Truth is My Sword, Volume II

by Bo Hi Pak

Chapter 11 World Day

Miami, Florida
June 20, 1974

This speech was given on the second day of the three-day Celebration of Life Crusade in Miami. Dr. Pak begins by sharing victory stories from the previous night and then goes on to explain the meaning of World Day or Day of All Things. He discusses the process of restoration and reminds members that they are indeed the "lords of creation." He thanks them for their hard work and sacrifice and stresses the importance of investing their whole hearts into their work, thereby giving value to every action and every day.

First of all, I would like to reveal the victory we won last night. As you know, last night in the Celebration of Life here in Miami we broke the record. We had the greatest attendance so far. Remember, this is only the record so far. Everybody is trying to beat the record. So I would officially like to invite the members of the Crusade to give a great big hand to Reverend Martin Porter and the International One World Crusade of Region Six.

We had a guest attendance of 1,075, and a Family attendance of 110, for a total of 1,185. Immediately after the show I called East Garden to tell the True Parents, so that they would feel better on World Day. And indeed, they did.

An even more impressive record was the number of response cards turned in; 157 people turned in cards, out of which 22 signed box number one, "I would like to commit my life to God and Christ, and I want to join the Sun Myung Moon Christian Crusade and the Unification Church Movement." This is also a record.

And 70 people signed up to come to a workshop, 18 from the cards and an additional 52 people from the Rainbow Reception. So you can well see how important the Rainbow Reception is. This is truly the fishing pot. This is where we are fishers of men.

Incidentally, speaking of fishing, our True Parents have been spending a few days fishing in Barrytown, which is significant in the heavenly dispensation. Father is fishing in a very symbolic sense. The days that Father catches more fish, we catch more people fish. And last night Father caught the most fish in Barrytown. This is why we won this great victory in Miami.

Also, 21 people said, "I would like to contribute to this Crusade and this movement regularly." There were 25 people who asked for additional information and 58 positive responses, people who wrote nice things about the Crusade.

So on the initial night, we won a great victory. This is indeed a remarkable victory. And tonight, the second night, World Day, we are going to have a real World Day celebration in the form of a great victory in Gusman Philharmonic Hall. Let's aim and pray to have all 1,800 seats occupied tonight. This will be a second record.

Standing Room Only

Tomorrow night, then, we will have a little problem. We will have to turn people away. We will have a camera installed, so that any people who cannot get into the theater will be able to stand outside and watch the closed circuit television monitors. How wonderful! May that happen tomorrow.

As soon as I arrived in Florida, I received a detailed report from the regional commander, Reverend Porter. My heart was really aching to know the hard work that our regional teams, the IOWC team, the Florida members, and the others, have been putting into this campaign. They work from 5:00 o'clock in the morning. They usually have dinner at 11:00 p.m. They are out there all day, raising funds, distributing tickets. You have worked so hard, in such a sacrificial way. God knows, and Father knows, your hard work. This is one small way, I'm sure, that Father is giving you the reward.

I am really serious when we see our brothers and sisters going out every day, working so hard, and paying so much indemnity. There have been many accidents. Reverend Porter told me that even during the Day of Hope tour you didn't have that kind of experience. But we are paying so much indemnity now, and so many accidents are happening. My brother over there was badly injured in a car accident, but Father protected him. Come here, please. Give him a big hand, please.

Reverend Porter also mentioned to me that during this campaign, three vans were demolished. So I feel we are really paying. And Reverend Porter is such a positive thinker. I like him very much. I love him, of course. But I really love his positive way of thinking. His way of interpreting indemnity is exactly my way. Reverend Porter thinks that in order to give God a great victory, we are paying just a little bit of indemnity. We don't mind. Great victory is coming. That's his expectation. Every day he is expecting a miraculous situation. I know he will get it.

A Great Offer

Another important thing happened last night. I think this is also quite significant. In Miami Beach, there is a huge convention center. I have never been there, but I'm going to go there in order to see the situation. This is probably one of the finest convention centers here in America. They are going to have an International Exposition Fair November 15 through 24. This is called "Expo '74 Florida." And last night, Mr. Don Garland, the general director and coordinator, brought his entire family to the Celebration of Life. He told me that they would like to invite the Celebration of Life to perform at the Miami Beach Convention Center during this Expo '74. They are offering us one of their largest auditoriums so that we can present our Celebration of Life program for one, two, or even three days and really proclaim the truth. They expect more than two million people to come to the center.

You know what this means. I wanted to be sure, so I asked them, "Do you want to have only the music and dancing, or do you want the whole thing, with the message of God?" He said, "The whole thing!"

Anywhere we go, we go with that condition. We are not going to just present the music or the dancing. We are going to go with the music and dancing and inspiration all together, with the proclamation of the Reverend Sun Myung Moon. This is the only way we will go. There is no other way.

Proclaiming the truth is our duty. That is our purpose for being here. The Celebration of Life is not just entertainment. It is not just songs and music and dancing. This is a proclamation. In music and song we radiate the spirit of God and the truth of God. And by the message we truly proclaim the Kingdom of God.

And this man also said that he has been in theater for 25 years. Apparently he is the kind of person who goes all over the world, seeing the best shows available and bringing those shows to conventions, arranging many shows, and so forth. He said, "I have never seen such a radiant, beautiful, professional show as you presented in Gusman Hall." I took that as a great compliment. He is a professional person, an impresario himself. A person like him commenting like that is truly meaningful.

Last night we were presented with this key from the city of Holmstead. The mayor told me he was deeply impressed and that he wants us to come to perform sometime in Holmstead. He said they would give us a "red carpet" welcome.

God Trusts Us

Nothing comes easy, but the greatest things will be forthcoming. I have a great expectation every day that God will indeed bring a great miracle to us. We are not very special people who have been summoned for this great task, but God wants to use us to shame the people who think they are wise, those who think they are strong. We are summoned to really show the glory and power of God. We are not that special. But God has summoned us only because He trusts our hearts. More than anything else, what God needs is loyalty and steadfastness, and the love of the True Parents. These are the only weapons we need. Then God will provide everything else we need. God will provide us with knowledge, experience, and power.

What God is looking for in us is our heart. He is seeking from us love for the True Parents, unity with the True Parents, and loyalty and steadfastness. If we truly determine to live up to the credo that we have expressed here this morning in this important World Day celebration, if we truly live up those words-"He who seeks to find his life will lose it; and he who loses his life for my sake will find it"-if each day we are dying and bearing the cross, then we can truly live and revive this world.

This is a life of joy, a really victorious way of life. Each day we are perfecting our true life and our true body, which is our spirit man. We have been chosen to have the privilege of attaining the spiritual perfection of divine spirits. This is the highest goal of man.

Today is World Day. The literal translation of this is the Day of the Universe, or the Day of Creation. I would like to briefly go over the significance of this day, so that we can all know deeply the importance of this day's celebration. Because of the fall of man, mankind lost three major things. First, we lost the True Parents. Adam and Eve were supposed to be the True Parents of mankind. They were supposed to be the first Christ. They were supposed to be the first perfected man and woman. If they had been the True Parents, if the fall had never happened, then man would have been enjoying perfection ever since. But we lost the True Parents. Second, we lost the children. Without True Parents, how could there be true children? Third, we lost all things of creation, because they were subjugated under the satanic power. We were supposed to enjoy lordship over all creation. However, the creation has been subjugated in futility under Satan. We have never had our true lordship.

Heart of the Father

The greatest proclamations that the True Parents have brought forth into this world are the heart of the Father and restoration. We know that the Father's heart has been broken. The True Parents came to this world to proclaim the broken heart of God. Only the son of God could do that.

Today there are so many people in the world who are not even sure about the existence of God. But this group right here, our people, our brothers and sisters-we are not worrying about the existence of God, and we are not discussing the presence of God. What we are talking about is the heart of the Father. The heart of the Father was broken. But we, as His true sons and true daughters, are in a position to relieve Father's grief.

Then let us talk about restoration. Throughout history, man has not known the goal or the purpose of human history. We have not known our destination. Now we know, through the Divine Principle, the revelation of our Father that history is moving forward to achieve the purpose of restoration. Restoration comes in three major ways. First, there is the restoration of the True Parents. This came in 1960. On that day in 1960 we instituted the first Parents Day. This is a most significant day, because before the True Parents were restored, our Heavenly Father was literally living in hell. The debt of 6,000 years of sinful history had to be paid off. This is why the restoration of the True Parents was not easy. They could not just set a day and proclaim it. No, the entire history of God had to be restored. The indemnity had to be paid.

This is why our True Father and Mother walked such an agonizing way, to restore all that, to set the condition to bring all mankind to the "break even" level, in other words, to the position where we could say that the debt has been paid.

Ever since 1960, all the children of the Unification Church could come under the True Parents. You do not know how significant it is. I do not really know 100 percent how important and significant it is. But we must learn the Principle more deeply, and we must live the Principle, so that we can know what it means to have True Parents.

In other words, our citizenship has changed. We now belong to the kingdom of heaven. We are the citizens of the kingdom of heaven, and we belong to the True Parents.

During the war, Korea was divided into North and South. Some of our people were working in North Korea in the guerrilla warfare, as spies and so forth, for the nation's security. If they were discovered, they would desperately try to escape over the border to the South. The whole enemy force might be chasing them, but as soon as they crossed that boundary, they were safe in their own territory. The enemy had no more authority to pursue them.

We Belong to True Parents

Why am I saying this? Even though we may be living in the same world, we have crossed over the boundary. Our sovereignty, our citizenship has been changed. As soon as we belong to the True Parents, the satanic forces have no power to come after us. We are in new territory. We are in this world, but we are not of this world. We belong to the True Parents, which means that we now have the opportunity to be saved not only spiritually, as the Christian faith does, but we are completely saved physically as well.

In other words, when our unity with the True Parents becomes 100 percent perfect, then we shall not only be saved spiritually, but also we will be given physical salvation and the redemption of our body. In this way, we can become True Children. So in the fall of that year (on the lunar calendar, October 1), God and the True Parents saw Children's Day.

So we have restoration of the True Parents, and we commemorate this day on Parents' Day. And on Children's Day we commemorate the restoration of True Children. These are two of the most important celebrations during the year.

After that restoration was accomplished, then God could proclaim World Day, the restoration of all things of creation. This is today. Actually, it is June 1 on the lunar calendar, and this year June 20 on the solar calendar.

We are now celebrating this World Day. Actually, the True Parents wanted to come to Miami so that they could share this victory of the Celebration of Life together with us. But because there is a nationwide celebration in Belvedere and East Garden, and there are many programs on this particular day, they were unable to come. So last night Mother asked me to give each one of you their deepest love and best wishes.

I want you to understand that after the restoration of the True Parents and the True Children, we can now restore the true lordship over all things of the creation. So when we go out in Miami and look at the water and the sky, at the palm trees and the buildings, we want to be saying to them, "Take comfort from me. I am seeing you and appreciating you with Father's eyes."

Father, Look With My Eyes

This is what you should be able to do. When you look at beautiful things, do not just say, "Beautiful flowers! Beautiful beach! Beautiful palm trees! I have never seen such beauty before. I'm so glad I came from Korea to see this." Do not look from your own point of view. Instead, say to the palm tree, "Listen to me. I am the representative of God and the True Parents. I appreciate your beauty from the Father's point of view, with the Father's eyes." Then say, "Father, use my eyes to enjoy this tree, these flowers, this beach, this beautiful land, from your point of view."

Children praise God by saying, "Our Father in heaven." The Creator of all made this flower and this palm tree and brought this Miami Beach into existence. Praise the Lord. This is the art of the Heavenly Father. All the things of creation are the masterpieces of our Father. A child may draw a very funny-looking man. But when his parents praise the beauty of that drawing and appreciate the child's ability, then the child is comforted and encouraged. By the same token, Father has created so much beauty and glory for the appreciation of man. Then we must be in the position, through those things of creation, to return the glory to the True Parents and to our Heavenly Father.

The other day, I sat in on our workshop in New Orleans. There I made a really important proclamation in conclusion. I asked, "What is perfection?" And I told them that many years ago, when I began to study English, I asked many teachers, "How can I learn English quickly?" All American teachers advised me that there was no way but to think in English. They told me not to think in Korean and try to translate in my head and then speak in English. No matter how good a computer we may have up here, it is one step too slow if you think in Korean, translate into English, and speak in English. So they told me to think in English.

Today that advice is very meaningful to me. We are speaking in the heavenly language. We are expressing the True Parents' heart. We are speaking God's heart. We are speaking the language of the heart. So we must not think in human language and then translate into Heavenly Father's language. We must learn to think in the heavenly language. We must tune in, so that every word we speak, every sight we see, every sound we hear, every feeling we experience comes directly from Heavenly Father. This is the goal of perfection.

I want you to understand. Since we belong to the True Parents, since we are the masters of the New Age, when we go out on a boat, out on a train, out on the green grass, out in a car, I want you to know that we are going as the lords of creation. This is the significance of this day, World Day, the Day of All Things.

So, brothers and sisters, we don't just get up each day at five o'clock in the morning and come back at 11 o'clock automatically, like a machine, like clockwork. Unless we put our hearts into it, our hard work will have no meaning. We will be like machines. You know, a vending machine works 24 hours a day. It never sleeps, right? But there is no meaning to it, because it is just mechanical work. We must not be like a vending machine. We are here to represent and reflect the heart of the Father. Each moment of every day, every action we make we must give meaning, so that as a result we are bubbling with excitement and joy. Otherwise, no matter how hard you may work, it will not be to the glory of the True Parents.

For example, consider fundraising. The great fundraisers of our movement were asked, "How did you become such a good fundraiser?" Some of them have made $700 or $800 in one day. They said that if they think of money, they can't raise funds. Instead, they think of Father. Then their flowers sell like hotcakes. They think of Father. I just couldn't believe that one person could sell $700 worth of flowers in one day. That means that 700 bundles had to be sold at $1 each. In 12 hours of work they had to sell 700 bundles of flowers.

But that person said, "Actually, some mysterious power came to me. I just prayed to God that I was here for Father's work, for Father's heart, and just gave out the flowers. And when I gave people the flowers, dollar bills just automatically came out." She was so busy giving out flowers that she didn't even have time to say, "Thank you."

One day this person knocked on a door and a lady answered and saw her standing there. Apparently some spiritual electronic shock was communicated before a word was spoken. She just said, "How many bundles do you have?" "Seventy bundles." "Leave them all right here. How much do I owe you?" "Seventy dollars." This woman went right in, wrote a check for $70, came back and said, "Here you are. Thank you very much."

Amazing. And Randy here was a very outstanding leader for a mobile fundraising team and raised a tremendous amount of money. He and all the other leaders of these MFT [mobile fundraising team] teams testified to me that they were working every day to find out how they could raise funds better. They do not think in business terms. They do not think about how much money they are making. They only think about Father's heart. They found that prayer was the key. I was really so touched by that testimony. Prayer is the key. With prayer and the Father's heart, the flowers really sell like hotcakes.

Communicate With Nature

Now we have come into a different era. We can even communicate with the things of the creation. There are some people who have had some experience in the spiritual world. And those people tell us that in the spiritual heaven we can talk to trees, talk to rocks, talk to flowers-not by words, but by feeling. Certain communication is available. You can see when a tree is really joyful. It is dancing, praising and glorifying God.

All the things of creation are here for Heavenly Father's glory. And in the spiritual world everyone can see. The same thing is happening in this world; the only difference is that we cannot see it with these eyes. We do not have our spiritual senses. But our True Father tells us that this is why he loves nature so much. This is why he goes fishing. All day he is having fellowship with nature, with the water, with the scenery, and all the beauty of nature, even the fish. Those things are genuine, unstained, God's creation. There is honesty there. There is truth there. The human heart, however, is wicked. It shows one thing on the outside but is something else on the inside. Nature is not that way. Yet Paul says in Romans that all things of creation have been groaning inwardly ever since they lost the true lordship of Adam and Eve. The creation has been in agony, waiting for the day when the True Lord would come and become lord over creation.

And we are in that position. We must love all things of creation from the Father's point of view, with Father's eyes.

Let me conclude by saying just one more thing. I said that in the spiritual world flowers can talk. That is, they can communicate. Trees can communicate. Rocks, water, streams can communicate. Let's say we could give mouths to those flowers and trees, even those palm trees on the beach. Then we could ask them, "Who would you like to belong to?" Do you know what answer you would get? You would always get the same answer from the flowers, from the trees, from the water, from the rocks. Anything beautiful would always reply with the same answer. They will say to you, "I would like to belong to he who loves me most."

You could see in our pantomime last night, "The Daisy," that the flower really hated that man. That flower wanted to belong to the person who could love it, appreciate its beauty. The flower wanted to be appreciated. Then who loves this flower the most? Who loves the creation the most? Our Heavenly Father does, because He created it. Who loves a painting most? That is the person who painted it. Nobody can compete with that person's love for his painting. Take Picasso, for example. Nobody can appreciate his work more than himself.

God created this world. God loves this world most. That is why, naturally, all things of the creation belong to God. And when we become one with the heart of our Heavenly Father, we are the owners of these flowers, loving with the Father's heart, putting ourselves in Father's position. Then we can look at this flower with Father's eyes and say, "Our Father, what a beautiful thing you have created, this wonderful daisy." Then that daisy will say, "I am so lucky, so happy. I finally found someone who loves me, who appreciates me." That flower will want to be picked by that person and stay with him.

This is a great truth. By the same token, who is the true owner of America? Who truly owns this America? It is not owned by her citizens. Do you think you own it? No, God does not recognize all those papers up in City Hall. God only recognizes the hearts of men. America belongs to that man who loves America most.

This IOWC team represents 12 different nations. The New Hope Singers come from 13 different nationalities. But we are truly lords over all the things of creation here in America. We are the owners of America, in a way, in Father's sense, because we love America most. Because Father loves this country, we have come to love America as Father loves her.

By the same token, I want you to be very ambitious. You can own God, own the True Parents. How? The answer is simple: Love them most! Love God most. Then God is yours. The True Parents are yours.

Acts of the Apostle

This is a beautiful day, World Day, 1974. And 1974 is a special year in the history of "the acts of the apostles," the history of the Unification Church, and the history of the universe. 1974 is going to be the highest year of honor. 1974 is a very special year because the True Parents have put their greatest effort into this year and have done the most extraordinary, historical things in this year. So I want you to take great pride that we have all participated in this heavenly dispensation, in the work of God's restoration in the year of 1974. I want the members of the Sun Myung Moon Christian Crusade to feel great honor that you have participated in this crusade in the year of 1974. And furthermore, you are going to perform for Father's final and most important Day of Hope tour, for banquets and speeches in eight cities.

This is going to be a very historical event. So at the end of this year we are going to make a new plaque. At the top it will say, "Sun Myung Moon Christian Crusade." Then will be listed the names of every member of the New Hope Singers, the Korean Folk Ballet, all the headquarters team, and the technical crew. Everybody's name will be inscribed on that big plaque. We want that to be shown to posterity, to history.

And the IOWC, too. Father is coming to Atlanta for the Day of Hope tour. And you will also go up to New York for the Madison Square Garden campaign. I don't want you to miss these things. After all, this is the most historical, most extraordinary event that has ever taken place in the kingdom of God. So to be part of it is a tremendous blessing.

So the year 1974 is very special. Let's make this year really special by applying ourselves to the fullest degree, giving our whole effort. Right? [Right!]

This is the message for this day. I am very, very happy to be in Miami. After all, we are the frontline soldiers. During the Korean War, I was a soldier during Christmastime. The Christmas celebration on the frontline of battle was very unique and very touching. We were in a tent, with a small, very ugly cake-because soldiers made it. We had many kinds of food, but there were no containers for them. But we had our helmets, you know, steel helmets. They are very handy. Not only do they protect you from bullets, but they serve many other purposes. In the morning, you wash your face out of your steel helmet. In the evening, you eat out of your helmet. We might even wash our feet in it at night and eat out of it the next day. It's very handy.

Anyway, we had some ugly-looking bread in our helmets. We had to cook everything ourselves, because there were no cooks to do the job. We had funny little candles, and sang Christmas carols like "Silent Night, Holy Night." We sat there with our rifles in our hands. That was a very special celebration of Christmas. The Christmas feeling was so real there on the frontline. The spirit was so real.

I want you to know that this is the frontline of heaven. We have our M-1 rifles at our side. You cannot see it, but every one of you has it: the word of God. And we are really away from home, away from our True Parents. But God is so real at the frontline. God and the True Parents are so real right here in the Sun Myung Moon Christian Crusade, and for the members of this state and region. This is where the battle is. We are the frontline soldiers. So this is a real celebration. We may not have excellent china and silver to eat from. We may not have those, but we will have a good celebration. Think of it. This is where the frontline is, where the spirit of our Father and True Parents is most apparent.

So let's have a good spiritual breakfast. I hope brother Martin Porter has a good breakfast for us. Let us celebrate, then we will go out and win a tremendous victory, and we will have a real celebration this evening. Immediately afterward I will call East Garden and let our True Parents know what a victory we have won on World Day. Right? [Right!]

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