Truth is My Sword, Volume II

by Bo Hi Pak

Chapter 21 We Are Sunnies

Belvedere Estate
Tarrytown, New York
July 31, 1977

In this sermon, Dr. Pak expounds on his favorite Bible verse, Matthew 10:39. He also explains Father's proclamation from the state leaders' conference on the day before, where he renames Unification Church members "Sunnies."

Shall we all stand together and greet our True Parents. Let us face north. Last time I asked Father, "Did you hear the good morning from Belvedere?" And Father said, "Well, I heard only the men's voices, not the women's." This time all the women, all together, good morning, Father. Good morning, Mother. Thank you, be seated. I think this time definitely Father heard our ladies.

I really did not expect our brother, David Kim, to introduce me. Furthermore, I was embarrassed because I did not deserve what he said, and I really do not want to hear any word of recognition or praise of any kind because I know how trivial I am. How imperfect I am. How simple I am in the sight of God and how imperfect in the sight of True Parents. The only thing I can do is humble myself. None of those can apply to me really when I see God or True Parents. But I thank him anyway. He loves me. He is my elder brother. He loves me and that is good enough. He cares for me and I love him, too.

You know in our movement, to you and me here, titles and ranks have no meaning. You call me Col. Pak. You call me Mr. Pak. Well, you may call me just Pak, Bo Hi or little boy Pak, Bo Hi, it doesn't make any difference. You and I have the most important title of all. I am a son of God. You are, too. You are the daughters of God. I am a humble, small, yet proud son of True Parents. You are too. You are humble, yet proud daughters of the True Parents. That is the most important title of all, for which we are eternally grateful. I sometimes think, if I die, maybe my children will make a little tombstone on my grave. And I am working for just one little title there: "Bo Hi Pak, Son of the True Parents, who lived and died for the sake of the True Parents." If I am worthy of such a tombstone, this is the greatest honor. There is nothing more I can ask for.

I know that "Son of the True Parents" will be written on that simple tombstone because I am-and you are and you are-children of True Parents. But the next line is going to be difficult to earn. "Who lived and died for the sake of the True Parents." It is not easy. Actually, You and I today are working toward that goal, so that at the end of our lives, people can recognize us as the sons and daughters of True Parents who lived and died for the sake of True Parents. If you are confident that you have won that title, you have lived a most successful life. You are living with the greatest honor and you died with the greatest honor. So that is our challenge. I am trying today to live for True Parents. I am trying to murder my own ego. So that Christ lives, True Parents live. But actually the last day of my life is not here yet. I don't know when it will come. Who knows, it may be tomorrow. It may he a year later. It may be 10 or 20 years later. No one knows. Only God knows.

Live and Die For True Parents

But the question is, can I say that I lived and died for the True Parents. It is our challenge every day. Above all, the greatest honor that I can have is that True Parents and God recognize this man as a son who lived and died for the True Parents. That is the challenge. I really humble myself. I do not know because I haven't experienced my death yet. That experience only comes once in a lifetime. You cannot die twice. For all other things, performing arts and all things, you can do a dress rehearsal. But for this one thing, death, you cannot have a dress rehearsal. It just comes, period.

So whether you can say you are living and dying for the sake of the True Parents, that is the life-long challenge. We must meet that challenge. This is the struggle. That is why last Sunday morning I gave you the example of the Japanese soldier during World War II. His sole goal was to die for the emperor. He wanted to die as a patriot. So when he assaulted the enemy territory, he didn't want to say "ouch" when the enemy bullet hit. He didn't want to say, I am dying, or, God will save me. He wanted to die for the emperor. He wanted the last word of his life to be banzai for the emperor. He cannot guarantee it. So when he was running with a bayonet on his rifle, running into enemy territory, he said banzai, banzai, banzai. Then he was guaranteed that his last word would be banzai.

This is going to be our philosophy. Our last word will be Aboji. Father. For you and me, every day is an assault. So we run, with the word Aboji, Aboji, every moment. That is the only way you can guarantee that your final word at the moment of death is Aboji. What a beautiful way of life. Neither the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company or the Equitable Life Insurance Company can guarantee your life. Only God guarantees your life. Only True Parents guarantee your life. We want to be sure that we have paid our insurance premium with God and True Parents, that our heart stays with the True Parents our entire life to the moment of death. You know, insurance companies issue a certificate. You don't have a written certificate from God or True Parents. The only certificate is written in your heart, and the manifestation of that certificate will be Aboji. If your heart is right, then your words will come out as a reflection of your heart. Your final words will be Aboji. Then God and True Parents will recognize your certificate.

For My Sake

This morning I prepared a Bible verse. Actually, I planned that Bible verse as a conclusion of this sermon, but somehow God gave me the atmosphere to use it now. God works in mysterious ways all the time. Matthew 10:39 says, "He who finds his life will lose it, and he who loses his life for my sake will find it." The entire beauty of Christianity is in this one verse of the Bible. He who finds his life will lose it. He who loses his life for my sake will find it. It is a paradox. It is contradictory. But that is the beauty. When you know the spirit world, that is the most logical truth you can find. You cannot find any truth better than that one.

The person who only lives for this world is a fool. In a way, from the worldly sense, you and I are dumb. We are fools. During the time of Jesus Christ, those who followed Jesus Christ were fools. St. Paul wrote in I Corinthians 4:10, "we are fools for Christ's sake." Today, in the eyes of the world you and I are fools. We are fools for True Parents. The world can laugh. But you know I enjoy this verse more than any other.

Today everybody, every citizen of America and the world, is trying to have luxury, a good life, good home, honor, respect. They want to be praised and cheered. They want to become president, prime minister, somebody.

The entire effort of the world is to find their life. But in the sight of God, all those mundane efforts are a losing effort. True Father recently talked about this. Everybody is trying to gain something for himself. I want to be rich. I want to be somebody. I want to be emperor. I want to be the ruler of the world. While they are chasing after this-all of human history did this way they are losing everything. The world today is a losing world. While they are making a concerted, desperate effort to gain, the result is losing. It is pitiful.

We are foolish people. Why? Because instead of trying to gain, we are trying to lose. And thank God, True Parents push you to lose. The last couple of days True Parents held a tremendous conference with the state leaders. I have been translating for Father for two whole days. Father's emphasis is you have to lose yourself for the sake of your state, the sake of your mission. This is foolish in the eyes of the world. But the important thing is for whose sake. The Bible said "for my sake." For Christ's sake. For God's sake. In our case, for the True Parents' sake. If that is correct, then God guarantees that you will find your life. You will never lose. You will find your eternal, glorious life.

We Are Visitors To This Planet

The other Sunday I talked to you about us being visitors to this planet. We just visit this planet for 100 years at the most. All of you, Unification members, I want you to live 100 years because God needs you here on earth. I want you to be strong and healthy because God needs you down here. That is the sole reason. But anyway, we are visitors. Maybe you will live 100 years or 120 years, but compared to eternity, 120 years is nothing. Far less than a peanut. That is my favorite word. Looks like a peanut. Peanut. Compared to eternity, your 120 years here on earth is a peanut. Even the very smallest peanut.

Our real life is not the life of this physical flesh, this clumsy hand. You think our body is perfect, but this body has so many limitations. You cannot fly. You can feel pain. Amazing limitation. So we are not going to live for eternity with this flesh. God gave you the perfected form of living. That is your spirit man. I told you the other day you are two persons. I see you here as one person, a physical person. I also see you as a spiritual person sitting right there. A physical person I can recognize with my physical eyes. A spiritual person I can only recognize with my spirit eyes, which I don't have now. But I do know you are sitting as two persons right there. And when you give up this body, the only body that sustains your life is your spirit man, spirit woman. That is the real you. In that respect we cannot die. No one can kill us.

The other day I quoted Jesus speaking in Luke, telling his disciples not to be afraid of those who can only kill your flesh. They are not going to be your enemy. The only one you truly have to fear is the person who can send you to hell, who can destroy your soul. No one here on earth can touch the real you. The real Bo Hi Pak, nobody under the sun can touch except God. Brother Kim mentioned about the government harassment. There are many investigations of our church, me, Father, and so forth. They can never touch me, except my flesh. That is not the real me. It is like they can come and touch only the car, but not the passengers. Think of it. The policeman comes to arrest you. The only thing he can do is to touch your car-period. He cannot open the door and drag you out. It is a rental car. I rent the car from Hertz Company or Avis or whatever. I rent the car from God. And the only thing they can do is to come and touch your car. Not the passengers. Not the real you.

A little later I am going to read from the book Known But Unknown by Arthur Ford. On the back of this book it says that every spiritual medium or spiritual person says, "It is not possible for men to die." It is an amazing statement. It is not possible for men to die. Not you or anybody. Why? Real death in the sight of God is not physical death. Real death in the sight of God is separation from God. That is the real death. That is what the fall of man is all about.

How Did They Die?

Adam and Eve ate the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil in the Garden of Eden. The Bible says they died, but the Bible also recorded they lived another 900 years. What does it mean? The Bible said the moment they ate the fruit they died. In the sight of God, Adam and Eve died. They no longer had anything to do with God. They were separated from God. Death occurred at that moment. But in the worldly eyes, Adam and Eve did not change even one bit, except they probably showed their anxieties. But, basically Adam and Eve didn't look any different after the fall.

However, death occurred. They fell from the light to the darkness. The real death True Parents are concerned about is not physical death but spiritual death. And everyone who died physically since the fall continues their existence for eternity. But not in light. Not in the world of God. Not in the sight of the love of God, but in the dungeons of hell, in the world of darkness, in the impossible and irrevocable unprincipled fire of hell. That existence is far worse than living. You know that. Many people would rather not exist than to exist in that spiritual hell.

What is the worst thing that Jesus said to his betraying disciple, Judas Iscariot? He did not say, I will punish you with death. He didn't say, I am going to kill you. No. In sympathy and compassion, Jesus said of Judas, it would have been better for him if he had not been born. He betrayed the son of God to the enemy. That crime is irrevocable in the sight of God. The punishment comes in eternal life. That hellish fire is going to be far worse than any type of living. Thus we are talking about the real death. That is the death God fears the most.

This world is a world of death, separated from God. That is why we need a savior, to bring us back to life. God did not want His children to suffer for eternity. God wants to restore His children out of that hellish fire. That is why God sent Jesus Christ 2,000 years ago to bring mankind out of spiritual death and back to life, one with God. But because of the crucifixion, that salvation was not completed. That is why 2,000 years later He sends another Messiah.

The world is no different from 2,000 years ago. At the time of Jesus this world was a world of death. Dead. Just a pitch-dark, dead world. And still today our world is a pitch-dark, dead world. You have been working in New York. That is a pitch-dark New York. Look at what happened. Several weeks ago there was a blackout. Yesterday True Parents and I discussed it in the car. That was a pity. New York was hit with a 24-hour blackout. Approximately 4,000 looters were arrested overnight. This is the lowest, most savage, most primitive society you can imagine. That happened right in New York. There is no law. That was a jungle. Everybody became a beast. They could do anything. They could steal things, attack a person, rape a woman, commit arson. It is ugly.

This is one sure sign that the moral decline of this nation is happening rapidly. This nation is barely supported by the pillar of law and regulations. When those regulations break down, then overnight New York becomes a savage jungle civilization. There is no pillar inside the human heart. Nothing can support society for eternity except a God-centered pillar inside the human heart.

Two thousand years ago, the situation was precisely the same. Today we are sending men to the moon, we have color television, we have communication lines all over the world, we have Polaris missiles-all kinds of wonders we have created through science. But human morality and the human heart are no better than 2,000 years ago and maybe even worse.

So we need to be liberated from bondage and come back to life spiritually. A real man was brought to earth. Actually, you and I crossed that boundary line between hell and heaven. For the time being, during the time of restoration, hell and heaven co-exist. Sometimes hell and heaven co-exist in your heart. Some days you live in hell and some days you live in heaven. There are so many Moonies who became ex-Moonies because they did not any longer see the heavenly side. They only tasted the hellish fire and they could not liberate themselves. They had no hope anymore. Everything was pitch dark. They couldn't see the vision. Then they became ex-Moonies. But if you lose sight and vision of the spiritual aspect of our movement, you are going to be a loser.

So we need a messiah. God has been preparing to send the messiah. God will send someone with unlimited power resources. We need power to illuminate ourselves here on earth. Everyone is going to become an electric bomb spiritually. All the bombs are dead, pitch dark. But once reactivated, your source of power is plugged into God, you are reunited with God, and then God's energy is flowing into you. Then we begin to glow. We are the glowing bombs.

I want you to know that of all the people who lived here on earth for the last 6,000 biblical years, not a single one died and vanished out of the universe. They exist somewhere. But there are two ways of existing: in the light or in the darkness. Once in the true life with God, they can plug in to God's power. Those who are plugged into nothing remain in pitch dark and continue their existence in hellish fire.

Raise the Dead

Therefore, True Parents are proclaiming that the restoration of man is not just going to take place here on earth. God, Father, and you and I are responsible to raise those dead in the spirit world. We must liberate not only the physical hell, but also spiritual hell. The billions of people there.

So, he who finds his life will lose it, and he who loses his life for my sake will find it. "For my sake" is the key. Abraham, Moses, and the other great saints of the Old Testament era can say they lived for God's sake. But they were, let's say, 30 percent illuminated, because that was as much truth as was available in the Old Testament. They couldn't go any further. In the New Testament era, after Jesus Christ, we could illuminate ourselves probably up to 60 percent or 70 percent. It was the growth stage. In other words, we were closer to God. We could liberate ourselves from darkness and come closer to God, but we could not be one with God yet because the whole truth was not yet available yet.

Now in our time, with the True Parents and with the Divine Principle, our union with God is going to be perfect. It is all up to us now. The highway is laid and the rail is constructed. The locomotive is here. All we have to do is our five percent responsibility. That is, hang on to the locomotive.

It is amazing. The other day we went to Barrytown to go carp fishing. Did you go? Boy, carp fishing. One thing I like about carp fishing in the mud is that after about an hour everybody looks alike. You cannot tell John from Jim. You cannot tell who is Japanese, who is Korean, who is American. You cannot tell black from white or yellow. Well, I thought, this is the world of God. God is color-blind. God does not see color. One color He can see. When we laughed, we could see each other's white teeth. I was amazed. Everybody had white teeth. Yes, that is a common thing. Teeth. The hard bone in the mouth. Everybody is the same. Well, Divine Principle is our teeth. Everybody is the same. White and hard and look alike. We live by that bone.

Father Is the Locomotive

Carp fishing taught me something else. Many times Amtrak trains go by. It is very enjoyable to watch that very beautiful silver streak go by. But more amazing was the freight train. I never realized, even though I have been in America for so many years, until the Barrytown fishing, that a locomotive can pull such a long train. One time I Counted. One, two, three, four, five, six-80, 90, 100, 105, 110, one time I counted about 120 cars. Then I looked at Father. I said to myself, "Father, you are the locomotive. We are like the freight cars. Father, thank you. I don't have any energy myself. I don't have anything. I don't generate the power. But you pull and pull, and with your faith you can pull three million easy. Ten million easy. You are pulling the entire humanity."

Then I learned the lesson. All I have to do is hang on to him like the links that attach one freight car to another. All I have to do is hang on to his tail. Father, I hang on to you. That is all we need. That is our five percent responsibility. Our five percent responsibility is going to be obedience. Steadfastness. Hang on, never give up. That is our responsibility. Another thing I learned from the freight train (a lot of lessons from that freight train). Suppose you are a freight car close to the front of the train. When you lose your link, you are not only losing yourself, you are losing all the freight cars behind you. Boy, that is a fearful consequence. You are responsible for so many spiritual children directly or indirectly. It is not going to affect only you, but your spiritual children and your physical children and your descendants. We are responsible for the millions of people and billions of people who follow us. So our five percent responsibility is to be obedient. Hang on. That is our five percent responsibility.

Actually, although we begin as a freight car, Father doesn't want us to end as a freight car. What God wants and what True Parents are training you for today is to become another locomotive. Another Sun Myung Moon. So that I can pull many, many freight cars after me. I can pull the Korean freight car. You can pull the Japanese freight car. You can pull the American freight car.

You see, a fundamental differences between Christianity and Unification Church is this-we are going to perfect ourselves to be a locomotive, to be another Christ-like man so we can act as a powerful locomotive pulling the heavenly train. Each one of you is responsible for millions and billions of people. You must become a locomotive. That was the main message of Father yesterday to the state leaders. You are the messiah.

Father has been asked by the media, "Are you the messiah?" Do you know what Father said? "Yes, I am. So are you, so are you, and so are you." Such a beautiful, beautiful answer I had never imagined. My limited brain almost exploded. I couldn't take such wisdom. Are you the messiah? Yes, I am. And so are you. Eventually everyone is a messiah. Everyone eventually is a son of God. Everyone eventually is a life-giving, illuminating heavenly body. Our goal is to become a messiah.

At the time of Jesus the same question was asked of him. Are you the messiah? Are you the son of God? Jesus was very wise, and I am amazed by his wisdom. Jesus quoted from the Bible. Don't you read the Old Testament? You all believe in the Old Testament, don't you? Don't you know that the Old Testament says that every one of you is meant to be walking God, living God? So what is so unnatural about being a son of God? I thought what Jesus said was the best answer until I heard Father's answer. Everyone is destined to be a messiah. All we need is one prototype. One model in the center. We have a living example. If we follow him and follow his Principle, his heart, his way of life, we definitely will become another messiah. That is the essence of Father's message recently.

God and Father are not satisfied for you just to become a good member of the Unification Church. A good freight car. That does not satisfy God. It does not satisfy Father, truthfully. God wants more than that from you. True Parents are asking more than that from you. True Parents are asking you to become another Messiah. You are responsible for the tribe, nation, and world.

Are You Ready To Be A Messiah?

So, Father keeps asking if we are ready to be a messiah. That is the main thrust of the message. Father has given us so much truth. All we have to do is practice that truth and we can become a messiah. Another Sun Myung Moon. Father is not satisfied that you are good Moonies. No. Father wants you to become more than a Moonie. Father wants you to become another Reverend Moon in your area, in your respective mission.

Yesterday Father gave an astonishing proclamation at the state leaders conference. Father said, the world has given us a name: Moonie. I am a Moonie, you are a Moonie. Well, Father said, we didn't make that name. Why not make one name ourselves? So a new baby is being born today, and we have a new name. Our name is not Moonie, but Sunnie. If people say are you a Moonie, you say no. I am a Sunnie.

I will ask you a question. Are you Moonies? [No, we are Sunnies.] We were promoted yesterday. We went from Moonie to Sunnie. So we will make the world Moonie first, then eventually we will let them be promoted to Sunnie. Let them work for the name Sunnie. This name doesn't come easy. We have to work at it. You did and I did and I am glad. Rejoice over it. Congratulations, we are promoted.

Sunnie is a far better title than major general, or even a four-star general or even a five-star general. We are Sunnies. Why?

I will explain. Yesterday Father said you must not lose this opportunity to become a messiah. This is the only time in human history this opportunity will knock at your door. You must answer it, you must grab it. In order to grab it, Father said, first, you must not become a burden on the Unification Church or anyone else. You must not become a passive person. You must not become a burden on our church, Father, or Heavenly Father. You must become a dynamo, a power-giving, illuminating element. You must be a divine spirit. You must act upon your own initiative and spread light and heat to the world. Light is the truth, heat is love. We must spread the truth and love to the world. Therefore, your name today is Sunnie.

Reflect Light, Give Light

There are two major heavenly bodies in the sky, the sun and the moon. The moon reflects light, but the sun gives life, light, power, energy, illumination. We must become suns. We must give our light and heat to the world. You must become an engine, dynamo, locomotive. That is why we are now called Sunnie. In Father's name, Sun Myung Moon, there is both sun and moon. Amazing. Eventually American people will call Father "Sun Moon." I know that because the clumsy American tongue can't pronounce Myung very well.

In a way, English is a very hard language. But I tell you, Korean is much more complicated. Korean has a greater variety of sounds. Americans just cannot pronounce some Korean words. It is impossible, because your sounds have a limited variety. Also, the Japanese tongue is very limited linguistically. So Japanese people have a difficult time learning English and an even more difficult time learning Korean. In Japanese, there is no L, no R, no TH, no F So Japanese publications use Americanized Japanese and American terms with phonetic sounds. For TV, they say "tedabe." Hotel, they call "hoteru." Hilton Hotel, they call "Herron Hoteru." I thought I was pretty good at English, but I would hear a Japanese person saying something in English and think, boy, that person is really using a very difficult language; there are some crazy words. I just couldn't figure it out. But it turned out to be sometimes "Herton Hoteru." That type of sound I just couldn't catch. I'm saying all this in a very innocuous way. Of course, I have a great love for Japanese. Japanese brothers and sisters, raise your hands please. Fine, thank you.

I admire and love Japanese brothers and sisters so much. And I tell you, Japanese brothers and sisters in this new age of Father have done more for Father than any other country, including Korea. I tell you, we owe Japan a great deal. That is true. That is not flattery. We owe Japan and Japanese brothers and sisters a tremendous debt. I once went to Japan as part of an evangelical tour of 14 cities with the IOWC. Father would speak the first night, I would speak the second. I was going out there and saying in Japanese, ladies and gentlemen. My Japanese is not that good. Speaking in Japan was one of the highlights of my life.

When I learned something about Japanese history, I realized that the Japanese people have been trained for this new age for the messiah. For all their history, they have been trained for loyalty. I have never seen any people more loyal than the Japanese. To the emperor, to their lord, to their master. They have been teaching loyalty, justice, generosity for 2,000 years, and they have been waiting for the day to cash in on their training. When is that? The time of the Lord of the Second Advent. Now they have found their true subject. Up till now, the history of loyalty of the Japanese people has been a dress rehearsal. The real performance has just come. Don't you agree?

Anyway, I want to tell one joke about Japanese. A Japanese scholar was invited to be the keynote speaker at a scientific conference in London. And he was so proud. He was determined to give the speech in English. So he wrote his draft in Japanese and translated it into English. He used the most difficult words in the dictionary. He said to himself, "I am going to surprise all the western scholars. They will be shocked when they hear me." He memorized and practiced pronouncing every word until he was ready. So he went to London. When his time came, he went up there and most proudly presented a beautiful, hour-long dissertation, entirely in English, without even one mistake, totally in English. After his speech, there was a standing ovation. "Boy, I did it, by George, I did it," he thought. Then, these English scholars were talking among themselves, saying "He is very good. His Japanese is very good. And, you know, his Japanese almost sounds like English." Do you get it? He gave his entire message in English, but everybody heard it as Japanese. So they said, the Japanese language almost sounds like English. I understand that. It could happen.

Let's go back to the mainstream now. In Father's name, Myung is very difficult for Americans to pronounce. Americans say "Mi Young." One time Jean Dixon came to the Waldorf Astoria and gave an introduction of Father. Before she went up to the platform she practiced saying Father's name many times. She wanted to pronounce Father's name well. She practiced but when the time came for her to speak, she said, "Ladies and gentlemen, the Reverend Sun Mi Young." She couldn't pronounce Myung. In American culture, you use an initial for a middle name. So many newspapers have written Sun M. Moon. Good, that is all right.

Soon another book will come out about Father. The book I mentioned the other day, Sun Myung Moon and the Unification Church, was written Dr. Sontag. But another book is coming out soon, titled Sun Moon. I bet you dollars to donuts that in the future in western culture, Father will be known as Sun Moon. I told Father this and he smiled and was beaming ear to ear. Let them do that. That is all right. It doesn't matter whether we call God John or Doe, as long as you know Him correctly.

Anyway, Father's name has two heavenly bodies: Sun and Moon. But why is Father known as Reverend Moon? I thought about this a lot. This is very, very meaningful. Why is he called Reverend Moon all over the world? This shows Father's humility in the providence. The moon reflects the light of the sun. Actually, here on earth, from God's standpoint, Father is the moon. Who is the sun then? God is the sun. Eternal sun. Father is the moon reflecting the full strength of the sun to mankind. That is Father's role. From the standpoint of God, Father is the moon. This is a humble way of putting himself here on earth. And that is beautiful.

Moonies First, Then Sunnies

But from mankind's point of view, Father is the sun here on earth. And we all must become another sun here on earth. So that is why we should take the first word of Father's name, Sun. We shall be named from today on, Sunnies. When you think of this Sunnie, think about the sun and think about Father. And think about yourself as the image of the sun, as another Reverend Moon. Another Father here on earth. I am a Sunnie. I must be a life-giving, illuminating spirit. I must give and be an example. I cannot hide myself. This is the whole message of Sunnie. You and I are Sunnies. And we must reach out to the world and convince them first to become Moonies.

Are you Moonies? [No, we are Sunnies.] Are you ladies all Sunnies? [Yes.] You brothers, are you Sunnies? [Yes.] Boy, echo. All over. I am sure in Boston Father can hear you say Sunnie.

Yesterday I asked Father, as I promised you last Sunday, to please stay and speak to you this morning. I told him, the national leaders got to see you, but the New York members miss you very much. Father's answer was, "What are you talking about? Tell them they are Sunnies. They are the Reverend Moon. They don't need me anymore. I trust them." So now you can see Father treats you as a mature Sunnie. Father is giving you this chance to prove yourself.

So I want you to feel honored. Father trusts you and puts you in a position to prove yourself. As a matter a fact, yesterday Father was very happy to hear the report from the leaders and particularly the New York Church. Mr. Sawada gave a very moving, heartwarming report about the New York Church members and 43rd Street and all the Performing Arts members. How they are going out, day in and day out, really having a showdown in prayer. They even fast. If they don't get the expected result, they fast. If their team doesn't get the expected result, the team leader fasts. If all the teams did not get the results expected, them Mr. Sawada himself fasts.

And Mr. Sawada said to Father, "Father, you know you told us that every time we work harder than the level of the Washington Monument campaign, always God will work with us. And Father, I know what you mean. Right now the New York Church is in a position to really work harder than for Washington Monument rally. Father, I want you to trust us. We are really doing it. I, myself, for the first time see hope in New York. I thought there was no hope for a long time, but now I have something inside telling me that we can do it. And our members are demonstrating it. Those members of Performing Arts and 43rd Street, our New York Church members are brilliant. Father, I am proud of them." So Mr. Sawada represented you very well. He is a good leader. He really wanted to bring the members out in front of Father so you can be recognized. Father was very, very pleased.

Little Reverend Moon

Then the four IOWC team leaders, Reverend Vincent, Reverend Sudo, Mr. Ron Pepper, and Dr. Bergman, each reported on how the teams are doing. And Reverend Sudo started out with a big joke. He said, "Father, we have a rumor in the New Jersey area. People are saying that Reverend Moon is being seen almost every day in the New Jersey area, that Reverend Moon is here all the time. They are saying that they always thought that Reverend Moon was quite a tall person, but he is really quite small, smaller than I expected." That was good. Reverend Sudo was very happy to be mistaken for Reverend Moon. Father said, "Then you must be responsible. You are Reverend Moon. I want you to be mistaken by the people of the world for Reverend Moon."

After the Yankee Stadium rally, I was visiting Washington, D.C., then coming back to New York. At the airport a porter came to take my luggage and he looked at me and said, "By the way, aren't you Reverend Moon?" I was shocked. I couldn't say no and, honestly, I wasn't good enough to say yes either. So I said, "How do you know Reverend Moon?" I just mumbled the question. But inside I was tickled to death. That is how good I felt. Everyone is Reverend Moon. You are Reverend Moon too. You look like Reverend Moon, I hope. At least Reverend Moon's spirit is shining through you. So we men have one privilege: we can be mistaken for Reverend Moon easier than our sisters. Oh, I pity you poor ladies.

But anyway, Reverend Sudo is mistaken for Reverend Moon, and people are saying that every day Reverend Moon is coming around this area. So soon Reverend Moon will be everywhere. Reverend Moon pops out everywhere, all over the world. I want this to happen. In the future, all of us children will take the parents' role. We'll go out and speak at evangelical meetings and Day of Hope banquets. Father wants us to do that. Then all the newspapers will come out saying, Reverend Moon is in town. I would like that. Why? So that I can have all the people come out to hear Reverend Moon. After all, when we speak, we speak with Father's spirit. We will pray, "Heavenly Father, hide myself, only manifest Father so the people can hear and see Father." We all can do that. Whether we are black or yellow, it doesn't make any difference. White, it doesn't make any difference. You can do that.

One time I saw the movie titled "Spartacus." It was very, very moving. I really enjoyed it, and I cried a lot. Spartacus, the leader of the slave revolt, and all his followers were crucified at the end, defeated. But in one scene, when the Romans had captured them, they asked which one is Spartacus. One by one, they all answered, "I am Spartacus." I know every one of you has the courage to stand up and say, "I am Sun Myung Moon." Go ahead, American government. I am Sun Myung Moon. Go ahead, communists. I am Sun Myung Moon. To the Mafia, I am Sun Myung Moon. To the gangsters, I am Sun Myung Moon.

Give Me Wisdom

I am very happy to hear from our brother Tim about some persecution mounting in Washington and government harassment. I am glad because here is a chance for me to stand up and say, I am Sun Myung Moon. This is my privilege, my honor, my greatest joy. I am asking God for just one thing-wisdom. God, my brain is not good enough. Give me wisdom so I can act wisely. Then I have that courage and I can stand up for Sun Myung Moon. All of us can do that. Can you do it? [Yes.]

During the conference yesterday, Father said the reason he went out to the ocean was that he wanted to be alone. He is shedding so many tears. He does not want to show his tears. The ocean is the best hiding place for Father. That is one of the reasons he is going out there so much. He asked the state leaders to pray, not dry prayers, but wet prayers. Pray to God with wet tears and pray as a responsible son, as another Sun Myung Moon here on earth.

I prepared another testimony out of this book. Since God's spirit didn't lead me in this direction, I didn't use it. Tomorrow I will meet you again, once more. While Father is absent, Father will ask us to go ahead precisely the same as if he were here. Tomorrow is the first day of the month, and I will talk about the significance of the month of August that Father explained yesterday at the conference. Also, I will read a testimony of how beautiful the spirit world is. Some of the testimony is so astounding. So I am glad this morning that Father's spirit led me in this fashion. You and I really enjoyed Father's presence. I can see his spirit all over the place. Way out there in the lawn, out on the concrete, inside the rooms. I am so glad God worked. We are so determined to become a sun and an important responsible son. We are suns, and we are another Sun Myung Moon.

So this morning's subject was "We are Sunnies." Let us pray. Thank you very much.

Prayer by Bo Hi Pak:

Our most loving Heavenly Father. Thank you for your spirit. Thank you for your truth. Thank you for your inspiration. Man is incapable of doing all this. I know that your spirit persisted, and overwhelmed this place. Your most important children's dwelling place. Your voice is strong out of your heart. Father, thank you. And Father, we have been given a new name. Father, I want to live up to it. I want to be a Sunnie. A real Sunnie. Father, as the members go out to the world, make all the people Moonies so that they recognize Reverend Moon, our Father, here on earth and so that they can someday become Sunnies with us. Father, thank you very much for this day. For this privilege. For this opportunity to work for Father and work for you, Heavenly Father. Thank you, Father. Oh, Father, our heart is so filled with your spirit. No words are adequate. So Father, please look down and look inside our hearts directly. I know you can, and that you will, and will respond to us. So Father, our True Parents in Boston are trusting us. We cannot let them down, Father. We must live up to their expectation. This week we will make a most important week. Father, we gather together tomorrow morning, so that we can renew our vitality for the month of August. Be with us all the way, Father. All the way. All these things we pray in the name of our most beloved True Parents. Amen.

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