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My First Experience With Father And How I Relate This To My Sunday School Classes -- part two of a testimony (with a beautiful surprise ending)

Ken Weber
October 26, 2010

As a teacher, it is important for me to get across to my Sunday School children how to apply the Divine Principle in their daily lives. I also try to give them a personal experience with True Parents and with God.

So, I have a testimony that I have told my classes throughout the years of my first meeting with Father. One of the times that I gave this testimony, a 2nd Generation sister from STF named Coree Johnston was assisting me each Sunday. (More about this later. This is another example of how God works in unusual ways.)

In my testimony, I tell my children that when I first met True Parents, we had been waiting a long time for them to come to Washington D.C. It was almost Christmas when we heard of the day that they would arrive. So we were all lined up in the front hall of the center waiting.

Suddenly a small group of cars drove up, and Father and Mother got out of one of them. Father came into the center and personally walked up to each one of us and SHOOK OUR HANDS as we introduced ourselves to him.

As I tell this part of the testimony to my children, I walk around the classroom shaking the hands of each child and adult in the room telling them that this is how close True Parents want to be to us. We are their sons and daughters, and they are our True Parents. As I shake their hands, I ask them to imagine Father shaking their hands.

I then continue to tell the class that Father spoke every evening for ten evenings. Since Christmas was only a few days away, we wondered if Father would say anything about Jesus. As it so happened, Father dedicated three of these evenings to talking about Jesus, his childhood, his family life with his parents and brothers and sisters, and his mission. I was DEEPLY moved and impressed with how much Father loves Jesus as a brother.

Well, my assistant, Coree Johnston was so moved by how I came to the Unification Church through the Divine Principle, and of my first experiences with Father that she invited me to come and give these testimonies to the local STF and CARP members, and to do it in the same way as I did in my class.

Well, after awhile, the STF members moved onto another part of the country, and Coree was no longer my assistant.

It was awhile after that when my son, Eric, told us that he felt that he was ready for the Blessing and that he wanted to be matched and blessed by Father. So, Eric went to Korea for the matching and Blessing that was taking place that year.

We knew about when the matching was taking place, and our family was eagerly waiting for news of who Eric was going matched to.

After awhile, we got a call from Eric in Korea, and he said, "Guess who I am matched to. It's Coree Johnston!

I'll bet that God enjoyed seeing the expression on my face! I was totally amazed!

"Is this the same Coree Johnston who helped me teach Sunday School?" I asked.

"Yes," said Eric. "It is the same Coree Johnston!"

So, now we have a wonderful daughter-in-law and our two families are drawing closer as the years go by.

As I said, this is another example of how God works in unusual ways.

God Bless All Of You. 

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