The Way for a True Child

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 4. The Blessing of Second Generation and the Attitude to Receive the Blessing

1) Foundation of Blessing and the Blessing of Second Generation

When Jesus was going to the place of death, the disciples were supposed to go together with him. We Unification Church members are to go the way of death. You should not run away. You should be determined to risk your life. Therefore, those that oppose you are even risking their lives. There are so many people against you. The nation is against you. Everyone is against you. Even your parents, your husband or wife, and your children are against you. They try so hard to go against you that they start foaming at the mouth.

So, you must know how pitiful we have been. Your parents have set up the condition of going the way of death, to establish the foundation of the Unification Church following the Teacher. That is how your foundation, as well as your parents, has been laid, with Teacher's qualification. Do you understand?

What we have been doing is to follow the process of restoration through indemnity. To receive the Blessing, you should establish the condition for indemnity on the national level, which Jesus was not able to accomplish. So, because of this we are to go to the worldwide mission field. From 1957, the national level of mobilization began.

During mobilization, they had a condition to eat barley meals. Some even ate dog food. They went out to indemnify the mistake of Israel. The mistake of Israelite people was that they did not attend Judaism. That is why the Unification Church members left everything and set out to indemnify this. They have all gone out for mobilization. What does "precious children" mean? They should be offered for the sake of the nation. For the sake of the nation, mother, father, and children must be offered. You must know that this was the kind of activities that were done by your parents. Understand? It was not to throw away their children. It was not because they didn't like you.

They went along the bloody path because there was no other way to go to heaven. Because the established Christian Churches were not doing what they should have been doing, we, the Unification Church, replaced the Christian Churches and laid the foundation to fight for the sake of the nation, through the Blessing, even when the nation was opposing us. The Blessing was held in public, in front of the Korean population of 30 million people. If you go against the Blessing, you will be in big trouble. The Blessing is now well accepted by the public, isn't it? Japan and other countries of the world accept it. This is the kind of work the Unification Church does. In the future, when you get rich, you will be very eager to be Blessed.

Did Adam and Eve know all the theory on how to love before they loved? From now on, young school students and university students in their twenties will come in masses to receive the Blessing. Then, after 40 days and 120 days of training, they will be Blessed; then they will all become Unification Church members. Do you understand?

That is the bait. What is the attractive point of the Unification Church? Young men and women are saying, "Unification Church families have very good family lives centering on the eternal standard. Secular world families are breaking up, but when you join, there will be no more problems." Saying these kinds of words, people will crowd into the Unification Church. Later, on university campuses we will give out "Application of marriage candidate." Then many will come. You can either be Blessed now or wait until that time. Should you wait? At that time, handsome men of the world, well-built, blue-eyed, and with blonde hair will come. That may be the time of your Blessing. Would you be Blessed at that time? At that time of blessing, most of your partners are likely to be westerners.

You, and your father and mother have suffered a lot, therefore you all look the same. They have given birth to their children while being persecuted and not having enough food. When babies are born in a comfortable environment with good prenatal care, good babies are born. You were born through difficult circumstances; that is why you look like empty husks. But one thing: your origin is good. Were there enough things to eat? Teacher was hungry, so you were not able to eat a lot. You must know what we have been through.

Now that you have experienced fundraising, is not a penny precious? "Dad, please give me money." When you received the money easily, did you think, "My dad is easy to get money from? You should know that there were many people who died. You must know that the money you are spending is like blood. Teacher is fighting so hard. I don't spend money. I do not spend for myself. You know the situation the world is in. You must work hard for your mission from now on.

Korean people in America are going through hardship to pay indemnity because Korea did not fulfill her responsibility. I see that Koreans have been suffering the most in their marital lives. But Koreans should have gone this way anyhow, shouldn't they? According to the Principle, isn't it the right way to go? Abel must go through the hardest course. That is why I have blessed you Koreans, to represent the people of the world. Yet you suffer so much, and your husband does not give you sympathy; but I do. You have been through a lot. So, if you don't have the ability to be self-sufficient, you cannot survive. You never know when you might be kicked out, do you?

Unification Church members don't know of any other place to go, because they are fearful of the Principle. Americans, the ones who had left the church, are coming back, because they don't know where else to go. When you see a person coming back according to his own will) the others will also be stuck here, because they don't have any place to go to. What good things does the Unification Church have? It is difficult here. During wartime, does anyone like the war? After the war is over, there will be a peaceful world that all can enjoy. (133-148)

Why do we Bless the second generation? If their families are under persecution from the world, we should not Bless them. But from the providential view, Unification families have been through the age of persecution, haven't we? Who made it possible? Your fathers and mothers? Who made it possible? (Father) Which father? (True Parents) Who is above True Parents? Heavenly Father! Restoration is complete when you attend three generations of parents. This means, centered on the vertical parents, who are God and True Parents, you should connect to your own parents as the horizontal parents, by attending them. There are to be three generations of parents. (144-70)

2) Providential Time and the Blessing of Second Generation

Now you have become adults. In ancient times, second generations in the course of Canaan's restoration had thirty-six enemy nations of seven generations. But you do not have thirty-six enemy nations. There are seven plus twelve families to overcome, which is less than twenty families. You are to be united with those families' youths. The foundation has now been laid, which means that their parents cannot oppose them. God has made it possible. Therefore, the restoration through indemnity has been achieved substantially. Has it been in accordance with the Principle, that Teacher has been teaching or has it not? We have been fighting in this way.

So, before Teacher Blesses church members, Teacher's family should be Blessed first. Then, the destiny of Korea and the world will be bound to you, the second generation. Therefore, this time my third daughter, Un Jin, was Blessed. You should be horizontally connected to her family, to go beyond the foundation of the family level. Do you understand? Even though you have set up the realm of family blessing, you should go down to rock bottom, where Satan cannot accuse you. Do you understand? This is the last battle, the last battle.

On the tenth, it is Teacher's twenty-sixth year since the Holy Wedding. A full twenty-five years has past. It is now the twenty-sixth year. So this coming Blessing has historical significance. As we complete this Blessing, the satanic world cannot accuse our families. If we cannot have the Blessing of second generations, we will be finished, because of accusation, won't we?

Next, we will see the trend that members of IFVOC (International Federation for Victory Over Communism) and all Koreans come, saying, "Let us ask Reverend Moon to give us the Blessing." People are saying that the Unification Church marriage ceremony is wonderful. Originally, this kind of marriage ceremony should have been called "Liberation Ceremony," to be held in style! 'When this one is over, we may go for an eight thousand couple blessing.

What is this marriage ceremony? At this time of transition, the family should make a solid foundation. The second generation of Satan's world will come over the bridge, which is your foundation. Do you understand? The children of Korean leaders are gradually coming over the bridge, your foundation.

The course of restoration so far has been the restoration through indemnity in Satan's world. You climb up the hill to get redemption and to build a nation. Then, you are to come down to make the foundation, to attend Abel's family. Teacher needs for you to do this. As Teacher has been laying the foundation, it is your turn to restore young men and women through village meetings, so that you can make the path through which everyone can go over the hill. This is the time to do it. Do you understand?

So, you are now at the frontline. This year's motto is "Chon-gukchang-gun" (To build the Kingdom of Heaven on earth), isn't it? You are now building the Kingdom of Heaven. Do you understand? Who will build the Kingdom of Heaven first? You should be the first. Centered upon the Unification family of the Teacher, the second-generation family must be made. By doing this, Abel-type families can be established horizontally throughout the satanic Cain world.

Up until now, people have come up centered on Teacher. Your parents have come up with you, to now stand on the same horizontal level as Teacher. So, Teacher's family is going to make the link of balance, centered on the third daughter, Un Jin. We don't need many: twelve families will be enough. It is okay with just three families for the condition. We don't need much.

When you say, "I marry today," it does not mean, "I marry somebody." The marriage is not centered on yourself. Instead, you are making a historical revolution in the name of the Unification family. Look, you are Un Jin's elder brothers and sisters, aren't you? She is younger than you! She had no idea that she would be participating in this matching until eleven o'clock in the evening three days ago. She did not have any particular person in mind. She received the direction to come and prepare for the Blessing at eleven o'clock that night. There was no process of approval or agreement. We do not need this kind of approval or agreement.

We do this work quickly to make things crystal clear. It is not supposed to include thoughts from a third person. Whatever the decision, it must be done by True Parents, not by any third person. This should be done centering on True Parents. So I don't take your parents advice into account at all. (144-128)

3) Qualifications for Second Generation Blessing

Do you know about the foundation of faith and the foundation of substance mentioned in the Divine Principle? What is the meaning of the foundation for the Messiah? Well, who is supposed to go that course? In the Divine Principle there are details of the paths that central figures have taken. Because of that we are to indemnify all of these in our lifetime. Then you must have firm faith; but I wonder if you are all ready.

Ideally, a conscientious man who has a good personality should do what he thinks is good before he speaks about it. If you have the personality as the subject, to put into practice what you say should not make it possible for others to accuse you. Do you understand? People who are speakers should practice their speeches. In Satan's world, even though you may be involved with fraud, they do not know the law of indemnity. But in heaven's world, the law of indemnity is clearly unavoidable. (144-55)

4) The Attitude for Receiving the Blessing

Fallen man should not marry. That's why there are nuns and priests of Buddhist and Catholic faiths. Why? The first ancestors of mankind were not able to marry, so you, as descendants of thousand's of generation, can you marry? The kind of person who goes against Heaven will perish. There is a saying by Confucius, "The one that attends heaven increases, but those who oppose heaven decrease." Are you qualified to receive the Blessing? Are you? Are you out of Satan's realm of accusation? How are you doing now? Are you not hesitating with how to go the Way of the Will? Those who are like that shouldn't be here, because your conscience will accuse you.

Your eyes: raise your head. Let's see your eyes. In your eyes, how many ways of seeing people do you have? Handsome man, ugly man, plain man, do you see them in such a way? You see people in three standards, don't you? In your eyes, do you see beautiful woman, ugly woman, and plain woman? Do you see like this or not? In the time of Adam and Eve, were there handsome men or ugly women or man and woman in between? Were there, or not? (There were not) Therefore in your eyes, you should be absolute, absolute and unwavering. Handsome men, ugly men and men in between are all the same. You have distorted vision. I can see you people trumpeting to me, "handsome man, handsome man!" According to the Principle, do you approve or not approve? Please answer, do you approve it or not? (We should approve it) Handsome man, not so handsome man, or ugly man, those who view men in three standards like this cannot have a true marriage. That will be a false marriage. Some of you here are closely related to Satan.

Did Adam have the right of choice? Did Eve have the right to choose out of many men, and did Adam have the right to choose out of many women? Did they or not? (No, they did not) There was only one man for Eve to turn to, even when she was crying joyful tears. She could see only one man, Adam. Even if he had broken legs or even worse, there was only one man, Adam. She was not allowed to see two men. Also Adam, wherever he ran around, no one else was there. He could not see two women. Could Adam and Eve select whom they liked? "I don't like Eve. I want another woman," could he behave like this? If he had been stubborn, he would have lived alone for a long time and then died. Humanity would have perished. This means that his race would have ended. If you marry whomever you want to, it is hell; but if you marry not according to your own will, then it is like the Kingdom of Heaven.

Now there is only the Unification world. Even the Communists are talking about it. Try to fight the Communists in the university campuses. Communists will be pushed out, not the Unification Church. Go and fight them. Now the unified world is near. In that world you should be proud of tradition. This means to be proud of the tradition of the Principle.

You come here without lipstick on, fearing Teacher's chastisement. You look into the mirror and say, "How ugly I look! Who would like to have me!" But it will be okay as long as Teacher's mind accepts you. Teacher will choose a good groom or bad groom. If you have a bad mind, no matter how beautiful you are, through my eyes I can see you going over the hill with one eye closed. Then, how can I get a good groom for you? This Teacher is a mysterious person. Did you know that? That's why I know if a country will perish and also the world.

Well, do you want to be matched quickly or not? (Quickly) The way to have a quick matching is to have people line up in two lines, close your eyes and grab one person each! Then how can you complain? The simplest way is to leave it up to your own destiny. Shall we do it that way?

I like that way too. I will pray for God's full guidance. Everybody turn around. You don't know whether the person is a man or woman? Then men should take their watches off and women should keep them on. "Wow, this is my husband, my wife." "Thank you." Then you open your eyes. Next, it is possible that when you look he could be very handsome. The glasses of love are the glasses of harmony of Heaven and Earth. Through that pair of glasses, even an ugly man with a rough and bumpy face looks so handsome. It is a blessing to have even a pock-marked person. You have such a face for the tears of love to fill the pock holes. With that thought in mind, as you feel his face, you may feel good. The taste of first love can digest the whole universe and can do even more. (144-82)

5) Blessing, Originally Parents to Give

What is the better way to choose your partner? Do you think it is good for me to choose or for you to choose? Let us decide. If I say okay, it is all okay. Isn't that right? Do you think that you can make a better choice? Do you want me to do it in a blink of an eye? Which do you want? (I want what Teacher does) I don't have that much energy, because I had a small lunch. You've got to give me a little sympathy. Now American members as well as European members want to be blessed by Teacher. That is their first hope. Therefore, I'd like to match you second generation, too. Originally, your parents should do it for you. With the right tradition of heaven, the marriage ceremony is the ceremony to inherit tradition. Everything is to be inherited centered on love. It means that the former generation is transmitted to the next generation. Have you heard these kinds of words? "People of the old age" and "Age gap." These kinds of words are around because it is the Last Days. You should go through the transition period. (144-92)

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