The Way for a True Child

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 3. Responsibility and Restoration Through Indemnity

1) The Reason God Gave Humans Responsibility

You may think lightly of responsibility, but if you don't know this, history cannot move on. Why did God give responsibility? God gave a commandment not to eat because He gave responsibility. If he had not given responsibility, it would mean that people should start making love even when they are infants; there would be no puberty. Puberty is a time when love matures and man and woman learn about each other. The question is why God gave responsibility. It is in order to raise us up until the time of puberty. Without it, people would have to be married from the time of childhood, right? Do they know what marriage is? They cannot be married. So they should wait until they are grown up through the period of maturation. Men and women should become physically mature. After the maturation, even grasshoppers know how to find their mates, and why would people not know this? They can find their own spouses. (133-106)

2) Our Attitude in living with Responsibility

You must be curious about many things, but you cannot put them into questions because you are not clear about it. If I ask you, you can, not but agree. It is for sure. Responsibility, OK? You tell your parents that you want to eat, but do you eat with a mouth that fulfilled the responsibility? You, _____, has your mouth fulfilled the responsibility? (No) Your hands pick up the food and put it into your mouth without shame, but you should say, "You, hand, have you carried out your responsibility?" How about your eyes? When you see a handsome boy, your eyes remember him and want to see him again. Have you ever told your eyes, "You, eyes, have you completed your responsibility? Aren't you Satanic eyes?" Also, when you are putting on a necklace, you should ask if your neck has fulfilled the responsibility. If you say, "Although I have not fulfilled my responsibility, I have to use this necklace in order to bring more beauty to the public. Please forgive me," then God will approve of you. But you should not just try to show off your charms with the necklace. Everything changes according to responsibility.

When you wear clothes, it is the same. Why are you wearing that kind of clothes? Sisters, you changed all your clothes, huh? They must be your best clothes, right? I mentioned before that I may match you, just to see how you react. You rascals, you put on lipstick, although I told you not to. (We did because today is a special day to see you!) I don't need that. I judge by responsibility. How can you wear rings? I have never used a single ring so far. Not wearing rings, and putting away my watch -- this is how I live. I ask myself about the responsibility of the world and cosmos. Unification members are asked about individual and family responsibilities, but I ask myself if I fulfilled cosmic responsibility.

Sisters, your hips and breasts must be getting bigger, but don't say, "Oh, may my husband come quickly." Why are you covering your faces? You act like that because you have had that kind of thought, right? If you had had no such thought, then you would be just sitting still because you know nothing about it. In such times, you should think more deeply. You should say, "You, body, do you know what responsibility is?" When you menstruate, you should say, "You, menstruation, do you know what responsibility is? How nice it would be if you come out in the original place. You rascal, you have to go through death, and why are you behaving like this?" Having menstruation means that you are ready to receive a husband and have babies. But have you ever said, "You rascal, wait more"? _______, it sounds real when I tell you now, right? Previously, you did not know that indemnity is this serious, right? (133-109)

3) All the Systems are Based on Responsibilities

Students should fulfill their responsibility as students. All that is decided at school is responsibility. Students should prepare well for the exams. This is their responsibility. In Unification Church, witnessing and fundraising well is our responsibility. Through responsibility, your character matures and you become persons of qualification and value. This is how systems work in the world. This connects to all laws and regulations. Do you understand responsibility? Do elementary students also have responsibilities? (They do) How about secondary school students? (They do) How about college students? (They do) Doctorate students? (They do) How about a husband and wife? (They do) How about between children and parents? (There is responsibility) How about all the members of the family, grandparents and parents? (There is) So everywhere there is responsibility. This is why you should respect the law. If you live by your inclination, you will have no place to stay. The universe will expel you. No matter how promising it seems, things will not work out for you.

Responsibility is everywhere. In eating, it is your responsibility to finish your food. There is much responsibility. The one who can carry much responsibility is a great person. Do you understand? I created many responsibilities, right? I created many systems. In the companies, there should be a principle and law that can facilitate the whole operation. There can be no objections. When someone complains, he will be kicked out. Do you understand? Adam and Eve were not going in the straight path, and what happened to them? They got expelled. When I establish a law, it is based on the law of responsibility, and so you should absolutely follow it. Do you understand responsibility now? Church regulations are also a system of responsibilities. The time of service must be kept absolutely. You should come before the service starts, and you should not move during the service. I did the same myself. When I went to school late, then I did not eat lunch. I went there exactly five minutes before the start.

When I was going to school, I had to walk 8 km every day. This was elementary school. So the students who lived on my way knew when I was coming every day, and if they followed me, they did not get to school late. So kids were waiting for me on every hill. I walk very quickly. I walked 8 km within 45 minutes, and my friends had a hard time keeping up with me. I was famous for that. I have many stories, although I don't have to tell them to you. I made preparation for school without relying on my parents. I negotiated my own oral test with the school principal. Do you understand this? It was like pioneering. I created it all. So you should know that all the systems are based on responsibilities. You should keep the law of Unification Church. Do you get up for the morning pledge? Those who do not keep the pledge at home, raise your hands. All this is responsibility. Whether you can fulfill your responsibility is a question that determines your life. (133-154)

4) Father's Restoration Through Indemnity and its Inheritance

Now, so far, who has carried out the course for indemnity? (Father) Can you pay for it with money? No. Can you pay for it by selling your house and country? (No) Then what do you have to do? There is nothing you can do other than absolute obedience. You have to obey absolutely until you turn twenty. Adam and Eve fell as they had been going their own ways before they were twenty. So you should absolutely obey until you turn twenty. So children should obey their parents absolutely. Children are aware that they will perish unless they are one with their parents. Also, we will perish if we are not united with God. Satan knows this, and this is why he is dividing the old and new generations; children are kicked out from home for disobeying their parents. America is opposing me. Satan is a genius. He knows everything about the world. He is stripping people naked. Hippie lifestyle is quite pointless.

So you should realize how amazing it is to be a Blessed family and how difficult it is to be a Blessed family. Even Jesus could not achieve this. How much has he sacrificed in order to prepare the worldwide foundation of Christianity for the past two thousand years? Starting with the four hundred years of Roman persecution, Christianity shed blood everywhere before it settled down and developed. Even with such sacrifices, Christianity could not achieve the Blessing, but this has been achieved in me. So how incredible it is for your parents to have been Blessed. Can this be exchanged for money? You cannot pay for it although you say thanks and dance around for a thousand years. You should know that you have this kind of privilege.

I paid for the indemnity, and who received the blessing? (We did) You 36 Blessed families, are you worried at all that I am going to prison now? You are just blinking your eyes, and my going to prison is nothing so shocking for you. But I don't mind that; parents are supposed to serve the children, anyway. This is how children are; they receive benefits from parents' hard work. But I am asking you to become that kind of parents yourself. Then you have to inherit this tradition. You should not make your children say: Our grandparents bequeathed good tradition to my parents, and yet our parents did not bequeath good tradition to us so that we have not been able to grow up fully. (133-136)

5) Reason We Must Follow the Path of indemnity

Now, if the original and sinless world had been established, the Unification Church would be welcomed by the whole. But now the world has become satanic, and we must recreate it. Creation requires overcoming the opposite force, through which you can gain a surplus energy to construct your structure. Without a surplus power, there cannot be a creation. So the Unification Church says that we need the indemnity course through which we can eliminate the opposing force. This is because of the fall; do you understand, sisters?

In re-creation, you must invest more energy than was originally invested. It is like repairing something costs more than making it. So this extra investment should be taken care of through indemnity. Do you understand the concept of indemnity? Indemnity is for the sake of recreation. We need indemnity for the sake of re-creation. Do you get the idea? This morning, do you welcome indemnity? (We do) Why? In order to be re-created and become an original person. In order to be restored. Only the original persons will follow the way of God's Will. Now, are you original people or fallen tribes? Fallen tribes. So you must be re-created through an indemnity course. Our Blessed children, do you understand?

We need an indemnity course. In order to save the world, you should take the indemnity course. Jesus is God's son, but he also had to take the indemnity course in order to save the world. Because the world refused to go and opposed him, he could not help taking the responsibility and going through the indemnity course. Why am I suggesting that you should suffer? So that you can go through the indemnity path. I myself intend to follow the indemnity way all my life. Go voluntarily instead of reluctantly. Even going to prison should be volunteered. When you complain, indemnity cannot be fulfilled, do you understand? You followed me to fundraising, right? Although you may say, "Gee, I don't like fundraising. What is this?" this is just the beginning. From now on, I may even tell you to walk upside down. I may say, "Since the world is evil, you walk upside down." Because the world is upside down, and going along with evil people will make us evil, we should go in the reverse way. This is how you become good people. This is quite logical. (133-69)

6) Reason We Should do Fundraising

Now Unification members understand the responsibility of indemnity, right? You should go through the indemnity course. So why do you go fundraising? [Father talks to one person], what education did you receive about this? (It is a practical education in which we can use what we learned about the Principle in fighting against Satan.) Is that how it is explained? Why do you need to do witnessing and fundraising? (It is a condition for the restoration of all things.) What will you do after restoring all things? (We are responsible to restore people in the fallen world, but also to return all things to God.) What is the human responsibility? We need to restore all things because God needs things He can possess as He tries to re-create us. God tries to re-create fallen people but He needs things within his authority. You have not taught them this, right? What does this mean? Because of the fall, there is no material through which God can re-create me. Everything is given over to Satan. So I return the material to God, and through this I become re-created. By offering the material for my recreation, I establish the condition that I am recreated. Where is this material? It is possessed by all households and all people. All kinds of people, including government ministers and congressmen possess all things. You go to them and take it from them. Your sincere efforts are expressed in terms of money. You should never keep it for yourself, however. You should return it entirely to heaven. You cannot even touch one penny, although by order you can use some for your lunch, and this is an indemnity condition. Otherwise, you should not touch even one dollar from your fundraising results. You find all things in the world and bring them to God. This period is three and half years. God created all things in seven years, and restoring all things takes three and half years. So for three years you should invest all your mind and body. There will be all kinds of humiliations and persecutions. You will be shedding tears and have to do all kinds of things. You will want to run away, but you should endure everything. All kinds of things may happen to you. People may even kick and spit at you. Don't you think so? But if a household feels God's heart and receives you, then they will receive the blessing. When they thank you for the thing they buy, they will receive blessing. They will come within the area of God's intervention. When a few people do this, God can intervene, and the world will become brighter.

So you ask all kinds of people, including menial laborers and beggars, collect their belongings and offer them to God. For the three years, you try to regain, through all kinds of ways, the amount that represents what was lost in the Garden of Eden. God tried to create the original land and me, and yet through the fall original man and original land were lost. So we should find it with blood and sweat. This is possible because it is Parents' order. Since there is nothing with which God can re-create you, you find the material and bring it to God so that He can use it as a soil to create you, the Adam and Eve. He will mold you again out of the soil. You are doing economic activities in order to establish such a material condition. Do you understand it? (Yes) It is not to make money. You have to go fundraising. (133-159)

7) Reason We Should Go Witnessing

Why do you go witnessing? After being invaded by Satan, I have been re-created through all things; so now I take Satan's authority away. I cannot stand on Satan's side, and I take Satan's authority away. You should be able to move on no matter how much the world opposes you, with the heart of loving God and the desire to keep God's law, and bring back the whole humankind. You push forward with such a conviction. You should have that kind of boldness.

This is why we should bring back your spiritual children: it means regaining archangels. There were three archangels for Adam, but he lost them all, right? If you are to restore this, you should establish three archangels. You should establish spiritual children instead of children of Satan. These children are like the three angels in the Garden of Eden. This is the restoration of Cain. We should restore Cain through the three Ages of the Old, New, and Completed Testaments. Because of this, people came to us and accused us of seducing their children away. In order to witness to one person, I lived in her house for a year and half, although she was opposing me, until she came completely within my hand. I did not care about any curses or persecutions. Do you understand this? (133-162)

8) Blessed Children Should Fulfill Their Responsibilities

When you are living in society, you should keep the law of society. Traffic regulation means that you carry out your responsibility with respect to traffic. School regulation is a system of responsibilities through which you can conduct school life. So you should carry them out. Can you say that I am advising you too much? In your school, which is the good teacher, the one who teaches you strictly or one who takes it easy and lets you fool around? (The strict teacher) But no student likes a strict teacher, right? If you follow the easy teacher, the school will perish. So it can develop only by going in the opposite direction. Young people need strict discipline. They don't need freedom, OK?

If you follow a young person who has not even graduated from college and has no social experience, the whole country may be ruined. He does not know the world, so he should not insist on his opinion until he turns thirty. Until thirty, there was no day when I was not hungry.

Do you understand? I lived like this on purpose. I wore smelly clothes from used-clothing stores. Why? Because girls were following me. I had many girls following me, but I kept myself strict. Also, I seldom spoke. I did not speak carelessly because I thought that even one word coming from me can turn the whole world. In this process, I am in a hurry preparing. When I start opening my mouth, the whole world will turn around. You rascals, Blessed families. You are hoodlums.

All those who live here are indebted to me. When you are indebted to me, you should know that you are indebted to the heaven, God, and humankind, and you should make a determination to pay it back before you die, at least to your children and relatives. Do you understand this? I am helping with such thoughts. Through this the foundation will open through which the world can be saved. I told Chung Hwan Kwak: "Since I took your children, teaching them, clothing them, and feeding them, you also take other children and do the same in my place." So you should do it in my place and never stay indebted. Since I did it, you should also help others as much as I helped you. If it is difficult, at least serve your children. This is not you, but I who serve. Since I served you, you are trying to pay it back by educating at least one person to do the same. Otherwise, the whole nation will perish. I will have to inspect your daily life. _____, when you live here, I will inspect you. I will try to cut your desk with a saw. When you come back later and see this, and ask your parents who did this, they will answer that the one who has the authority to do it did it. Then you will not yell and scream about it because I told you now, right? Those who receive scholarships, do you have responsibility? Those Blessed sons and daughters, do you have responsibilities? You have more responsibilities than others. Responsibility is so important. Do you under, stand it? You should be able to bear your responsibility. You should overcome it. Otherwise, you will be alienated from the whole. (133-170)

9) Responsibility Lies in the Process of All Fields

We came to this point by talking about responsibility and indemnity. Now, let's go back and make the conclusion. Indemnity follows you always, from childhood to death, and even into the spiritual world. Responsibility follows you eternally. Even in the spiritual world there is responsibility. Do you understand this? The higher up you go in the spiritual world, the higher the level of law. Responsibility will follow you. You should know this. Adam and Eve were supposed to be perfected through love, and yet they violated responsibility by misusing love. Responsibility lies in process in all fields. In order to accomplish the purpose, you have to go through the process, and responsibility is always involved in the process. You should know this. When you are going through a certain temporal process, there is always responsibility. Not fulfilling it will ruin everything. (133-175)

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