Truth is My Sword, Volume II

by Bo Hi Pak

Chapter 41 Our Father's House

Washington, DC
November 18, 1982

The Washington Times was founded on May 17, 1982. In this talk Dr. Bo Hi Pak challenges the church members on the staff to practice true love in their families, altruistic love in their public lines, and to proudly represent True Parents in their missions.

Father has continuously emphasized the sacrificial and altruistic way of life. Love your fellow man. There is no better way to prepare for your eternal life than to practice God-centered love in the family. You cannot go wrong. You are so fortunate. You think you are suffering. You think you have a hard time. Take it as a privilege. That is the best way you can prepare for eternal life. That is the real life to live. That does not mean we abandon our hope here in this world. No. On the contrary, since we know about the value of spirit world, this life becomes so important.

We are not just believing in the other world, waiting for utopia to all of a sudden happen. No. We have to create utopia here. So everybody should be practicing those two principles: God-centered family life and altruistic life for the sake of the world. Basically that is what the Washington Times is trying to do. The Washington Times itself was conceived for an altruistic purpose. To create the Washington Times, our members all over the world are sacrificing. When we understand this, we cannot take our job lightly. I want you to really shine among the Washington Times staff. Be exemplary family members, God-centered and altruistic. At this time in New York, Father announced a special 40-day condition. New York is virtually deserted. Every member is out in the street fund-raising for the yule-tide season. Father exempted the Washington Times, not because you are very special, but because the Washington Times itself is a mission.

I want you to truly understand Father's heart. I want you to give everything to serve Father's purpose with the Washington Times. Be grateful and work with bubbling enthusiasm. Do well. Particularly, I want you to help me in a special project. When I have walked around our building, I have seen new desks chipped and dirty, coffee spilled on the floor, cigarette butts on the floor, dusty equipment buried under boxes. Things covered with dust. It almost breaks my heart. This is Father's building, Father's equipment. Our members have worked so hard to pay for this building.

I want you to bring a revolution to the Washington Times. Those sloppy journalists. Those sarcastic journalists. Make believers out of them by your own deeds. I am going crusading myself. I would like you to give at least 100 hours this week or next week to make this newspaper building the cleanest, the most spic-and-span. I am going to do it myself. I am going to clean the bathroom with my own hands. Somebody else dirties the bathroom, I am going to clean it. I did that at the Little Angels School. I taught the children and took them to the worse place, the bathroom. In front of their eyes I cleaned up their stool and their urine. I didn't hesitate to do it. It is a pleasure doing it because it is Father's house, God's house.

We can bring a new spirit to Washington merely by keeping this place absolutely spic-and-span. I feel like dying when I see the computers and all this intricate equipment covered with dust. They are getting old so quickly. I would rather chop off my arms than have to replace that equipment.

Let us make the Washington Times not a normal newspaper company, make it extraordinary, an unusual newspaper company. Let's make it an organized newspaper company. As clean as possible. Cleanliness is next to godliness. This is one way you can show appreciation to Father. Thank you. The other day I asked the production manager to make a pledge that I could come to the press area and eat off the floor. Behind the scenes I want you to be crusaders. You are the champions.

This is the one immediate thing we can do and we can do it well. We can proudly do it. From time to time the leaders will organize a cleaning crusade of the Washington Times. Give at least 100 hours to do it. I am going to give my 100 hours. You will find me working in the bathroom. I want to make the Washington Times a shrine, a temple. Josette the other day told me even those sarcastic reporters are finding God in the newsroom. Even Smith Hempstone came to her parry, saying, I began to believe in Reverend Moon, God bless you. Everything is a testimony.

Also, make yourself clean-cut. It is one thing Father can be very proud of. Do not try to imitate these journalists, who are sloppy and casual. It is a disgrace when you look at the White House press conferences sometimes. Those Washington journalists are messy. They make the whole area stink. This is not Father's way at all. Shave everyday, that is mandatory. Those brothers who have a beard, make it distinguished-looking or cut it off. If you want to grow beards, grow them so they serve some purpose of God. Everything you do serves a purpose.

So my dear brothers and sisters, Washington is one place we can truly organize the kingdom of heaven. I am trying to work with Tom McDevitt, who is trying to create a Unification community in Washington as a model. We have more manpower here. More leadership here. More intellectual people here. If we are united, totally dedicated to our True Parents, we can do it.

I tell you, even though the newsroom will be finished tomorrow, in the next two or three months we are going to continue building the Washington Times. It will he transformed into a palace. Don't ever think Father has lots of money or that Bo Hi Pak loves to spend money doing all these things. Not at all. I am dying trying to squeeze the most out of every dollar that has to come to Washington. I am in agony. Father predicted that by the time I finish with the Washington Times I will lose all my hair. I am sure this prediction will become a reality. Every morning I find myself more bald than the previous day. That is all right. My hair is my offering.

But I want you to know Father wants to create a shrine, a temple, so the president of the United States can come on May 17 for the one-year anniversary of the Washington Times. When do secular people and heads of state come to Father's house? When? But they will all come to the Washington Times. By this newspaper, they will know Father. By knowing Father better, they will know God better. It is evangelism. Everything has a purpose.

So I want to do this building right. Period. I don't want to have any sloppy work in your office area. Keep Father's image high. We want to finish up 1982 so that we can move on to 1983 with conviction, loyalty, and love to our True Parents. As I told you before, there is no better life you can lead than being a member of the Unification Church, following our True Parents. I can find no better life. When you put your three lives together-your embryonic life, life on earth, life in spirit world-we have the total value, and there is nothing better. There is no better life than to give yourself as much as you can for the sake of our True Parents. Love your family. Love your husband and wife. Love your fellow man. Always be God-centered. Be ready to shine eternally in the spirit world.

It is our pleasure, duty, and joy to bring glory and, as much as possible, pleasant news to our True Parents. That is the way I live. I live to report. I work so that I can create some report that can go back to True Parents, so that I can say, Father, I have good news for you. You do it for me, and I will do it for you to Father. When Father knows I am coming to Washington for two days, he can't wait two days for a report. Father calls me: Bo Hi Pak, you are staying down there too long. Why, because he wants me to come back and bring him some up-to-date news. That is how much Father is interested in the day-to-day activities of the Washington Times. So let us bring victorious news to Father by giving ourselves totally to the mission Father has given us. Thank you very much.

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