Truth is My Sword, Volume II

by Bo Hi Pak

Chapter 13 Love and Practice

Printed In The Way of the World
July 8, 1974

Dr. Pak gives a detailed explanation of the restoration of love, highlighting the three core ingredients: absolute honesty, purity, and selfless devotion. He discusses how we can make Satan powerless and how we can strengthen our faith until we can overcome what he calls "the moment of disillusionment."

In Minneapolis I talked about how we could give love and practice love among our members and within our family. People will be changed by the vibration and by the radiant spirit within us.

Because the dawn of human history began with lying, in order to restore ourselves, we must start first with absolute honesty with ourselves and with God. God already knows everything.

Second, we must know that the most important thing in life is purity. The loss of purity brought the fall of man. For restoration, we need the presence of unstained love. We must restore love, first directed to God and Christ. As brothers and sisters we have one concern, to direct our love, unstained, to God and Christ. This is the only way we can be welded together in the body of God. This is the only way we can receive our salvation. Our movement is about a revolution of love; our entire heart and mind are to be directed to God and Christ. When you love someone with all your heart, soul, body, and mind, there is no room for anything else. If we are to be crazy about something, we should be crazy about God and Christ. We must mutually assist each other so we can direct our love to one point.

The third point is selfless devotion. Take the route of the cross. When we practice these three, we consummate our love. If you do these three for God, you are loving Him. If you do these three for Christ, you are loving him. If you do these three for your brothers and sisters, you are loving them.

When people come to Christ, they are caught up in the burning joy and excitement. But before too long, many become disillusioned and discouraged. This is in a way a natural process. We will always have that. All of us have low periods. No single one of us may be the exception. This is because nothing can progress in a straight line. It always goes in a wave. So also our faith. We have to struggle every day, up and down.

We must therefore know some secret -- how to overcome ourselves when we reach a low point. How can we spring back to the high point? In our daily life, this is very much needed. If you study the Divine Principle in depth, you know the secret. The Divine Principle is always the key.

A Complaining Mind

The first sign of weakness comes in the form of complaint. In the realm of God there is no room for complaint. You can complain in any position, once you start. If you are a king or a queen, you could still complain. Therefore, complaint comes from a state of mind, not from the environment. We could make a prison a place of joy even, with the right mind.

How can I diagnose my state? One symptom is complaint. Why does that person act like that? We ask, why is that person so beautiful? When you start asking those questions, I want you to know, that is an alarming sign. The true person dwelling in the love of God is always grateful.

Jesus could have said to God while on the cross, "Can't you do something about this suffering?" But he didn't. The Bible says he cried out, "My God, why have you forsaken me?" After that came an unspoken sentence. "Even if for some unknown reason you want me to die, rest assured, I will not fail you." Because of this absolute loyalty, God exercised the power of resurrection. When Reverend Moon was in the Hungnam prison camp he could have complained. Instead, he prayed, "God, don't worry about me." He always thought, "I am busy serving the Father." This is a new standard of serving God.

This is the secret to overcoming our low periods. We must know that the fall of man came by man's distrust toward God. Man turned around, leaving God alone. God did not kick man, man kicked God out. So in order to come back to God, we must go through the law of restitution. This means that before you are given the title of true sons and daughters of God, God must kick you, once. Adam and Eve said, "God, I don't know you." So in our course, God will say, "I don't know you."

At that test, many say, "You kicked me, God. Why? I'm leaving you." In the Divine Principle, however, we learn why God kicked His children. We must demonstrate our worthiness to receive God's blessing by being separated from Satan.

Take the example of job. Job was a millionaire and a loyal worshiper of God. Satan told God, "Sure Job serves you; you have given him such great wealth. Take away his wealth and he will curse you." So Job woke up one morning and found everything he owned gone. But still he served God. So Satan said to God, "Sure he loves you, he is so healthy." So Job became leprous, his body was like the surface of the moon. When urged to curse God and die, job said, "My life, my health, my fortune all come from God. If He takes them away, why should I complain?" Job did not curse God.

Satan Becomes Powerless

When one's faith reaches that state, Satan becomes powerless. Then, whatever God's blessing, Satan cannot accuse. God wants us to be victorious over the fallen serpent, Satan. But God cannot do this for us. By demonstrating such absolute faith we can separate ourselves from Satan and be completely free.

This is not just job's story; this is Bo Hi Pak's story, this is your story. This is the beauty of the Bible. I want you to know that in your life, too, there will be a time when God will say, "I never knew you." When you first come to God, He is always embracing you, comforting you. But then the moment will come when God will say, "I don't know you." So you say to Him, "God, I know more than you. I know why you have to say that."

The Divine Principle is so wonderful. It teaches us how to prepare ourselves in advance. If we don't know, we can be really lonely and confused. The moment Jesus was nailed on the cross, God was saying, "I never knew you." Jesus said to Him, "Whatever you do to me, I am with you."

In the Bible there are many such moments. God gave Abraham a son, Isaac, at the age of 100. The same God later asked Abraham to offer his son as a burnt offering. Abraham could have said to Him, "Are you crazy, God?" His little boy Isaac asked, "Daddy, where is the lamb?" He had been to sacrifices before. He knew there had to be special animals.

Abraham had brought the wood and the knife, but where was the lamb? At that moment Abraham could have said, "What kind of God are you to do this to me?" But Abraham said, "My son, God will provide the lamb." He raised his knife, ready to kill his son. In another moment his son would be dead. At this very moment, if Abraham had a trace of complaint, even though he might have killed his son, the offering of his son would have been rejected by God.

So many times we do good things, but if our heart is not there, the deeds do not blossom in the glory of God. If Abraham had complained, the purpose of God's glory would not have been achieved. But when Abraham lifted his knife, there was no hesitation. God will respond to man's heart, not to his deed. Deed is the manifestation of the heart. If we do things without the right heart, it is not acceptable to God. With our heart we can separate ourselves from Satan.

Satan's temptation to Jesus was the first showdown between Jesus and Satan. Satan lost. So Satan changed his tactic: he moved into the hearts of the Jewish people. The Bible says that Satan entered the heart of Judas. He wanted to make the hearts of the people rebellious.

I want you to know, Satan is really aiming at you as individuals, searching where he can invade. He is like a disease, a germ. When you have strong enough defenses, it cannot invade. But when your defenses are weak, the germ invades. Therefore, each of us must know the secret, how to overcome the moment of disillusion.

We must be prepared, with our faith strong enough and ready enough. Then you will overcome difficulties many times over. What faith is good enough in the sight of God? What faith is deep enough that if God and Christ would say, "I don't know you; go to hell; die," you would turn around and say, "God, I am with you."

Then Satan will shake His head and say, "I can do nothing with him. He is impossible." Satan has a little black book with everyone's name in it. After such a person's name it reads, "impossible." So Satan won't even touch him. He will go somewhere else where he can work.

Through your faith, you can turn God's no to you into a yes. So let's become impossible persons in Satan's black book!

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