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A Few Notes About Teaching The Principle From A Sunday School Teacher

Ken Weber
November 18, 2010

Over the many years that I have been in the church, I have spoken in front of both adults and children an uncountable number of times. I use most of the same techniques when speaking in front of adults as I do when I am speaking in front of children. What follows are some of my thoughts about teaching.

I never have liked lectures. Whenever a teacher gets up and starts drawing diagrams on a blackboard it puts me to sleep. A long time ago, when I began teaching, I made it a point never to lecture to children. Whenever I teach, I remember the things that I learned from all of the people who have influenced me. In particular, I remembered how Walt Disney always made his movies easy to understand, entertaining, and emotional. His movies and television shows entertained people of all ages from young children all the way to adults.

So, I do a lot of interaction with my students. I will walk around the classroom and speak with each one personally about the points that I am making in the lesson.

I will bring my talents to the classroom. For me, this is my writing, my acting ability, and my abilities to do audio visual work on my computer. I write stories for my class, and I act them out whenever I tell them. At times I create videos of my stories and show them to the children.

Other people will have different talents. These talents might be music, crafts, doing drama with the kids, etc. It is important for each teacher to bring his or her own talents to the classroom. This makes each teaching style unique to the teacher.

Another thing that is important is for the teacher to show that he or she values the students. This is because your students ARE valuable. They are going to be able to make a big difference in the world, and they will begin now while they are still young. They will take what they learn from you in the classroom and begin using it right away in their lives. Don't think that just because they are young that they can't make a difference in the world now. THEY CAN!!! Remember, every great person started out as a young child.

Finally, be passionate about whatever you are teaching. Get excited about what you are saying, and as a result, your children will get excited about the lesson as well. And if you get them excited about a lesson in the classroom, they will remember it and carry it into their lives outside the classroom.

These are just a few thoughts that I have about teaching, and even though I am speaking here about teaching children, think about it. The same basic ways of teaching work just as well with adults as they do for children.

God Bless All Of You 

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