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Your Spouse As Your Hero

Ken Weber
November 22, 2010

A short time ago, I wrote a story with a testimony called "Who Is Your Hero?"

Shortly after I had written that blog, I got into a discussion with someone outside of the church about the Fall as it is described in the Bible, and one of the people said something like, "It was all the fault of the woman."

Well, as most of you know by now, I am very expressive about my beliefs. I said that it is true that Eve tempted Adam, but Adam could have stopped the Fall from going any further by not responding to temptation and that he could have led Eve back to God. I explained that a husband and wife are meant to go to God together. The husband and wife should be heroes to each other and lead each other to God.

When I realized that I had said that the husband and wife should be heroes to each other, it got me to thinking. How often do we think of our spouse as being our hero? I have heard Father say that our spouse should be a messiah for us, and that we go to True Parents and God through our spouse. But it also makes sense that our spouse is also our hero.

A husband and wife are often very different from each other, and they may not always understand each other. But God puts them together to work out their rough spots and to lead each other, hand in hand to God.

Recently my wife joined this site, and I have something I want to say here.

I have always been grateful that Father blessed me with her. We have spent many wonderful years together. I really appreciate her, and yes, she is definitely one of my main heroes today.

I love you Diana! 

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