The Way for a True Child

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 4. The Seven-Year Course of The Second Generation Children

1) The Seven-Year Course for the Blessed Families and Their Children

Even if you have received the Blessing, that is not all. After the Blessing your position is in the completion level of the growth stage; therefore you must not make mistakes in your life. Even if you were born out of your parents who were Blessed, still you have a seven-year course to go in order to consummate the completion level of the completion stage. There remain seven stages of the Principle.

Adam and Eve fell and their family fell; they gave birth to Cain and Abel when they were in the completion level of the growth stage. Instead of going up, they went down. Even if a new family comes into existence by receiving the Blessing in front of Heaven, still this family must go up from the perfection level of the growth stage. In the process of going up they should not make a condition to be accused by Satan. That is the Principle. Do you understand what I mean? There should not be the environmental condition that Satan can accuse.

Today in this fallen world, centering upon the Blessed families the Unification Church members are going up starting from the completion level of the growth stage. Still, your environment is all within the sphere of accusation by Satan. Who is going to solve these problems? Your families cannot solve these problems by themselves. It is not possible for your families alone to solve all these. Unless and until someone like Adam and Eve, who are going to be the first ancestors of humankind, come and solve everything, there is no way of escaping the Satanic world even if your families have been Blessed. This is an important point of the Principle. (April 8, 1986)

2) The Seven-Year Course of True Father

That is why Father has been doing the work. In the seven-year course on the way of the course of restoration through indemnity on the worldwide level centering on Father's family, there should not be any accusation by Satan when Father receives the Blessing with Mother. There should not be any accusation since the day when Mother was welcomed. Originally, if Adam and Eve had not fallen and had stood in the position of the Blessing, then there would have been no sphere of the Fall and there would have no been no fallen Satan.

However, in 1960 when Father had the Holy Wedding, what had been done on the national level for fourteen years? You don't know this but I had to establish a traditional standard in order to start from the course where Adam and Eve had not fallen. By the traditional standard I mean the standard of subjugating Satan. How to establish the standard, that was the issue. It was necessary to indemnify the standard prepared on the national level centering upon Jesus at the time of Jesus. Unless I was able to indemnify that, there would have been no position of the Blessing.

Fourteen years after the Liberation, in April 1960, I had the Holy Wedding; but at that time in Korea all levels -- individual, family, tribe, nation and state -- still opposed me. It was just as in the days of Jesus when twelve disciples opposed him. Likewise, even those who had once followed the Unification Church opposed me. Out of those who were closest to me, more than twelve persons opposed me and opposed the Unification Church. To meet that opposition I had to follow the path of indemnity. Not one of you knows these things. I had to report to the court even on the day before the Holy Wedding. Under those circumstances, I had the Holy Wedding. It was indeed a fight. In those fierce battles I was building the foundation you see today.

Satan opposed in every way, targeting me. No matter what kind of conditions I laid individually, still Satan said he would absolutely never allow me to go the way of the Will. For that reason, even behind your fathers and mothers who had believed in the Unification Church, Satan opposed in every way. To tell you the circumstances in those days, your mother or father or children or husband or wife were not the problem. They all stood on the satanic side. As a result your fathers and mothers were required to betray their own families and tribes. They betrayed their own tribes; they betrayed their own families.

As a result of the fall, the wife was betrayed and True Children were betrayed and True Parents were betrayed. Therefore in a family, members had to go that kind of way. In the Bible Jesus says, "You must love me more than anyone else." Why was it necessary to do that? It was not for the sake of money or for the sake of ownership in society; it was necessary in order to establish the standard that they loved God more than anything else.

They had to stand in the position where they loved God even more than their own parents. No matter how much they had loved their parents till then, still that love was within the satanic realm. They were not in a position to love their parents transcending the satanic domain nor love a spouse beyond that realm, nor was there any way of loving children beyond the satanic realm.

For that reason the desire of religions has been to search for a spouse prior to the search for parents. That is the process of restoration. Therefore Jesus, who came as the second Adam, had to search for his bride, meet his bride and seek the position of the Original Parents. Prior to Jesus there were no Parents. Even though Mary gave birth to Jesus, and Joseph was there as his father, still they were parents who needed a certain condition of indemnity for establishing a transition. It was impossible for God to have the substantial parents representing Adam and Eve on the original standard.

Therefore, in front of Jesus, Father looked for the position of bridegroom and bride, and by so doing Father and Mother were able to attain the position of Parents for the first time. In order to reach the position of Parents, bridegroom and bride had to be sought first. Otherwise it would be impossible to find the position of Parents, and if the position of Parents were not found, then it would be impossible to find the position of children. Therefore, restoration through indemnity has to be based upon love as the standard. (April 8, 1986)

Even though Father was able to stand in the position of Parent in 1960, it was still necessary to do restoration through indemnity. To stand in the position of Parents means to go through the seven-year course of completion. Then, what should be done during this seven-year course? I had to establish Parents Day, Children's Day and Day of All Things. During the seven-year course Mother also had to attain that position.

Centering upon this seven-year course, I established a foundation up to the national level by fighting Satan. And by surpassing the standard of fourteen years (two times seven years), I consummated vertically the completion level of the growth stage which Adam, the original subject, should have established. Although I did that, in Mother's case it was not yet the same. I had to put Mother on the horizontal position and through a course of seven years Mother and I together had to go over the realm of accusation by Satan. Do you understand what I mean?

Mother also had to go through the seven-year course.

In 1960 we had the Holy Wedding, and in 1968 1 declared God's Day. Since I established God's Day, Parents' Day, Children's Day and Day of All Things as the heartistic center, it became possible for my family to be able to communicate with God. God and Father were able to communicate with each other, next parents and children were able to communicate with each other, and then it was possible to communicate with all things. As a result, conditional territory was opened. Still it was not total environment, but conditional environment. It was limited to the national level, not the world level. In order to achieve the world level foundation, I had to go through the world-level standard of indemnity after 1968, after I achieved the victory in Korea. (April 8, 1986)

3) The Way of the Second Generation

Then, do you love God in the true sense of the word? The question is whether you think God's love is more precious than anything else. Do you understand? You have to search for God's love. During the growth period in which you lack judgment, you may be allowed to do what you want; but after you become old enough to be wise you have to search after the way of love thinking about what the desire of parents is. Otherwise you cannot inherit from the previous generations. You have to go over by liquidating both the horizontal and vertical histories.

Even if you boast that your family is the best family and that you are receiving the Blessing, if Father had not followed the path of indemnity as such, there could not have been the Blessing of the Second Generation in your family. Do you understand what I mean? Are your parents true parents?

In order to become the Messiah, indemnity conditions are necessary. For that purpose all the blood lineage of Cain and Abel must be separated centering on True Parents. Everybody must obey the words of True Parents. It is not even allowed to criticize them. Why is it forbidden to criticize them? It is because Father, as True Parent, is walking the way of establishing the standard of True Love after having searched for the absolute standard which the whole universe needs. This standard is necessary for your ancestors, for all humankind of four billion people, and for you and your descendants.

In human history, no matter what age it was, what has been needed is the standard of True Love. Those who criticize it will be smashed or destroyed. If I push them, they will fall down from the eternal cliff. You must be connected with the bond of love.

Are you connected with that kind of bond of love? Are your fathers and mothers connected with me or not? Those who have been secretly saying, "They said so and so," are not qualified to participate here. Have you or have you not murmured in that way whenever you were gathered? It is no good if you just think like spectators. They have all been invaded by Satan. (April 8, 1986)

Since you are now Blessed families, you have to go pioneering again in the seven-year course unless you have my special permission. Like your fathers and mothers, you have to go out again and come back after having suffered. You must be recognized by me, and yet you have not been able to go over the standard required. From now on all the records of your whole family will be kept and I will decide whether you have passed or failed in doing what I instructed. Those who cannot fulfill will be prevented from going forward and will have to retreat. (April 12, 1986)

There is no other way for you to go. You have to follow me. You have to follow me and go over the nation and go over the world. You have to go over the world and the spirit world. You cannot advance as you wish. If you are allowed to do that, why do I have to endure such suffering? If I did not, I could advance more easily. There is only one way to go.

From now on look at those who go their own way. From now on, if you cannot take the responsibility, your parents will have to go to other places. In other places, they will have to be retrained and will have to make indemnity conditions. (April 27, 1986)

4) Father's Seven-Year Course and the Second Generation's Seven-Year Course

Father's generation has been miserable. I had to indemnify Adam's Age and Jesus' Age. Also, I had to indemnify the Formation Age, Growth Age and Completion Age. Therefore I had to keep all the Unification Church members waiting for fourteen years until I became forty, before I could give them the Blessing. In order to do that I had to restore through indemnity all that Jesus was not able to fulfill centering upon Zachariah's family transcending the nation.

If I talk about that, I cannot finish even if I speak all day. Next, during the seven-year course of the completion level of the formation stage, there was the world-level total attack against me. I went that kind of way during that period. You also have to go through a seven-year course. You still have a seven-year course to go. Do you understand? That is the way to go over the 6,000 biblical-year history. Therefore, now is the time when it is historically most complicated. Viewed from 6,000 biblical years of history it is a time of change for you.

When do you start that kind of seven-year course? When to you have to go? Previously I said, "Your ancestors correspond to the Era of Restoration through Indemnity." Then in your case, which era is it? It is just the Era of Restoration. What is the difference between the Era of Restoration through Indemnity and the Era of Restoration? The difference is in the separation of Satan. Without separating Satan, the process is repeated over and over again.

Now is the time of the Era of Restoration. In this era there is no persecution. Soon in Seoul, Korea, or wherever, there will be fewer and fewer people who oppose Rev. Moon and the Unification Church. Soon the day will come when scholars will say in their classrooms, "Listen to what Rev. Moon says." That time will come. You have to be prepared for that time.

You have to go the seven-year course from now on in order to educate your own sons and daughters as well. That period is the Era of Completion. Therefore, you go the three-year course after engagement, and then after marriage you go another three-year course.

This is the case of the Unification Church today. Originally it was to have been a seven-year course prior to engagement, not a three-year course after engagement. However, since Father has paid indemnity, this period became three years and a half and by adding another three and a half years after marriage, it becomes seven years.

What you have to do first during the seven-year course is to make material offerings. Why? It is because you are fallen. Since all of you are in the realm of satanic dominion you don't have the things with which God can remake the world. Since even your physical bodies are fallen, you have to look for them from the satanic world. In order to recreate yourself you have to look for the material necessary for re-creation. Eve must indemnify what Adam lost; therefore, you have to look for material offerings necessary for re-creating yourself in front of God. Therefore all the members of the Unification Church have to do this work.

First, took for material. Then go to the front line and look for your own spouse. In order to look for your own spouse, you have to have three spiritual children. Without having three spiritual sons or daughters, you cannot find your spouse. It is because, in order to find your spouse you must have established the condition of having subjugated three archangels. Otherwise you cannot attain the position of Adam.

In order to find your spiritual sons and daughters, you must go to the village where there is the most opposition against you. Just going to the village next door is no good. You have to go through three areas or three counties. You cannot make restoration in your own native place. You must go to Satan's front line and find them.

Only after you have restored three spiritual sons and daughters can you receive the Blessing. Right? You go this way. There still remains the way of indemnity. How about you? Do you need spiritual children or not? Do you all have three spiritual children? You know that. Therefore, you have to make efforts to establish the condition of faith. You have to go round from the individual, family, tribe, nation, state and world. In that way you make restoration of the global Canaan.

Next, you must visit Father's native place at least once. You should start from Father's native place. Do you understand? Go to my native place and make determination and pledge: "From now on I will go the really public way." You have to make a declaration. Where is father's hometown? It is Chung Ju. Therefore you have to go to Chung Ju and live there after the unification of North and South. There still remains that way. It is not so difficult for you to go to Father's native place.

From now you have to serve publicly for seven years. Whether you are university graduates or not, all of you have to do public service, just like military service. You will go to labor in certain remote areas and everything. You need education in order to pass as a public person. You need elementary school, middle school and high school and also you need such a public course.

After you graduate from high school, how old are you usually? You graduate at the age of fifteen or sixteen. Since the IQ of you children is higher, you can even graduate from high school earlier. Without exception, all of you have to go through the seven-year course and you must not fail in the process. In the Old Testament Age, those who committed sins and crimes were stoned to death. An even more terrible age may come. There are many things for us to do. We have to establish the traditions of our homeland of Korea. The modest way of Korean dress is one tradition. From now on Korean clothes must be made worldwide. You have to pass all of these things, and then you get married.

But since you have been unable to do that, you will have to accomplish that during the age of your sons and daughters after three generations. If I don't live until then it will be a terrible thing. (April 8, 1986)

5) The Seven-Year Course Is a Must

Originally there is both a seven-year course for women and seven-year course for men. You have to meet the standard of fourteen years. In your case, you have to go the seven-year course and suffer. In my case, when I was a teenager like you I traveled all over Korea from Chul Ra Do to Kyun San Do and all over the country. (April 8, 1986)

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