The Words of the Weber Family

Look Out World! Here We Come!

Ken Weber
October 5, 2010

Every now and then, God Himself becomes a character in my stories. I know that this is not graduation time. But imagine God being present with your parents at your graduation. This is a brand new story, written just today. Enjoy! God Bless You!

Hazel and Don Carson took their seats and looked around at the splendor of the huge arena. Then they looked down to the main floor where hundreds of college graduates sat. There among the graduates sat their son and daughter, Ben and Tina. This was their big day!

"Remember all of the trials and tribulations when they were small children?" asked Don.

"Yes," whispered Hazel.

"Oh yes!" whispered another voice.

Don and Hazel looked around and saw God sitting next to them in the stands. He was smiling down at Ben and Tina. "Yes," He said. "There were many trials, but many good times as well."

Hazel looked down and whispered, "When they were small children, Tina was so quiet. She didn't say much, but she loved to draw and color. Even as a toddler, her art was beautiful."

Don smiled. "And before Ben could walk, he was so frustrated that he couldn't move faster. When he learned to walk, he learned to run the same day!"

God then whispered, "And as they got older, Tina's talent in art led her to winning that young people's painting competition. Ben grew to be a very determined child, winning many sports events. Remember, he even tried out for the Olympics. He didn't get in, but, my gosh, he tried!!!

A tear came to Hazel's eyes. "Remember when they got sick with the flu? They got so weak that they could hardly talk. I was so worried about them."

"So was I," said Don.

"So was I," said God.

They all sat in silence for awhile, Don and hazel holding hands with each other and holding hands with God.

Finally Don and Hazel looked over at God.

"What is in store for our children?" asked Don. "What will happen to them? What will they accomplish?"

God shook His head. "I don't know," He said. "it is mostly up to Ben and Tina. They have been given the tools for life, But they can succeed or fail!"

Then God looked Don and Tina directly in their eyes. "But keep in mind your role as parents does not end here! It will never end! Even though Ben and Tina will be making major decisions in their lives, as parents you will still need to be there for them for guidance and support." God paused for awhile, and then He said, "I will always be there for them! You must continue to be there for them as well!"

Don, Hazel, and God now turned and, still holding hands, they looked down again at Ben and Tina.

Ben and Tina looked back and saw their parents sitting with God in the stands watching them. Together, they whispered, "Thank you Mom. Thank you Dad. And thank you God!"

Then Ben and Tina looked at each other and whispered, "Look out world! Here we come!" 

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