The Words of the Weber Family

Becoming A Messiah Like True Parents

Ken Weber
February 18, 2011

Many years ago I was in a position to hear Father on a regular basis. I remember him saying many times that we should follow his example and become messiahs in whatever field we go into. If you go into science, become a messiah in that field. If you go into law, become a messiah in that field. Become someone who carries God's way of life into whatever field of work that you go into.

We are made up of different types of people, writers, artists, teachers, and maybe others. I think it is important for each member of this and any other group to use the talents that are given to you by God, and become a messiah in whatever you do. It is also important to offer what you do to True Parents and God in some way.

I teach Sunday School and write stories for the young and the young at heart.

I could be out there trying to make money on what I write, but because my talents were given to me by God, I offer them FIRST to God in some way. I use my stories in teaching, they have been published in church publications and appeared on this site. My stories have had a lot of impact in these areas and are serving True Parents and children that I teach in important ways. I do still try to get things published outside as well. And maybe someday I will become a best-selling author. But so far, this has not happened.

My success comes every time a child (or adult) says how much they enjoyed one of my stories, or a now young adult comes up to me and says, "I remember when you were my teacher in Sunday School and you did…" These moments are very precious to me, and I realize that I have made a difference in someone's life. I have been a kind of messiah to children and adults because of what I do.

So I am urging each one of you to develop the talents that God has given you. Your talents and the contributions that you make to those around you can change the world in many ways and lead people in your profession to God's way of life.

So, be like True Parents. Become a messiah, yourself. And do your part to build God's way of life in everything you do.

God Bless All Of You! 

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