The Words of the Weber Family

Three Universes - (Inspired by Father)

Ken Weber
October 30, 2010

I was very lucky to hear Father speak at a special event here in the Washington D.C. area a few months ago. The following story was inspired by a section of his speech where he was talking about three stages of life which are: birth, life in the physical world, and passing on to the spirit world. I hope that you enjoy this short story.

Universe One

Little Colin felt warm and comfortable in a vast universe. He was resting now in a warm liquid of some kind that filled his entire reality, and he received nourishment through an infinitely long tube coming from who knows where.

How big was this universe that he was in? He could not imagine. This was it! This was what life was! There could be no more!

Universe Two

Wow! This universe was incredible! It was filled with huge stars and galaxies and stretched far into space beyond the sight of the strongest telescope. Yet if you looked through a microscope, it had things in it that were smaller than you could imagine!

Colin was totally flabbergasted!!! Surely this universe was everything! Surely there was nothing beyond this!

Universe Three

People had said that Colin had been dying, and that his life was over. But what was this? His life had not ended! Now he was in an even different universe that was beyond what he could have imagined before. …and vast!!! This universe stretched many, many times farther than his previous home. And it was filled with wonders beyond belief!!!

A glowing hand that was more brilliant than the sunlight of his previous universe reached out to him. A soft…and powerful …and loving voice spoke. "Welcome, my son."

Colin took the hand…and he walked with his Heavenly Parent into this glorious new world!!! 

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