Truth is My Sword, Volume II

by Bo Hi Pak

3. The God and Christ Club

Printed In The Way of the World
April 1974

One of the purposes of the Celebration of Life is to revive and uplift the Christian spirit in America. Life is joy, and God intended to have us live in abundant joy. So we invite all people to come to the party!

We have felt God helping us in every detail. When people first come, they are puzzled. They don't know what to expect. But by the end of the show they are amazed. I have been in theaters before, and I myself am amazed at the production. I believe that soon we can compare with Broadway shows and win.

If there are demonstrators outside, we invite them to come in to the show. They are very surprised at the invitation, and some dramatically change their minds. After each performance we have a Rainbow Reception, where we invite guests who want to attend the workshop or join the crusade to come and meet our members. Usually 200 to 300 people come downstairs for the reception. Many people who come to the reception stand up and give spontaneous testimonies and sign up for the workshop.

I ask people to join us in the God and Christ Club. Rather than being performers first, our singers and dancers are representing God and Christ. Before they perform they often witness to the purpose of the crusade.

We want to give to everyone the most uplifting, joyous, gay, and fantastic feeling. I am determined to make the people feel like they are coming out of heaven when they come out of the hall.

In terms of our message, we are experimenting with something new. Human sound and motion are always of interest to human beings. In many cases, language is not sufficient for communication. So we also use the sound and motion of the singers and dancers. No other crusade has included dancers in its program. I also am using parachutes, fruit, trees, trains, light bulbs, and other visual aids in my presentation.

The Celebration of Life program has made our members really proud of our movement, which is gaining so much respect for such performances. In Oakland, a reporter was sent to the program by his station. Afterward, he came to the Rainbow Reception and said, "I am going to the workshop too, but not just as a reporter. I am personally interested."

We have asked people why they come to the Celebration of Life. Most people say they came in order to gain an understanding of God, better life experiences, or an understanding of the Sun Myung Moon Christian Crusade. The most frequent purpose was to gain an understanding of God.

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