and you realize it, you shall be the next president."

Reagan said, "Who said that?" I said, "Reverend Moon said it." "How does Reverend Moon know?" "He has a hotline with God. He got a revelation from God. You'd better believe it." Reagan and his wife were so happy that somebody came to boost them up. However, when I came back and reported to Father about this substantial conversation, I still said, "Reagan has no chance." Father replied, "He has no chance? That's good, because God's miracle will be more visible that way. I will make that miracle."

Of course, Father did many things. Finally, the day before the election, Father said, "The News World should go ahead and print a big prediction. Announce a Reagan landslide." I said, "Father, we don't know if Reagan can even win. How can we announce a Reagan landslide? It is foolish; it's a joke." Father said, "Just listen to me. Go ahead, draft the article and show it to me."

So I went to the newspaper and said, "We will print 'Reagan Landslide' tomorrow morning." Everybody said, "Oh no. No." Then we wrote a draft article that said, "Reagan may be winning."

I showed it to Father and Father said, "Bring me that wastebasket." He threw it in the wastebasket. Father said, "What would you do if World War III broke out? What kind of headline would you put in the newspaper?" All of a sudden Father was asking a funny question. I didn't know why that question was coming, so I said, "Boy, World War III would be a big thing. We would have a banner headline and big letters."

"Do it just like that. This is my third world war." Father's statement was so true. It was the third world war. That one fateful prediction of The News World prevented a third world war by electing Reagan to office.

We set "REAGAN LANDSLIDE" in huge type. Our News World staff, even though they are brothers and sisters, couldn't understand Father, so they said, "No, Col. Pak." (At that time I was known as Col. Pak.) "Father will be laughed at. We couldn't do this. Reduce the size and we will put it on the second page."

I said, "No. We are going to be a newspaper of martyrdom. We may not publish any more papers. This may be the final issue. Go ahead and do it." We predicted that Reagan would win even in New York, but I yielded a little bit in terms of electoral college numbers, because our editorial staff was so strong. "It is so laughable, we couldn't do this," they said. We reduced the numbers but basically we announced, "Reagan Landslide." I regret now that I yielded a little bit. Then I showed it to Father. He said, "Good."

We delivered that newspaper to Reagan. When Reagan saw The News World's prediction of a Reagan landslide, he was jubilant. Josette Shiner, who is now a very big woman at the Washington Times, took it to Reagan. He was so happy that he brought the newspaper into the news room and held a press conference. That was the morning of election day, November 4, 1980.

The News World's prediction of a Reagan landslide was broadcast coast to coast by all the television networks: NBC, ABC, CBS. The amazing things was, on top of the page were small letters saying, "News World Prediction" before the banner "Reagan Landslide." But television viewers could not read the small type. They could only see the words "Reagan Landslide."

People must have thought, "Oh, Reagan won already? The election is over?" West of the Mississippi, there is a time zone difference of two to three hours. In California, 95 percent of the people voted for Reagan, because all day long they saw the words, "Reagan Landslide." It was incredible. American people want to join the winner. You don't want to be on the side of the loser. They saw the announcement that Reagan was winning, so everybody voted for him after seeing the newspaper's proclamation. Californians voted 95 percent for Reagan. This is Father's miracle. Who else can tell these stories except me?

Proclaiming Father as the Messiah

I gave the straight talk to the Japanese people. Normally we give the Divine Principle first and at the conclusion we say, "You see, Divine Principle is so clear about who the messiah is. Reverend Moon is the messiah." We whisper: "Do you know that Reverend Moon is the messiah? You know now." The general method has been to teach the Divine Principle, and in the final lecture reveal about the messiah.

In Japan, I reversed this because of Father's own declaration about the messiah and True Parents in 1992. When I took the stage, within 15 minutes I declared proudly that Father, Reverend Sun Myung Moon, is the second coming of the messiah. Furthermore, I announced that he is the True Parents, together with Mrs. Hak Ja Han Moon.

Then I said, "This messiah loves Japan. Even though Japan persecuted Father, Father loves Japan. How do we know? Here is one evidence. Look at me. A man like me who has been serving Father for 38 years would not come here to Japan unless Father loves Japan. It is great evidence. I come here pouring out my heart to you because I love you. Do you know why I love you? Because my Father, Reverend Moon, loves you. He loves Japan. True Parents love Japan."

When the declaration of the true messiah is made, normally some people close the window of their minds. But not in Japan this time. For two and one-half hours I precisely recited what the Divine Principle content is all about. I covered the Principle of Creation, Fall of Man, Restoration, the first messiah, and the second messiah. Then I talked about what Father has done in the United States for 30 years. "I am the eyewitness," I announced. "I saw it. I was there. I was translating for Reverend Moon." How could they not believe me?

I stressed how much Father, Reverend Moon, my Father, True Parents, loves Japan. This is the mother's country, Eve's country. I really conveyed this love to the Japanese people.

A lot of opposing people came to hear what I had to say, but after one hour their hearts were melted. Within two hours they got excited. At the conclusion, everybody shouted out, "God is blessing us." The hearts of the Japanese people were melted, and they responded beautifully with tears.

Parents of members came, and they were completely melted. They wrote testimonies on response cards, such as "I believe in God, I believe in Reverend Moon. I apologize to my children. I didn't know my children were following such a great man. I'm proud that my children are disciples of Reverend Moon."

Many parents had tears in their eyes. They changed their attitude immediately, and they apologized to their sons and daughters and said, "Whatever you need, tell me." The Blessing fees are coming in; contributions are coming in.

Parents ask, "What do you need? More money? Oh, I heard there are Japanese sisterhood ceremonies in the United States. You should go there." Parents are glad to pay now. About 5,000 have asked to go to the United States for the bridge ceremony.

Yesterday I saw the videotape, and today I listened to Mr. Dong Moon Joo's report on the sisterhood conferences. I have come to the conclusion that Japan must respond to Father and send more people to the United States. This is Father's greatest victory for 1995. We will make 1996 victorious. We are so inspired by Father's great victory.

So far I have spoken to roughly 100,000 Japanese people. What is most gratifying is I have spoken throughout Japan-north and south, east and west-73 times. Total attendance at the meetings was 91,491. Of these, 47,000 were new people and around 43,000 were our members.

When Japanese people are moved, their hands go into their pocketbooks. They are amazing people. I really respect the Japanese. We include an envelope in the program. Amazingly, 43,000 people donated $4.7 million after the program. This is on top of the 2,000 to 2,500 yen admission which they paid; thus their contributions totally roughly $1.8 million.

About 14,000 people promised to send a contribution every month. "I am an old man," one person wrote. "I cannot do anything else except give you money." Well, we need that kind of people.

Normally the rallies started at 12:30 or 1:00, so people came without eating lunch. When it was an evening program, they always came without eating dinner. They listened and listened and prayed and prayed. I have never seen such a phenomenon anywhere.

About 2,000 people came to the Blessing because of the lectures, and we gained about 6,000 members. More amazing is the number who want to study about True Parents; 11,767 people said they want to know about Reverend Moon; 5,900 want to attend a seminar; 8,500 joined the Unification community; 5,429 joined the Unification Church. In some cases they signed membership right at the door, so now we are including a membership form in the envelope. (This doesn't include the students, which brings the total to roughly 6,000. ) Those who want to go to the United States for the sisterhood conferences: 5,691. If each person pays 620,000 yen, that is a potential of $35 million. It's good, isn't it? Those who want information about the Blessing: 2,164. Already 2,100 of those people were Blessed. When we get back we are going to sign people up for the Blessing in Washington. At every lecture, people will sign up for the Blessing in Washington. Many tens of thousands of people will do this.

Healing Families

I am moved when members come to me and tell stories like this: "I brought my father and mother who kidnapped me from the movement twice. They opposed Father and the Unification Church for 10 years. After listening to one of your lectures, my mother was crying and holding my hand. Then I was moved and began to cry. My father was sitting next to me and said, `Today is the Day of Hope. Let's not cry.' But as he was speaking he was crying too."

Father healed so many families in Japan; he brought so much harmony in Japan. In particular, many wives were saved. There are 5,000 or more women whose husbands have been adamantly opposed to the church. These wives have been suffering for eight, 10, 12 years. This time those wives struggled to bring their husbands to the lecture. They created a showdown, not by fighting, but by fasting, taking cold showers, praying, serving, and just saying, "My dear husband, do me one favor. Come to just one lecture of the Day of Hope."

One wife was very discouraged. Her husband had refused to come. She came to the event and was sitting in her chair and crying. Then she looked beside her and was amazed to find her husband sitting there. Husband and wife were seated side by side in an auditorium of 1,000 seats. Her husband said, "I was heading toward work. My tram car had to pass the auditorium, but in front of the auditorium the tram car broke down. I was so fearful. I thought God was going to punish me if I didn't come into this auditorium. So I came."

This is how incredibly the spirit world is working. Such testimonies occur one after another. Incredible things have happened.

Other Projects

On October 1, Father directed me to speak to the university students. Mr. Tokuno is the leader of the Japanese CARP movement. CARP and the church youth department together created 13 youth groups. Under their sponsorship, I spoke to about 10,000 young people. Among them, roughly half were new people. University students, high school students, and even middle school students came and listened to a two and one-half hour presentation without moving. This I saw is the hope of Japan. The youth movement will be greatly successful in Japan.

Father emphasizes the pure love movement, so I proclaimed Father's teaching about pure love. The young people responded to the pure love movement. The promiscuity in Japan is incredible. Many parents worry about their children and don't know what to do with them. Now there is an answer. More and more, the Japanese public recognizes that Reverend Sun Myung Moon has the answer for their children.

CARP is now growing. Every week there is a workshop, and membership is growing. The Japanese CARP membership will be doubled soon. Father gave us the initial goal of 5,000 members, which should ultimately be doubled. If the Japanese CARP obtains 10,000 members, it will shake all Japan. This will open up the road for Father to come to Japan, because 10,000 young people are very powerful.

The Japanese media will no longer be able to say bad things about our church, because there are no bad things, only good things. They fabricate the bad things. Suppose 1,000 university students march into a television station and have a sit-down demonstration for 24 hours, 72 hours, or even one week. There is no television station in Japan that would not surrender. This is how we are going to teach the Japanese media. We need youth power.

On December 14, the Youth Federation for World Peace in Japan was formulated. Ichiro Kaicho has been appointed the chairman and president of the Youth Federation of Japan. He is a good man. He reported to Father. The Youth Federation will be a nation-saving movement in Japan. Mr. Bong Tae Kim, president of the Youth Federation of Korea, came to Japan and made a great speech. He felt great hope for Japan. Together the Korean and Japanese youth movements will change the entire picture. Mother changed the entire picture of the college youth. This year, the Japanese college campuses will be different due to the pure love movement. I assure you it will happen.

Another incredible area of breakthrough in 1996 will be with the Korean residents in Japan. There are several million Korean residents in Japan, from both North Korea and South Korea. They have lots of money.

Father instructed me to win their hearts so they can unite with Father and do something about the unification of the Fatherland. This is the year of breakthrough, because the groundwork has been laid. All of the leaders of the Korean residents came to the Day of Hope lectures. They are overjoyed and proud to be Korean. They are very proud of Father. They call this the hope of Japan, and they asked me to come and speak to the Korean residents association this year. This will happen in 1996. All these wonderful things are going to happen this year.

This year I'm going back to Japan for the second round. The time will come when Father will sign this map of Japan, which shows all the places I have lectured. When I go back this year, I want to touch all the Japanese islands through Day of Hope speeches and True Parents' declaration. I would like all the Japanese people to hear about True Parents and how great a man Father is.

One 11-year-old school boy who listened to my lecture said, "Well, Dr. Pak is good enough to be a disciple of the messiah." Approval came from an 11-year-old boy. I cherish this more than anything else. If anybody says to me, "You are good enough to be the disciple of the messiah," I am happy.

Living for True Parents

Finally, I would like to testify about the Japanese church. The Japanese brothers and sisters are truly great people, heartistic people. They are absolutely obedient to Father. Father loves them. They want to reciprocate for what Father has given to them. They are dedicated, ready to give their lives for Father.

From Mr. Takeru Kamiyama on down, everybody is focused on living for the sake of True Parents. They are willing to die for True Parents, in order to be able to live. Otherwise, they realize that they will collapse and the whole nation of Japan will collapse. Right now, Mr. Kamiyama, Mrs. Erikawa (the first vice president of the Japanese Family Federation), and Mr. Sakurai are totally united. They are going around the country. I gave 73 speeches on the Day of Hope Tour, but they gave 77 speeches. They are giving one-day seminars in each church, reviving people, challenging people to live up to Father's expectations.

Japan has been suffering, but Father has given Japan such hope. Mother's tour of Japan accompanied by George and Barbara Bush gave them an enormous boost. They have received the most incredible revelation of Father's love for them. Father sent me as his representative. The Japanese people are so grateful to Father and Mother for never abandoning Japan, never giving up hope in Japan. They knew this before, but now their courage is renewed and their cup is running over.

The Japanese church has experienced incredible persecution. During 1996 we will completely chop off the old persecution, double the membership, and double it once again. The current membership will increase four times.

Then I won't have to stay in Japan, and I hope Father can call me back. The work in Japan is too hard, but I decided to give my life for the sake of Japan. That is the heart of the missionary. I am doing the same thing you are doing. You are giving your life for Africa, for Asia, for everywhere. That's why Father loves you.

I am joining you, offering my life for the sake of Japan. I may die for the sake of Japan and God's will, but if True Parents' will is fulfilled in Japan that will be more than enough honor. Yesterday I was given an award for serving True Parents for 33 years. I don't deserve it. I want to pay it back by giving my life for the sake of True Parents and Heavenly Father.

I want you to know that Japan is going to be strong in 1996. It will live up to Father's expectation. In 1996, we pledge to bring Father and Mother to Japan and have them be welcomed by the Japanese nation. Thank you, Father.

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