The Words of the Weber Family

Being Born into the Family

Ken Weber
September 1971
(Washington Family)

Something really strange happened today. A couple of people walked up to me on the street and started talking about new life and rebirth and a wedding of over 700 couples in Korea? No, that can't be right. They talked with me awhile, gave me a pamphlet and invited me to a discussion with their Family, as they called it. Then walked away. Strange people.

I wonder what this Family is all about.

Something even stranger happened today- I visited this Family. I expected that discussion to last only an hour or two, but it turned into an all-afternoon affair. When the discussion began several people were there, but one by one left, saying that this new philosophy didn't fit into their lives, or they just couldn't agree with it. Strange, this philosophy means a great deal to me. It talks about a very loving and personal God, a God who gave His Son to live, not to die. He gave His Son with love, and we...we crucified him!

I wanted to hear more, but as I looked around I found that I was the only one left listening to the philosophy. I felt as if I was keeping these people from work more important than lecturing to one, lone individual. Yet, as I got up to leave, explaining that hadn't planned on spending all afternoon, they invited me to come back for dinner later in the week, and one or two individuals would teach me the rest of the philosophy. They're sure going to a lot of bother for one, lone individual! They're so persistent in wanting me to come back that I'd feel guilty turning them down. Strange people. I'll go back once more then maybe I can go back to living my normal life again.

Oh God...I heard the rest of the philosophy today, clear through to the conclusion. Oh, my God -- what if it's true? What if it's not true? God, I have to know. I've been taught all through my life that this is the time when the Second Advent may take place, and also that now is the time when many anti-Christs will appear. Which is this? How can I find out? I must eventually decide to accept or reject all that I have just heard. Whatever my decision is, I know my life will never be the same again.

Dear God, it's been two months now since I first came to the Family. One girl has taken me under her wing and has been teaching me the Principle and inviting me to participate in Family activities. God, there is so much love in this Family. I've been afraid to get too involved, but I can't find anything wrong with the way they live or what they do.

It's difficult to find out what I really want to know about this so-called Messiah, because, to find out him as a person and to be satisfied about the truth of all I have heard about him, I would have to meet him. But, if his teachings and the way of life that he has set up in this Family are example of what type of person he is, then he must really be wonderful.

Dear God, our Father, I attended a workshop this weekend and I learned a great deal about myself and other people, as well as learning more about the Principle. One thing that impressed me in the Principle is how you have been striving throughout history to show Your love for us, and how we, through lack of love and faith have kept You so far away, not You who have left us.

Now God, I'm still not sure about this man who they claim is the Messiah, but I am now convinced that if he is not the Messiah, he must be the Elijah or John the Baptist who, through the foundation he is laying, will lead us to the Messiah. So, whoever he is, I accept his teachings, and I will try to follow them.

Oh, Father, I've been a fool not to completely accept the Principle before this. All the proof that I have ever needed about this being the right thing has been laid out right in front of me since the first day I came. The Principle not only makes sense, it covers everting. No matter what situation I find, by following the Principle it's impossible to really go wrong. And the love here is genuine. The people really care. They don't give their love expecting something in return. They have their love because they really do love. Father, this is important to me.

Yet, now I realize that thus far I have not had faith, and because of my doubts I have been keeping You at a distance. I have been looking for proof that this man is the Messiah, and the proof has been here all along: in the truth of the Principle, and in the love of this Family.

Father, I want to know You better, Father, I want to live Your Principle. Father, I want to love.

Our Loving Father, I have now been with your Family for eight months' and in these eight months I have done more living and growing than I did in eight years before meeting Your Family. I thought that I was happy before, and I was. But, since joining your Family I have learned and experienced a happiness much deeper than I ever dreamed possible. I thought I was capable of loving, but now that I have learned more. I find that my love is only beginning to grow and blossom. I thought I was alive. But now I am living a life so full that my life before seems like an empty shell. I have learned that it is extremely important for us to act on the Principle. I used to wonder who the Elijah was, but I have learned that we should not wonder who it is, but instead take the role of Elijah, each and every one of us, for it is only through our actions and our preparations that Our Leader and You, Father, can work.

Father, I pray for strength and an attempt to overcome my weakness, so that I never betray You as Judas, or deny You as Peter. I will strive, Father, to be a true son to You. Each day in Your Family has been a day of rebirth. You have given me a new life, Father, and I give You my life now, with my deepest love.

Thank you Father for Your Family, the new life it brings, and most of all, Father, thank You for You and Your love. We send our love to You, Father, and invite You to share each and every day with us. Have a nice day, Father.

With deepest love,

In the Name of Our True Parents,


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