Truth is My Sword, Volume II

by Bo Hi Pak

Appendix 10 William P. Selig

Founding member, CAUSA International. Currently, administrative director, Summit Council for World Peace and the Federation for World Peace; and project director of Dr. Pak's collection of speeches, Truth is My Sword.

When I was first asked to oversee the collection and production of speeches by Dr. Bo Hi Pak, I jumped at the opportunity. For me it was an immense blessing to attend a man who in my estimation has accomplished many great deeds for God and the building of His Kingdom on Earth.

As the principal assistant and translator for many years to Rev. Sun Myung Moon, Dr. Pak was in a unique position to guide numerous providential missions around the world. By studying the speeches and works of Dr. Pak, we are in essence seeing the work of Rev. Moon in America since he first arrived in this nation in the early 1970s.

I felt that by supporting Dr. Pak in this endeavor, I was also helping to create a record and model for others to emulate. Within the next 25 years or so, most of the first generation to follow Rev. Moon and his teachings will have ended their time on this earth and will have passed into the spirit world. If I could lend my expertise to develop a working model for the acts of the early disciples, then we could leave behind a treasure store of information and facts about the time when the True Parents walked the earth.

Imagine if an accurate record could have been kept at the time of Jesus, rather than the disjointed and heresay accounts created 100 years after Christ's crucifixion by the writers of the New Testament.

I have always wanted to serve the Providence in this way and have always felt that God was preparing me for such a task. My education and experience since joining the movement in 1975 have always given me the confidence and sense that I was being groomed for such a mission. With Dr. Pak's speech collection as a model, I am sure that many other early disciples will begin the arduous but necessary steps towards similar memoir projects.

For me, it was a labor of love to work closely with Dr. Pak, a man who always demanded a high standard of production, whether it was publications, stage decorations, planning, whatever, and who maintained the highest degree of personal comportment. Ever since the early days when we worked together in CAUSA International, then through the International Security Council, the Summit Council for World Peace, the Association for the Unity of Latin America, and the Federation for World Peace, whenever something had to be done, whether a book design, a conference stage, or whatever, there was only one standard to aspire-DP standard. DP standard meant the best.

With gratitude to Dr. Pak, I wholeheartedly offer up these volumes to future historians, the Second Generation and beyond, as a testimony to our True Parents and their love for the family of mankind.

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