Truth is My Sword, Volume II

by Bo Hi Pak

Chapter 9 Christ Is Here

Celebration of Life Workshop
New Orleans, Louisiana
June 16, 1974

Dr. Pak speaks to workshop participants following a Celebration of Life Crusade in New Orleans and divulges the good news that they are actually living at the time of the Second Coming. He speaks directly to the members, too, and entreats them not to lose faith in the face of adversity, to separate from Satan, and to commit themselves to studying the Divine Principle in order to nurture their spiritual growth.

In the next few moments I really want to make myself clear. I hope I can overcome my limitation in language. I need your eyes. I must be able to look at you. Stare at me. Even if you're staring at me so strongly it punches a hole in my face, I don't mind. Please stare at me and really penetrate my mind. With such a force you can make two holes in my face.

In the next few moments, I would like to be absolutely honest and blunt because, in a way, truth is very simple. Joe Tully concluded and Josette supported and all of our brothers and sisters already knew what proclamation we heard this afternoon: Christ is here on earth as a man among us, dwelling among ourselves. For 2,000 years, millions and millions of Christians have been waiting for that one day, to hear the declaration of the coming of the Lord, and they didn't see it. They gave their entire life, their sweat and blood, to serve Christ, and they hoped they would see the Christ in their lifetime. Even though they died in good faith and are in Paradise, they couldn't see that ultimate day.

We are going to celebrate Jesus Christ's birth on December 25. Human history is counted from the birth of Christ. Even the communists count that way. The son of God who truly changed the mode of history and brought a greater impact than any human being has ever done before, Jesus Christ, is returning to this world in your lifetime. Today, he is with us.

This is an unbelievable story, the kind of news that shocks people so much they might have a heart attack, but we are not shocked this afternoon. Why? The reason is very simple. The significance and size of the news is beyond the grasp of our imagination, beyond the comfortable human mind. Therefore, this news is the greatest shock, probably, in human history. But I promise you that a spiritual electric shock will come to you step by step as you open up your mind. The scope of your mind becomes wider and wider every day. I have been following the Reverend Sun Myung Moon for 17 years. I am still every day making an effort to make my mind more open, wider and wider, and trying to have my perception get greater so that someday God can really find His reflection in me.

Yes, you have heard the greatest news that the gospels can tell, the greatest news you can expect. The conclusion of the New Testament is focused on the coming of the Lord one day. According to the last chapters of Revelation, Jesus said, surely I am coming soon. The Apostle John responded by saying, Lord Jesus, please come. The fulfillment is here-the son of God who came to fulfill the mission described by the lecture. His name was Jesus 2,000 years ago. His name today is Sun Myung Moon. I hope I am shocking somebody. If you really know the scope of this declaration, I expect that someone, someday, will stand up and walk in front of me and slap my face. I know I will get it someday. I am going to declare this regardless, unto my death, because death is no longer meaningful to me. We are talking about the death of this physical body, but God does not see physical life as the true life.

God does not see your physical life as life. God only sees the eternal life, the spiritual life, as real. That is the only life in the sight of God. Jesus said, do not fear those who can destroy your body and who cannot do anything with your spirit, but fear God who can destroy your body and your spirit. I know many people in this world can destroy my body. One bullet is enough. But I know nobody can destroy my eternal life because I am part of the body of Christ.

This is what the Unification Church is all about. When you came to the Celebration of Life, actually you came to the most important, the most serious, moment of your life. Life or death hinges upon this meeting. This is why I said there are many great things happening to make headlines in Louisiana, but in the sight of God this is the greatest happening in the South, in the state of Louisiana, because here we make the proclamation of the son of God who came to restore the entire world as God originally intended in the Garden of Eden. You cannot deny you heard this. From this time on, it is up to you.

Spiritual Pyramid

Individually you are here, but I want you to know you are part of a spiritual pyramid, and you are the pinnacle. Let me explain. Behind you thousands and thousands of people are lined up-your entire family tree, probably hundreds of thousands of people making up the pyramid. They put you on the pinnacle. You came to listen to the Celebration workshop. Do you think you came by your will alone? No, not at all. I want you to know you are the product of history, the cream of history. Behind you there is an invisible power, a mixture of spiritual power, the power of goodness and of evil. It makes either fortune or disaster, because the day of the Lord is not only great, as the Bible said, it is also a terrible, terrible day. The Lord is coming to judge and you can be separated. One is taken up and one is left behind.

Undoubtedly the same situation will happen in this group. Therefore, it is truly a serious moment. Whether you really consider this as truth or not, it will bring serious consequences not only for your own life but for the thousands of people who were working to push you here for this occasion. You heard the Divine Principle, and many of you probably thought this is a very provoking concept with new ideas and it's very interesting. But I must tell you, the Divine Principle you heard yesterday and today is the word of Christ. If you really learn the depths of the Divine Principle, you will come to the conclusion I came to a long time ago after the first lecture I heard.

I have confirmed that conclusion many thousands of times after that. No one, no human being, can bring such truth except Christ. What the Divine Principle is all about is the Principle of Creation. This is the first time God is letting us see His original blueprint of creation, particularly the purpose of creation, which gives us a reason to live. Then the Divine Principle gives another picture: the Fall of Man. The Fall of Man is a very, very important chapter. No clever brain put together such a theory. Not at all. This Principle was fought for and gained by the living Christ, literally bought by his sweat, tears, and blood. Every word in the Fall of Man was the result of his fierce battle against Satan. The result of his victory over Satan is that the Principle is given to us freely.

You think that is cheap. Not at all. For the first time in history the true identity of Satan is uncovered. We are now able to prosecute Satan in the sight of God, which humanity has never done before. We humans didn't even know we are to judge angels. We did not believe that we are greater than angels because we had come down so low. We have been in a very menial position and have almost worshiped angels. That is what Abraham did when the angel came in. Everybody jumped. We think angels are next to God.

That is the way we thought in the fallen world, but the angelic world is to be the servant to man. We are the princes and princesses of God, and the fall of the angel and misuse of illicit love brought a tragedy that twisted God's lineage into satanic lineage, that murdered God's son and daughter and gave them another, sinful birth. This is what the Fall of Man is all about. We have been living with that wrong, sinful root ever since. The Tree of Life could never become a reality.

Reverend Moon confronted Satan. God did not help him win the battle. Do you know why? Because the messiah is man's champion. God wanted a man to defeat Satan. This man of God, Sun Myung Moon, did it and prosecuted Satan in the sight of God. He uncovered Satan's true identity. The battle in the spiritual world has already been won. In other words, Satan was already prosecuted there.

Satan is known as a snake. In one moment in 1960, Satan's head was crushed by a rock, and the rock is Christ. Christ really burst and crushed Satan's entire sovereignty. But the serpent is a slow-dying animal. Even though its head is crushed, the body wiggles and jumps and hits this and that. That is why we have the kind of world we do. This is the job we are to finish. The main battle is won. A decisive victory has been won for us. The victory is already ours. We are going to gather the crops and join the battle, deliberately sticking that body a little bit so that we participate in the victory over satanic power.

There is a lot of satanic effort in this world. But I want you to know that because of this truth, the Divine Principle, and because of the coming of Christ, Satan has been crushed. Satan is destined to die, but the slow-dying animal in its final desperation is trying to do lots of damage, trying to prolong its sovereignty here on earth. The heavenly world is already decided.

I preached only two nights here, but the first night in the Celebration of Life I usually preach about why Jesus came.

Shake the Christian Foundation

When you think about it, this is a revolutionary message. Martin Luther put up his 95 theses on the door of the university, but that is peanuts compared to what Reverend Moon is saying: Jesus did not come to die. The 2,000-year-old Christian foundation is being completely shaken by what Christ is saying. Jesus did not have to shed his blood; he came down to this earth already having the power to forgive sin. He is like the heavenly Ajax. He can clean up everything. All people had to do was accept him and become one with him.

Jesus gave us so much forgiveness, raising up the dead, giving sight, cleansing lepers, making the lame walk. He did not say, I will give you a medical treatment. Jesus raised them up by the word, by saying I forgive your sins. When the sin is forgiven, the lame walk and lepers are cleansed. The Jewish people didn't have to kill him. All they had to do was accept him, then the entire nation of Israel would have been forgiven and cleansed. They would have been engrafted into the Tree of Life and become like another Christ. That was the purpose, that was the procedure, that was the process he gave.

It sounds easy when we hear it, but think of the magnitude of the declaration. Who else can say such a thing except the Christ, except the Lord of the Second Advent? Today, the Christian world is waiting for all dead bodies to rise and come out of their tombs and start to walk around. In many cases that is the resurrection that they believe in, or they conclude they don't really know what resurrection is all about. Well, Jesus said, if you believe in me you shall never die. But good Christians have been dying for 2,000 years. What are we to believe?

Christians really do not know, but Reverend Moon brought a true definition of death and a true method of resurrection.

You know, when you are given spiritual eyes, then you don't see these clothes, these eyeglasses, or hair color. You see the true you, your spirit body, your spirit man. That is what you will see when you are given spiritual sight. If you have spiritual sight now, tonight, look around the city of New Orleans and you will see the most incredible sight. First, you will actually see dead persons. They may be known as millionaires, or important government officials, or as tremendous speakers or scholars, but you may find that their spiritual part is pitch dark, that their bodies are completely distorted.

Those who suffer the heavy burden of leprosy have distorted hands and faces. It is unbearable to see. But compared to dead spirits, leprosy is nothing, absolutely nothing. You will see horrible things in the human body beneath this flesh, beneath the beautiful neckties and suits they are wearing. You will see the shape of the formation stage spirit man, but it is something like a plastic bottle with nothing in it. It doesn't make sense. It is there, you can feel it, but there is no substance in it-only the shape is there.

Then you will see another type that is beautiful. We call it a life spirit. The spirit body never ages; you stop at your prime so even if you live to be a hundred years old and have white hair, when you die you go back to your prime, even if that is 22. You are young and giving off a dazzling light. This is the life of a person who is good in Christ. This has been the goal of Christians for 2,000 years: to go to Paradise, the place where Christ is. This beautiful, loving spirit is in part tremendous love and energy and mercy, but still it gives out light reflectively. It is shining not as a radiant being but as a moon receiving light and reflecting it. This is what you see. This is truly a magnificent spirit, yet not the ultimate one.

There is one higher step: the divine spirit. The only one in history who achieved the divine spirit status in the spirit world is Jesus Christ. Jesus is like a sun. In the spirit world there is no sun coming up in the east and going down in the west. The sun is always there. The love of God shines through Jesus Christ, who is a radiant, life-giving spirit giving out a dazzling light. When Jesus appeared on the Mount of Transfiguration and met with Moses and Elijah, the three disciples saw beautiful shining light and the white gown of Jesus. At that particular moment, God gave the disciples the power to open their spiritual eyes to see the spiritual truth. What they saw in Jesus was his divine spirit shining.

Before Abraham, everybody lived in the pitch dark. In the Old Testament era, by the law of Moses we can develop up to the form spirit level, and in the New Testament era, which is the Christian era, we can become life spirits. If Jesus Christ had not been crucified, he would have pioneered the final, divine-spirit level, so that all men could be like him.

God's ultimate will is to raise us to divine spirits. We are entitled to be divine spirits like Jesus. However, because of the crucifixion, no pioneering was done. It is a wilderness. Upon the foundation of Jesus, the Lord of the Second Advent pioneered the final level and opened up this path so that all men can now follow and through becoming one with him and loving him become divine. This is your opportunity. The Lord of the Second Advent and the first heavenly family are not only the ones who opened the kingdom of heaven on earth, but they are the ones who for the first time opened the kingdom of heaven in heaven. Do you know that even Jesus Christ for the first time shall enter into the kingdom of heaven along with the Lord of the Second Advent? So far, the highest we could go was paradise.

Then why, even though the life spirit stage is available to you and this is the real form you are going to live in for eternity, are people still in pitch darkness? Because even though this is available, if you don't have faith in it, it has nothing to do with you.

Get on God's Highway

In the early days, to get from the East Coast of America to San Francisco, there was no path. Someone had to pioneer the way. Today you have superhighways, but unless you drive the car, a superhighway has nothing to do with you. Isn't that true? You will never get to San Francisco unless you actually drive there. By the same token, the path has been opened up to the life spirit stage in Christianity, but unless you have faith in Jesus nobody can go up there. This is why 95 percent of the world's population lives in pitch-dark death.

Do you know this reality? Ninety-five percent of the world's population is dying and staying in death. This is the world God is looking down upon -- the world of death. How can He not grieve in His heart? Probably only about 2 or 3 percent of the world's people can reach the life spirit level. However, the time has come that, upon the foundation of Christianity, the Lord of the Second Advent is pioneering the way to perfection. The kingdom will come, and that kingdom must be established as quickly as possible.

The entire spirit world will be pushed into that kingdom, and all mankind will be saved sooner and quicker. This is your opportunity. At the time of Jesus, many faithful Jews opposed him and called him a heretic and blasphemer. I am sorry, but no matter how good they were according to Mosaic law, they pulled against the author of life. In other words, even though they had a limited light, they waged a war against a greater power coming from God. Then this little bit of light was crushed by the greater power of electricity. What happened? It burnt them up. In other words, when you push big power into a little circuit, the little circuit breaks.

Spiritually, that same process occurs, and therefore it burnt them up. The worst thing that we can think of is to misunderstand the coming of the Lord and do cruel acts and work against him. At the time of Jesus that happened, because even though they were living and dwelling in the form spirit area, they went right down to death.

The Lord is coming. Perfection is available. This perfection can come, however, only when you accept the Lord. This is truly the greatest gospel that can come to you. It is like somebody writing you a check for $10 billion. What would you think? You won't even say thank you because it is impossible. You will be laughing. Ten billion dollars? I can't believe it. Even a $1 billion check you wouldn't believe is real. The news you heard here cannot be compared to a billion dollars or a trillion dollars. Oh, I wish we could have a gift, that just for one minute God would take us all over there for a guided tour of heaven. Just one minute would be enough, but actually I don't want that, because then we would have nothing to be proud of. What God wants is our faith. Accept the truth and accept it in faith. This will become a lifetime asset for your eternal life. This is the one thing we can be proud of in the sight of the Father. Nothing else.

It is a powerful world out there. There are 120 nations and many presidents and queens and kings and colleges and universities. It is really a formidable world out there. The Unification Church contains really crazy people. This small group of crazy people is gathered together and saying, we are going to die for one man. When I die, I am going to die for this man. And my joy abounds.

Actually, my motto is this. I quote one Bible verse as my credo in my daily life. Jesus said, he who seeks to find his life will lose it and he who loses his life for my sake will find it. This is my credo. Jesus Christ died on the cross. For our kingdom of the Lord of Second Advent we need to sacrifice, too. Not necessarily be nailed down on the cross, but make a daily, living sacrifice. What the Unification Church is really living is a prolonged crucifixion. You carry a little bit of the cross every day. This is what we are doing. What we are really doing is a dying process. I am giving up this body for the purpose of Christ. What I am saying is, Christ is coming. Use me as you wish. Send me anywhere. Order me to do anything you want me to do.

Dying and Living

I want to have a celebration sometime of those who have really faced persecution. We, the members of the Celebration of Life crusade, would like to prove our faith and lay down a new chapter in history. We have something to write about. Historians will find this a very difficult thing to write about because we have been taking it too easy. I am not seeking an easy way out. I would rather make this body go through a slow process of dying so my true spiritual life will be a resurrection. Every day is a dying process. My real body's living process is going up another step, another step. That is the body you are going to have for eternity, so why don't you invest your flesh for a good purpose? In return, what you get is an eternal, perfected divine spirit. This is like what Jesus said: What does it matter if you gain the entire world but forfeit your own life? Jesus wasn't talking about this earthly life but about divine spirits and life spirits.

Our Master is driving Unification Church members to go out and sell flowers, to fast, to witness to one person a month. It sounds very cruel, but if your body has the strength and courage to bear this cruel order you are blessed. Christ knows where he's leading us. This is what Jesus said 2,000 years ago. Truth remains the same. He who loses his life for my sake will find a glorious life. Many Christians in the past were martyred in glory, becoming the prey of lions. They didn't fear death because they trusted the Lord.

Unification Church members are 10 times stronger in their commitment to Christianity because we have the living Lord with us. That is the power that lets me speak today and every day. If you have this commitment, miracles will happen. The sky is the limit on what you can do if you really want to commit your life for the cause of God. What you will get is a limitless source of energy that will flow into you. You will become a channel of God. You can really change. You can do greater work than even Christ. Jesus said everyone going out in his name can do not only what he can do but can do even greater things than him. Didn't he say that? Why? Because he was a pioneer, but we can go much faster. Past pioneers could go west at only five miles per hour in a wagon. Today you can drive 60 miles per hour. Even an antichrist can go SO miles per hour. We can even fly in a Boeing 747. We can do much greater things than his disciples did at the time of Jesus. Why? Because we have the advantage of the age.

All of heaven is focused upon you. I want you to know that. Spirit world is the world of subject. This world is the object. You don't have to win the battle in spirit world; it is already won. The entire spirit world is already on our side. So even though it looks very small, a little rock can always burst and crush Satan. By that little rock hitting a big idol, that idol is crushed to death. What is the process that we are engaged in here? This rock will grow inevitably, whether you like it or hate it. You may want to oppose it or persecute it, but even if all the Unification Church members in Louisiana are killed, it doesn't matter. We will still grow, because the subjective decision is made already. Nothing can stop us because spirit world is already on our side. Spirit world is the subject. We will grow and grow and eventually cover the entire earth.

My ambition in my lifetime is to serve and attend the True Parents as much as I can and contribute to the restoration of the world as much as I can. That is my only concern. It is only a matter of time. We can do it in 10 years, we can do it in 100 years. It depends on us. America can be restored in 10 years or 100 years, depending on you and me. God always leaves room for man to do his part. This is the whole scheme and secret. God eventually wants to give man the credit, so He leaves room for you to get the credit.

The small Unification Church group looks miserable in a way, so small that people laugh at it. But you will see that this is the group that really changes the direction of history, that changes America and the world. Then why are you and I here? Your ancestors worked, but more than that, God chose the foolish to shame the wise. God chose the weak to shame the strong, because this is the way God will be glorified more. No one has a Ph.D. No one is a college professor, no one is a governor or a senator, congressman, or professor, but I envy you.

In your unstained youth you can give your first devotion to God. How wonderful! This is the pride you can have. Let me conclude now. For those new members, soon we are going to hand out papers. I want you to sign to become a member of this great crusade. If I said anything else, I would be dishonest. I want you to join because this is a blessing and part of the best luck I can recommend.

Many people may think, well, I only heard two days; I'm not sure, I'll look into it and study it more. You know what I did? I heard the workshop in two days like you. In cold Korea in the wintertime we ate only two meals a day. I heard all of the Principle, and the very next day I not only joined but I wanted to go to the main church and speak with Sun Myung Moon. Do you think I knew everything about the Principle? No. But I knew the magnitude of what I had heard, that indeed nobody else could have brought it except the Christ. Furthermore, I knew that in order to not accept the truth I would have to come up with a better truth. I would have to argue why this or that is wrong, why this or that is not true. I had no hope of winning this battle of truth, so as the good American saying goes, if you can't win, join them. That is precisely what it is all about.

God Will Tell You the Truth

I felt I really needed to study this, and the best way to find out the truth is to join. I trusted that God would let me know whether this was truth or not. No lie can be hidden for eternity. No matter how well planned a lie is, you know a lie when you hear one. Isn't that true? Watergate, for example. They worked everything out so beautifully, but one by one it came apart. No matter how misunderstood, truth always wins. This is the wonderful power of God. Truth always stands out eventually. So, how can you tell whether this is truth or not? Join and find out; that is the best way. I am very honest and frank. Many people may say, well maybe that is the antichrist. Or, I belong to Jesus Christ so maybe I cannot go to such a group. I have heard many things like that.

The Bible says, watch out for antichrists. It says, people will say to you, I am the Christ. In other words, today many people will make their decision whether to commit their life based on hearsay. If you are really serious about your life, what you need is firsthand information. The best way to find out if this is the antichrist or not is to join and find out. How could I be more honest than that?

Furthermore, another reason this is the only way God can fulfill his dispensation is that the antichrist today is communism. The snake that has been crushed is wiggling its whole body, trying to do as much damage as possible. Now it is working through communism, which denies God. Since the snake can no longer have this kingdom, it wants to spoil it. This is Satan's scheme. That is the evil mind: If I cannot have good things, I don't want to let anybody else have them. Satan knows he cannot have this kingdom. Even though he possesses sovereignty in the kingdom of hell, it will not be prolonged. So Satan is saying, I don't want even God to have it. I don't want God's children to have it. The true antichrist is saying no such thing as God exists.

This movement is not going up against the Presbyterian or Lutheran Churches or the Catholic Church. They are not even in our sight. Christ does not even worry about them. What Christ is really worrying about is how we can deter communism's power and truly bring the entire world into the Kingdom of Heaven. This is the only ideology that can win over communism. Since they are saying there is no God, only a positive, "yes, there is God" movement can win over communism. Many Catholic countries in South America are overrun by communism, which shows that the church has no power any more. It cannot stop communism. But we already have enough proof that the Unification Church can stop communism and even wipe it out with the help of the spirit world.

Our Leader said many times that once we create a certain foundation, then spirit world will convert many hard-core communists. Sometimes hard-core communists in Korea became the best Unification Church members. They believed in communism only because there was no good alternative. They had not been given a chance, but they are really hot people. Jesus said be either hot or cold. God abhors lukewarm people.

In America today, what I am worried about is that this country is becoming very lukewarm. American people don't care if things are either good or bad; they just don't want to be a part of it. It comes from a very selfish psychology: I don't want to be hurt, I don't want to be benefited, and I don't want to be touched. I want to have my shell around me so no one can come in and touch me. This is the American mentality. I would rather have a positive response or negative demonstration. I really do like both of them. There's more chance for the honest truth to be professed, because the truth is going into their heart. They can become strong members.

The communist world is truly the antichrist of the 20th century, because it is trying to throw God out the window. Who is going to stop it? Tell me. The Lutheran Church or the Catholic Church? What I am asking is if Christianity in general has the power to stop communism though it has been here for 2,000 years. No. What can stop communism is this ideology centered upon the Lord of the Second Advent, knowing eternal life is so sure, knowing the Kingdom of God is upon the face of the earth, knowing we belong to this most wonderful center of the universe. I have True Parents; now I no longer have to be starved in sin and loss. This man sees communism as the enemy of God. It is my pleasure to fight and win over communism for Father. No motivation will become stronger than to do something for Father. We are fighting communism for Father. I want to do things for the glory of Father. Communists are saying your Heavenly Father is dead, is not there. I cannot tolerate that.

So all you new guests, you are no longer guests; you are members of the family and brothers and sisters. Join, every one of you, and find out. If it is not true, let me know. I will join you. You will lose nothing except the chains and bondage of sin.

Don't Let Satan Crawl In

Now I have a word for the members, our brothers and sisters. First, don't become a John the Baptist of failure. When you joined the movement, you had initial excitement, but soon this dissipates and you will see many grim realities. That is when Satan crawls in and tries to drag you out. One in 12 is going to be a bad apple. Jesus showed that example. One of the 12 disciples was a bad apple, Judas Iscariot. This will happen. I don't want you to become one of those rotten apples.

John the Baptist 2,000 years ago testified to Jesus at the Jordan River as a man of God who bears the sins of the world. John knew who Jesus was, but he never committed his life to Christ. This poor man finally asked the Lord, are you truly the one who is to come or shall we wait for somebody else? What insulting words those are. John the Baptist was beheaded not in martyrdom for Christ but for a silly love scandal of King Herod.

You like the Principle, but on the other hand so many worldly things come in. How could it be true? Why should this be this way? Why is that man so imperfect? Why is my leader giving me such a hard time? Why is that sister so ugly? Why is that man so tall and that man so fat? All kinds of things come into your mind. Become a single-minded person. I think brother Terry or Gilbert said, be bold, take an adventure. Be single-minded. That is what you need once you know this is the truth. Accept blindly at that point. In our movement we must demonstrate blind faith in Christ. That was what Ham needed when the naked body of his father was lying before him in the tent. It is natural in the common sense to be shameful of a father who is drunk and lying naked, but God wanted Ham to look at the naked body of his father and take it in blind faith. After all, Noah was the one God worked through for 120 years, the one God put His hope in while He demolished the rest of the world. That is my father. Whatever he does, he is right. That is the condition of faith that God was seeking in Ham, and he failed.

One time or another, members of the Unification Church will have that test. You will say, whatever the Lord of the Second Advent, the True Parents, desire me to do I will do. After all, he brought this message. He is changing this world, and my mind is bubbling in joy.

Love Without Limits

The second point for our members is that we have been talking for the last two days about love, love, love. What is love? Loving brothers and loving sisters, loving Father, loving God. What is love? I will give you one clue. Love is indescribable. There is no limit to your loving God and loving Christ, but I know where to start. Love must start from absolute honesty. You think you love your wife, but you have something dishonest to hide from her. I don't want to tell her something. Then do I really love her? Love starts from honesty. We must be honest with God, honest with Christ, and honest with ourselves. In many cases we don't know who we are and then lots of doubt and lots of weakness come in. You may try to put up a false front and not let other people see it. But God already knows you. Jesus said repent. Repentance is nothing but exposing your honest state to God.

Expose yourself to God. Tell God, Father, I am in this shape. God already knows all. God can say, my poor child, don't worry. I will give you strength. That is what God will say. That is everyday life. Every day is a new start. Every day we turn to God our Father. You know, I wanted to do this, but it didn't come out too well. I am in this shape. I need your help. Be honest with God, because God already knows no matter how much you are trying to hide. Expose yourself to God; then your heart is emptied out. Your burden is lessened. Christ knows what you are all about. Be honest with yourself and with your brothers and sisters. It will prevent many, many catastrophic situations if you start with honesty.

Fallen man started from dishonesty. Liar, liar, father of lies, that was Satan. He was the father of lies. That is what the fall of man is all about. So to restore the kingdom of God we must start from honesty. Second, we must preserve purity. Give your first love to God and Christ, nobody else. Preserve your purity. The fall of man was unnatural love, immorality. We are the ones to straighten things out. So I want you to be pure like snow, pure like clouds in heaven. Preserve yourself. Do not be tempted. The most important advice I can give is do not expose yourself to temptation. Dress humbly and decently; do not expose your bodies too much. Do not give others temptation. I want you to be pure in the sight of God so that God will give you a divine marriage with your eternal mate. Then the sky is the limit. Infinite joy and love will be yours. For all of eternity you are going to have love and joy.

We must keep the same commandment that God gave to Adam and Eve. Do not misuse love. We must protect our love and redirect our love to God and Christ. You know through the Principle that love is so powerful that unless you have absolute faith in this commandment you will lose the war. Many good Divine Principle members lose the war because of their weaknesses. They cannot combat the temptation of love. Divine Principle of God plus faith is stronger, true? Then every day bear the cross willingly; let us become examples of selfless devotion.

One day you will think entirely from God's viewpoint, from the viewpoint of True Parents. When I first learned English, I asked people how to learn English very well and quickly. You know what advice I got? Don't think in Korean and translate into English. You will speak one step too late. Think in English instead. But still I had great difficulty. I cannot think many jokes in English. But I am trying. I am thinking in English, and when I go back to Korea I am told I speak Korean like an American.

True Parents' Eyes

In our way of life, you must think like True Parents, look at everything from that angle. Look at a tree not with your own eyes but think that True Parents' eyes are behind your eyes and True Parents are looking at this tree from your position. If you perfect that, you are nearly at perfection. This is what perfection is all about. I lived and slept and ate and dined so many times with Sun Myung Moon. Every time during these 17 years, he struck my heart. I shake my head and think, indeed, this man is the son of God. Every time I end up saying in my heart, indeed, this man is the son of God. I can see so vividly he is thinking of God, nothing but God. Nothing else exists. If there is someone to whom he gives a hard time, I know where the anger comes from. When he is mad, he is so fierce you really taste hell in that moment.

But I have a secret how to overcome when he yells at me and really gives me a hard time. I become a little child. I hold on to his hand, smile, and say a very nice thing about Father. One time I said, your scolding is very tasty to me, thank you very much. Even Father had to smile. All you have to do when Father scolds you is love him. Show your love. Be closer to him. It's a wonderful occasion to become closer to the True Parents.

You know, Jesus Christ prayed, my God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me. In that moment God was really scolding Jesus in a way. God was saying, I don't know you. But our Father, Reverend Moon, told us the unspoken words in Jesus' heart: Father, under any circumstances I will not betray you. I will hold on to the heart of the Father. That is how Jesus died on the cross. That was his way of showing his ultimate loyalty. Many things are discouraging to you. Many things make you miserable and you taste hell. God wants you to taste everything through which your faith will be hardened. In those circumstances, I want you to know the secret to get closer to Father. The other day I said, since man betrayed God, since man kicked God out and united with Satan, God in retribution must kick man and man must not say, why did you kick me. He must not say, I don't like you, and run away from God. God has a right to kick man and betray man. Man should turn around and say, you have every right to kick me, every right to betray me, but I cannot betray you. This is restoration, right?

Sometimes you will feel so lonely that God is no longer with you. Everything seems confused. The Divine Principle seems confusing, leaders have been giving me a hard time, even Christ didn't come to me. I want you to know God is kicking you at that moment. Then if you really know the Principle, you say, hmm, I know the secret that the Principle taught me. Since we kicked God, God has the right to kick me. This is the time. I will not fail this one. Father, I will outwit you. Then turn around and show your loyalty and love.

This is sort of the conclusion for this workshop. I really enjoyed it. I heightened my spiritual state in this enrichment for two days. The Divine Principle is not just knowledge; it is food you need every day.

We need the Principle and truth every day. When I was listening to the lectures, I was deepening my understanding of the Principle even though I had heard it thousands of times. The next four days of the workshop are being planned. I want you to have a wonderful time. In the meantime, I want you to get on the bandwagon. Get into action. Do not be indecisive. As a military officer in battle I learned one great thing: No decision is worse than a bad decision. The worst commander may be trembling: I don't know what to do. Oh, oh, shall I commit this platoon or not? An indecisive commander kills everybody. Even if we make a wrong decision but a decisive one, the situation gets better. Indecision is worse than a bad decision. Of course, here you are not going to make a bad decision. What I am trying to say is that there is a time to play, a time to rest, a time to eat, a time to enjoy, a time to goof off. There is a time for everything, but there is also a time for making a decision. If you don't make a decision now and go away, next time it will be doubly difficult to commit yourself.

Remember Abraham, who was first asked to offer animals, but the next time he had to offer his son. Satan is trying to bluff you, because Satan already knows you are closer to the Divine Principle. Satan will do everything in his power to block you, so the best way to separate yourself is just to commit yourself in the sight of God and demonstrate to Satan that you no longer are afraid and no longer affected by satanic influence. He will go to somebody else, because he doesn't want to waste his energy on you if he sees he cannot separate you from the Kingdom of God. That is the best way you can separate yourself from Satan. Make a commitment. An opportunity may never come your way again. This is your opportunity.

You don't have to meet Reverend Sun Myung Moon now. If you meet him, nothing will change your decision except truth, and you learned the truth. You will just know him better. Studying the truth deeper and deeper is the only way you can get closer. Even if you live right in the same house, do you think that makes you closer to Christ? Not at all. Only knowing the truth. Yesterday and today I felt so much closer to True Parents. When I am listening to the truth, I feel so close to True Parents. You may be many thousands of miles away, but you can be so close. So when you feel weak and low, go to a workshop and study and read the Divine Principle. That is the best remedy and the best medicine to grow. Thank you very, very much. It is a special privilege to be here. Thank you! God bless you! Thank you very much!

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