The Words of the Weber Family

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Being Born into the Family (Ken Weber - September 1971)

Reflections on Our Leader (Ken Weber - April 1972 pdf)

The Responsibilities of Being Human (Ken Weber - July 1972 pdf)

Rev. Sun Myung Moon took the leading fundraising teams fishing (Ken Weber - June 28, 1974 pdf)

The Eighth Day of Creation (Ken Weber - November 1974 pdf)

Rediscovery of Life -- A Short Story (Ken Weber - January 1975 pdf)

A Little Boy's Question (Ken Weber - February 1975 pdf)

Swaziland: Today is Sunday and I went to church in Siswati (Jamie Weber - March 1976 pdf)

Book Review: The Uses of Enchantment: The Meaning and Importance of Fairy Tales by Bruno Bettelheim Knopf, New York, 1976 (Ken Weber - 1981 pdf)

The Unity Game (Ken Weber - May 1988)

The Valiant Toy Soldier (Ken Weber - June 1988)

The Wishing Stone (Ken Weber - August 1988)

The Night Meeting (Kenneth Weber - March 1990)

Global Orphan Outreach: Families for Children (Diana Weber - April 25, 2009)

The Great Tiger Of Littleton: a principled mystery story about strength coming through unity (Ken Weber - August 4, 2010)

The Wishing Stone a principled fantasy story about sensing each others feelings (Ken Weber - August 15, 2010)

Parables Of The Twin Sisters a story about God's love for all people, good and bad (Ken Weber - August 21, 2010)

Voyage To The Center Of The Universe a story of the value of being young-at-heart (Ken Weber - September 4, 2010)

My Favorite Teacher (Ken Weber - September 10, 2010)

A Foundation Of Faith And Substance, words to a song (Ken Weber - September 11, 2010)

In Search Of A Lost Son a principled action-adventure story (Part One) (Ken Weber - September 15, 2010)

The Eighth Day Of Creation An Inspirational Talk About Creativity (Ken Weber - September 25, 2010)

Memories Of When I First Came To The Unification Church (Ken Weber - September 29, 2010)

Look Out World! Here We Come! (Ken Weber - October 5, 2010)

God Helps Me Teach Sunday School This Week (Ken Weber - October 10, 2010)

Who Is Your Hero? A story and tribute to my first hero (Ken Weber - October 15, 2010)

Knowing The Application Of The Divine Principle Led Me To Accept And Love Father -- a testimony (Ken Weber - October 25, 2010)

My First Experience With Father And How I Relate This To My Sunday School Classes -- part two of a testimony (with a beautiful surprise ending) (Ken Weber - October 26, 2010)

Three Universes - (Inspired by Father) (Ken Weber - October 30, 2010)

A Message From Benny - A Principled Science Fiction Story (Ken Weber - November 4, 2010)

The Prayer (Ken Weber - November 13, 2010)

A Few Notes About Teaching The Principle From A Sunday School Teacher (Ken Weber - November 18, 2010)

Your Spouse As Your Hero (Ken Weber - November 22, 2010)

A Little Boy's Question; "Is There Life After Death?" a possible conversation between a father and a son (Ken Weber - November 27, 2010)

My Experiences With Father: Christmas, 1971 (Ken Weber - December 1, 2010)

40 Years And Counting - The December 10 Banquet Honoring Those Who Have Been With The Church 40 Years Or More (Ken Weber - December 13, 2010)

Robin's Wings part one of a story about spirit world (Ken Weber - December 15, 2010)

Robin's Wings part two of a story about spirit world (Ken Weber - December 16, 2010)

My Experiences With Father Part Two: A Lesson In Taking Father's Words Seriously (Ken Weber - December 26, 2010)

How I Met And Was Matched With My Wife: Memories And Lessons From The Blessing (Ken Weber - December 30, 2010)

The Responsibilities Of Being Human (Ken Weber - January 8, 2011)

Countdown For Littleton: a story of unity begun with, "The Great Tiger of Littleton," (Ken Weber - January 15, 2011)

Lovin' Life Ministry Comes To Town (Ken Weber - January 20, 2011)

Like A Phoenix: a story about surviving disasters (Ken Weber - January 29, 2011)

Holding On To True Father: experiences in the campaign days of the 70's (Ken Weber - February 4, 2011)

Hmmm… (Ken Weber - February 11, 2011)

Becoming A Messiah Like True Parents (Ken Weber - February 18, 2011)

Talking About... And Talking With God -- Some reflections (Ken Weber - February 23, 2011)

Path Of The Guardian, a short story (Ken Weber - February 26, 2011)

Ken Weber, another great brother has passed away (Hermine Schellen - January 27, 2014)

Passing of Our Beloved Brother, Kenneth Carson Weber (Ki Hoon Kim and Michael Balcomb - January 28, 2014 pdf)

Seonghwa Service and Won Jon for Ken Weber (Randy Francis - January 30, 2014 pdf)

HPHC DMV: Vigil Prayer for a Peaceful Ascension of Diana Weber 9:00pm nightly (Achille Acolatse - January 19, 2022 pdf)

Gather Family Church, Alabama - Seunghwa for Diana Weber (Jario Vincenz-Gavin - January 20, 2022 pdf)

FFWPU USA Blessing and Family Ministry: In Memory of Diana Weber (Yun-A Johnson - January 27, 2022 pdf)

HPHC DMV: Diana Weber Won Jeon this Monday at 11AM - Fort Lincoln (Achille Acolatse - March 19, 2022 pdf)

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