The Words of the Weber Family

A Foundation Of Faith And Substance, words to a song

Ken Weber
September 11, 2010

In school, I hated History class. I could not understand what events that happened years and years ago had anything to do with today. When I heard the Divine Principle, history took on a new meaning. If I had heard the Divine Principle when I was a child, I might have gotten A's in History class. Here are words to a song that I wrote shortly after I joined the church.

A Foundation Of Faith And Substance

A foundation of faith and substance
Will build a bridge between God and man.
These foundations must be laid.
So come on and do the best you can.

Cain and Abel made for God an offering.
God accepted Abel's and left Cain wondering
Just exactly what to do, to get angry or unite
With his younger brother to be loved in God's site.

Noah built an ark for 120 years.
And those 40 days and nights were filled with toils and fears.
Shem, Ham, and Japeth should have carried on his name.
But the foundation was lost through Ham's shame.

Abraham made an offering.
But he failed to divide the most important things.
He then was asked to sacrifice his own true son.
And by the faith of Isaac the work was carried on.

Esau and Jacob had a birthright
And it was the cause of a very important fight.
Jacob gave to Esau all of his wealth.
Then the foundations were laid and all was well.

All throughout history these foundations are laid
And they're still being laid on up to the present day.
From Cain and Abel to the time of Jesus
It was up to the disciples, and now it's up to us. 

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