Truth is My Sword, Volume II

by Bo Hi Pak

Appendix 3 Pierre Ceyrac

Founding member, CAUSA Europe; former Member of the French Parliament (1986-88) and European Parliament (1989-94).

When Dr. Pak came to Europe to set up the CAUSA movement in 1983, Europe was in the midst of a major ideological struggle. The communist movement was still very strong, and there was a great deal of confusion particularly among the intellectuals. At the same time, France was at the center of the new ideological resistance to Marxism. Many writers and philosophers who had previously held a creative criticism of Marxism and communism were beginning to take a tendency toward a strong spiritual vision.

After a careful and competent analysis, meetings with political and intellectual people in France and Europe, Dr. Pak decided to concentrate his activities in France in order to bring a new God-centered vision able to inspire the final battle against Marxism and communism in Europe.

He was welcomed and assisted by many important personalities, including Alain Griotteray, deputy and editor-in-chief of Figaro magazine; Louis Pauwels, director of Figaro; Jacques Toubon, future minister of Culture in the Chirac administration and minister of justice in the Balladur government; Jean-Francois Revel, a well-known philosophical and political writer and chief editor of L'Express magazine; and Georges Suffert, a well-respected figure in the French media.

Another very notable personality that met with Dr. Pak was Dr. Jacques Soustelle, former vice prime minister of France and one of the main collaborators of De Gaulle during the Second World War and the French resistance. Soustelle was also a great intellectual, member of the French Academy, eminent specialist in precolumbian civilization, and author of books about the dangers of communism and Marxist strategy in Latin America. I was present at the first meeting between Soustelle and Dr Pak. I could see that they were on the same wave length and had an immediate mutual respect and friendship for each other, I would even say a camaraderie!

The CAUSA movement, under Dr. Pak's leadership, organized in France many seminars on Marxism and communism and proposed a new God-centered vision for the future, called Unificationism. I would estimate about 3,000 to 4,000 people among the nation's elite attended these seminars within a three-year period.

For the French, one very important seminar was held in Washington with the participation of numerous dignitaries, including ambassadors, deputies, and writers. A significant program was held in Geneva and another in Marseille with the presence of many personalities from this influential French region. Others symposia were held on the French Riviera and in Paris.

In addition to these educational roundtable discussions and outreach activities, Dr. Pak initiated a monthly magazine directed by a very competent thinker and journalist, Mr. Jean-Pierre Gabriel. The magazine immediately gained the respect of France's intellectual elite and other French-speaking countries, including Switzerland, Belgium, Canada, Africa, etc. The influence of this magazine was significant among the political leaders and opinion leaders.

A few years ago in 1988, I remember visiting a very important political figure in northern France, the former minister, mayor, and senator of this town, Roubaix, Mr. Andre Diligent. He knew that I collaborated sometime with the CAUSA magazine, he immediately went to his desk and showed me the entire collection of CAUSA journals, and said this publication was a constant inspiration for him.

Dr. Pak had a deep and genuine concern for the development of the National Front, the political party of Le Pen. In many ways, his influence on this anti-communist party was very positive at the beginning, but unfortunately Mr. Le Pen himself did not have the character to resist his old demons and his closest friends' and advisors' racist tendencies. Dr. Pak was deceived by that, but his progressive influence still affected many members of this party. His attitude helped to keep them away from extremism and racism and surely had a good impact on their future development as well as upon France's conservative parties, in general.

I have to say that the impact of Dr. Pak's activities in France and in Europe were very important because they helped ignite the awakening of the conscience of the intellectual elite in Europe about the danger of communism and the necessity to find again and renew the true roots of France and European society, which are spiritual and Christian in nature. This impact deeply affected French socialists and encouraged their progress towards a more centrist and even anti-communism direction, thereby helping France to lean to a more peaceful and Headwing vision.

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