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God Helps Me Teach Sunday School This Week

Ken Weber
October 10, 2010

I have written many times in my stories and articles about how close God is in our lives, and how He is working with us in our daily activities. I got a first hand experience with this when I taught my Sunday School lesson this week. And I wanted to share the experience with everyone..

The lesson that I was teaching to my elementary school class was about how we can learn what God is like by looking at the things that He has created., the stars and galaxies, the Earth, the plants and animals, and most of all by looking at each other because we are sons and daughters of God.

I was about to go onto another topic when two of my children walked in with a box with two bunny rabbits in it. Yes, live rabbits! They wanted to show them to the class, and hopefully find someone at church who would want to take them as pets. Here were two furry little examples of how God can be seen in the creation, and it led to a beautiful discussion as the children petted and held the bunnies. It was also a wonderful reminder to me of how God works in our lives, often in very unexpected ways.

So, I am posting this as a reminder for everyone that God wants to work very closely with us in our lives. He is there if we just look for Him. He will work through various situations, also things people say, and most of all, He will work through the people around you.

Also, in my life, God always surprises me by working in very unexpected and creative ways. I keep thinking that because I know that He works in creative ways in my life that I will be ready for the next time He does something. But He ALWAYS surprises me!!! I always look back and say, "You surprised me again, Father!"

So, as you go about your activities this week, look around to see how God is working with you in each of your experiences. He is there with you. I guarantee it!

God Bless Everyone This Week! 

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