The Way for a True Child - Sun Myung Moon

 Table of Contents



Chapter 1 - Original Man and the True Way of Life

Section 1. View of True Man

Section 2. The Course Of Life In Three Stages And The Spirit World

Section 3. The Way of True Life

Section 4. The Way of the Original Mind

Section 5. The Way of Universally Shared Values

Chapter 2 - Children's Portion of Responsibility

Section 1. Preparation and Foundation, Ability and Result

Section 2. Pray As You Study

Section 3. Responsibility and Restoration Through Indemnity

Section 4. The Way of True Freedom

Section 5. The Right Attitude of the Second Generation as They Follow the Way Of God's Will

Chapter 3 - The Way of Children of the Blessed Families

Section 1. The Way of Parents and Children of the Blessed Families

Section 2. The Providential Time And The Way Of The Second Generation

Section 3. Become One

Section 4. The Seven-Year Course of The Second Generation Children

Section 5. The Attitude Of The Second Generation Who Have Entered Canaan

Chapter 4 - The Blessing of the Second Generation and the Way of Husband and Wife

Section 1. The View of True Love Between Man and Woman

Section 2. The True View of Marriage and the Ideal Partner

Section 3. Marriage and Life

Section 4. The Blessing of Second Generation and the Attitude to Receive the Blessing

Section 5. Blessed Couples' Way of Love

The Way for a True Child
Reverend Sun Myung Moon

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