The Way for a True Child

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 1. The View of True Love Between Man and Woman

1) God's Motivation for Creating Everything

What does God need? God does not need money, or knowledge. If you go in front of God and say, "I have a Ph.D. in Natural History because of my abundant knowledge," do you think that God will say to you, "You are great," or "You are arrogant"? Which one would He say? We don't have anything worth showing off. God is the King of knowledge, and even if you say, "I have been president of a country," He will say to you, "You fool!" You may ask God to recognize your authority as president of a country, but God already has such. What He needs is not money or knowledge or power, what He needs is love. (187-44)

What is God's motivation for creating the whole creation? It is now a fundamental question. He is the King of all beings. Yet He lacks one thing. He has it but He cannot use it. What is it then? It is Love. Love is in His mind but has not been able to be expressed. He wants to touch, bite, swear, shock, and to do more, but He cannot do so. Is it not the same for you? For example, when you have a nice physical object, you look at it from the front, the back and the sides and want to open it up to be able to see more. You want to know more about it. But in terms of Love, God cannot do it by Himself. This is the problem.

God feels bored. Think about God. For many billions of years, He has been alone. "Oh, I am very happy sitting upon this throne, Lord of all creation! " Do you think that is what He said? There is nothing more pitiful than to be alone. There is nothing harder than that. You probably feel lonely just when your friends are not around. Isn't that so? (188-122)

2) The Reason God Created the Universe as a Pair-System

If you want to enjoy the universe with God's love, what should the universe be like? Not only should God be able to enjoy, but also the universe should be joyful. Therefore, God created the universe as a pair-system. This is the correct theory. Even the mineral world exists as a pair-system. You cannot deny this. How does a crystal form? Do you know? It begins as a small particle and then it becomes larger as other particles join in. Using this concept of the pair-system, the crystal is able to expand and continue to grow. You cannot see this process, but it is happening everywhere.

You ask, "How did the universe come about?" It came out of the standard of the concept of love. That is why everything exists as subject and object partners, to bring about harmony. You cannot love by yourself. That is why the entire universe must exist as a pair-system. Do you think this is correct? (Yes) The mineral world exists as a pair-system. The animal world also exists as a pair-system within each species. Then, even though God may try to put two different species together, saying, "You, go and join with another species," they will not listen. Why? It is the principle that He has set up. He can not change it.

The ideal of love must follow the principle of harmony, so that internal nature and external form can come together and participate in give-and-take action. Without this principle, any exchange between the two is a loss. That is why the whole universe follows this pair system. So Teacher's theory is right. The creation of the universe was accomplished with the theme of love. Everything is like that. That is very theoretical. Do you understand or not? (Yes, we understand.) We must make this clear to others. (182-123)

It is the same with animals. The season is now fall; the frost has yet to come. When you go up the hill and try to have a nap, you can hear many insects singing. It is like an orchestra; you can hear many different kinds of insects. One says "bik" and another "zak, zak;" all are in harmony. The quality of man's orchestra cannot be compared to nature's orchestra, not even our New York Symphony orchestra. The sounds of insects are so harmonious. What do you think it is all for? They are all seeking partners. Their foreheads are close together, and they rub each other's faces with arms and legs. Just as when parakeets are in love. This is how it is.

Why are they like that? All creation was created centered on the theme of love. If all things were made different, then it would cause a big problem. They would wonder, "Why are we different, while man can love each other as pairs?" God knew that this could happen, and being the King of wisdom, He knew that the universe must be created as a pair-system. From the smallest being on up, all can live their lives joyfully, singing for eternity, in this universe. (182-127)

3) The Reason Man and Woman Were Born

You should know yourself. Who am I? I was born as the fruit of the vertical love of God and the horizontal love of True Parents. We all should be like this, mind and body united at right angles. But due to the fall, we are born through Satan's blood lineage, so this has not been possible.

If we ask, what is Satan, he is the one who destroyed the ideal partnership of Adam and Eve, instead of protecting it. He was against them. Do you understand? He invaded and raped what was supposed to be protected by the universal power. So, as we succeed to the fallen blood lineage of Satan, we stand in the position of being against love, which is God's original nature. We also stand in the position as another plus, and therefore our mind and body have been in conflict as eternal enemies.

It is the responsibility of religions to eliminate this conflict. If religions do not know this truth, then there is no liberation. When you know this theory, then you are able to change the substantial social realities. If your theory is not correct, you cannot survive long. Do you understand? (Yes)

So you now know that man should follow the path of love. Then what is woman born for? For whom is she born? What are humans? When we talk about humans, there is man and there is woman. So, what is man and what is woman. Why were you born? You women, do you ever regret that you were born a woman? "Why was I born as a woman, not as a man?" Didn't you regret in this way? Please, do not worry.

When man goes out and hunts many different kinds of things, who will be proud of it? Horizontally, he only has his wife to show off to. You should think like this. Man gives everything that he has gained from going north, south, east and west, working in the four season of spring, summer, fall and winter, to his wife. Do you understand? Woman is the master keeper of all that man harvests. Also his love. He wants to give, while woman wants to receive.

You women, you marry. Why do you marry? When you are asked, you usually answer, "I married to receive love." Have you ever heard any one say, "I marry to give my love"? Why would someone say this? It is because it is the age of action. But women should think of giving love in turn while she receives love. In relation to the spherical form, man should give from the position of Yang, then women should give from the position of Yin. As they revolve, in give and take action, they move toward life centered on that love. So, when a woman cares for her husband's welfare, saying, "Oh, please live eternally and be healthy," she wishes her husband to be strong and healthy. She is even willing to go hungry for her husband's well being. You should support and stand behind your husband for his success. Do you understand what this means? It is very important that you do this. As he encourages you, you should give him a push in return. Husband must be prepared to go a hard course, over the back path of wife. This also applies to women towards her husband. Then the spherical form is created. Then husband and wife through right angles can meet in the center of the sphere. With this in mind, the question of why men and women were born has a simple answer. Men were born for women and women were born for men. It is as simple as that.

So, were you born to fight or to love others? (Born to love others) Then, how much do you like each other? Knowledge and material possession or anything else in your environment are not important. Think about how much you love your wife. You can forgive her anything. If you love your husband, even though he may cause you much anger, you should not become so agitated as to leave the sphere. Do you understand? (Yes) You must remember the first moment of love that drew you together. If you ever leave the realm of this love, the universe will chase you out. (187-76)

4) Flowers Must Give Off a Fragrance First

Should women chase men or should men chase after women? (Men) (Laughter)

Physiologically, do women or men reach maturity first? (Women) Because women reach maturity earlier, men are less enlightened. Due to this, when man and woman fall, the man is insensitive. So, it can be seen that women give off a fragrance earlier than men. Do flowers send forth fragrance first or do butterflies fly there first? (The flowers) (Laughter) As a flower sends forth its fragrance, the butterflies fly to it. This law of nature also applies to women. Women already think, even at the age of fifteen or sixteen, "Oh, where is my partner?" She starts to make a big fuss, doing kokoje (dialect of Father's home town); is this right? In Seoul, we do not use this word do we? Even modest girls climb their fences to look at boys' buttocks in spring. "How rude, that boy, passing by without even noticing me." She looks modest, but she still behaves this way. "He could have at least whistled at me." This is what women are like. You women, do you do this or not? If not, you are not a false woman, right?

Everyone here, when a man and a woman are in love, is there any difference between the love of the man and that of the woman? Or is it the same? (Same) I am researching this, because it has never been tested before. When you hear a thunderstorm, is the loud sound a result of a positive charge and negative charge occurring at the same time or different times? (Same time) That's correct. Is it true that when there is a flash of current, everything suddenly combusts? Even if you touch it slightly with your hand, it will shock your whole body. Even to the tips of your hair, zap! Well, when there is a love current between man and woman, do you think they want to become one or stay separate? (Become one) Perhaps they won't end up as one. (187-80)

5) Love Travels the Shortest Distance

Does God also like love? (Yes) Do you know whether He likes it or not? Have you felt or experienced this? God is of the spirit world, so how do you know that God likes love? For example, is it possible to tell whether or not an electric current is flowing through a cord? Can people know just by looking? (No, they don't know.) What can you do to find out? You can find out very quickly with an electric tester. You can also find out via your physical senses. Although electricity may be invisible, we can feel it when it stimulates our senses. It is the same with love. If you are not fallen, when God feels sad, you should automatically feet sad. When God is happy, you should feel happy also.

Listening to the story of a person who cries in great desire to have love, will your heart suddenly be filled with emotion? (Yes) Why is it filled with emotion? It is because we have the same elements. We are all composed of common elements. So, what would you do if you found God unhappy and crying for all humanity? Would you kick him out or welcome him? Would you kick him out? (No) If God was crying for any other reason, you will probably deny Him, but if He cries with an aching heart because He hasn't accomplished the purpose of love with mankind, all creation would want to give Him sympathy and help. That is the way the world of love works. This is eternally unchanging.

Centered on love, especially centered on greater love, if there was a man who wanted to work more passionately, then people around him, which is the family, nation and world, would be eager to move according to his will. (187-50)

We, mankind should connect vertically to heaven and earth, while horizontally connecting to each nation and then to the world, by doing our part. Then the whole world will be moved. Father should also go this way. If Father climbs up to the world level, then, on his way back, will not even the people who opposed him welcome him? This is the way things revolve. This is the way of heaven and earth. God has moved this way and Teacher also has been moving the same way, vertically and horizontally.

Then where is the place of consummation? The question is where is the point they are bound together? At the 90-degree angle. Why a 90-degree angle? What could the answer be? Love travels the shortest distances. Man and woman are representatives of the horizontal plane. There is only one way they can simultaneously come together. There are not two ways. It is absolute. Why? Because love travels the shortest distance, they cannot help but to meet at the 90-degree angle. Do you agree or not? If not, it is said that it is distorted. Is this right? Centered upon love, the vertical line and the horizontal line travel the shortest distance to meet at the 90-degree angle. Even a 91 -degree angle will mean that you travel a longer distance. Is that right? Therefore, theoretically the 90-degree angle is the most correct way. (187-60)

Perpendicularity is connected to absoluteness. Why is it perpendicular at the place where love abides? There are many questions to be answered on this matter. We will come to them later. Why should it be perpendicular? It is because love travels the shortest distances. It is a simple reason, but it is precious words. Why should it be perpendicular? This is the question. Why should it be horizontal and balanced? Centered on love, to be perpendicular, love should travel the shortest distance. When you go to meet the person you love, do you go slowly, as you would to meet your next-door neighbor, or as straight as a bullet? (Straight)

Have you tried this? (Laughter) No matter if it is day or night, spring, summer, fall or winter, however long human history will be, love wants to travel the shortest distances. Do you understand? (Yes)

So, why is it vertical? What is the shortest distance to the vertical line? It is so that a point in the highest position can be connected to a point in the lowest position through the shortest distance. That is why love travels the shortest distances in this universe. That is why it is a vertical line that connects high and low positions at a perpendicular position. Do you follow? (187-51)

6) Love Grows Bigger in Circular Motion

Do you need love? (Yes) What sees love first? Within your body, what wants to see love first? What wants to touch love first? The point is what is the antenna of love? The antenna of love in man is man's convex. What about woman? When convex and concave come together, it becomes round and then disappears. This is true with everything. What is an example? When a positive electric charge comes together to meet a negative electric charge, they create thunderstorms, but then return to being neutral, to zero. Do you understand? They are going back to what they were.

Next, love proceeds in circular motion. It does not become smaller, but becomes bigger and bigger. In this way, love has the desire to grow into bigger and greater love. Its nature is to seek family-level love rather than individual-level of love. You want the same, don't you? You seek the family level of love rather than individual level of love. You not only need your family, but you need your tribe. Therefore, a spiral action is employed to expand love. This is what we in the Unification Church say, "The individual is for the family." Why? It is to connect up to the bigger world of love. Do you understand? The nation is for the world, the world is for the cosmos, the cosmos is for God, and God is for love. Did God come to existence for the sake of Himself? He is for the sake of love.

That's why all beings that exist on earth want to be absorbed by love.

Does mankind want the same thing? For example, there are two people living together as husband and wife. Even though the husband loves the wife very much, if a greater love comes to the wife, then she will want to go to where there is more love. With greater love you can detach her from the other love. Although husband and wife are married, if one realizes that one can embrace people of your nation and the world, it is all right for him or her to leave the family. This will not be a bad thing to do. No matter how much the wife may cry, grabbing on to her husband, saying, "Please stay with me, the husband may leave his wife and children for the sake of bigger love. The people who move forward for bigger love are the people who are closer to God. That is why we call it goodness. Do you understand? (Yes)

In comparison, which would you rather take? Would you pick the bigger one or the smaller one? (We want to have the bigger one) No one wants to have the smaller one. Also, do you want to have a good one or a bad one? There is no human being that wants to have a bad one. Because of this, this is a common universal concept, the concept of ownership. This concept applies equally to everyone. But centered on what? It can only be love. Is American mothers' love for their children different from that of Korean mothers, or the same? Please answer this. Is it the same or different? The original quality is the same. The concept of unification is hard to conceive without love.

Then, is the love between American husband and wife different from that between oriental husband and wife? Is it different or the same? If a woman sheds tears for her husband in yearning for him, are one person's tears spotted, while the other person's are bright with true heart? They are the same. The tears of the oriental wife and the tears of the Western wife in yearning to see the husband are the same color. If you taste them, they are salty. If you say sweet, then they are both sweet. Isn't this correct? When you say, it is the same color, you mean that it is unchanging. (187-54)

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