Truth is My Sword, Volume II

by Bo Hi Pak

Chapter 53 Remember Your Roots

Miami, Florida
November 18, 1989

As the providence turns to the Soviet Union and China, Dr. Pak acknowledges with pride the victories accomplished in North America and Central and South America by the ALC, ACC, and CAUSA leaders. At this 18th American Leadership Conference, as always, he encourages them to get their strength and power by going back to their roots: the roots of True Parents, the Divine Principle, and the Unification Church.

I'm sorry for not meeting you for so long. I missed you very, very much. Basically, you have been on your own. You are like astronauts, but nowadays even astronauts go into outer space in teams. But you are on your own. You have grown into mature adults and leaders. Yet we do need Father. We need fellowship. We need brothers and sisters. Our leaders need to gather in fellowship. This chance to get together is very precious. That is why church is needed. Church is nothing less than an assembly of the people of God. The reason we assemble is absolutely from the Divine Principle. Divine Principle explains that energy is created when subject and object have beautiful give and take.

So when you are alone, I know you are trying. But Father knows and you and I know that we need a team effort. We need fellowship. So these three days here in Miami are very precious. Now we can see all our brothers and sisters. State coordinators, please raise your hands. About 25 or 30 states are represented here. The next conference will be in December in San Diego, the final conference for this year. We are going to have the largest possible conference, and Father is looking forward to having a great conclusion to the year.

This is a very important gathering. I am concerned about what happens after we leave here and go out into the secular world. How can we maintain our pure enthusiasm all by ourselves? That is my concern. I would like for you to show me your spirit, so I would like to turn the microphone over to the regional directors to give five-minute reports. We all need to hear from them.

[After the reports, Dr. Pak continued.]

I am very, very happy to see you. You all look good. You look very prosperous, like leaders, congressmen and senators. I must tell you honestly, though, that all of you are getting a little heavier. I don't mind you get a little bigger and heavier, but I would like you to get taller at the same time. I want us to get taller spiritually. You have got to be shining in spirit. Yes, I can see you in spirit. So you must be single-minded going forward in the mission. Maintain your purity. Keep the absolute standard. At the same time we get wiser. Even though we mingle every day with the secular world, we don't belong to the secular world. Jesus said we are not of this world. That has a deep meaning. We belong to heaven. Heaven on earth now, later in the spiritual world. But we have a job to do, to build heaven on earth.

He is the Seminar

I am especially grateful to have Jesus Gonzalez here from Central America. He is the first CAUSA missionary to Honduras, but he is working also beyond Honduras. He has many CAUSA spiritual children and has organized an incredible network of people. He is recognized as a great teacher in the entire region. He is a good example. Just one man thrown into an alligator pond, but he swam and swam. He is tackling Nicaragua. He was all by himself, alone, but he is a champion. We had several seminars in Honduras, but not any more-he is the seminar. He has single-handedly taught teachers, politicians, professors, political leaders, civic leaders, you name it. From north and south, east and west, and all of Central America. Let's give him a big hand.

Jesus Gonzalez is our kind of hero. I don't have to go to Central America any more. I don't have anybody to meet. I used to go to those countries and meet heads of state, ministers of foreign affairs, university presidents, and so forth. But Jesus is meeting everybody, so my going there would only be redundant. This is exactly what Father has been predicting. He told us to meet the governors, mayors, congressmen and senators, the president of the United States. So the only place I have to go is China and the Soviet Union. Father assigned me these territories because you have taken over all the rest.

I am concentrating now on how to bring Father to the Soviet Union. The real historical thing is not that the Berlin Wall came tumbling down. The real history is going to be Father meeting with Gorbachev. This is really Jacob and Esau meeting in the modern day. In 1976 when Father announced the Moscow Rally, nobody took it seriously, including myself. I repent. But now it's just a matter of working out the details. Incredible things are happening. So that is my job. You are doing your job very, very well. True Parents and Heavenly Father are proud of you.

We have one other brother I would like you to meet, Cesar Regalado. He is doing a marvelous job in the Dominican Republic. Cesar graduated from the Unification Theological Seminary and the Go World Brass Band. He used to play the piccolo. That is all I knew about him. I thought he was just a member of the Go World Brass Band. Then he graduated from the seminary. He is Blessed, of course. He went back to his home country, the Dominican Republic, as a tribal messiah. Martin Bauer, a member of CAUSA, was martyred. A big price has been paid in that country. Martin Bauer was murdered in a most incredible fashion. Cesar and I are not going into all these stories.

Another Hero

But I would like you to meet Cesar. He is another kind of hero. We have the Dominican Republic contingent here. In accordance with Father's wishes, we have a flower farm in the Dominican Republic and import flowers into the United States. Another Dominican brother is Publio De La Rosa. Stand up, please. His good wife, Maria, comes from Austria, and this one pair is doing a marvelous job. He is single-handedly building what is probably the largest flower wholesale company in Miami. All the flowers you see in this hotel came from his company.

Cesar is a musician and a scholar, but he must be more than that to be assigned to the business responsibility. He is doing very well. He had no problems after Martin Bauer was martyred. The whole business was incinerated, but he picked it up and put it together and made it work. Father's original ideal for the Dominican Republic is now flourishing. It is a beautiful country with so much potential. It is a beautiful location, very strategically located, and is important in dealing with Cuba and Haiti. This is why Father has his eye on the Dominican Republic. It is the Abel country to save the Caribbean nations. Cesar is responsible for that nation and reports directly to Antonio Betancourt, who is vice president of special projects for CAUSA International. And AULA [Association for the Unity of Latin America] is one of our projects. The Summit Council for World Peace and the International Security Council are our projects. CAUSA International has given birth to many, many sons and daughters. All those children of CAUSA International are growing wonderfully. CAUSA has become a worldwide movement.

Why are Jesus and Cesar doing so well? Because we have True Parents. We have the truth. The participants come to this kind of conference where I testify about Father. For them it is very, very important because they can take this model home with them and do the same. Of course, they can adjust it to the regional character. It is very important for them to come and see the model. And for you, too. Each time you regional directors and state coordinators come, you learn something new.

We also have a Canadian contingent here. Dan Stringer, stand up, please. We have our dear brother from Canada. Give him a big hand here.

Peter Brown's baby was born today. I would like to reveal the name: Shin Young Grace Brown. Shin Young means God's glory. Grace happens to be my daughter's name as well. I am working on so many names. I have got to pray harder to get more inspiration because I am running out of all the good names. When I put a big order into heaven, the answers come down. We will make sure that our babies are all wonderfully named. Normally, you choose the American name and I select the Korean names and they become American/Korean babies. That is our tradition.

The time has come to conclude this meeting, but I want to have my five minutes. I don't need to talk to you too much because I have said so many things in public. You read between the lines. You know my spirit and where I stand. I want you to know we began in 1987, and 1989 comes to an end in just a few weeks. This is a most crucial three years for AFC, ACC, and all the other organizations.

This marriage between AFC and ALC is absolutely perfect. Without the sponsorship of CAUSA and CAUSA's work over the last 10 years, we would not be here today. We have the miraculous educational format. We are educating American leaders, and more and more young people are coming, which is very good. They are the future leaders of America. And we would like to go on even further in 1990 with AFC and ALC in strong partnership. There was a serious recommendation that in 1990, from the San Diego conference on, ALC should be cosponsored by CAUSA International and the American Freedom Coalition. I think there is a great deal of merit to the idea, so ALC will become your instrument in the field. Make a list of people and win them. As soon as they are educated, bring them into the ranks. I would like to have more power in your hands to select the guests and bring them to the conference, nourish them, bring them back, and put them to work.

Also, from this conference on, there is a $75 registration fee. This is good. Let them know there is no free ride. Let them invest something and not be able to think, these people have so much money. The ALC is a prestigious conference that is worth paying money for. This will be discussed this evening with the regional directors and the leadership of CAUSA, AFC, and ACC. My basic principle would be to give each state leader more leeway and more control.

Our Root Is True Parents

Just like America needs to go back to its roots, we always go back to our roots. Our root is True Parents. Our root is Divine Principle. Our root is the Unification Church. So I am repeating again and again that you will never be successful unless you operate out of your roots. Become model Unificationists. Without this spiritual unity and harmony, you have no energy. The well of energy comes from our spiritual foundation, which is our True Parents. Do not become a secular politician. You are political saints. I have probably said it 100 times already, and I am saying it again: You are going to be political saints. Period. You are not ordinary political activists. You are God-given, God-chosen, True Parents-chosen ones.

You are now maturing in every way. You can deal with the world and create your own funds and your own projects. The year 1990 is going to be a great leap forward. Next year we are going to have congressional elections. And then two years later we are going to have another presidential election. Between the two elections there is AFC, the second-to-none national organization, which has the real power in grass roots. We are going to be the real power and the only power who can save America. I say to you: save America. That is the basic message of my opening address. Communism needs to be liberated. America needs to be liberated. What can do that? Godism, our True Parents' ideology.

You are True Parents' representatives. Unless we do it, nobody else out there can do it. America will decline. We don't want this great nation to decline. No. We are going to be the personification of our True Parents. America must be strong. The moral fiber of this nation must be restructured by you and me and like-minded people. Pray that the next World Media Conference will be held in Moscow in April of next year. I am praying and organizing, trying to prepare the way. Father will go to Moscow and declare Godism in the capital of Moscow. Can you imagine the power that will have? That is how the entire spirit world will be opened up. For that reason I am leaving for the Soviet Union next month. I never in my life thought I would go to Russia. I was sure I was a target of the KGB and that the first day I entered Russia, I would disappear.

Now we have high-level friends in the KGB. In the past they were so destructive to our movement, but they have been transformed into bodyguards for our True Parents. You know the world has really changed.

This is the time you will be pioneering your home front. When you really make up your mind, focus your iron will, and move forward with strong conviction, you can win the victory. It will be done. There is no such thing as something we cannot do. For example, look at the Moscow Rally. In 1976, it seemed to be impossible-except to True Father. But within a little over 10 years, we are arranging for the True Parents' trip to Moscow. That is incredible. You can do the same thing. Shoot high. Meet the governors. Meet the lieutenant governors. Meet the mayors. Meet the police chiefs. Meet all those important people. Deal with them. Buddy-buddy with them.

Because of AFC they will respect you. AFC is going to be a household name in America. This is the salvation name for America. The American Freedom Coalition is Father's action arm. You are the ones who will be tribal messiahs as well as political messiahs to America. Be sure to become political saints. Be sure to become model Unificationists. Be sure to say Il Jung prayers. Be sure to say Pledge at 5:00 every Sunday morning, pray in tears with your wife and children. Even the little babies. Let them participate in the Pledge services. Do not say, my baby is too little. No, that is not True Parents' tradition. You must pray more tearfully than ever. Read the Divine Principle more heartistically than ever.

Everything I said in my opening remarks yesterday came from the Divine Principle. God is the answer to America. God is the answer to the Soviet Union. God is the answer to the free world and the communist world. Both need liberation, and Godism will do it. We are preparing our world for the 21st century. Everybody will be taken care of, including the Soviet Union, even though economically they are desperate right now. All these problems will be resolved in the next 10 years.

The ultimate 21st century challenge is the challenge of men and women. The challenge of heart and true love. That is solved only by the truth, Divine Principle and Godism, period. The 21st century will be a spiritual century. Any country or individual who lives up to True Parents' ideology, Divine Principle, will prosper. Without it, this world cannot survive. This is why we shouldn't rush into the Soviet Union with tons of dollars and aid packages. What they need is God, freedom, a true value system. A revolution of heart is the topic of the 21st century. Without true love, it doesn't make any difference how great an empire is, it will crumble. It will tumble down like a burning wall.

You and I are embryos for the 21st century. We will hatch ourselves. I predict that state legislators, congressmen, senators will do Pledge service with us. That day is not too far away. In 1976 the Moscow Rally was unimaginable. I repent. I did not believe it would happen. We believe unbelievable things. That is Father's creed all the time. Believe the unbelievable things. Believe when all others say no.

So we will keep marching on. I feel pretty confident when I see you, look into your eyes, and hear your voice. Especially your voice at Pledge service and during prayer. I can tell where you are spiritually. This conference is like a revival. Every American Leadership Conference is a revival of our leadership of ACC, AFC, Global Images Associates, CAUSA International. You can shoot yourself to the moon now.

Be sure to attentively attend the lectures. Listen to every lecture, every testimony. You will learn much more. Become a lecturer. Become an eloquent guest speaker like Jesus Gonzalez. You will be so much in demand that you won't even have to organize the meeting. People will just ask you to come to speak. Once they taste you, they cannot get away, because the taste is so good, so powerful.

I was with True Parents in Korea for two months and it was incredible. Finally, Sun Moon University became a reality in Korea. The government has issued a license. The satanic world is attacking, attacking, and attacking. Trying to prevent, prevent, and prevent. But they cannot stop us. The entire Christian world in Korea was completely flabbergasted. They tried to stop our university for so many years. No longer. Public opinion has said, you Christians are crazy. Reverend Moon needs a university. He will produce better leaders than anybody else under the sun. You Christian churches, you Christian ministers are crazy. This is what public opinion said. That is why the government gave us the license. A major building has been built, and I was there when Father dedicated that building. We had a great celebration for kicking off our university.

In these next year let's keep marching on, full of hope, full of enthusiasm, and full of excitement. God bless you and keep going. Let us pray.

Prayer by Bo Hi Pak:

Our Heavenly Father, we thank You, Father, for this most precious opportunity to share with brothers and sisters. They have given us the most incredible fellowship. Father, we have True Parents' spirit dwelling with us. The entire spirit world is governing us. They are opened up. Father, so many things are happening. People don't know. They only look at the horizontal thing. But, Father, True Parents already mobilized the entire spirit world. All the saints in the spirit world. They are all coming down now. They are on our side. We are truly the majority. No matter what, we are the greatest majority. No power under the sun can come against the power of True Parents, the power of God. You and Father, we are Your instruments. Let us be Your great and powerful instruments. Faithful instruments. Obedient instruments. And most wise instruments. Effective instruments. Father, we pledge we shall be that. Just exactly that. Thank You, Father, for this conference. All these things we pray in the name of the most precious, beloved True Parents. Amen.

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