Truth is My Sword, Volume II

by Bo Hi Pak


For many Americans, the image of Reverend Sun Myung Moon that likely comes first to mind is that of a lecturer speaking dramatically and passionately in Korean, with a slightly younger man standing a step behind, inclining slightly as if to hear better, concentrating intently, and preparing to spontaneously translate the speaker's words into English. That slightly younger man, bent in intense concentration, is Dr. Bo Hi Pak.

For nearly half a century, he has literally and figuratively played the role of translator -- and in some cases, mediator -- between his teacher and spiritual father, Reverend Sun Myung Moon, and people throughout the world. Though he has many times professed his inadequacy for the task, the fact remains that he has been the conduit of spiritual life for a multitude of people.

An important part of this mission has been Dr. Pak's lengthy devotion and service to America. For Dr. Pak, America is much more than what we see in front of us. There is a deeper America, the historical America -- the America of immigrant dreams, heroic dedication, patriots' vision, and most importantly, the hope of God. At the same time, Dr. Pak comes from Korea, and through his faith in and devotion to Reverend Moon, he taps not only the depth of Korea's roots, but the far deeper tradition of dedication to God espoused and upheld by Reverend Moon. For this reason, Dr. Pak's own sermons and talks, many of which are collected in this volume, have a unique and profound quality.

That quality also derives from Dr. Pak's tremendous enthusiasm for his subject matter-that is, life and how to properly live it. Dubbed "Mr. Bubbling Enthusiasm" early on, Dr. Pak has been just that. For example, if he cuts himself while shaving, as I have heard him explain on more than one occasion, his response is to say, "Great. Now I know I'm going to have a good day today." It also derives from his natural leadership. Over and over again, those working with him have seen Dr. Pak arrive on the scene, assess the situation, create an organization, and set down to work to move things forward in a good direction.

More than anything else, however, the quality of his guidance derives from his genuine love and concern for people and their families. The Unification ideal is the family ideal, and Dr. Pak and his family have sought to live that ideal and share it with others. This, of course, would be utterly impossible without the presence of Mrs. Ki Sook Pak, Dr. Pak's gracious and wonderful wife. To know Mrs. Pak is to marvel at her generosity, her faith, and her warm heart of love. Together they have reached out and helped many people to live by their ideals and particularly to apply the Unification principle in family life.

Dr. Pak encountered the Unification teaching -- Reverend Moon's teaching -- when he was a young army officer with a wife and small children. He was, in a word, transformed by the power of the truth. An extraordinarily dutiful and responsible man, he committed himself, and he has never turned back, even when called upon to digest, through faith, unimaginable challenges and circumstances. As more is known about Reverend Moon's life and work, the life of Dr. Pak becomes all the more remarkable. In fact, from the perspective of today, reading through the speeches in this volume and contemplating the history of the world, of America, of Korea, and of God's providence, Dr. Pak's sincerity, faith, bubbling enthusiasm, and concern for others is nothing short of overwhelming.

Like many others, I am grateful to have worked with Dr. Pak on many projects. He has always put God and True Parents before anything. He makes each project an exciting campaign to remember and cherish. But much more than that, he conveys his tradition and way of life, as taught by Reverend Moon.

Abraham Lincoln, the prairie boy who became president, ultimately gave America its greatest hero. As the American Civil War drew to a close, he gave marching orders to his soldiers to lay down their weapons and take up the healing power of love. Dr. Pak, a humble man also made great by faith and hard work, has, I believe, both cherished and embodied Lincoln's admonition to go beyond the soldiering life and become a man of peace: "With malice toward none; with charity for all . . . let us strive on to finish the work we are in; to bind up the nation's wounds . . . to do all which may achieve and cherish a just and lasting peace." But far more than that, transcending what the greatest American foresaw, the work of Reverend Moon, assisted uniquely by men and women such as Dr. and Mrs. Pak, is bringing about a new birth of love, binding up the world's wounds, and achieving and cherishing a world of true love and true families.

To assist in this task, the talks of Dr. Pak collected in this volume provide a wealth of spiritual resources and practical guidance.

The Editors

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