Truth is My Sword, Volume II

by Bo Hi Pak

Chapter 25 Be Humble Before God

Belvedere Estate
Tarrytown, New York
September 4, 1977

This sermon is full of wonderful testimonies, stories, and anecdotes, all revealing great spiritual lessons and wisdom. Drawing from Father's life, Dr. Pak reminds members that God is always watching us, and that through our suffering we can learn and experience God's heart, the value of the Blessing, and develop parental love and total commitment.

I promise you very definitely this is the final Sunday I will give the sermon instead of True Father. So we will give our final greeting to our True Parents, loud and clear from the bottom of our hearts. Let's face north. Good morning, Father. Good morning, Mother. Thank you.

I am sorry. I am sure next Sunday True Father will be here. Actually, Father and Mother were here the first of September, and I thought Father would deliver the sermon then. But there were two important occasions on that day. There was the celebration of In Jin Nim's 12th birthday at East Garden, and Father summoned the state leaders to a conference. So right after Father's morning pledge service, we had a birthday celebration; then the state leaders came to East Garden and we had a conference all day long. It was very intense. After that conference, Father departed for Boston.

I knew Father would go back to Boston because this is the final week of what they call giant tuna season. Father doesn't do anything without following it to a correct or perfected conclusion. That is the way Father always is. If he is doing something, he always finishes it.

Father was already victorious in the Gloucester area and has set the record for tuna. Nobody else came near to Father's record. Last Sunday I mentioned to you that people have been spreading a rumor that Reverend Moon must have some special electronic gadget. Actually, what Father has is spiritual power. Or they even say he has the power to brainwash the tuna. So all the tuna come to Father. But Father catches tuna after a really determined fight. So I knew that Father would go back up there. By September 1 when Father was here, he had caught 57 giant tuna over 800 pounds each. Think of it. If we brought 57 tuna to this auditorium, it would look like a mountain of tuna. However, even though no one could keep up with his record, Father's standard is higher. He is going higher and higher and trying to set the record in history. So I know Father would like to be there on the final day of the tuna season. I know Father would like to finish the season by catching another giant tuna. A victorious ending. That is the way Father always works. So that very evening, after the all-day state leaders conference, Father left by car for Boston. I knew that Father would not sleep at all because he would barely arrive by 3:30 a.m. and Father is always up and out to sea by that time. In some cases, Father has already caught a giant tuna and is coming in when other boats are going out.

No One Can Keep Up With Father

There were many, many reports during the conference, but the most astonishing testimony is Father himself. We think we work hard, but really the one who is working hard is Father. No one can keep up with Father. We don't sleep too much or eat too much. But actually Father is the one who is completely intoxicated with the mission that God gave him. He feels such desperate anxiety to restore this world. He forgets sleeping. He forgets eating. Some of the members who serve Father in Boston are here, and we all recognize how hard Father is working.

Aidan Barry from the state of Massachusetts said it was such a great honor to have Father in the state of Massachusetts for the entire summer. He had several opportunities to go fishing with Father. He said Father has been fishing all summer, every day, but Aidan just participated a few days, keeping the same pace that Father keeps all the time, and Aidan said he was totally knocked out.

Father goes out to sea at 3:30 in the morning and many days he comes back quite late. Everybody, including the seasoned sailors, like Captains Allen, Dikon, Matsuzaki, and Gerhard, the giant German brother, are out there to support Father. But even they at their young age just cannot keep up with Father's pace. They have to sneak in some time during the day to take a little nap. Otherwise, they just collapse. Aidan said that on one particular day there were about 17 people on the boat. Everyone of them, all 16, everyone except Father, at some point sneaked into the rear cabin and slept. Just a little nap because they just couldn't go on. Allen sometimes is so tired from steering the boat he has to sleep. But only one person stays on the bridge from morning to night. That is Father.

Father is not a superman. But his heart and anxiety and desperation to do God's work keep him totally alert. He is the only one to stay on the bridge and stay awake. Father himself said to me at the conference, and all the people heard, that he is human. He has weakness, too. He sometimes feels very tired, no question about it. He is not made of iron. Many people misunderstand and think Father is an iron man. Bionic man. He is not. He is just like you and me. He has a feeble, weak body, the same as you and I do. The difference is, he has the power and determination to push himself, which we don't. The difference is the intensity of his mission, his heart.

Father explained there is a gap between God's heart and men's heart. But there is no gap between God's heart and his heart. There is no gap. He feels precisely as Heavenly Father feels. God does not want to rest for even one moment. God wants to see history moving and progressing every moment of the day, 24 hours a day, day and night. Father is reflecting that wish, so he just can't let himself rest or slow down. He has to fight sleepiness. He said he pinches himself to keep awake. Another thing Father said was, "You think you can sneak into the back cabin and sleep, and you come out and think, `Oh good, nobody noticed, I sneaked really well and had a little nap.' You think you are very successful, but you are a fool. Don't you know the entire spirit world is watching you?" That is the way Father lives.

God Is Watching

This is a most important thing to hear. Father never thinks that only people are watching him, or only members are watching him. Most important to Father is the spirit world. The entire spirit world is watching him all the time. Moreover, God Himself is watching him. God is cheering him on. Father has a desire to never let down God and to never let down the billions of people in the spiritual world. He never wants God to feel empty because His son is lagging behind. I would never put myself in that position, Father thinks. That is his absolute determination. This is the way we all should live. You think you sneaked out for a nap and got away with something. No, you didn't. The entire spirit world watched you. So it doesn't matter whether members are watching or leaders are watching. Most important is that God is watching 24 hours a day. And God is not watching with a critical eye. God is pushing and encouraging us, trying to inspire us. Because God's work here on earth depends upon you.

Mother told me something in secret. No one else knows this, but I want to tell you because you have been longing for Father so much. Mother told me that one night Father wanted to wake up at 3:30 a.m. as usual, and, also as usual, Father didn't go to bed until 12:00 or 1:00 a.m. Mother had set the alarm and at 3:30 Father was just sleeping like a log. He looked so tired. But Mother, knowing that Father would not be happy unless he was awakened at 3:30 a.m., said, "Father, it is 3:30 now." Father answered yes, OK, and got himself up and out of the bed. Mother was in the wash room or somewhere else and she heard a big boom, the sound of someone falling down. She dashed into the room and Father was on the floor. What happened, Father? Nothing, never mind, he said. Then Father tried to get up and there was blood running down his face.

You can imagine how shocked Mother was. But Father said, "Never mind." She asked him, "Would you lie down for another 30 minutes or an hour? You don't have to get up at 3:30. Nobody told you have to be out at 3:30. Nobody will call your name at roll call, so please rest another 30 minutes." Father said, "No, God is waiting out there. I have an appointment with God at 4 a.m." That is the way Father feels. He wiped the blood off and went out to sea. I don't think even people closely serving Father knew this story, but I heard. I have a special source of information, you know. And the next time I saw Father there were two scars on his head. But just think of it. No one would be critical of Father for sleeping another 30 minutes. Everybody wants him to rest a little more. But Father said, "Mother, never mind, I have an appointment with God out there in the vast ocean. God has been meeting me all the time at 4 a.m. I must be out there." So, with that scar, Father went out at 3:30 a.m.

That is Father's life. Another morning Gerhard was on night watch. Father had gone to bed that night about midnight. Around 12:45 a.m., Father came downstairs completely ready with hat and boots, the uniform of the sea, and said, "Good morning, Gerhard. Is everybody ready?" Gerhard said, "Father, it is only 12:45 a.m." Father looked at his watch. "I thought it was 3:45." Father was really grumbling and very unhappy. Boy, it is 12:45, but I thought it was 3:45. What does this explain? It explains that Father has no concept of time. In doing the work of God, there is no concept of time. For 20 years, I have heard Father say, "Who told you that you need three meals a day? Who told you that you need seven hours of sleep? 

Who told you?" You see. We are accustomed to limiting ourselves. A limitation in our mind limits our capability. For 10 or 20 years, we are used to thinking that 7 p.m. is dinner time. So when 7 p.m. comes, you feel hungry because your body is accustomed and limited to that way of life.

But Father has no such preset concept. We should do this. We should eat this. We should dress this way. We should rest this long. He has no concept. He is so focused on building God's kingdom that it doesn't make any difference whether it is night, morning, or day. Father totally forgets the time. Many times Father forgets about meals. Dinner is served and Father thinks that was breakfast. He doesn't remember if we had any breakfast this morning. He forgets. Totally forgets the day.

"Is Everybody Ready?"

And that night in Gloucester, Father went to bed at 12 midnight. Father couldn't have been in bed any more than 30 minutes. Then he saw the clock and misread it, thinking it said 3:30. Automatically he was up. It didn't matter if it was 12:45 after only 30 minutes in bed. It didn't make any difference. Father was already up and ready to go and coming downstairs and saying, "Good morning, Gerhard. Everybody ready?" Nobody was ready. So Gerhard said, "Father, it is only 12:45. Nobody is up." Father went back up the stairs and went back to bed for another two hours. But Gerhard said Father looked very unhappy that day. Very unhappy because he had to go back to bed again.

I have been on the ocean with Father many times, and I know there are many, many reasons why Father goes out to sea. Father has told you why, and he will say more in the future. I am sure of one reason. When you go out in the ocean, there is no land around you. The ocean is so different from the land. The vast ocean is right there, unstained, as God created it. Father enjoys a genuine communication with nature. Also, Father really enjoys the fellowship with God. A lonely fellowship. Father is on the bridge, and all day long he is surrounded by the vast sky and water. Father enjoys the intimate fellowship with unstained, untouched nature, which is still as God created it. So Father can claim, this is God's sea. Therefore, this is my sea. This is my ocean. This is my world. Before anybody claims it, God, I claim this ocean as your ocean. Your world. I know that Father every day is claiming that ocean in the name of God. So, we must pray for Father now at the conclusion of his summer fishing and being with God on the ocean.

During Father's stay on the sea, many, many important things have been happening all over the world. And I am sure next week some important news will be revealed. I want you to look forward to that. There was much important news revealed through the leaders conference. Even though Father is out there, the entire world moves and is centered on this one man, because spirit world is united on this one man.

So it doesn't make any difference if Father is in Gloucester or East Garden or Belvedere. It doesn't make any difference. Centering upon this one man, there are things happening all over the world. So I assure you this is the final Sunday without Father. Next Sunday will be a happy day for me and for you. For all of us, right?

I would like to share with you a letter I received from one of our brothers, Rodney Edwards. Rodney is a black brother who always sits right here. He's always the supporting cheerleader for Father. Initially, Father did not notice. But every Sunday, consistently, Rodney would come early and sit right there. Always smiling, always ready, always enthusiastic. Supporting Father. That moved the heart of Father and Mother very, very much. Father even now recognizes his name.

"Where Is My Black Son?"

One Sunday he just disappeared. He didn't come. And after the speech Father asked me on the way to East Garden, "Where is my black son? Where did that little son go?" "Father, he is on MFT" "Is he? I miss him," Father said. Father said, I miss him. Beautiful, Father misses him. Rodney is out there fighting very hard on MFT. I received a letter from him that I would like to share with you this morning.

Dear Col. Pak, how are you? I heard that you are responsible for Sunday Service at Belvedere. I am sorry that I can't be there to support you.

This is beautiful. He didn't say he was sorry he couldn't be here to hear me. No, he comes on Sunday mornings to support. Beautiful. He doesn't come to receive the power or inspiration, but to support Father or to support me. He wants to come to give. You all think you come here to receive, but he comes to give, to support Father, or whoever is speaking. That is the way the spirit should be.

I had an experience about two weeks ago. I was working fundraising and I felt your spirit very strongly. I miss True Parents very much. I am grateful for my experience on MFT because I am able to more deeply understand Father's course and the meaning of restoration through indemnity. I had one particular experience which helped me to realize that we are "criminal" undesirable persons in Satan's world.

A beautiful expression. In the eyes of Satan we are criminals. We are treated as criminals. Jesus Christ in the eyes of Satan was the worst kind criminal. So they nailed him to the cross.

I was forced to leave a city named Springfield because I was black and going door to door to fundraise for God. None of the white members were brought to the police department. I realized that many people would like to have Father brought to jail because he is Korean going door to door, knocking on the closed doors of people's hearts to let God enter their lives.

Beautiful, isn't it. You see, this is the way we should live. When you suffer, when you have some unusual circumstances, you must relate that particular experience with Father and with God. Thus, you can understand and experience God's heart. This is a beautiful way to live. When Rodney received persecution, this unwarranted treatment, when he felt indignation, he related that situation with Father's position and even God's heart. So he can take that suffering not for himself, but for the sake of Father, the sake of God. This is the way we should live. You see, you are going through a tremendous ordeal. Tremendous, dramatic experiences every day. But don't go through those experiences or take that suffering meaninglessly. You must put meaning into it. Otherwise, the suffering will not do you any good. When Rodney was mistreated, he put himself in Father's position. Yes, this world hates me because I am black, going door to door, being persistent and fund-raising for God. But actually, Father is like a fund-raiser, heavenly fund-raiser himself. Our Father is Korean, scornfully looked at, but going persistently door to door trying to open the hearts of men to let God move in. That is why he is persecuted. This is the way Rodney related his experiences with Father's.

I had another experience as well. I went to the police department to leave the names of members soliciting. I started talking to the police chief and found he was Abel-like. One day, he said, a woman called and filed a complaint against Reverend Moon because he was playing God. He thinks he is God. That was the accusation. The woman said to the police, "Reverend Moon is no good, he is playing God. He thinks he is God."
The police chief began to tell her the story of a carpenter who left his profession and was dissatisfied with the established religion and started his own religious movement. The woman said, "I don't want to have anything to do with a person like that." The police chief replied, "Lady, the man's name was Jesus Christ." She immediately hung up the telephone. I gave the police chief some literature. He read the first paragraph and said, "I understand Reverend Moon's movement more clearly."
Col. Pak, I just finished a 21-day MFT fund-raising competition. I understand more deeply the blessing of being in the family and knowing True Parents. I am able to see more clearly people in the fallen world are open regardless of their external circumstances. I repent that I have constantly received incredible blessing, but I give so little in exchange. I thank Heavenly Father and True Parents and everyone who sacrificed tears, sweat, and blood to lay the foundation.
I will never forget the victory celebration after Washington Monument. The Washington Monument campaign was my most difficult and desperate period in the church. I felt like a failure because I couldn't do enough for God arid True Parents. I lost my position and responsibility as team captain. I felt unloved and abandoned during the Washington Monument campaign. At the Washington Monument victory celebration, however, when you reached down and selected me to dance with you, I could hardly believe it was happening.
Right after the Washington Victory Celebration, Father could not be present because Washington at that time was very tense. Therefore, Father had a separate victory celebration on October 4 in Belvedere, but we were given the opportunity by Father to go ahead and have a nice picnic and celebrate the victory. So I led that victory celebration in Washington. We went to a park and had a nice celebration. I was giving the victory message. I don't know what I said, but I was so excited. Anyway, during the speech I just couldn't talk by my word alone. I had such an urge and strong excitement. I must dance somehow. I needed a partner. There was Rodney, in front of me, supporting me, he was right there. So I picked him up. You are my partner, let's dance. So we both of just really hugged each other and embraced and danced. That is what he is talking about.
I could hardly believe it was happening. My deepest desire when I was in front of Father at Belvedere was to go up on stage, sit in Father's lap, and give him a great big hug and kiss him.
I have given Father a really strong hug and kissed him many, many times. In a worldly sense, he smelled like sweat and someone working very hard, but the smell of Father's sweat was really heavenly -- it was heavenly perfume. Rodney worked so many days so hard, day in and day out, no time to even get the laundry done. This brother may not even have had a change of underwear. So naturally he smelled of sweat and dust and so forth. But we embraced and danced and that was a heavenly fragrance.
When you embraced me I felt the spirit of Father was embracing me. I didn't want to release the embrace of love.
The other outstanding experience was at Belvedere when Father called me his little black son. This experience I always try to recall when I am struggling to fulfill my goal. During times of persecution and abuse from people, I say to myself, he called me his little black son. I am at least worthy to be called his son. I must do as he would.

This is wonderful. There is always a time when you try to fundraise or witness when everything goes wrong. Nothing clicks. But in those situations, Rodney remembers, yes, Father called me my little son. You are my little son. My little black son. That is a most loving term. My little son. Father called me his son. I just simply cannot let him down. I simply cannot. Impossible. That becomes a source of power and source of inspiration and pushes him on.

Please tell Mother and Father I miss them very much. I send my love and prayers for their eternal happiness. I love you also very much, Col. Pak. In the Name of True Parents, Rodney.

Rodney also wrote a letter to Father which I did not yet read to Father. That letter is his own testimony, how he used to be an emotionally disturbed racist. He had such hatred for white people because of several experiences during his high school years when white brothers gave him a very hard time. So he grew up as an emotionally upset, violent racist. Then his life changed. He became a lover of all men. I will not read this because I only have part of it and he probably has a series. Someday, I will be able to share this letter, not only with Father, because all these things will be recorded in the Acts of Apostles in the future Bible.

True Parents' Little Sons

You are writing the same chapter. You are no different from Rodney. You are all Rodney. You are all the little black son, little white son, little yellow son of our True Parents. I told you one Sunday there is no greater title you can have than to be called the son of God, son of True Parents. President of the United States or His Excellency ambassador of so and so, Royal Highness. Whatever. Those are great titles. Duke, queen, king, emperor, prince, and princess. But there is no title that matches the height of being called the son of God. That is the title we go by. You are the son of God and daughter of God.

At the last conference, Father emphasized MFT work. As you know, our Unification Theological Seminary had a first graduation at Barrytown. The seminarians had a high expectation of what they would do after graduation. "We have a master's degree. We mastered theology. We mastered philosophy. We mastered the art of education. We mastered history. So we are somebody now. We are ready to tackle prestigious work." This is how everybody thought. But right after graduation, Father said, "You, you, you, you, you go to this state, you go to this state, you go to this state, join MFT" Everybody said. "MFT-no, that can't be. Father, we didn't waste two years here at Barrytown just to join the MIT" They didn't say it out loud, of course, but they thought like that. I am sure that some of the brothers or even the sisters grumbled inside.

But anyway, they obeyed. Some did well. Total commitment regard less. Some had a hard time, I am sure. At the September 1st meeting Father wanted to see all the records of the seminarians on MFT. Some sister seminarian had a $200 a day average. Some brother averaged $150. Then there were many brothers who made $150, $175, $125 a day, and so forth. Father hand-picked 11 seminary graduates who did well in MFT He said, "These people met God." They always thought they were learning about God in the classroom. They never met God until they got out to the field, stand ing on their own feet, asking funds for the purpose of God. They looked like beggars in front of the people and took all kinds of persecution. There they really met God.

Now these people are ready for their mission. You see, God is not locked up in the classroom in Barrytown, or even Belvedere in this hall. God is out there in the forefront on the street corner, where you are witnessing, where you are selling papers, where you are fund-raising. There, if your heart is right, you meet God. God is a frontline soldier. God is always available to meet the frontline soldiers. When you become a comrade of God, God is right there. Father knows this principle so well in his own life. So 11 people have been selected and assigned as state leaders. Those state leaders who did not produce a result in the last six months have to come back for retraining, primarily MFT training.

Father explained the purpose of the MFT as part of three principles. In our movement we do things to precisely follow the principle of restoration. First, God created all things. Then God created men. And God wanted to fulfill love. These are the three primary goals of creation. So in restoration through MFT, we are actually restoring all the things that God created. That is the first step.

Then we go witnessing and there we restore humans. When we restore things and restore men, then we are going to fulfill love, which means internally you will have a right to be Blessed and become members of God's family. You can become eligible to be the master of the house. You can become the center of the heavenly kingdom. The family is the building block of the heavenly kingdom.

That is the purpose of MFT Therefore, in the Unification Church, whether you are young or old in our membership, Father said that all the members of the Unification Church who did not have MFT training must go off to MFT because that is the quickest way to be recognized in the movement and recognized by God.

Then from here we will always come back to witnessing, to restore man. These two outstanding criteria are going to be our base for the future and for future blessing as well. As you know, on October 1, we are going to have a national Divine Principle test for all the state leaders or anybody who is ready. You must pass, either this time or next time. But by all means, you have to study the Principle, because without knowing the Principle how can you witness to others? How can you become a doctor without knowing how to diagnose a patient?

The Blessing Elevates Us

So then you are eligible to fulfill love. The Blessing itself is not for our own selfish taste. Our Blessing comes as a reward, but at the same time, it is more than a reward. The Blessing comes to elevate us into greater instruments so that we can do better and greater work for God. That is the meaning of the Blessing. The Blessing is not coming for your own sake but for the sake of your spouse. Love is a giving thing, unconditional giving, together, united. To give love to Heavenly Father and to the world. When you do it together, husband and wife, you can spread a more perfect love to the world and to God. God looks at this love, husband and wife united, and sees a wholesome love. It is one unit, it is not two separate loves. One love. That is the way God accepts.

At the last state leaders conference an astonishing testimony was given which I would like to share with you. In August, one of our state centers brought 90 percent of the result in the entire United States. That was the Northern California center, located in Oakland, headed by Dr. and Mrs. Mose Durst. I am sure many of you came from that region. Raise your hands those who come from Oakland. Look at how many brothers and sisters. I want you to be proud of it. Dr. and Mrs. Durst and their members accomplished as much as the rest of the 49 states put together, including New York. And, according to Dr. Durst, last month was not too great a success. He was very apologetic to Father.

In just one month, 317 people heard the conclusion in workshop. In order to have 317 people hear the conclusion of the Divine Principle, they must have brought thousands of people to the lectures. According to Dr. Durst, practically every bus, every transportation mode there is in Northern California, particularly in the Oakland-San Francisco area, is met by our members. Every train and bus arriving at the Oakland stations is met by members. Every plane is met by our members. Think of it. Every movement of people, there are our members welcoming. The first one to meet them. Literally every day hundreds and hundreds of people are met and invited to the lectures.

Last month, 24 people moved in, but Dr. Durst was so apologetic to Father. "We are used to bringing 50 or 60 members into the center. But, this month, Father, we didn't work hard enough. We apologize. Next month we will bring greater victory."

Many Babies from Booneville

He was so humble and apologetic to Father. But many babies are on the way, he said. They are in the incubator somewhere. They are 8 month babies, so they need a little extra care. So many incubators out there in Northern California. They are hatching now. This morning I am sure many spring chickens are hatching. Amazing. It is a joy. Sometimes as many as 500 to 600 people come to a workshop. It used to be Booneville, but now they have an even better place than Booneville. Booneville was a farm and there was a building there used as the lecture hall called the Chicken Palace. So that makes everybody a spring chicken, doesn't it? We have all been hatched in the Chicken Palace. Right?

Dr. Sontag, who wrote the book Sun Myung Moon and the Unification Church, went there for a workshop. He enjoyed that chicken palace more than anything else: the smell of chickens, and there were feathers all over the place. He liked that. When Dr. Sontag heard we moved into better facilities, he said too bad. Nobody can experience the Chicken Palace any more. That was a real experience. But anyway we needed better facilities for the 500 people crowded in every week.

Last month the Northern California center also contributed 50 members to the MFT. The rest of the United States, all 49 states put together, contributed 28 members last month. Think of it. For that matter, Father said New York must be ashamed. However, I respect Mr. Sawada for his zeal, his humility, and total dedication. When Mr. Sawada was speaking to Father, I could see his sparkling shining eyes, saying, Father, just give me a chance, we will definitely deliver the results. What a beautiful thing to behold. I don't know if Mr. Sawada is here or not, but it doesn't make any difference. Of course last month, the New York area was totally concentrated on newspaper subscriptions. That is a different situation from California. California doesn't have a newspaper, but New York does. We are selling newspaper subscriptions door-to-door, so Father understands it. And I, of course, was very sympathetic to Mr. Sawada and the New York situation, but he said this month is really the month to bring in the people.

I am sure by the end of this month New York will do far better than Northern California. Father asked, do you know why this Northern California center does so well? Simply because, Father said, the leadership is right. Providentially speaking, the leadership should be man and wife. The key to success is the total unity of Dr. and Mrs. Durst, in heart, centering upon God. This is really the ideal. Heavenly Father loves to see the heavenly four positions we all learned about. Adam and Eve totally united, centering upon God, will bring the children. So naturally spiritual children will flock to Northern California. The Principle is working.

Another reason that Northern California is succeeding is the atmosphere. If you want to study, why do you need Harvard or Yale? People who go to Harvard or Yale are, of course, very bright people. But they go to these universities for the tradition and the atmosphere of study. When you go onto the campus you cannot help but be absorbed into that atmosphere. By the same token, the Dursts' center has a loving, warm, parental atmosphere. Father said that even though he doesn't go there, he can sense that the Oakland center has an atmosphere of family, with Dr. and Mrs. Durst in the father's and mother's role, embracing and giving out so much warmth and love. Each member there is not concerned primarily with their job but they are united, focused on the new members. When they come home for dinner, really hungry, their first thought is, hey, what about that new boy I brought in and that new sister someone else brought. Did they listen to the Divine Principle well today? They are most concerned about the wellbeing of the new members.

People surround each new member and worry and watch and pay attention if someone is listening to Divine Principle. If someone is lecturing, the person passing by is praying, God, could you make this man open his heart so the Divine Principle can reach him. Everybody is praying. So there is a totally giving, unselfish, loving atmosphere. Everyone is concerned for each other and paying attention to each other, particularly the new people coming in. All the older members are embracing them in such a way that new people become a prisoner of love. We all want to become prisoners of love. Really, I tell you what mankind is seeking is not freedom. The real thing mankind is looking forward to is bondage-that is, the bondage of love. We want to become bound by love. That is where we find real freedom and real joy.

Many people think they have freedom in the outside world. They are really in bondage. They are really enslaved. This is why in the New Testament St. Paul said we are God's servants. We are the prisoners of God. We can find real freedom when we are free from sin, free from a guilty conscience. Going out and doing everything you want is not freedom. That is real enslavement. The mind and conscience and heart know they are not doing things right. But in Oakland they are becoming prisoners of love. They just don't want to be separated from this group.

Another amazing thing is how quickly the Oakland center can train and rear spiritual babies, nurturing them with spiritual food so they grow quickly. They send them to headquarters and MFT duties and other missions. Sometimes the young members are sent out from Oakland and they find the spiritual atmosphere so cold and impersonal. They try to do their very best but they are not mature enough, and they miss their mother and father. They miss the Oakland atmosphere very much. So, sometimes they just leave, and everyone thinks they left the movement. Actually, it turns out they went back to Oakland again.

Amazing. Because love is a magnet. The love atmosphere in Oakland pulls them so much that, even though they are doing their job the best way they can, they feel the pull and leave. And people are shocked and say, "Oh, someone from Oakland is gone. He just left the movement. He is an exMoonie." No! He just turned up in Oakland. So the spiritual parents in Oakland embrace him and give them burning zeal and discipline and training and send him out again. Sometimes it takes two or three trips. Father asks, why is this happening? Because other centers are lacking that loving, giving, godly atmosphere. This atmosphere is everything. Father said that for New York Church to be successful each individual who comes there must feel that warmth and become intoxicated in love. Even a foreign person coming into that atmosphere must be able to sense it. When they walk into the third floor of the Tiffany building at the newspaper, people must sense the feeling of love and trust and warmth. Then there is such a strong bond nothing can disconnect it.

This shows, Father said, that Oakland center has that standard of unity and loving atmosphere, but other centers are far from that perfection. That is why results are coming in Oakland. Think of it. In the entire United States, 90 percent of the work of our movement is done by one center. If all 50 states were like Oakland center, what would happen? It all depends on the leadership.

Don't Lose God

That is why Father was not just satisfied to train members in the seminary. If we train in the seminary and send them out to the big mission with a nice suit and all they do is give Sunday sermons and get treated as a very prestigious person, then we are no different from the ordinary Christian churches. They have been doing it for 2,000 years. They have been talking about God for 2,000 years and they lost God. Amazing, isn't it? They talk about God every day, but they lost God.

So this is why Father has handpicked seminary graduates, outstanding men and women, and sent them out for state missions. Next month it will happen more. Next year it will happen more. Each state of the United States is like one country in Europe. Each state has that potential. California, for example, is greater than Japan or greater than Germany. Far greater than Great Britain. California, one state alone, can be the ninth strongest, richest country in the world.

So here in America there are absolutely endless resources we can tap. America is a rich country. We have no idea how rich this country is. America is a powerful country. We have no idea how powerful this country is. Even the president of the United States doesn't realize how powerful this country is, how much potential it has. That is why God is centering upon this nation. Each state of the United States can be compared to our movement in Germany, Holland, England, Italy, and France.

Our movement in Japan has the power to influence all the political and economic arena. It is a wonderful movement. The CARP [Collegiate Association for the Research of Principle] movement in Japan is the strongest movement in the whole world. Right now Japan has about 2,500 regular CARP members. There is a CARP organization at every major university, and CARP is the strongest student movement in Japan. It is in a face-to-face struggle with the communist student movement. You see, the communists are always using the college campus as their fertile ground. They always infiltrate among the professors and students. They are winning the battle on college campuses. This is the way communism takes over. Communists plan very wisely.

But up until now the communists have been enjoying a honeymoon. No one has ever challenged them on the college campuses. The communist tactic is that the end justifies the means. Their message is savage, cruel, unscrupulous. In Japan, as many Japanese brothers and sisters know, there are killings in broad daylight on college campuses. It becomes a daily diet. Uncooperative professors are stabbed to death, just like that. So how can the professors speak out against communism even if they feel there is some evil in communism? They cannot speak up. No student wants to have a quarrel with a communist student because they are so cruel.

The communists use threatening tactics. That is the way they work. In Russia, Cuba, all over the world, the communist regime works at gunpoint. If people obey, they live. If they don't obey, they die. In China alone, 150 million people were killed. In Russia alone after the 1917 Bolshevik revolution, over 50 million people were killed. You have no idea how many people are suffering in Siberia and Cambodia right now. But the American press never speaks up. Hundreds of thousands of innocent people are dying in Cambodia simply because they are condemned as reactionaries. You see, how savage it is. You members might have some understanding of this, but the American people in general understand very little.

You kill a person by gun, but in Cambodia they say you don't even deserve a bullet. You are not worth even one bullet. So they beat them to death with bamboo sticks. That is the way they kill them. The communists always use terrorism. Scare tactics. That is the way they are going to take over the world. They think they can take over the world in that fashion and they have been successful because they met no resistance.

But in Japan, for the first time, they hit a real wall: the Unification Church. There is only one group of people where the bamboo spear doesn't work. The scare tactics don't work. Nothing works. Furthermore, we challenge them to come out for a philosophical confrontation. All right, if you think communism is right, come out in the open and let us discuss and let the public be the judge. And they discovered that communists don't have a theory to repudiate the Divine Principle. So they are not coming out for the confrontation. The Divine Principle for the first time in history is exposing the lies of communism. How can we make communism weak, vulnerable? We must expose their lie. They say there is no God.

Communists on the Defensive

So on the college campuses for the first time they are on the defensive. The communists have always been on the offensive. But for the first time they have met resistance and this time they found themselves on the defensive. In the meantime, our college CARP organization is publishing a newspaper because our word is the truth, and the word is power. We have about 45 campus newspapers in Japan. Imagine -- 45 newspapers. Not just one News World. On every campus a newspaper. Also, we have organized the Professors Peace Academy, and about 400 top-notch professors have joined our crusade. So we have professors and students united. They have been supporting each other with give and take. We use the Principle, give and take. The professor without students is helpless. It is like an airplane without wings. No power. The student without the professor is also like an airplane without wings.

Our organization is strong and the membership is growing. The core membership of 2,500 will become 5,000 very soon, then 7,500, 10,000. The CARP organization is going to be a formidable organization that the communists will be afraid of.

This is happening in Japan. There is no reason why we cannot duplicate this here in America. We could do it. As I said, each state has as much potential as Japan. Think of the state of New York. How much you can do in the state of New York. But we feel so much persecution in this country, and we feel stranded and unable to work. Even with this persecution, and all kinds of misunderstandings, America is still a heavenly sanctuary. This is where God is going to make a showdown. America is where God is going to win. I just cannot see any other way. I can see more clearly than you do because I came from an outside environment. I know the Korean way of life. I know the Japanese way of life. America is a heavenly sanctuary. If we have been given this opportunity and still we cannot win, boy, we have no faith in the sight of God. Either here or thereafter in the spirit world.

Think of it. Particularly in light of the storm of persecution. I really thank God for the Constitution God gave this country. The First Amendment right -- you know it -- religious freedom, separation between state and church. Without protections like these, Jesus was crucified 2,000 years ago. God knew so well why His son Jesus was crucified. Not because of the lack of the word. Not because of the lack of a following. Not because of the lack of popularity. But because of the system of that age, that one man can be the ruler as well as the judge. He can put a man to death. God more than anybody else learned a lesson through Jesus Christ. So for 2,000 years God has been preparing the environment where the duplication of His son's crucifixion would never be possible. That is America. That is democracy.

God Can Use Democracy

Democracy is not at all a perfect political system. But right now it is the best system for the purpose of God. God knew it, so God established it. One time Winston Churchill said that democracy is the clumsiest system under the sun, but we use it because we can't devise anything better. That was his answer. Democracy is a clumsy, wasteful system, but mankind has not yet devised anything better. But God has a different purpose. Democracy is giving God's forces the best environment to establish a beachhead for God's Kingdom here on earth, slowly but surely. As Rodney said, in the eyes of the satanic world, all we Moonies are criminals. To them, we are invasion forces.

So God has been thinking, when My forces invade the earth a second time, in the form of the Second Christ, how can I protect My son well? What system would be the best? Can you think of any better system than the present democracy? I can't. Democracy guarantees freedom of religion and thought. That is what Jesus needed 2,000 years ago, but there was no system. Today we have democracy with checks and balances, separation of powers, the three branches of government. Power comes from the people, and the truth of God is going to win the people. So once we have been successful in winning the people, then certainly God's forces will have the power here on earth to influence the nation and world to be the God-centered nation and world.

So I want you to look forward to becoming leaders of the Unification Church, but start out from the most dismal and lowest possible level. I clearly remember when I first joined the Unification Church. I was a major in the Korean Army and very proud. I am sorry that last Sunday I gave you too long a testimony. Some of you were bored, I am sure. But anyway, I was a proud major serving a big U.S. general.

As soon as I discovered the Divine Principle, I joined the Unification Church. On the first day, I was asked to give a testimony or some greeting. Actually they wanted to find out how good I was. They wanted to test me. A polite way of testing is to ask, "Will you come and speak a few words to the congregation?" So when you are given the opportunity, I want you to know that is your test. I didn't know at that time it was my test.

Anyway, I was given that test. I remember very distinctly that I said that I am proud of myself even now. I am a major, a proud officer in the Korean Army, coming out of the Korean West Point, seasoned in war, decorated heavily, and so forth. But now I join your army as a private. I hope within six months I can be promoted to PFC, private first class, when I am able to teach the Divine Principle. In the Korean army, the system is very strict. The U.S. army system is nothing compared to Korean army discipline. They really discipline you. When you salute, the senior officers come around and say, your eyes don't look right. They give all kinds of commands. Wash my stuff. He gives you very smelly laundry. First the cadets wash the seniors' socks. Then if they say the socks are still smelly, you get all kinds of punishment.

Anyway, I went through that system. I enjoyed it, as a matter a fact. God gave this opportunity to become a good PFC in the Unification Church so he gave me preparatory training first. So when I joined the church I gave that testimony. I said, I am not a major in this heavenly soldiers army. I am joining as a private. I will salute you like this, and I saluted with both hands. Because you are in the heavenly army, I salute with both hands. And I promise I will wash your socks, I will do any menial job. In the military the one thing you don't want to do is KP duty. KP stands for kitchen police. That means cleaning the kitchen. Dish washing. That is the worst chore. It is very difficult to do with a cheerful heart. But I did that. I washed very well.

So I said, I am going to wash your dishes, I am going to wash your socks. I will have one big bag here so I want you to put your dirty, smelly socks in it. Everybody laughed, and my bag always remained empty. Nobody put their smelly socks in it. I had no socks to wash in the Unification Church. So I did something else. I got up very early in the morning. At that time in Korea everybody could not stay in the center because the center was too small. So I got up early and went to the church and I cleaned the floor, mopping the floor and working in the garden, and emptying the trash cans, and so forth. I really enjoyed that. I really wanted to become a private in that army. Anyway, this is the spirit that we all need.

By the way, Aidan Barry reported at the conference that Harvey Cox did come to the Boston center. Dr. Cox is a giant in the world of theology at Harvard Divinity School. He came and he actually slept on the floor in a sleeping bag. And everybody was trying to give him a special breakfast, but he said, no, I am your workshop trainee. An amazing thing is he didn't come by himself. He brought his own secretary to suffer with him. Together they listened to Aidan Barry's lecture, but they had a television program in New York the following day, Sunday, so he could not hear the conclusion. But he said he would come back for the second workshop. So that is the spirit. That is really beautiful. He is a man of greatness. Only great men can do that.

So we are all here starting out on MFT, looking forward to becoming stars of the movement. You see, to become a star of the movement is not necessarily to become president of the Unification Church of America. It is not necessarily to have a very famous name in our movement, but it is becoming one person who can be remembered in the heart of God and the heart of True Parents.

Take the Initiative to Love God

For example, I told you about Rodney Edwards. He is our star now because he already occupied the important part of True Parents' heart. One time Father asked this question: "Would you like to become a person who loves God, or would you want to become a person who is loved by God?" Loving God is your action. You take the initiative. But to be loved by God is not your decision. It is God's decision. You cannot have control over that. So, Father said, you must become a person that deserves to be loved and remembered by God. God has distrust in His heart because throughout history, over and over and over, people betrayed God. People pierced God's heart over and over. We disappoint God when we say one thing and do something else. That has been the history of mankind.

There is no one more mistrusted than God. God over and over was exploited and used by man for their own selfish purpose and man kicked God out when He was not needed. That is the way God has been treated. So Father said, God is not going to trust you easily or too soon. You must demonstrate extraordinary fortitude, extraordinary loyalty, extraordinary heart toward God so that God can be 100 percent sure that you are indeed His son. You must earn His respect and admiration. Trust does not come as a gift. You must earn it. In the Unification Church you must earn it. I have no confidence that I have earned Father's trust or God's trust. I do not know whether I am loved by God. I have no confidence. Actually, I am scared because my time is running out. That does not mean I will finish my life tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. But I am not 20 or 30 years old anymore. My time on earth is ticking down. But still I do not have complete confidence I am a person who is loved by God. I am still working on it. I don't know if I earned God's trust or not or True Parents' trust. I don't know.

So what you can do is be humble and start all over again every day. Do your utmost. That is the only way we can be successful. That way you cannot fail. When you expect to be somebody and other people don't treat you like somebody, then you get hurt. You may be thinking, I am a leader, I have done this much, I have fund-raised this much, I raised $12,000 a month. I am a hero. But nobody recognizes me as a hero. Never mind -- just remember Father's words. You may think you successfully sneaked out and had a nap without being noticed by anybody. You fool. The entire spirit world watched you. By the same token, you think no one knows your good deeds. You worry that the church doesn't recognize you. Your leader doesn't recognize you. Never mind. The entire spirit world saw all you did. The person who thinks he is somebody in the Unification Church has an inherent danger. That person can become a betrayer, the worst enemy of the Unification Church.

But you are not sure of yourself. You are not sure and you have the humility to go out again. That person-there is no way Satan can knock him out. There is no hope that Satan can pull him out. This is very, very important.

As you know, St. Paul is a saint who literally made history in Christianity. He is one of the cornerstones of Christianity. Some theologians call Christianity a St. Paul religion. St. Paul fashioned Christianity in a certain mode. It is true. But St. Paul suffered a great deal, going to Asia Minor and all over that part of the world. He could travel because he was a Roman citizen. He was not born in Rome, but he acquired Roman citizenship, and he really used his Roman citizenship most effectively for the benefit of God. I say the same thing to you.

You, as American citizens, should be proud of and cherish your citizenship because it gives you more chance to serve God, like St. Paul. Today American citizenship is your passport to the world, like diplomatic immunity. You American people are treated everywhere as first-class citizens.

Even in the communist world, you are free to come in. How wonderful. That is what St. Paul did. He used his Roman citizenship to travel anywhere he wanted. You can go to Czechoslovakia, Russia, Cuba, anywhere.

So that means the entire world is your stage, as it was for St. Paul, who made incredible evangelical tours over and over. Amazingly, St. Paul never became a burden on the church; he did his own fund-raising. He knitted fishing nets and sold them to earn money. And he had extraordinary evangelical success. St. Paul was, indeed, a shining figure, a hero of Christianity in the early first century.

St. Paul Passed the Test

When Paul and Barnabas were on their first missionary tour, Paul performed a miracle, telling a man crippled from birth that he had the faith to be well, and the man stood and walked. When the crowds heard what had happened, they said that the gods had come down, and they wanted to worship Paul and Barnabas. This was a test for St. Paul. Paul, who was such a great man, could have become the worst enemy of God at that moment. He could have gone from one extreme to the other. If he became arrogant, he would become Satan at that point. If he became absolutely humble, he would remain as the son of God. St. Paul was absolutely furious. "Men, why are you doing this? We also are men, of like nature with you, and bring you good news, that you should turn from these vain things to a living God." [Acts 14:15] My brethren, what are you doing? I am just like one of you. You can touch me, I am a man, I am no different. I am as imperfect as you are. The only power is Jesus Christ, the power of God manifest. You can become the recipient of that power as much as I am. He humbled himself and gave praise to God instead of letting them honor him as a god.

The Divine Principle teaches that Satan was not always Satan. Satan was originally God's archangel, Lucifer. He was God's creation. He became Satan because of arrogance and jealousy. So arrogance and jealousy are satanic characteristics. Knowing this, we also know that no matter how hard you work, no matter how great your accomplishments are, the ultimate test comes on this one point: how humble you can be. Once arrogance creeps in, that is the end of leadership, the end of elder brothership, the end of elder sistership. So a true leader in the Unification Church is one who sacrifices and has a parental heart. No parent becomes arrogant in front of their children. No parent wants to become a showoff in front of their sons and daughters. Instead, it is a parental heart to want to be proud of their children. The parents want to applaud. Father and Mother want to be proud of their sons and daughters. That is Father's heart and Mother's heart.

We can continue our mission to ultimate success with this heart. I want you to know two things this morning. Never mind if you get recognition or not. You do have recognition in the world of spirit, which is the subject world. Yesterday, I was driving up from Washington with my son, who is going to college, and I talked about this subject. Many people think this physical world we live in is the only world in which we can enjoy life. That is a fallacy. That is a mistake. Actually we are living today in a very clumsy world. It is a world of shadow. The real world is the spiritual world, the invisible substantial world. It is not the world of ghosts. It is a substantial world, far more substantial than this world. This world is like the reflection in the mirror. I can see your face over there. The image in the mirror is life in the physical world, which is unreal compared to the spirit world.

I talked to my son about how imperfect this world is. First of all, in this world, everything decays. Everything has a temporary life. You lay railroad track, and you think that steel will last millions and millions of years, and even if it did, that is still not eternity. Compared to eternity, millions of years are as brief as a spark. Whatever you have in the world has no permanency. It will decay. How imperfect this world is.

No Secrets in the Spirit World

I have another example. This world can lie. I can see you, but I cannot see the real you. I can see the shape of you, but I cannot see the real you, so you can lie to me. How imperfect. How clumsy it is. But in spirit world, that doesn't work. They don't see you externally. They see the real you, the permanent and eternal you. There is no way you can show off. It doesn't work. No contracts need to be signed in spirit world. No receipts need to be turned in. Boy, what a good world for that one thing alone. I am so glad we don't have to sign so many receipts upstairs. America is really becoming a paperwork country. Isn't it true? Tons and tons and tons of papers. Trying to prove you are not cheating, but so many papers showing how good you are at cheating. They are trying to hide behind a facade, a false exterior. They think they can enjoy their life because nobody sees. I have money, I have this life to enjoy, this relationship, how lucky I am. Actually, how foolish he is. That is the real truth. In the spirit world, there is no way you can lie. No way you can cheat. What you are is what you are.

So why did God create the corruptible material world? I explained that even after the Kingdom of God is established here on earth, there will be heartbreaks and joy and setbacks and heroism. Do you know why? That is the way God wants to train us, prepare us for the spirit world. In other words, this earthly world is going to permanently remain as a training ground. As God's workshop. Also, I like to give this example: This physical world is God's Ranger program.

I mentioned last Sunday, I was at Fort Benning, Georgia. There they have what they call Ranger training. You cross a river on a rope, looking down at the river, wondering if there are alligators down there ready to enjoy lunch or dinner. You are looking down and you have to cross. We don't have to do that, but we do push ourselves to go through challenging experiences. Why? Because that gives you discipline. By the same token, this whole world is like God's Ranger program. It shall remain so forever. Even after the Kingdom of God is established, and Satan is demolished, and all the wicked guys are gone, still there is emotional upheaval. Ups and downs, sorrows and setbacks, and heroism. Sacrifice shall remain.

Even when the Kingdom of Heaven comes, if somebody falls from the roof, that person will get hurt. If somebody falls in the water, he might drown. And someone will have to put themselves in danger to pull him out. There are all kinds of opportunities for heroism. Why? So that we can become mature, so that we have the capability to experience joy, the capability to appreciate sadness, the capability to get excited. Emotional, dramatic ,experiences are needed to mature our spirit. That is why God created this clumsy world as a Ranger training ground. So we must be deadly serious about this life. This 100 years, which is shorter than even a spark of light compared to eternity, is our opportunity to prepare for eternity. This is our chance, far greater than the California gold rush.

And I want you to know that you and I already are 99.9 percent successful. We are winners in life. Do you know why? Because of one simple fact: We met the True Parents. That is the one single factor that makes your life and my life 99.9 percent successful. All we have to do is one-tenth of one percent proving that we are steadfast and worthy to be called the sons and daughters of God. That is what God wants us to prove. It is such a minor, minor, minor role God wants you and me to play. That is our remaining homework, and there is only one simple way to fulfill it: become unconditional sons and daughters. Children of unconditional, absolute loyalty.

Many times I caution my son, who is going to Yale, a proud Ivy League university, not to become an intellectual fool. Intellectuals think they know everything. Academically, they are at the top of the world; they have all the science and philosophy they need. But actually, they know nothing. I told my son yesterday that the best the academic world can do using the inductive method of learning is just digging up-they cannot penetrate the physical world. What they are talking about makes sense as long as they are talking about this one little piece of the world. They are trying to devise what they call science and logic that works in this half of the world, which is the shadow world of this cosmos.

But scientific and academic reasoning will never penetrate the spiritual realm. It comes from God as a revelation. You must receive it. Man's wisdom will never crack the spirit world. God's wisdom we must have given to us and we must have a humble heart to receive it.

Highly Educated Fools

Many of today's scholars are so accomplished and distinguished, so great. They think they know everything. They are what we call intellectual fools. We must not become intellectual fools. There are distinguished professors at Harvard and Yale and Princeton, and I bet you dollars to donuts, that many of them will end up in hell because the arrogant never open their hearts to accept a greater truth than the one they know.

The academic community is fine, but they need real humility so that they are ready to receive God's revelation. The real truth comes as a revelation, not as a research paper. No institute will produce the real truth. God's revelation is greater than all those professors. The quality you need is humility, or good luck. We are lucky guys really. You and I are lucky because we got to hear and accept that revelation. So, I want you to become unconditional. Who can become the best disciple of Jesus? Once they recognized who Jesus was, the disciple who became unconditional was successful. Like Peter. Peter was not an intellectual person, he was almost dumb in a way, but he had true wisdom.

On the other hand, Judas Iscariot was a very smart man. He was trying to reason everything Jesus did, and he was the one who had charge of the treasury. One time a woman, Mary of Bethany, used expensive oil to anoint Jesus' feet. Judas objected, saying, Why do you waste such expensive oil? Why don't you go to the marketplace and sell it and give the money to the poor? He thought he was a spokesman for Jesus, but Jesus scolded him, saying, "The poor you will always have with you, but you do not always have me." [John 12:8] You can always have charity, but the son of man is here on earth just once.

Jesus approved that woman's loving act. Jesus said, she is right. That is what we need. Judas was very intellectual and looked at Jesus' deeds very critically, which led him into his betrayal. Later he was taken by evil spiritual forces and he betrayed Jesus; his conscience hurt him, and he killed himself. He did not betray Jesus for those famous 30 pieces of silver. No. It was not the money. He was the treasurer and had access to money anyway. No, he betrayed Jesus because he doubted his messiahship.

So we must not also become intellectual fools. There are many exMoonies out there. They talk about how this is wrong and that is wrong in the church. Of course, they can think of a thousand things wrong with the Unification Church, trying to justify themselves. But I bet you that their heart, their conscience knows that those who persist in the church are right. They know they are defeated. But they are trying to justify themselves. It does not work; particularly in the eternal world it does not work.

Today what we need is total commitment. I don't mean 99.9 percent or 99.9999 percent. But the last penny of our energy, our emotion, our love, our physical strength, our sweat and blood. This is my earnest testimony. After following Father for 20 years, I know I am in the right place. I am fortunate. Nothing I have can repay this fortune. And I know one thing, I haven't got to heaven yet. I am still working on it. Don't be boastful. Don't be arrogant. Be ready and willing to give your last penny. That is my testimony, that is my lesson. And I hope this testimony helps you to succeed together. Not for our sake, but for the sake of God and True Parents, for the sake of the Kingdom of Heaven here on earth. Let us pray.

Prayer by Bo Hi Pak:

Our loving Heavenly Father. Thank you very much for this special morning. Beautiful morning. We have the joy of gathering together with our brothers and sisters with whom we share a common goal. One goal and one purpose. We are in a different body, but we are one. Because our heart is one. Our purpose is one. Our goal is one. Our center is one. Our country is one. Our kingdom is one. Father, thank you. We want to expand this one kingdom, one heart, one God, one True Parents to the entire world. We want to expand it so that everyone, every single soul here on earth, can share that joy and that awareness and commitment. Father, thank you very much for this noble teaching of your Divine Principle. Thank you that people like us, trivial, unworthy, could somehow be hand-picked by you so we could come to this knowledge of the Principle so quickly. We thank you. We want to deserve that right. We want to preserve that right. Thank you, Father. Thank you. September is an important month. Father, until we meet True Parents here once again, to hear him give us the wonderful word of God, we want to show him also, prepare for him also, the wonderful result. The victorious result. And this week we go out and make our own preparation, our own distinguished conclusion to show Father. So be with us all the way. All these things we pray in the name of our most beloved True Parents. Amen.

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