The Words of the Weber Family

My Experiences With Father: Christmas, 1971

Ken Weber
December 1, 2010

It was suggested that I write stories about myself. But, I got to thinking that something more valuable would be to write stories about my experiences with the True Family. I have been with the Unification Church since December, 1970, and over the years, I have had various experiences with the True Family.

Each one of us has had various experiences in the Unification Church, and at times, it is valuable for us to share these things. So, I take you back now to mid December, 1971, at the Upshur House in Washington D.C.

I had been with the Unification Church for about a year, and news had been coming that Father and Mother were coming to America, and in particular to Washington D.C. very soon. All of us were waiting in eager anticipation.

The day finally came when we were told that Father would arrive. As the hour drew close, we all lined up to wait in the front hallway of the Upshur House. I was a photographer at the time, and with camera in hand, I joined those looking out the front door for Father's car to arrive. First one car drove up and a couple of Korean men got out. We looked out and wondered if one of them was Father. Most of us had only seen pictures of Father when he was young, so we weren't sure if one of these men was Father.

Then another car drove up, and a Korean man and woman got out. There was no mistake about it!!! This was Father and Mother!!!

I started taking pictures of True Parents as they came in, and to my surprise, Father started shaking hands with all of the members!!! The Messiah was shaking hands with everyone!!! I quickly took one more picture and then got in line, and yes, Father shook my hand!!!

That evening we had an evening entertainment at a rented hall in a church a block away. We had many performances that we offered to True Parents, and they watched lovingly at everyone who performed. Then at the end, True Parents got up and sang for us. It was the first time I had heard True Parents sing together, and it was wonderful. At the end Father kidded Mother by whistling off key as Mother tried to sing!

True Parents were with us for ten more days, and Father spoke each evening at the main room in Upshur for the next ten evenings. I had never seen Father speak before this, and on the first night, I sat right down front, thinking that Father would speak from his chair in the front of the room. BOY WAS I WRONG!!! Naturally, Father stood up during the entire speech walking back and forth around the front of the room. I spent the entire speech looking straight up at Father, and on more than one occasion, I was one of the people he slapped on the shoulder to make a point!!! (Someone told me later that if Father slaps you while he is speaking that you have received a special blessing! Well I got more than one special blessing slap on the shoulder that evening.)

It was almost Christmas, and we began to wonder how Father would celebrate Christmas. We even wondered if he would talk about Jesus at all, since he is the Messiah.

BOY DID FATHER TALK ABOUT JESUS!!! Father spoke for three nights about Jesus, his childhood and youth, his family, and his mission. We found out that Father loves Jesus very deeply. We were spending Christmas with True Parents and listening to Father speak deeply about Jesus and how much he loves him.

Father then finished the rest of the ten days speaking about other things. But this is a memory I will treasure forever. As a one-year-old member in the Unification Church, I had just spent Christmas with True Father and True Mother.

I hope that you find my sharing these memories valuable. I found myself crying as I wrote this testimony.

I will share more soon.

God Bless Everyone,

With All My Love,

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