The Words of the Weber Family

The Night Meeting

Kenneth Weber
March 1990

Adam and Eve are delighted with the creation.

I rarely walked through the park on my way to work. But one evening I decided to follow a path that I had taken many times as a boy. The path went through a wooded area, ending next to a small lake in the center of the park. The sun had just set as I ventured my way down the path, enabling me to see the stars which were unusually bright and very close that night. I felt as if I could reach up and pluck one out of the sky. It was the extreme beauty of this evening sky that had enticed me into the park instead of following my regular route homeward.

As I walked down the path, the nearness of the stars created the illusion that some of them were actually lower than the treetops. Looking up at the sky, I walked under the trees and distinctly felt their leaves were not blocking out the stars. Instead the stars seemed to sparkle and shimmer just a short distance above my head, passing in front of the leaves.

When I stepped into the clearing, I stared in amazement at what I saw. It seemed as if the sky was bending into the center of the lake. The stars were swirling down from the sky to a point just inches above the surface of the lake before returning to the infinite depths of space. I blinked my eyes trying to make the vision go away, but it remained, appearing more real than ever.

It was then I noticed a stranger standing next to the lake. Walking over to him, I wished him a good evening. He returned the greeting in a quiet, but strong voice.

Still dazzled by the view before me I said, "Isn't that an incredibly beautiful sight?"

"Thank you," said the stranger, smiling. "I'm glad you like my work."

I laughed while I turned to the stranger. "You?" I asked. "Who are you to say this is your work?"

The stranger looked up at the sky and, to my amazement, his body glowed with a bright golden light. He smiled and looked me straight in the eye. The things he said are still echoing in the depths of my soul.

The Stranger's Testimony

"I used to be completely alone. I guess that you could say I was self-centered because there was no one to care for but myself. But I didn't want to live for myself alone. I wanted a world of beauty, truth, and goodness.

"As I began creation, my full concept of life emerged. The creation became a projection of myself in a tangible form. I invested all of myself -- not reserving even one ounce of energy. The creation became my total labor of giving all of myself.

"I first created the energies of love and truth. These energies had to be shared with someone in order to exist, so I created the vast spirit world and the angels. Yet, these were not my final works. The spirit world was created as a dwelling place for my children, with the angels to serve them.

"I created the physical universe: the stars, the planets, the earth, the plants and animals. I took special care to cover and clothe everything in creation with my love. This physical creation was to be like soil -- giving life and nourishment to my children until they reached maturity. Then they would shed the physical life like a cocoon and live eternally with me in the spirit world.

"I called together all of the angels and gathered them around my feet. I called the chief archangel to my side, for I favored him very much. "Lucifer," I said, "we've made an entire universe; but it is without meaning, for all of this has been made for my children. My children hold the meaning for this creation. Come! Let us now make man in our image. I want to have sons and daughters and to see myself in them."

Lucifer and I dispatched all of the angels to all parts of the universe. They brought back elements of every kind and laid them at my feet. I then took these elements and, very carefully, made two children, a boy and a girl. Before their tiny figures had a chance to cool, I bent down and breathed my own life into them. My children were born!

Creatures came from all over to see the children. Lions, tigers, deer, bears and even the insects gathered at their birthplace. Lucifer stood by the children and brought each animal to them to be petted. It was a glorious day. It was to be the first of many such days. 

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