Truth is My Sword, Volume II

by Bo Hi Pak

1. True Fellowship

Utah Street Center, Arlington, Virginia
May 29, 1966

In March 1961, Dr. Pak came to the United States as a member of the diplomatic corps. He served as assistant military attaché to the South Korean embassy in Washington, D.C. He served as a missionary part-time until his retirement from military service in 1964. Other early missionaries included Miss Young Oon Kim, who began the first mission to the United States in Eugene, Oregon, on January 4, 1959; Mr. David S.C. Kim, who came to Portland, Oregon, on September 18, 1959; and Mr. Sang Ik Choi (Mr. Nishikawa), began a mission in San Francisco, California on November 12, 1965. The house on Utah Street was Dr. Pak's family residence and the first church center in the D.C. metro area. True Parents stayed in this home and addressed the early members there.

On the way to San Francisco I met a scientist on the plane who works with the Atomic Energy Commission. We had a wonderful conversation and discussed the troubles of the world and morality and youth. Finally we came to the topic of religion. He had his Bible on his knees. I assumed that he must be a Christian, so I asked him what church he belonged to.

Immediately, he answered, "I am a Mormon." He spoke very proudly and clearly. If he had asked me the same question, what do you think I would have said? My answer would be, "I belong to my Savior and Lord, Sun Myung Moon."

Then I came to realize how serious a business we are all engaged in today. Look back at 2,000 years ago when the Christians, the first disciples, were on the street and somebody said, "What is your faith?" They undoubtedly had the courage to answer, "I believe in Jesus of Nazareth." I know under the social circumstances of that period, 99 out of 100 would respond by laughing and say, "He is a carpenter. He is a laborer. How can you believe in him?" This is the origin of Christianity: a thorny path and road of persecution. Many people sacrificed their blood and life to witness to Jesus and say, "I believe in Jesus Christ." This is the 2,000-year history.

We should all bear witness without compromise. This family is gathered together for one purpose and one purpose alone. We share lots of fellowship. We share love. We share truth. But above all, all this love and truth and fellowship are centered upon one name and one name alone. We all are very stubborn people. I am. So is Mr. Kim. So is Mr. Choi. Otherwise they cannot walk this pioneering path. Unless they have such a strong, iron willpower, they would not have been able to walk the path they have walked. This is all of you. In one way we are so stubborn, but in the other way we are so selfless. Under the one supreme name to whom we all belong, there is nothing that we cannot do. In his name we are ready to face our death. The reason we are courageously ready to face even the valley of death is that because through him we know life. So, we are all engaged in a serious business.

On the plane, the scientist and I discussed the atomic bomb. U.S. scientists believe that Red China possesses a megaton bomb. Humanity is now capable of annihilating itself. But this scientist beautifully explained that paradise can be created by mankind by tapping into atomic energy. With infinite atomic power we could build the physical kingdom on earth. Who will make this choice? Men will make this choice. God gave Adam a commandment: The day you eat of it you shall die. Which means, obedience will bring life and disobedience will bring death. By putting atomic energy in the hands of mankind today, God is clearly telling us that obeying His law will lead to abundant life and disobeying will bring total death.

So this is a perfect time for re-creation. In human history morality has never been more important than it is today. A high standard of morals has been a good thing to have, hasn't it? But so far morality has been almost a luxury. But having this kind of power, atomic energy, in our human hands makes a moral code not just a nice thing to have but an absolute necessity. Without it, we die. This world without an absolute moral code will die.

I am really moved by this conclusion this morning. You and I have an awesome responsibility, don't we? We have the key to this moral standard. God revealed it, I don't know why, through us. And we are the ones to share this moral standard on a worldwide scale and save the world and bring the world back to God's hands. I am really serious. Once again, I realize that we are in a serious state. So our gathering has importance far beyond mere fellowship.

What Does Family Mean?

Yesterday I reported on a recent development in Washington, but that was only external. One internal development that I would like to share was in the fellowship in Washington. The brothers and sisters living together here are supposed to be a loving, unified family. We live under that name. But suddenly we came to the realization that we do not really love each other. What does family mean? Gordon, for example, said that his mother and father deserted him when he was a child, and they divorced and remarried and all kinds of things happened. He never really tapped into this infinite energy and tasted family life. So he really doesn't know what a family should be like, especially in the heavenly kingdom. We had several open-hearted sessions that sometimes lasted until two or three in the morning.

Everybody opened their heart, honestly helping each other find how we can be a truly loving family, to live up to the name Unified Family. For example, one member said, we eat together, but something is wrong in my heart. I really don't feel love in the bottom of my heart. Mr. Nishikawa discussed the beauty in this world, but to me the most beautiful thing in this world is the heart of repentance. When you give your humble heart in an effort to unite, this is the most beautiful thing-a kind of revolution. These sessions were not held because of my guidance or Miss Kim's. This atmosphere was generated among the American family members themselves. They were painful hours. But it was all locked into one great result: truly to live up to the name of the Unified Family.

I think this presents our true strength based upon this unity. The core and the bond will never break. God certainly was there. We are the Divine Principle family or the Unified Family. People in the world talk about love and good fellowship. Many social gatherings are held. But we should go one step deeper. We must be something else, which we could never find in other parts of society, something that is unique to our family. In other words, Unified Family has become the motto. This is something to present to the United States. We talk about action. The united, living example of the Unified Family is the action of this movement. This will counteract the trend of U.S. families breaking up. For this we have True Parents, we have Father and Mother, whom we can eternally serve. So we are the only ones who can claim this true Unified Family. We are qualified, not because we are wise or intelligent, but because we are tied into this one person to whom we bear witness.

No matter how painful this thorny path may be, we must not surrender. We have got to communicate. Lack of communication brings misunderstanding. Misinterpretation creates an uncrossable gap. But once we really sit down and talk and put everything on the table, we always reach a common ground from which we can expand. And we do have already such a wonderful common ground: that one name we unite around. This is the common ground.

I would like to recall the course of history of how the Divine Principle was given to the United States. The first missionary who bore the message to this land was Miss Young Oon Kim, who came to the West Coast and started the movement. She taught the first words of the new revelation of Divine Principle in this land. She went through a tremendous ordeal, a thorny path, the road of persecution, which I do not have to go into detail about because all of us have some idea of it already. It was not safe for them to remain in Eugene, Oregon, so the first pioneer group had to move to San Francisco.

Miss Kim, to whom we all give our awe, respect, and love, is truly a dynamic spiritual champion and absolute fighter. And a very important missionary. She established a foothold in America. Then soon our elder brother, Sun Cho [David] Kim, landed in this country as a pioneer. You can see that sometimes the path of the heavenly way is ironic, because he started in the same state where we received the first persecution, Oregon. Even though Mr. Sun Cho Kim, our brother, is right here in front of me, I don't hesitate to say this. The path this elder missionary had to walk was beyond description. I don't think anyone in this room, even the family from the Northwest, can fully comprehend the thorny path he had to tread. I know some of the circumstances.

Immigration Ordeal

The U.S. Immigration office is often a difficult place for foreign nationals. I am not criticizing this office, but you have a set of laws that all foreigners have to go through. As U.S. citizens, you never realize how painful it is. Brother Kim has no money. He has to be a student because otherwise there is no way he can stay in this country. He does not need any more education. He received his degrees in Korea. But in order to stay in this country to fulfill this great mission, he has to have some kind of student title; otherwise he cannot remain. The immigration law requires you to be a full-time student; you have to take at least 12 academic hours per semester. Of course, when English is not your mother tongue, this is not an easy task. I don't think I would ever, ever have gone through that ordeal. For seven years now he has been meeting this academic responsibility and fulfilling his great mission.

Even before I came to this country I already saw his picture along with his letter to the Master. I remember how excited I felt when I saw that picture in Korea. Unfortunately, this elder missionary is carrying the same burden even now. We all must pray that he will be free so that he will be able to devote his full strength to his mission. Here is brother Kim with us; fortunately he never gets old. That is the same face that I saw in the picture in Korea.

I arrived in this country in March 1961. But I came here in a different manner from Miss Kim or our brother Kim. It was not a coincidence that I was chosen as my nation's diplomat to this country. This time I came as a major, with my family, to serve in a foreign country as a diplomat. The rest of the military attaché posts were already full. Only this position at the Korean Embassy in Washington, D.C., was open-the only one throughout the world. Usually a colonel fills this post; only in the United States is there a major instead of a colonel.

We have 5,000 majors in the Korean army, and every one of them is eager to go abroad as a diplomat. This is really an honorable assignment. How could I ever even dream to be chosen out of 5,000? But our Leader said, "Take the exam." I had no choice. I took the exam. I really had no idea where I would end up. I just obeyed, that is all. The exam ended by noon. Of course, I dashed directly back to our church and reported to our Leader. But our Leader was not there. One of the members sitting in the room said he had some other appointment and he had left just a few minutes before. But the member told me that our Leader had been sitting down in front of the big clock at 12:00, an old-fashioned clock that rings 12 times. When that clock rang 12 times, marking high noon, our Leader looked up at that clock and said, "By now I think Bo Hi has completed the exam." Our Leader was sitting there all morning thinking of me, supporting me spiritually so that something good would happen in that exam room. I had told him 12 was the ending hour. So when the clock struck 12, he acknowledged, "Now I think his exam is over."

Without knowing the test result, I felt a sensation of confidence. I knew I would be chosen. The next day one name was revealed, and it was Bo Hi Pak. That was how I came to Washington. Certainly I was not hungry as our Brother Kim was. You know how Washington diplomatic society is. It is really luxurious. Sometimes President Johnson or President Kennedy would give a reception and all the diplomats would be invited. This is really the highlight of Washington life. And the big spring ball is really a fantastic thing that is an obligation, I had to go. So life on the surface, to me, was fantastic.

But I have an awesome mission to fulfill: to bear witness to the Divine Principle and to our Leader. How could I, in my position? The Divine Principle is not yet the national policy of Korea. Because I represented Korea, I could not speak out officially on the Principle of Creation. Everywhere I spoke in public, it was recorded, and the State Department could examine it. The Korean government could examine what I said. So really I had no freedom of speech. Without words, how can you convey the Word? This was exactly my position.

But God worked. Worked and worked. I tried an odd and bold and risky way. I kept having a Bible study class in the basement of our home almost every week. To make a long story short, I had one critical moment when I was almost kicked out. You know how Satan works. I happened to be involved with one of the most extreme Presbyterian ministers. I was too naive. I thought I could convince him. We had some very burning discussions, but it ended up boomeranging back to our ambassador.

Anyway, this was the beginning chapter of the Divine Principle in the United States. We worked, Father worked, and the movement grew and was respected. Then last year we had a most glorious time when we welcomed our beloved Leader for the first time in this country. The movement is just beginning, and this nation is so big. We really didn't need much coordination between the three different missions that were set up. But when our Leader came to this country, we came to fully realize that our movement is moving into a new stage-from formation to growth stage. You know how excited we all were to welcome him. This is the first place he delivered his message. The first room he slept in. And he had a complete tour of the United States. Of course, each one of you had a chance to accompany him on his trip.

He was rather pleased by the accomplishments that all three groups have made, even though we thought our accomplishments were too little. Then the question of establishing some kind of national headquarters or organization arose. Our Leader gave simple instructions on this matter. He intended to have this done when he was here. When our Leader attended the farewell meeting, which was held in the basement of Arlington Center, he made two unforgettable remarks. First, he asked us all, "Would you want to see me here again? Shall I come to the United States again?" Oh yes, of course. And he said, "Where would you like to see me? Here?" And he pointed down to the basement. Everybody hesitated to say yes or no. We didn't know what his intention was. Then he said, "Shake your head like this [no]. I don't want to meet you here anymore." Which is in a way a mandate. Which means go, expand. The next time I come I don't want to have a gathering in this basement, which means I don't expect to talk to a small group here in this basement.

I Am Going to Be Your Leader

The second memorable statement was that this first trip is a conditional trip. It was a trip where he set the heavenly condition for the future blessing of America. He said, "I observed as a third person and I have been your guest. In other words, I didn't command you this time. But next time when I come, be ready for my command. I am not going to be your guest. I am going to be your Leader. Be ready for this Leader's leadership in every way." It is true.

What is the definition of national headquarters or a national organization? I don't care what kind of definition lawyers or other people make for national headquarters, but as far as the Divine Principle movement is concerned, national headquarters is nothing more than a foundation for our Leader's leadership. In other words, this is a tool through which our Leader can express his leadership, the structure that our Leader can employ to run his business, which is to bring the kingdom on earth. To me, this is the whole definition. Nobody else is entitled to lead national headquarters except our Leader.

This is the tradition of the national headquarters in Korea and Japan's headquarters in Tokyo. This will be the tradition of the national headquarters in America and elsewhere in other countries. In other words, our Leader is the inner temple, and the national headquarters is our outer temple, so that inner and outer are fully ready to command.

Our Leader's trip was also an evaluation of the world situation from the point of view of the world movement. Our Leader made a famous remark: After I have seen the world, I am fully convinced the future world movement depends on the U.S. movement. He said, Europe is living in memories and in the past. The United States is the only country living in the future and in hope. This is, in a way, an interpretation of how our Leader felt. He made this remark when he went back to Korea. He said, I will center the movement in America. In the future, I will probably spend more time in America to run the world restoration than here in Korea. He clearly said, I have done enough for Korea. (He certainly did.) My mission is over for Korea. I am not only a Korean citizen. Now I belong to the world; now I will spend more time in America, strengthening the U.S. movement. That will bring the world together.

This is the apparent strategy of our Leader now. We are all hoping he will make his second trip soon. I know our Leader and his family will come. I don't know when, but really it depends on us, not him. Whenever we are ready I know he will come. Before he comes we should have the temple ready.

On March 10, I received the most wonderful gift. This was a letter written by our Leader himself. I have been following him the last 10 years. I never even dreamed of receiving a written letter from our Leader. Our Leader has a firm policy not to write. It was a letter -- not just a few lines in which the total scheme of the world strategy is revealed. It was not typed. Nobody took dictation for him. He, himself, wrote this long, long letter. It gave me the urgent sense that something has got to be done before we are too late.

Before March 10 I came to San Francisco because of the Little Angels tour. I met many of you, and I am sure some of you saw the Little Angels' performance. Incidentally, the Little Angels are coming back here in the fall for a four-month tour, and they are going around the world next year. They are like the apple of the eye in Korea now. It is just wonderful. Whenever the president's wife, Madame Park, has a state party for foreign guests or a head of state, she always invites the Little Angels. Our Leader was most pleased.

You just heard Mrs. Nishikawa this morning. You might not know, but I think this information is good for you. Ehwa Women's University is the world's largest university. Don't be surprised that the world's largest university is a woman's university. We are proud of that. It is a good quality school founded by the Methodists. When the Divine Principle movement spread on that campus, they overlooked it at first. But soon they discovered the force was so strong, they might be engulfed by this entire movement. They were afraid, and they began to persecute us. To make a long story short, Miss Kim and Mrs. Choi, whom you met last year during our Leader's visit, were victims. They were professors at this university, and they were kicked out. Among the students, hundreds were followers of our movement. Everyone was given the choice: Renounce your faith or get out of this school. Isn't that cruel? I don't think it would happen here. They had no other way to stop this movement.

Many people have a family tradition that would make it difficult to give up school. But 14 courageous young women said they would choose their spiritual life over their higher education, and one of them was Mrs. Nishikawa.

So that campus became a living social sadness. When we hear of Ehwa Women's University, something strikes our heart. I recently received a letter from Korea. They are celebrating the 80th anniversary of the school with a big ceremony and invited all kinds of guests. They wanted to have the best festival possible and they invited all the parents of the thousands of students, but they thought it still was not enough. They came to the Little Angels and begged and begged and begged for them to come. Isn't it ironic? This school that persecuted us so much, now they come to us, to our church, asking and begging us to come to the program. Of course, we went. We danced on the stage of Ehwa Women's University the first night.

The president of the university was so pleased. The next day she invited more guests and asked the Little Angels to perform again. Of course, we accepted. What is the greatest revenge in Christian life? Generosity. Forgiveness and love. For example, if he hits me and I forgive him, he owes me eternally. We have no time for or interest in revenge in the way of "you strike me, I strike you." It is not our way.

Ironically, the second day the president of Korea invited us to perform for their foreign guests in the Blue House. We told them the Little Angels already had a commitment to Ehwa Women's University. But the president's office contacted Ehwa University, and of course they had to yield to the Blue House. If the Blue House wants something for an official function, nothing can compete with them. So we went to see Madame Park. This is one piece of news I thought we might enjoy together.

When the Little Angels made the trip to San Francisco, I invited Miss Kim and our brother Kim to come to Washington. Both of them are my elders. Miss Kim brought me into the Principle, and I was trained by the dynamic leader in Korea. So I had a good relationship. Miss Kim accepted, but brother Kim had school obligations. But I do know that the place where our brother Kim is to operate is not here, is not in Oregon, is not Texas, and is not New York. It is national headquarters. He is talented, and his leadership is needed by the nationwide organization.

I know this will be realized if I pray fervently enough and my effort is strong enough. I know they are coming in the near future, and we will all be together in Washington. Then we can really discuss the world strategy. Of course, that does not mean we have to be in Washington all the time. It will be the base from which we work nationwide. This day is coming.

Dispensational Importance of Washington

Incidentally, I overlooked one thing. Before our Leader left the country, he outlined the national headquarters and instructed us on two things. These are not my words. One, he expressed the desire to have his national headquarters located in Washington, D.C. This was done when he blessed the ground in front of the White House. After the dedication of that ground, he said quietly, this is the ground where my temple will be built. Don't misunderstand. I did not start the movement in Washington, and our Leader hasn't the slightest idea who works in Washington. He doesn't care. I approve of this idea. He only selected that piece of ground in that city for dispensational reasons. You know what I mean. Washington is today physically and realistically the nerve center of the political world and the economic world center. It is literally becoming the world capital, not the United Nations. Billions and billions of dollars are appropriated in Washington for both war and peace. All the world leaders travel back and forth from there. This is truly the city that lives up to being the center or the heart of the world. You know how our Leader values the historical dispensation. The city itself is a museum of the American people. Our Leader chose the city as the site of the Church headquarters.

Second, before he left he did one more thing. He selected Jim Fleming and Mary Fleming as architects. Our Leader recognized Jim's ability, sound judgment, and experience in management. And of course, his total dedication. Among the whole U.S. movement, it was our Master's choice to have them become the first architects of this first structure of the national headquarters. This is not my choice. This is not Miss Kim's choice. This is not Mr. Kim's choice. This is our Master's choice, which I will obey. I called Jim and Mary and conveyed our Leader's wishes, and then right after that Mrs. Choi encouraged them to accept this heavy responsibility. And our Leader said hello afterward.

So these are the two key cornerstones our Leader already laid before he departed from this country. So they started. Jim and Mary said that if they were summoned by anybody other than our Leader, they don't think they would even consider obeying because they don't consider this the type of work they can accomplish. But knowing the summons comes from the one in whom we believe and for whom we do our best, there could be no excuse. When God called Abraham and summoned him from the Chaldea, he just packed up everything and started his journey to nowhere. God didn't even tell him where to go. But Jim has a little better direction than that. They were at least told to go to Washington. They both trust our Leader, and they loaded up everything.

They made a 21-day journey and arrived in Washington, and we had a tearful prayer asking our Father for the wisdom and courage to do things right. I welcomed them and we had a prayer. After that we had a discussion night and day, drawing up a plan. But we did not draw up this plan purely out of our brains. We have samples to go by, which are the world organization and the Japanese headquarters. Of course, we never expected to come up with a perfect plan initially. But we do know something must be started. There is a Korean proverb that goes, to begin is to already be halfway done.

We regret very much not having Mr. Kim physically present. We regret it very much. At least one or two members of the Northwest family could be present. But I did the next best thing. I sent our brother Kim the minutes of what we discussed every night. Then after the plan was drawn up, before we did anything, I gave the total plan to brother Kim with my letter of explanation of many pages. And I told him not to hesitate to call me on the phone. He responded, and we had a 45-minute conversation long distance, which to me was like five minutes. I listened, took notes, and every recommendation he made I brought to the entire council, which met in Washington, and amendments were made.

For example, I initially thought that the leadership should be according to the order of arrival of the U.S. mission: Miss Kim, Mr. Kim, and myself. Since this is the very first official plan, I thought that history should somehow be reflected in the organization. So I insisted that we should have Miss Kim as head, as chairman, which is the logical thing to do. Then the rest of the board of directors can be organized. I wanted to be assistant to the two, but the unanimous opinion was that the three of us should be chairmen. So I was privileged to join as third vice chairman. This was the initial arrangement drawn up. Mr. Kim suggested, why not let the American family run the entire thing, which I thought was a wonderful suggestion. Why shouldn't we all be advisers. So we didn't want to remain on the board as initially drawn up. I put the three names in, but we immediately corrected it. So you see, our communication to you has listed three names, Miss Kim, Mr. Kim, Bo Hi Pak, as advisers to the U.S. national organization.

My dear brothers and sisters, I am not saying, by no means, that this national headquarters is completed. It is just the beginning. Many nights and days Jim and Mary sweated. But this is just the beginning. Those who make this thing perfect and make it work are not Jim and Mary. Nor is it Mr. Kim or myself. It is you, every one of you. You are the pilots. Without you it is not complete. We urgently need every resource, personal and material, and every talent to make this work. This is the task left to be done. To make it go fully, ready for our Leader's second visit. It all depends on you and me.

One of the roles I assumed during this discussion period was to communicate with our Leader. I reported every phase. Upon the completion of the initial stage, it was simultaneously reported to our Leader. Two weeks later, I received another spiritual gift. This is a second lengthy letter from our Master, which I treasure as a gift. Not to me, but to the mission of the United States. Who am I to receive this letter? He did not write to Bo Hi Pak, the individual. He touched me deeply. I have the awesome responsibility to preserve this letter, and it will be turned over to a U.S. archive, which will be created. Again, it was a very lengthy letter. First he acknowledged the entire report that I had made and approved every phase of the discussion. We are not in a position to decide anything. The commander-in-chief will decide. Until such time, nothing will be firmed up. This was my position.

And the commander-in-chief gave approval of the total plan, the organization, at least to its intent. And he gave his blessing, wishing the mission great success. The one word he used in approval was the Korean word for "great." I think you ought to be proud. But that approval is just the beginning of the letter. After that page came the mandate that the U.S. movement is to fulfill.

Mandate to the Nation

He numbered the mandate. One, do this. Two, do this. And this mandate is not the things that any person or any segment can fulfill. This is a mandate to the nation. We will all sweat and labor together to accomplish it. Otherwise, we have no way to succeed. In other words, he is using this structure as a channel to fulfill his strategy before he comes.

The first mandate he mentioned was the expansion of the economic foundation. Our Leader is keenly aware the time has come for the restoration of the things of creation. Many years ago, when we were both in Korea, our Leader would keep disregarding material things. Our home church in Korea was so shabby. Everyone who has been in Korea knows that the church's main gate is extremely shabby. We said, Leader, I think we have enough money to rebuild this gate so that it looks a little better. Our Leader said, I leave it that way on purpose. He said, the leaders who will run the world movement in the future pass through this shabby gate. Isn't that meaningful?

In other words, if you have a great big building, a great big pulpit, many people come only because of that. It could attract people. But when you go through a shabby gate, you have no reason to pay attention to the shabby gate except to feel some kind of shame. But you can come courageously and stay on and on because of the truth. In other words, sacrifice. In other words, I am not coming for glory. I am coming to give myself. This is the type of person our Leader was seeking in the initial stage of his movement. But now he thinks the time is over for acquiring personal leadership. He feels he has the leadership in Korea, Japan, and the United States. Now he needs the physical container to have the leadership function rapidly. For this our Leader is very eager now to see the material world, which means the things of creation, restored to heaven.

So he emphasized business. He emphasized solid earning and he, himself, led the factory that is building one of the new, very fantastic airguns that was founded by one of our members. He invented it. It is formidable, a really wonderful air shotgun. No powder is needed, just air. Through compression of air this shotgun can fire and even burst the bullet. It is fantastic. Our Leader was here in Washington and had a sample of that gun with him. We went to a gun distribution place and demonstrated it. The gun distributor simply could not understand. Without powder it competed with the regular powder shotgun, but the penetration power of this air shotgun is greater. Our Leader really put his heart and soul into seeing this developed.

One of the instructions was to establish the U.S. headquarters of the business and obtain a U.S. patent as a new invention. The world market should be developed, for example in South America, where powder guns are prohibited. There is a vast opportunity in this air shotgun market. Even in the U.S. the training to use a powder gun is so expensive. The National Rifle Association has millions of members. They use guns for training, but powder is so expensive. So the air gun would cut down the cost of expenses for the NRA. We have the best market. But Korea is not ready to make a quantity of them. Our Leader is now directly leading the expansion of the factory so that we will have quality and quantity. And he said the U.S. movement should support this project.

In connection with this, I think our brother John Smedly should be honored. His personal name was mentioned by our Leader, who remembers every talent and potential in the U.S.

We have a job to do. I don't want to make this talk too long, but may I say this to you. Honestly and frankly, certain members among us sometimes feel a certain uneasiness between the three different groups, Northwest, San Francisco, and Washington. May I announce one campaign with you. For our movement, let us get rid of the word "group." In the sight of our Leader there is no Northwest group, no San Francisco group, no Washington group. Only the U.S. family exists. From this time on, let us exterminate the word group. We have better words to use: brothers and sisters. Portland Family. Washington Family. San Francisco Family. All together, the Unified U.S. Family.

A remark was made that I thought was very meaningful. A piece of paper means nothing. Signing a name means nothing. Mind and heart, that is what counts. I fully agree. Mind and heart are what count, not the piece of paper with a signature. But we must have a container where we can contain our mind and heart. We learned the Divine Principle so well. God, before He created inward things, always created outward things first. Isn't that so? Before mankind was created, which is the inward dwelling of the universe, God created the universe first, which is the container of man.

Before God created the spirit, God created the body in which the spirit can dwell. The external body as a container was needed before the inward spirit was created.

Before God restored men, He gave the Ten Commandments, which was the external law to obey. The Old Testament magnificently served the purpose of external restoration, outward restoration. The Ten Commandments say, you shall not kill, you shall not commit adultery. But the New Testament, which is inward, tells us, even if you harbor a lustful mind toward a woman, you have already committed adultery, which means an inward quality. Now we are going even further, into a period of heart.

Therefore, our ultimate goal is to unite heart and mind. We do start from the external things, too, as a container. Let us make it perfect. Don't you want to have national recognition? I was so sorry that national recognition of the Korean movement was delayed. That made my heart ache so deeply. This wonderful movement couldn't get recognition until recently. The U.S. has obtained national recognition before the Korean government gave recognition. Isn't your heart aching? We all, and brother Kim, cried tears many, many times over the persecution that the government directed toward us.

Don't you want to be strong nationally and united so that we can invite senators and congressmen to be our guests? We can exchange ideas. Let the guest talk from his point of view and we can give him the Divine Principle as the solution for this country. This wonderful future is just ahead of us. We have got to have a national establishment. You and you, everyone will make it be successful. I know our Leader has a plan to have one or two Northwest families become directly responsible for an important segment of the movement. Maybe he will give another mandate, like he gave Jim Fleming. You take off. Alexis, Gordon, Doris, Ted. The U.S. is a big chunk of continent, but in the eyes of our Leader, in terms of the communication of today, it is so small. It is merely like a hill.

Prepare a Special Gift

There is a feeling among us sometimes, why don't we wait for our Leader to come. Of course, I see the point. But why should we? The Leader's spirit is among us, isn't it? He is with us, isn't he? Don't you have, as I do, the conviction that he is walking along with us? He told us everything he has in mind for us to do. We want to be good children, children of filial piety. We all want to be loyal children, mature children. So before Father and Mother come, we can do the magnificent work, so we can present something that pleases them. Isn't that the ideal?

He can see how much we have worked. He will be so very happy to see what the children have harvested. Rather, shall we wait to find if there are solutions to all the problems? Should we wait until they come and just give him the problems as a gift? You would do this? We all want him to come to receive glory and joy, not to take care of problems. Is there any problem in the heart of our Father that cannot be solved? And he is so near. You can ask him anything. John Smedly, if you write him a letter today, he will be most eager to read whatever you send. He is so near.

The blessing is just wonderful. But his blessing will be for America. America will be blessed. We ought to be ready to be a recipient of this blessing. You know it is a matter of time. Our unity is important. It is a matter to work out. Particularly when the blessing comes, a bridge can be built. This dear brother may be Blessed with another charming, wonderful member from way on the other side of the land. Oh, this is wonderful. In our Leader's sight, he is not living in the Northwest, he is living in America. And I, Bo Hi Pak, don't think my mission will be just here in America. Maybe next year I will be summoned to tackle some mission in Korea. I am willing to be sent somewhere in another part of the world. Are we movable? Are we available? We are all Abraham.

We want to have not only a structural organization but also the symbolic organization. That is, we want to have our own building in which we must work. The building is more than just an office. Your home building is more than where you just line up your bed and sleep. Even the shape of a home means something. Every U.S. visitor who comes to Washington walks the streets, then he sees Capitol Hill -- the dome of the U.S. Congress, how beautiful, how elegant, how sacred-looking it is. When you as an American citizen see that dome, what do you feel? Don't you feel a sense of pride? Don't you have a sense of gratitude? We have the same sense when we come to the Holy Ground. We are the only ones who know the value.

If we have our own monumental building somewhere, we can not only work, invite people, and teach them, but also we can light it up as a symbol of this heavenly movement. Isn't it a good dream? Sooner or later this dream will become reality. If we join together, work together, this reality will come quickly. Many hours at night I couldn't sleep when I thought of all the problems and problems and problems. I couldn't sleep. I sure want to have this thing done. My heart is so eager. I want to have it done before our Leader's second coming.

Yesterday I mentioned about our mailing service. My wife and I work after office hours until 12:00 and 1:00 and 2:00 in the morning. We keep going. Every letter we insert means one cent. Then I hope and wish and pray, and sometimes tears just run down to the machine, that God, Father, let this letter machine keep running so some kind of restoration of money can be done so we can purchase our Leader's temple here in America. Somehow. Oh, Father, please give me the kind of courage and wisdom I need. I want to give this body.

If this is everyone's wish in this room, this is the greatest power. We can do invincible things. There is nothing we cannot do. We have seen one pamphlet that the Northwest family has been using, and we recognize the quality of the brochure presenting our movement as the best one that has ever been produced. So we decided to use it in all centers. If the Los Angeles center has a talent, make it known to the whole movement. If the Northwest has a talent, it has got to be freely used by the entire movement.

Once more I invite your earnest participation in constructive criticism. It is most welcome. Your words will be heard. My testimony here this evening is that I am going to send this paper to Korea, to our Leader. I am willing to stand at the judgment seat if anything I said is wrong or anything I said is against or deviated from his own spirit. I want to be judged.

Wars and Crises

America has played such a monumental, instrumental role. Before you created this great country, you had to pass through many crises, the Civil War, the War of Independence. The 13 colonies united together to form the Union. And Patrick Henry spoke the immortal words, "Give me liberty or give me death." But Patrick Henry was firmly against joining the Union; he didn't want Virginia to join because he believed it would restrict freedom. So he spoke the immortal words. We quote those words in many other ways than he originally intended. He spoke these words against the Union. Now history will show how short-sighted Patrick Henry was. He was afraid of freedom and liberty. Without the Union, how would the United States enjoy liberty today? I don't think so. The American people have displayed great spirit in working together and uniting and cooperating. This is your independent spirit. This is your spirit throughout your history. Now this dynamic American spirit must be demonstrated again as we unite to accomplish heaven's work.

We are most fortunate here. Besides the three missionaries, now we have a helping hand from another great pioneer of our movement, Mr. Nishikawa. His experience, his journey, and the path he went in Japan are really monumental and symbolic to this world movement. His advice is available to us here, so we feel confident because we have the assistance of his mind and experiences. We can enlist his support, for which our Leader sent him here to America. Now we can really fulfill. Sometimes I am sure there is an American millionaire somewhere. Sometimes the economic situation has prevented us from doing so many things. If our movement had enough money, many things could have moved so much faster. We could have brother Kim fly over to Washington many times. But money prevented it. We could have had better counsel when Mr. Nishikawa is not here.

But this is one fact with which we have to live. I sure want to earn money. I want to make money, but with a different motivation. It is said there are 80,000 millionaires in America. I sure am sorry whenever I see brother Kim, knowing his separation from his family. They are one of the Blessed couples. So many years, this precious blessing that God and heaven has bestowed upon him, he just sacrificed for the mission. We want to have as firm a commitment. I want to see the day that brother Kim's whole family will be rewarded. I know God has a reward for them. But as a brother I want to do my part, too. I don't want to go any further.

This evening I earnestly express my honest feeling. I open myself to your criticism. I am ready to hear any word you speak. I am open. I helplessly and vulnerably open myself to you without defense. With my conviction I spoke the truth with heart. Let us pray.

Prayer by Bo Hi Pak:

Our loving Father, forgive us. We are so far away from your expectations. Father, so many times we spoke of your heart, but we know that we have accomplished so little toward that direction. Father, I am helplessly throwing myself on your altar for your disposal. Father, do what you want, every way you wish, any level you want. Father, all the brothers and sisters in this room, we all together come to at least one realization. We come together for one purpose: to glorify Your name and bring Your kingdom here on earth. We have the key, Father. You have given it to us. Father, let us always have a repentant heart. And Father, let us all the time ready ourselves to sit in sackcloth and ashes and to see the path, see the glorious future. Father, we want so much to do your will. Every one of us in this room wants to give our whole soul and heart for your cause, for the one purpose for which we gather. So, Father, lead us in Thy ways. We demonstrate obedience to You. Manifest Your will. The will that has been manifested clearly we will do totally. Father, thank You for this most wonderful weekend. This is such a great blessing that we, all the family in this area, can become so openly one and enjoy give and take in such a rich atmosphere. We never lose that sense of oneness, of harmony, Father. We will wholeheartedly tackle our mission in a given area. Father, please trust us. Father, we want to trust You and, Father, we want to be trusted. Throughout history so many times You have been betrayed, You have been left alone. We will not repeat this same thing. Father, our work may not be like St. Paul's work. We may not be like Peter, but Father, Peter betrayed him before his time came. He said, I don't know you. St. Paul, how great he may be, but he did not follow the living Lord before he was crucified. How poor he was. Father, we are without any qualification, yet we know the greatest name. We met him in person. Father, we communicate and have give and take with him directly. This is the source of life, source of honor. Father, for this one privilege alone, we will hold nothing back. We are willing to walk in the valley of death. Father, the world is so near to the last days. The world is so near to totally crumbling. Without your light, without your guidance and truth, this world is doomed to decline. Father, we want to realize the responsibility, too, to know the truth. Father, knowing the Divine Principle is not only a privilege but a responsibility to share. We are committed all the way. Father, we are giving glory to this name. We totally present ourselves at the altar. Take it and set your condition and we will go for fulfillment. Father, bless the rest of this hour, the rest of today and tomorrow. Father, until this journey's end, let this meeting be a most historical one that will be recorded throughout history. Father, we are so grateful for those who participated, but in the meantime those who could not come to this meeting, bless them, their hearts, wherever they are, and be with them. Father, thank you very much and all these things we pray in the name of our True Parents. Amen.

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