The Words of the Weber Family


Ken Weber
February 11, 2011

When you try to do something different, you will probably receive lots of advice of all kinds from the people around you. This is a very short story about people who probably received a certain type of advice that "what they were trying should not be done." Think of where we would be today if these certain people had followed this specific type of advice instead of using their better judgment.

A certain caveman held the two round things that he had just carved out of wood and showed them to his friends. Hooking them up to a load that he usually carried on his back, he showed how much easier the load could be moved using them.

"You shouldn't do that!" said one of his friends. "Things weren't meant to work that way. Keep doing things the way you have been doing them."

"Hmmm…" said the caveman.

Later, all the cavemen in the tribe were attracted to a bright light in their cave. One of the tribe proudly showed everyone the new energy that he had discovered which glowed with a brilliant flickering light and filled the cave with heat.

"You shouldn't do that!" shouted some of the cavemen. "Things weren't meant to work that way. Besides, that new light seems dangerous! Keep doing things the way you have been doing them."

"Hmmm…" said this caveman.

Years and years later, two brothers built a strange machine with an engine and odd looking things on the sides. They started up the engine and pushed it forward, and it soared into the air!

"You shouldn't do that!" shouted some of their friends. "If man was meant to fly, God would have given him wings! Come back down to the ground!"

"Hmmm…" said the brothers.

A certain inventor called all his friends together to show them an incredible thing. It was a glass ball with wires in it. When the inventor threw a switch, the glass ball glowed with a brilliant light that lit up every corner of the room!

"You shouldn't do that!" said many of his friends. "Think of how difficult it will be to send power to our homes to make it possible to use this glass ball! It's impossible to do! Forget about this invention of yours. Gas lamps are good enough!"

"Hmmm…" said the inventor.

In the years to come, various people created new machines, discovered different forms of energy, started flying strange machines into space to aim for those distant lights in the sky… With each new discovery, each new idea, and each new invention, there were people shouting, "You shouldn't do that! At least it has never been done before! That's dangerous! We weren't meant to do that! Do that the way you have done it before!"

"Hmmm…" said the inventors, the discoverers, the scientists, and all the rest.

What would have happened, and where would we be today if these inventors, discoverers, and scientists had listened to this type of advice?


My thought for the day.

God Bless Everyone. 

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